Duan Changke’s side had been silent for a while, and Fang Lin realized that his backer didn’t like this trick. Coincidentally, he briefly stole some from Meng Jinyu, and if it didn’t work, he’d let it go. He heard the other party take a breath on the other end, “… Fang Lin.”


He didn’t react and didn’t stop. “Hmm, there is….”





The phone hung up.


Fang Lin was shocked!


No, it wasn’t that bad, it was just a little bit of sweet talk, how could he just ignore him?


He began to think, he wasn’t being too bold, was he?


But his original intention was just to find a more compatible mode of living together.


As soon as he thought about it, his heart was a little messy, and he began to self reflect.


But soon, Duan Changke’s phone call came again.


This time, Fang Lin cleared his throat and decided to apologize, but Duan Changke opened his mouth before he could speak.


“I just had someone check,” there was a rare doubt in his tone, “the secondary card hasn’t moved these days. Did you lose it?”


This time it was Fang Lin’s turn to stare blankly, “I didn’t ……”


The fingers of his right hand were still on the mouse, and he subconsciously clicked on a book at random due to his inability to understand the situation.


The rather explicit plot and goosebumps-inducing descriptions, along with Duan Changke’s voice, blasted into Fang Lin’s mind.



[Damn it! Was he possessed! He picked up a hundred years of treasured xo wine and poured a glass of it, the simple action also had an absolute oppressive force: last night was all about you trying your best to seduce me! No! These two lips are poison wrapped in sugar coating! He growled in a low voice–]



“What happened in the crew?”


This feeling was really awkward and new, Fang Lin’s scalp tingled and his body shivered: “Nothing, nothing.”


[Damn! The president’s eyes suddenly became three times heavier, this woman! Surprisingly, she dared to deny it! He stretched out his big powerful hand and mercilessly pinched her neck-]


“Are you in a bad mood?”


“Also, not ……”


Fang Lin slammed the text shut with a snap, and those horrible passages finally stopped jumping into his eyes.


He almost bit his tongue, but at least his tone was now normal.


Then he heard Duan Changke let out a laugh, “Did someone bully you?”



Without all the fancy rhetoric, Duan Changke’s voice sounded unexpectedly clean, and even reduced a few points of the previous detachment.


Fang Ling was stunned for a moment before pursing his lips, “No.”



“Hmm. “Duan Changke no longer asked,” Anyway, just call if there’s anything.”


“…… Okay.”


“By the way, I called to tell you I’m going to travel in two days,” Duan Changke said, “If you want to stay in the downtown apartment, you don’t need to inform me.”


“Got it.”


“Okay, then hang up.” Duan Changke’s tone was very dry.


On the contrary, Fang Lin, probably because the chance encounter with Meng Jinyu just now made him a little doubtful, his reaction slowed down a minute: “Ah, should I?”


Duan Changke said indifferently, “You also hung up last time. There’s no difference.”



Hearing this, Fang Lin was embarrassed, and he hurriedly said goodbye and hung up.


He didn’t expect Duan Changke to remember ……


He also didn’t expect that now it turned out that someone other than his grandmother had actually said, “Is someone bullying you?”


In a rare moment, he felt that his mind was not quite calm and took a look at what Lan Peirou had sent over.


It must be the fault of these novels.



He was a bit puzzled, so he opened a few more random novels to look at.


Sure enough, the novels were a bit old, and the difference in level was uneven, some of them looked pretty good, and some of them just completely made his toes curl up in embarrassment.


Regardless of the quality, it was basically the same formula.


Big arrogant president suddenly moved to a woman who wasn’t known, some forced and some voluntary. After a thorough investigation, he was deeply impressed, disregarding everyone’s opposition, the second male ‘s intervention and the second female framing them, they all ultimately achieved the right outcome.



But despite the plot being similar, there was a trace of strange happiness reading it.


Surprisingly, it was also interesting.


Fang Ling frowned.


These, why wasn’t there a proper relationship novel with a door-to-door relationship, it was all about the overlord falling in love with his lover?


On the other hand, Duan Changke heard Fang Lin hang up the phone and continued to let his secretary arrange the trip for him.


This trip wasn’t a must, it was just that he’d been feeling a bit bored in the city lately. It was also great to go out and relax.


The flight information was sent to his phone, and Duan Changke glanced casually before turning it off, ready to get up and wash.



He actually had a villa on the outskirts of the city, and that was where he used to live from work, and the apartment in the city was just an occasional stopover. But after Fang Lin came, he suddenly felt that living in the city wasn’t bad, so he had someone prepare an extra set of living supplies and often kept them on hand.


But Fang Lin only came that one time.


Thinking of the other’s surprising voice on the phone just now, Duan Changke wanted to laugh a little, he wasn’t too obsessed with his subordinates’ politeness and respect for him, and said that just to tease him.



After all, his appearance of forced composure when he was flustered was unexpectedly vivid.


Fang Lin was obviously nervous a lot of the time, but he had to pretend to be calm and at ease, and even did something else to cover up that nervousness.



Duan Changke’s matter was absurd to say the least, but it was also simple.


He didn’t expect his life to go back to a year ago.


He was working and living as usual without waves, but after opening his eyes one morning, he went back to the past without any warning.


Everything was there for him, and everything was as usual.


Duan Changke quickly adapted and accepted this status quo as a repeat of one more year, and nothing special.


Nope, it was still there too.


He recalled the latter half of the year he had spent before, when the unfortunate death of a certain starlet hit the hot search.


Some people began to sigh and remember, picking up on his biography, realizing that he only had one grandmother, yet even she was gone before him. Then people began to look for his few works to see, and found a video of him once playing and singing in a bar in college, as well as the shooting of his last audition.



People began to belatedly marvel at the fact that this little-known person was so soulful, but had been buried undiscovered, and began to lament the injustice of the marketplace and sigh at the fading of young lives.


The person who had never been on the hot search in his life but because of his death, hung on the network for several days, the number of fans began to soar, the company issued a letter of sorrow and remembrance, now that people now knew him, they all reported their regret.


But in the end, it wasn’t much use.


Duan Changke hadn’t seen him before, he was only a spectator.


So, Duan Changke thought that he approached him for this reason, but not entirely.



He looked out the window as if recalling something.


It wasn’t hard to find information about his whereabouts.


Fang Lin would come to the hotel for an interview on a day in the middle of summer – although it was just a walk-through.


Originally, many artists would have one or two relationship positions due to sponsorship and investment, and the person originally slated for this drama was named Meng Jinyu, a thinly-veiled star with a backstage that was said to be hard, but he would still give Fang Lin the role.


At that time, Duan Changke thought, simply put pressure on the theater group, or directly tell Rong Jiu, in short, no matter which situation, it was impossible for them not to sell him this face.


He had already made up his mind when he ended up meeting Fang Lin in front of the hotel.


That emotion was actually quite strange.


The person that others had been remembering for a long time was now standing in front of him alive, and at the moment, he hadn’t been known for the fact that he was dead, and was still that small actor who wasn’t taken seriously by the company and was almost at the bottom of the industry.


So when he locked eyes with him, he didn’t hold back and opened his mouth.


What happened afterward wasn’t quite what he thought it would be.


He had originally helped him out at this point, counting himself as nosy or not, he wanted to see if there would be a change.


Consider it a favor in passing, and what happened later would have nothing to do with himself.


He heard the young star talking to his assistant and jokingly went up to pick up the conversation.


The development was unexpected.


Duan Changke had seen too many people since he started working, and he had a flexible mind, so he had always been very accurate in looking at people, and even if the smile on his face was true, it was very easy to recognize those who were pretending to be flattering.


So even if Fang Lin’s acting skills were very good, it may be able to fool other people, but to Duan Changke, in fact, it was too easy to read.



On the one hand, he felt that he owed him something for nothing, so he tried to put himself in a very low position, and then tried to say those words to him with a look of disinterest, seemingly not caring.


Duan Changke thought, there was no difference, but in the end he didn’t poke at the other.


It was probably because he didn’t want to see that white face show an expression of trepidation or sadness.


He had never been a person who liked to push people to the brink of extinction, and he was quite light on all people and things, and there was nothing he was particularly attached to.



So he cooperated by having someone draw up a “contract” that was actually not legally effective, and started a “relationship” half-heartedly.



When Fang Lin grabbed his cigarette in the office, his fingertips were trembling and he almost choked on the smoke. Even though he hid well, he accidentally exposed himself the moment he touched it.


He obviously didn’t like to smoke, but still had to pretend to be old-fashioned.


He obviously liked to eat sweets, but had to cater to his taste and always drink those bitter or sour drinks.


Although the sound of his heartbeat was almost impossible to cover, he misunderstood what he had said to Rong Jiu by saying ‘can you kiss?’ He took the initiative to buy something and even pressed it against his lips.



Admitting that he had the intention of teasing him, Duan Changke tasted it, he was indeed not very good at kissing.



But the youth’s lips were soft, and so was his body, like a white and clean cloud.


Moreover, youthful seduction always had a different flavor – he would take the initiative to put his waist up, rubbing his chin with his lips, his feverish hands moving downward, like a rabbit with timidity that pounced into his arms, his back shivering slightly, but still letting himself caress his soft fluff.


Duan Changke never felt that he was a decent man, and there was no need to restrain his natural physical desires.



He had actually implicitly refused a few times, but now that it was all coming to his mouth, he couldn’t find it in him to push back again and again.


What was more, his body was flexible and sensitive, even if it was his first time, he didn’t squirm, on the contrary, it was also full commitment.


So there was nothing wrong with a solid relationship.


Since the other wanted to pay interest so badly, then he could rightfully take it as well.


He let out a light laugh, inexplicably remembering what Fang Lin had said that night.


The guest and the host were happy.



He lived alone in the apartment these days, not taking the initiative to contact the other, and Fang Lin was in the crew, according to his thoughts, as a qualified lover, there was no reason to stick to him all the time.


Duan Changke was not unaware of this.


He pressed out the cigarette on his fingertips, and the light of the fire that was about to go out flickered weakly at last in the night.



Duan Changke thought.


He wasn’t addicted to desire, but felt that having a bed partner was actually not bad.




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