“Ah, finally we’re back.” When the plane landed at the airport in Hong Kong, Li Zheng stretched his limbs and let out a sigh of satisfaction.


It was already the height of summer, and the hot sun was baking the concrete runway of the airport, so after standing for just a moment, a fine sweat appeared on his forehead.


“After so many days in the lab, I feel like my whole body is going to melt when the sun is shining.” He lifted his hand to cover his eyes.


The corners of Liang Zhe’s mouth was tilted slightly upward, and he walked to Li Zheng’s side and put the hat in his hand over Li Zheng’s head.


Liang Zhe’s hat was obviously bigger and it covered half of Li Zheng’s head at once.


Li Zheng: ……


The two of them were led by the airport guide to go out through the VIP channel. The news of Li Zheng’s return reached Hong Kong as early as yesterday evening, and the reporters got excited.


Because Li Zheng was a student of the University of Hong Kong, the people of Hong Kong rightfully took the credit for producing such an outstanding bioscientist.


For this, Xu Mingsheng and Su Changzhi had been interviewed no less than three times, at the beginning, the two old professors still felt quite excited, they were also very cooperative.


But when the report came out, they took a look, it wasn’t right. The two scholars had extremely high academic moral character, and they definitely weren’t the same as th East Star University snatching their colleague’s research.


They were clear about the relationship between Li Zheng and the University of Hong Kong. It was better to say that instead of the relationship between the alma mater and students, the two had a mutually beneficial partnership.


How many classes did Li Zheng take after he came to Hong Kong University? They would like to cultivate such a biology genius, and also give people the opportunity to raise more.


So the report that the University of Hong Kong nurtured the genius wasn’t agreed with.


But so what if they didn’t agree? The people of Hong Kong liked to see this, this year’s University of Hong Kong’s international rankings had risen, Singapore, Japan, Korea, many medical students had given up their home universities and chose the University of Hong Kong.


With this statistical data out, the happy Su Changzhi’s beard went up by two points, then he made a series of phone calls to his old rivals in the University of Tokyo, he spoke so fast that the people on the other end of the phone couldn’t speak, before hanging up with satisfaction.


These reporters from the news station were less experienced than the entertainment paparazzi, and it took little effort for Li Zheng and the others to leave smoothly by car through the back door of the airport.


Inside the long Lincoln, Li Zheng and Liang Zhe sat on one side, while Butler Fang sat on the other.


“You’re darker and thinner. You didn’t eat well over there, did you? Butler Fang looked at Li Zheng with a loving look on his face.


He subconsciously touched his face, “Darker?” If he said that he had lost weight, he wasn’t surprised, after all, there was a huge difference between Doman’s diet and the Chinese, and he did eat less.


But to say that he was darker, he had been in the laboratory for the past six months, he only spent a few hours out of the door, so how could he be darker?


“Not black, good-looking.” Liang Zhe, who had never said anything since he got on the car, suddenly began to speak. He paused and continued: “It’s nice to be dark.”


Li Zheng…..


Butler Fang ……


Butler Fang blinked and looked at Mr. Liang’s face as he was seriously looking at Li Zheng, he always felt that there was something wrong somewhere. At this time, Liang Zhe had turned his head and looked at Housekeeper Fang with his mouth pursed.


Housekeeper Fang opened his mouth slightly and rubbed his eyes. He seemed to have the illusion that Mr. Liang was playing coquetry with him.


He clearly remembered that when he was young, Mr. Liang and Mrs. Liang only allowed the young master to eat one candy at most every day.


Whenever Liang Zhe ate all the candy he had that day and really wanted to eat it, he would secretly look at him with such eyes, and he would also give him another candy every time.



Since the death of Mr. and Mrs. Liang, he had never seen such a look from Liang Zhe again. Butler Fang’s body trembled slightly from the excitement.


He subconsciously touched his pocket, but didn’t find a hard lump . Seeing that Liang Zhe’s mouth was almost closed in a straight line, butler Fang suddenly felt happy. Before he could think, his mouth had opened.


“It’s neither dark nor dark. The light in the car is dim. I can’t see the difference.”


Liang Zhe relaxed when he heard the words. He turned to look at Li Zheng and said seriously, “He was wrong.”


Li Zheng chuckled. He raised his hand and touched Liang Zhe’s hair. “Well, I see.”



The expression on Butler Fang’s face became even stranger, he looked at Liang Zhe and then at Li Zheng, watching the interaction between these two people, he actually had an indescribable feeling in his heart.


If it was thirty years later, butler Fang would know that this feeling was called being abruptly fed a handful of dog food.


The car drove up the Pokfulam Road, and soon the logo of Qing Garden appeared in the sight of the people.


Several cars with media logos were parked at the gate, Li Zheng reluctantly rubbed his temples. For him now, the media had become a burden.


Liang Zhe lowered the window slightly and made a gesture. Several cars behind him immediately left the team, blocking those media cars.


In the lobby of Villa 2, the people of Li Zheng’s lab had already gathered neatly.


Zhong Peng, Liu Sichao, Ma Wenmin, Chen Xuhua, Zhang Chao, Zhang Yuejun, and Zhou Sitian also came to Li Zheng’s lab early in the morning and stood at the door looking around.



When she saw Liang Zhe’s car, she couldn’t help but show a big smile, “He’s back.”


The people swarmed outside with one thought.


As soon as Li Zheng stepped out of the car door, his sister knocked him on the head. “You are not relieved. You just said that you would go to get a prize, it’s been half a year since you left. You really wanted to piss me off when you arrived in Africa, where infectious diseases occur frequently.”



Zhou Sitian had been scared for half a year, if not ……, she would have even rushed to Africa to carry this little boy back.



No matter how great and remarkable Li Zheng was described by those people in the newspapers and TV, in her eyes, Li Zheng was still the same stubborn and inflexible brother.


Li Zhwng accepted his sister’s criticism helplessly, with a good attitude, like a model brother. But Liang Zhe wasn’t happy, he grabbed Li Zheng’s hand and pulled him behind him, looking at Zhou Sitian with dissatisfaction.



The scene suddenly became quiet, and Zhou Sitian’s words were stuck it in her throat half way through. The people in Li Zheng’s laboratory behind her also looked strange. Mr. Li Zheng and Mr. Liang were holding hands……


Li Zheng glared at Liang Zhe and pulled his hand out of his hand. He coughed dryly and laughed, “I’m back.”


The moment these words fell, the atmosphere at the scene instantly heated up.


The crowd crowded Li Zheng towards the inside of Villa 2.


When Li Zheng was halfway there, he found that Liang Zhe didn’t follow him, so he stopped and looked back at him, “Let’s go.” He said with a smile.



Liang Zhe raised his head slightly, and his expression suddenly became soft. He walked forward like a big dog that had just been petted.


The feeling in butler Fang’s heart got even stranger, just now Liang Zhe’s appearance made him feel as if he saw Mr. Liang, when Mr. Liang was angry with his wife, he was also the same, a simple word from her always coaxed him.



He scratched his head, what he was thinking about? Butler Fang shook his head and sighed, and then also followed the others and went to villa 2.


After entering Villa 2, Li Zheng couldn’t help but go to the laboratory to touch his own equipment. After working hard for more than half a year, he felt that it was still suitable for him.



Then came the work report. After Li Zheng left for half a year, Li Zheng’s laboratory was still operating in an orderly manner.



The paper on organ regeneration in vitro was published under the auspices of Ma Wenmin, and the one explaining the experimental process was also on the cover of SCIENCE. Li Zheng was a well deserved correspondence author. However, with Ma Wenmin’s insistence, his name also appeared as the first author.


In other words, correspondence author: LI Zheng


First author: Li Zheng, Wen Xuefeng, Ma Wenmin



Second author: Liu Sichao, Zhong Peng


Even Zheng Lingling got the title of the fourth author. With this title, she wouldn’t be rejected by any internationally renowned research institute after graduation.



In the past half year, the enthusiasm of organ regeneration had been increasing internationally, and many laboratories threw olive branches to collaborate with Li Zheng’s laboratory, which was a leading laboratory in the field of organ regeneration.


After consulting with Li Zheng, Ma Wenmin selected several laboratories with rich resources, profound backgrounds and outstanding research levels to collaborate, and the consortium was established in New York.


The “International Research Center for In Vitro Regenerative Organ Technology” had seized the first chair in ‘in vitro regenerative organ’ technology.


When it came to the progress of research, Ma Wenmin couldn’t help but be a little frustrated. After the human nose rat, the human regeneration organ experiment once came to a standstill, and in fact, this progress was more than normal for this kind of large-scale experiment, but after seeing the speed of Li Zheng’s experiment, compared to herself, she couldn’t help but have self-doubt.



“From bovine cartilage cells to human cartilage cells is a very difficult step. The idea of regenerating organs in vitro to now realize the human nasal mouse experiment took many years. You are already very good.”


Zhong Peng hadn’t been in the laboratory for more than a decade, and what he had done most in the past six months was to pick up his skills again. He even worked with Zhang Chao and Zhang Yuejun to relearn the use of the latest equipment and learn the latest experimental techniques.



Zhong Peng might have been a little weak in manual skills, but his theoretical foundation was really the richest in Li Zheng’s laboratory. Even Li Zheng, if they left out the advanced knowledge in the latter days, his thickness of knowledge wasn’t as good as Professor Zhong.


During his ten years away from the laboratory, Zhong Peng read almost all the biology works he could find, Zhang Chao and Zhang Yuejun jokingly called him a walking encyclopedia of biology.



The three of them got along exceptionally well with each other, as he worked hard with Zhang Chao to improve his experimental skills, while Zhang Yuejun followed him to supplement his theoretical knowledge.



As for Liu Sichao, Li Zheng flipped through the abundant thick information and raised his head in astonishment.


“Virus blocking?” This person was really a surprise.



Liu Sichao lifted his chin proudly, “Yes, it is virus blocking. My idea for this research is a virus blocking d-rug with extensive application value, or virus blocking technology, just like the 26 letters and those English words. Those English words are complex and dynamic, but they are actually composed of these 26 letters.”


“What I need to do is to find out, or create these 26 letters!” Liu Sichao said loudly.





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