Duan Changke didn’t reply immediately.


The screen of the phone went dark, but Fang Lin didn’t look up.


Should he be more obedient and respond only when the other party called? He shouldn’t be obedient at all times. It was best for the other party not to forget him.



He waited for a while and saw that the driver would soon be driving on the main road, and sighed in his heart as he was about to ask him to change his address when the phone finally rang without warning.


“Fang Lin.”


Duan Changke’s background was quiet and his voice was deep.


Even though those thoughts just flashed through Fang Lin’s mind only briefly, he was still a bit nervous for no reason and licked his lips: “Yes.”


As expected, Duan Changke didn’t ask anything. He didn’t care where he was now. He didn’t even ask what he had just done. He just asked briefly, “Do you want to come?”



Fang Lin insisted on asking the same question he asked on WeChat: “Are you there?”



This question seemed to give himself a step, if Duan Changke didn’t want to see him, he could still say that he wasn’t there as a refusal.


He wouldn’t look bad.


“Yes,” Duan Changke understood Fang Lin. “Come if you want.”


Fang Lin held the phone and nodded. Even though the other person couldn’t see it now, he still nodded seriously, “OK.”


He finally relaxed and didn’t ask the driver to change directions, but went straight to the apartment Duan Changke took him to last time.


Fang Lin walked to the door and rang the doorbell politely.


The other didn’t open the door to greet him in person, instead a message popped up on his phone a moment later.


“Come in, you know the password.”


After receiving such a reply, he entered the password he had already written down, pushed the door and walked in.


The owner of the apartment was still working in the study, and he didn’t move to cover it. There were many things on the desk, but it wasn’t messy. There were also a lot of items and regulations on the screen that he couldn’t understand.


Duan Changke wore a pair of glasses and typed in front of the computer. Hearing him coming, he didn’t look up: “Come in directly next time, don’t knock at the door.”



Duan Changke pushed the coffee in his hand towards Fang Lin: “If you don’t want to drink this, go get yourself something else.”


He didn’t intend to treat Fang Lin as a guest, he just spoke casually: “You can go to the living room to find something to play with.”


“No need.” Fang Lin shook his head and took a sip, then settled down and continued to sit and wait.

There was a very faint cold aroma in the room, as well as the mellow smell left by the roasted coffee. The curtains were partially closed, so Fang Lin could see the view from the outside.


He also didn’t smell smoke.


He had seen Duan Changke smoking several times and thought he was a bit of a smoker, but it seems he wasn’t.


It seemed that nicotine wasn’t a big temptation for him, neither was he.


Duan Changke was very focused when working, Fang Lin even felt that just looking at him like this wasn’t boring. The mirror stopped before his face, so he couldn’t see his expression and he didn’t dare to crouch up, he could only silently look for a while, then he played with the phone.


This feeling was quite wonderful.


It may be that Duan Changke’s room was very quiet, or the temperature was too appropriate. Fang Lin was holding his mobile phone and watching the news. He didn’t know when he began to feel sleepy, and his chin dropped off bit by bit like a chicken pecking rice.


Only after his phone slipped from his hand and hit the floor with a loud “thud” did he wake up with a jolt because of the loud noise…


When he opened his eyes, he saw that Duan Changke also heard the sound and was looking at him in silence.


Fang Lin was a little embarrassed, and was just about to say something when Duan Changke spoke first.


“Go to bed first.”


“I’ve prepared something for you to wash up with, so you can sleep next door after you finish packing.” Duan Changke took off his glasses, looking as if he had just finished her work, and walked towards Fang Lin.


Even if he didn’t treat him as a guest, their relationship wasn’t intimate, and Duan Changke was still very reserved, polite and restrained, giving reasonable advice.


It was as if he didn’t know what Fang Lin meant when he sent the message just now.


“Mr. Duan, I want to drink some water.” Fang Lin looked at him, his throat was a bit dry, and he spoke not very politely.


Duan Changke stood in front of his face for a moment, he didn’t object and said “wait”, then went to get him something to drink.


After a while, a glass of milk was handed to him.


He chose a drink for him: “Drink this.”


Fang Lin didn’t even pick it up. He took Duan Changke’s hand, “It’s cold.”

The other raised his eyebrows, as if he finally realized that today’s Fang Lin was more casual.


“No microwave oven.”


“I always drank it hot when I was a kid,” Fang Lin stood up, “at first my mother did it, then when they divorced, they all left, then grandmother continued.”


And also put some sugar.


Duan Changke didn’t interrupt, he quietly listened to him.


“At that time, the ordered milk was delivered door to door. It was hot in the milk pan. When the milk bubbles, the fire was turned off, and then a milk skin could be stirred up later.” Fang Lin said, thinking of something, “I suddenly feel like drinking it.”


“Would you like a drink? I’ll heat it up.”



Duan Changke quietly responded, “Whatever you want,” Fang Lin carried the milk to the kitchen with great enthusiasm.


The apartment was well stocked, but it looked extremely clean, so he guessed Duan Changke didn’t cook either. Fang Lin was alone in the kitchen for a while and really pulled out a delicate milk pot, he washed it seriously, poured the milk in and turned on the low heat to heat it slowly.


Then he divided the heated milk into two and poured a cup out first, thinking that Duan Changke shouldn’t like such things as milk skin, he poured the other half with the wrinkled milk skin into the cup he had just used.


“It’s not the same as microwaving, really.” He confidently handed the clean and warm cup to Duan Changke, “My grandmother said so.”



Perhaps Fang Lin rarely showed this side. Duan Changke took it and even drank half a cup of it.


He was very tall. Fang Lin sat down and looked up at him, feeling a sense of oppression in his temperament.


Duan Changke looked down at him, “Are you in a good mood today?”


“Not bad,” Fang Lin said truthfully. “So I came to see you.”


I renewed the fee for the hospital, and my grandmother was in good condition.

He picked up his glass of milk and pressed his lips against it and ate the skin, and then finished the rest in one gulp.


“Go to bed early.” Duan Changke said in a low voice, wanting to back away a little.


But just before he took a step, he was pulled by Fang Lin.


Because he drank it too quickly, when he put down the cup, his upper lip was still stained with white foam. Fang Lin’s eyes were very big and he was very alert: “Wait a minute.”


Duan Changke tilted his head to look at him.


His eyes were not full of emotion, just like a caretaker without emotion.

Fang Lin felt like a pagan who was stuck in the mud and couldn’t be saved, yet he had to continue to say and do things that deserved to be judged without shame under such a gaze.


When he opened his mouth, there was a warm milk smell, but he was also straightforward: “Are you just coming to take in a guest?”


Hearing this, Duan Changke turned around and looked at Fang Lin for a moment. Then he put out his thumb and wiped the foam off his lips.


“Can’t you?”


Before Fang Lin could say anything, he continued, “There’s no need to please me with everything.”



“You must really think I’m bored.” Duan Changke said.


This time Fang Lin didn’t evade: “But I don’t think so in my heart.”


“That’s your problem.” Duan Changke replied calmly.


“Fang Lin.”



He knew that Duan Changke wasn’t stupid and could not be unaware of the meaning behind his initiative, so when he heard him call his name, his heart trembled.


“Your sense of security should not be based on our relationship.”


Duan Changke’s tone was not serious and stiff, instead sounded rational as if he was explaining a work project.


It was quiet all around. Duan Changke waited patiently for Fang Lin to think for a while.


“Mr. Duan, milk.”


Fang Lin stood behind him.



Duan Changke turned to his side and was about to say that he would drink it later.


But suddenly a warm heat came from his fingertips and wrapped in something.


The finger that had just wiped off the foam for Fang Lin was held unskillfully by the other. The tip of his tongue was hot, but his mouth was cold.


Duan Changke was only surprised for a moment, but didn’t take out his finger.


“However, Mr. Duan has good skills, not to mention the demand of both sides.” Fang Lin lightly rubbed his knuckles with his teeth. “From this point of view, I’m not reluctant at all. I’m not looking for a false sense of security.”


There was no need for Duan Changke to poke deeply. Fang Lin didn’t intend to let him go, instead he tried hard to swallow his fingers.


The pagan finally tore off the last layer of shame, and under that gaze, as if with acquiescence, stripped off the holy cloak draped over the body of the judge.


He spat out Duan Changke’s fingers, and he crouched down in front of his suit pants under his silent gaze.


“Will you push me away?”


This was the last words of the pagan, as if he were demonstrating.



The moon could easily come in at night.



The moonlight fell on the two of them as he stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.



Fang Lin looked up at Duan Changke from time to time in between breaks, sometimes with complacency in his eyes, sometimes with tentative curiosity.


But Duan Changke still didn’t say a word.



If he hadn’t really experienced his power, Fang Lin might have thought that the other didn’t have the interest in that.



After all, Duan Changke’s expression was cold when the package was first wrapped, and even though he tried hard, his face still showed no interest, not even a frown, and for a moment, he almost thought Duan Changke would not be moved.


But it was okay, the moon was shining in.


He felt Duan Changke’s hand finally become warmer, first pressing his hair, then sliding down to press the back of his neck with moderate force.


When the moonlight came in, Fang Lin felt the palm of Duan Changke’s hand come over to rub his earlobe, and he was rubbing the moon in his hand at the same time.


He couldn’t say anything, he just looked up at him.


The aroma of milk, which was carefully heated over a low flame, was overpowered by another smell.


Duan Changke reached out when Fang Lin was still reacting and grabbed his small arm to lift him off the ground.


But after kneeling for too long, his knees were still very soft, Duan Changke used a little force, so he pulled him towards himself.


Inevitably, Fang Lin was dragged by him and fell over.


But before their lips touched, Fang Lin reacted, reflexively ducked back, the back of his hand wiped the corner of his mouth, avoiding contact with Duan Changke, and then he spoke in a very carefree and light-hearted tone.


“Don’t touch it, it’s not clean.”




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