“I ……” Fang Lin gripped his phone harder.


Duan Changke was very considerate and gave him enough time to digest, adapt and think.


In retrospect, it seemed that this was indeed the case. Duan Changke asked him to come up to fetch the soup and mentioned Director Rong, as if he intended to lead the topic to this matter.


But he had just finished his psychological construction, and his mind was feverish. He couldn’t listen to anything, and he didn’t drink the sobriety soup. He was stubborn and headstrong. Even though his earlobes were red when he touch them because of tension, he still wanted to take the initiative to kiss him.


Duan Changke’s tone at that time didn’t imply anything, he even sounded a little cold.


It was absurd but reasonable.


He delivered himself to Duan Changke. He had nothing in front of Duan Changke, and the other didn’t need to be a good person. After the sentence “This is what you said”, he simply implemented the relationship.



“Fang Lin.” After a while, Duan Changke spoke, “Are you angry?”


“… No.” Fang Lin said truthfully in a low voice, “It’s just a little… misunderstanding.”



The other didn’t deny it, and after the truth was said, he didn’t intend to say more.



When Fang Lin thought he was going to hang up, he heard the other call out his name again: “Fang Lin.”


“You can be a little more confident.”


Fang Lin was stunned: “Hmm.”


“As for signing with Hai Lin ……,” Duan Changke continued unhurriedly, “You got the role based on your ability, I’m sure your subsequent development won’t be that bad.”



“…… hmm.” He now only knew how to mechanically respond.


He heard Duan Changke’s background become noisy, but the other’s voice remained calm: “Is there anything else?”


Even though he couldn’t see, he still subconsciously shook his head: “There’s nothing else.”


“Okay, then I’ll hang up.” Duan Changke responded very crisply, and he didn’t politely tell him to cheer up or work hard.


“Mr. Duan.” Fang Lin grabbed the phone and called out to him before he hung up.


He didn’t say anything, but the call stayed on.


Fang Lin suddenly felt a temporary and unrestrained sadness in his silence.


This emotion didn’t stay for long, so he just blinked and held it back.


Even if Duan Changke said so, so what?


Even if his ability was really recognized, and he deserved the role and his subsequent development would be bright …… so what?

In his previous life, he didn’t become better for this reason, nor would he become better now.


It was always a little short.



Without Duan Changke’s seemingly light-hearted words, everything would have been the same as before, Meng Jinyu would have gotten the role and continued to be popular, and he would still be stuck in an endless wait, unknown to anyone.


Duan Changke didn’t make a single mistake, and even gave him enough decency to make him less humble even in this dependent and demanding relationship.


“Then our relationship ……” his voice became a little softer, “can still continue, right?”


He heard Duan Changke laugh a little: “Haven’t you decided?”


“That’s fine.” Fang Lin slowly put his heart back and said whatever came to mind, “I just suddenly want to see you.”


“What,” Duan Changke retorted, “want to develop an emotional relationship with the golden backer?”



“No.” Fang Lin calmly responded, “I just want to say thank you in person.”


Although Duan Changke didn’t need it.


“I won’t bother you anymore,” he took the initiative to end the topic, “I’m really hanging up this time.”


He added after a moment’s thought, “Good night.”


The other party hung up with a “hmm”.


In the next few days, the shooting went on as usual, and Rong Jiu was still refined. He was strict yet friendly. The actors understood and gradually got used to it. Jiao Ze, the second male lead, finally entered the right mindset under the loud guidance of the director, and began to catch up without frequent mistakes. Rong Jiu still liked Fang Lin, so he was more strict with him. If he didn’t act well, he shouted without discrimination.



Fang Lin also got acquainted with the actors in the same group after spending more time together. He would have supper with Chu Chen in the evening. Jiao Ze sometimes asked him about his scenes and he would patiently analyze them together. From time to time, he would buy some water and snacks for the staff in the group.


However, Fang Lin always thought that the actors in literary and artistic niches were all god level actors, and it was difficult to approach them. However, Lan Peirou wasn’t. She didn’t like to go to dinner with everyone for just one reason – to race against the clock and read novels.



He didn’t contact Duan Changke these days, and the other didn’t even look for him. Only once, his driver was going to pass their set location. Duan Changke called him and said that he had something to give him. He arrived at the designated place, he didn’t see his golden backer, but received a watch.



Duan Changke’s secretary’s expression was very neutral: “It was given by the brand, and President Duan sent me to give it to you.”



Fang Lin knew that Duan Changke wouldn’t want it to be returned, so he accepted it without too much burden, asked the secretary to say hello for him, and asked if he was busy recently.


When he asked, he felt that he was out of line again, and quickly explained that he had no other meaning.


His secretary smiled ambiguously, and the answer was the same: “Mr. Duan has been busy recently.”


Then he added: “The main reason is that the studio is too far away from the city.”


Fang Lin smiled and asked no more questions.


Duan Changke seemed to be very casual, he didn’t deliberately hide their relationship from his subordinates and driver, so these people also imagined Fang Lin as a young lover who took the initiative to climb into bed, revealing a little hint from time to time, but not much.


Fang Lin didn’t want to correct them, anyway, they weren’t wrong.



When he put on the watch given by Duan Changke, Tao Le was astonished as usual, but since Fang Lin had been praised recently, he was surrounded by happiness and no longer said that Fang Lin was spending money indiscriminately – anyway, his artist was going to be popular, so it wasn’t a bad thing to package himself more.



They soon got along for half a month, and the publicity team of the drama wasn’t idle during this half month. First, they edited some daily highlights of actors’ filming and put them on the official page to attract a wave of attention . Since this script came with its own fans, it could be used without buying a spot on the hot search list.



“How cute is Xiao Lan! She reads every day!”


“Help! She’s so cute? I’m in love.”


” I want to ask for sister’s book list.”


“Want to know the list+1”


“Does Xiao Lan look at those type? I think…”


“No, upstairs, don’t think.”



“Chu Chen is so handsome! Ah ah ah, I am so excited just to see the tidbits. I am looking forward to it.”


“When I think of Jing He, I begin to feel heartbroken. I believe Chu Chen can perform well.”


“Does anyone think Jing Chuan is also very good-looking ah! Although he’s not well-known but he just looks very comfortable, this book fan approves.”


“Me too!! I hope little brother can become popular with this drama, and I will follow a new artist’s journey.”



“I haven’t felt this kind of feeling for a long time, I’m a little excited.”



“That’s it? He looks like everyone in the entertainment industry, but I don’t know which rich uncle or aunt he grabbed. Tut tut.”


“Just a vase character.”


[TN: Vase — pretty face only]


“When they come, you know they’re here. He just got a role that your brother didn’t, the hatred is still there, right?”


“Run, Meng Jinyu’s fans have reached the battlefield.”



“? Meng Jinyu is filming right now, don’t drag him here, thanks.”


The more discussion there was online, the more people looked forward to the finished product, the publicity team naturally wouldn’t let go of such an opportunity, soon there was news, “Gentle Moonlight” would soon allow the first fan visit.



Chu Chen and Lan Peirou’s popularity had always been very high, so they asked their assistants to buy gifts and snacks and distribute them when the fans came. Seeing that they were so calm, Fang Lin thought that they were just going to arrange a few fans from different fandoms to come here and take photos.



Tao Le was very conscious of being the assistant of a “future popular artist” and was more excited than Fang Lin, asking all the time “why don’t I go and buy something too, in case we also have a share.”


Looking at the gifts prepared by other companies, Fang Lin was very calm and only focused on the script.


As a result, when he saw a group of fans lined up for hours with hand banners, he realized that he wasn’t as calm as he thought.



The fans who came to visit the set were young and excited, holding gifts in their hands, taking pictures in groups, and then lining up for autographs.


The autograph session wasn’t mandatory, Lan Peirou only had her assistant prepare a gift, but had no intention of giving fans autographs, while Chu Chen and Jiao Ze were willing to sit down and give handwritten autographs to fans who came in line. Jiao Ze would also write according to the girls’ wishes.


Fang Lin watched it for a while, thinking that he would have a different scene later, he planned to prepare it first.


He was about to speak to Tao Le when he heard several voices calling him not far away.


He turned around and found several girls. Seeing that he turned, they enthusiastically called his name: “Can you give us two minutes?”



Fang Lin pointed to himself, as if he didn’t believe it: “Me?”


“Yes, yes,” one of the girls asked, “Can you give us an autograph?”


“Because the crew notice didn’t say that you couldn’t sign, so I came to ask you,” She took out a small book, “If you don’t want to, I’m very sorry!”



“Oh oh, yes.” Fang Lin took the pen and signed for them, and when he returned the book, the other wanted to take a picture, so he nodded and agreed.


The girl who just asked for an autograph looked happy: “I, I want to say ……”


“When you just debuted, I started following you, but at that time you didn’t finish that drama, and then I didn’t see much of your name ……” her face became a little red as she got nervous, “I was quite hopeful that you’d get popular, and also left a message on your Weibo page.”


The few other girls were very blunt: “We are not, we saw you on Weibo and had a good impression!”


The first girl continued, “But anyway, we like you very much!”



Hearing this, Fang Lin stood for a while, looking a bit dumbfounded, and only after a few seconds did he tug on Tao Le’s sleeve, whispering not quite comfortably, “Did you prepare a gift?”


He didn’t think he would also have ……


Tao Le coughed proudly and really took out a few gifts and distributed them to the girls: “Thank you for supporting our Fang Lin! Continue to like him in the future, too!”


The girls happily took it: “Will do! You will get better and better! We will always support you, go for it!”


When the girls left, Fang Lin seemed to come back to his senses and continued to walk towards the venue.


Tao Le smugly spoke, “You told me not to prepare, it’s a good thing I didn’t listen to you, otherwise those little girls would have to go back empty-handed.”



He looked at Fang Lin and continued, “This time, although there were only a few people, but it doesn’t matter, we can take our time, later we’ll have more …… Ah Lin, what happened to you?”


When he called out, Fang Lin came back from his dazed state, “Ah,” “Nothing.”


He just suddenly remembered what Duan Changke had said when he talked to him on the phone half a month ago.



Duan Changke wasn’t a person who was fake, and his attitude wasn’t too warm.



He accepted him and didn’t intend to renounce his desire, he very frankly maintained such a relationship that outsiders saw as shameful.



But he treated him with enough respect.


He also said, Fang Lin, you can be a little more confident.




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