C25— It’s Hard To Fly Without Wings (XIII)



This was the kind of thing that the experimental body learned quite quickly. This time, he squinted at the scales held in Kou Dong’s hand, as if he had been given extremely important evidence, and it was right to drag the youth into the water.



Kou Dong shouted at him to stop, he was dumbfounded.


This also counted?


– this was clearly not in line with consumer guidelines ah! The company wasn’t afraid of him calling the consumer hotline to complain?



“No,” he finally remembered a reason, he tapped the experimental body twice, “my cub, my cub is still in the room, it ……”



Ye Yanzhi indifferently sat on his shoulders.


It was all nonsense.


Who was his cub?!



Kou Dong said, “Child’s father, the little mermaid ……”



The experimental body’s movements paused, he remembered that large egg that rolled out from under the youth’s clothes. He could even feel his own breath from the eggshell, although faint, it was tangible.


Kou Dong told him that it was called bloodline connection.



The mermaid tribe had a difficult bloodline, and the most important thing was to have children. His tail tightly wrapped Kou Dong’s slightly loosened, his eyes seemed to hold a deep thought.



Kou Dong’s heart happily skipped a beat: “They say, when the child breaks the shell, it will recognize the person it first sees as its parent.”




If his shell breaks during his absence, isn’t it just someone else’s family?



The mermaid’s jaw was raised gently and his expression changed, as if he was moved by this sentence, and finally he was completely put down. Kou Dong felt relieved when he stepped on the solid ground again.



Water was still dripping from the corners of his coat, wet and sticky on his body, cold and bone chilling. The experiment was standing on his side and suddenly spoke: “Now go and see.”


Kou Dong: “……”


What was there to see?


Experiment S turned his face sideways, his scarlet pupils swept past the youth’s cheeks, and his throat knot moved up and down. His voice was low and magnetic, then he faintly said, “Child.”


Kou Dong: “……”



Where could he find a little mermaid to show him?


He had a cub but it sat on his shoulder.


The mermaid’s eyes were deep in the shadow of his brow bone, gloomy and dull. His voice trailed off, like a ghostly malevolence, rumbling and blasting in one’s ears, “Where is it?”


Kou Dong silently turned his gaze to Ye Yanzhi, his mood was unspeakably complicated.



Here it was.



The baby was fine, nothing too wrong with it.



He said politely, “If it hatches, will it not look like you?”



Like missing a fish tail?



Subject S looked like he had heard a joke.


“Naturally not.” He said in a low voice.


Kou Dong didn’t give up yet, “What if your genes are too weak?”



The corners of the mermaid’s thin lips hooked up, revealing a bit of snowy fangs inside.


“Genes …… cause?” He slowly repeated these two words.



Kou Dong’s heart skipped a beat, this was still an illiterate fish.



He seized the time to brainwash the mermaid: “It’s DNA or something, you don’t understand. This thing is very easy to mutate, even if the appearance is not necessarily the same as Mom and Dad. For example, two white people may give birth to a black person, that is called ancestry.”



The experimental body’s smile became a little wider.



“I don’t understand this,” he hissed, his scarlet pupils flickering slightly in his eyes, looking fixedly at Kou Dong, “but – my blo-odline, stronger than all humans.”



“My children will be mermaids.”


“If it is not a mermaid ……”


His thin hand caressed the young man’s neck. The neck was white and thin, covered with thin bl-ood vessels of light blue. When his nails scratched the skin, he could even feel the blo-od flowing under it.


A fragile twist would break.


The mermaid was fascinated as he stroked this warm body. The human body was completely different from the cold body temperature of the mermaid, it felt hot.



That temperature reminded him of the mother who gave birth to him.



“Then it is not my child.”




“If it is not ……”


Experiment S’s sticky, moist spit was on the side of his neck, unquestionable.


“You’ll give me thousands.”


Kou Dong: “……”


No, brother, the price of cuckolding is a little too steep!


He silently looked at the cub on his shoulder again.


How about a temporary fishtail for the cub?




The villain who was about to change costumes also looked like he couldn’t stand it anymore, he stood up on his shoulder and slightly tugged his hair with one hand.



“He can’t see me. –Lure him away first.”



In this sentence, there was a bit of gnashing of teeth, full of the impulse to deal with this man who didn’t know the heaven and earth. It was a pity that Kou Dong didn’t recognize it. He just felt that he was in the right place and he was busy guiding the mermaid down. “It’s still in the dormitory…”



If he ran faster now and he could see the broken eggshells. A little later, he couldn’t even point to an indefinite eggshell.





The experimental body S nodded and followed him slowly swimming downstairs, without the slightest awareness that a vast prairie had grown above his head.



The players downstairs were also awakened by the commotion. The director’s wail disappeared for a long time before someone quietly opened a doorway and looked out through the doorway. They happened to see the experimental bodies return, the battle was huge, from the room in front of the door, it could be said to cover the sky.



The ground was scattered with a lot of b-lood, scratched by those tentacles, leaving long traces. Song Hong frowned, “Something is wrong.”




He observed the room where the sound came from before, his brow furrowed even more, “…… trouble.”




It was the man with glasses.





Ah Xue stood  in front of the door, after looking, she seemed more calm than him, “He can’t survive.”



Song Hong: “What do we do?”



Although the glasses man was timid, his mechanical ability was undoubtedly the top among them. Now the mechanical hand production was at the last step, he was dead.



Song Hong was calm and self-possessed, but now his heart was also sinking down, feeling the disappointment roll up.



The young girl quietly spoke: “First, let’s look for another way. This game, won’t leave anyone alive.”



They whispered, and suddenly felt a blackness before their eyes, and an eye, as if sensing something, slammed up against the doorway in front of them.



Surprisingly, there were still experimental subjects left!



It happened suddenly, both of them were startled, looking at the creature hovering in the doorway, covering their mouths and not daring to make a sound. The eye dripped in the eye sockets turned around, looked to the left and right, and only then did it slowly withdraw. The two-meter-tall experimental body slid away from the door, and the room brightened up again.


Song Hong finally breathed a sigh of relief, heart still thumping, but he also felt a little strange.



“…… It didn’t see us?”


Just now, it was so abrupt that they couldn’t even escape. They were at the door. If monsters wanted to see them, they could naturally see them.




At that moment, they thought they wouldn’t live long.


Ah Xue clenched her jaw and looked a little serious. A few seconds later, she said, “Go out and have a look.”


Song Hong: “Hmm?”


“Go out and take a look around,” Ah Xue said, “I feel that something important has happened. –This group of experimental bodies, maybe they won’t attack us anymore.”



They carefully pushed open the doorway and walked slowly out along the wall, coincidentally colliding with an experimental body in the form of a leopard. The two of them were in a defensive position at the same time, and the experimental body also flashed its fangs at them, arching its back high.


Song Hong held his breath and was ready for a vicious fight – but the experimental body only whimpered twice, then waved its tail, as if it didn’t see them at all, and slowly turned away.


The two looked at each other, they were a little shocked.


Ah Xue: “When the man with glasses died, the hatred disappeared, is there any connection?”



Song Hong’s clenched teeth finally loosened. He moved his wrist around, “I don’t know, but in the end it’s a good thing …… Since we won’t be attacking anymore, let’s focus on finding the key.”



It was much easier to find the key now.



They called the rest of the players out, and at first there were people who didn’t believe them, full of suspicion; it wasn’t until they saw the two standing unharmed outside that people slowly emerged from the room, quietly discussing the wail they had just heard.



They have never heard a more miserable sound than that. The sound of flesh and muscle being torn apart, as if the group of experimental bodies were not eating people at all, but tearing, biting, tearing him into strips, skin like cloth.



Only the little girl who acted alone didn’t say anything, and after surveying the circle from side to side, she finally asked, “Where is he?”



Song Hong also jolted, finally remembered that there was someone else among this team is not there.


The most conspicuous youth was gone.



At the same time, they all heard a subtle sound.


It seemed to be a snake, sliding down the steps step by step.


First came the fishtail.


What immediately came into view was a demonically beautiful face.




It was a mermaid.


There was a small commotion among the players, all of them stared in awe – this mermaid was by no means from the sweet fairy tale, on the contrary, he was tall and strong, the naked upper part of his body undoubtedly belonged to a man, the bottom of the fish tail was equally strong and powerful, shining with a fine light.


How tall was he? Song Hong couldn’t determine for a moment, but there was no doubt that he was much taller than the people present. Yet such a body was both flexible and agile, such a creature, more like a predator than the human itself.



Underneath that high brow bone, the mermaid’s gaze was gloomy and peculiar, and when the scarlet pupils stared at people, it even gave them vertigo-inducing hallucinations.



He was a human nightmare.



Song Hong let out an inaudible gasp. When he finally moved his gaze from this remarkable creation, he saw the youth wrapped tightly by the mermaid. The mermaid’s seaweed-like hair hung down, blocking the human face.


However, just by the little bit of white on the neck, Song Hong knew who this person was.


It was Kou Dong ……


His feet were fixed in place, unable to move a muscle, not even able to contemplate why this person was with a mermaid. The image was so bizarre that the people present made a way for them.


Kou Dong also saw them and suddenly struggled and whispered something to the experimental body. The mermaid’s face didn’t look good, but it eventually let him go slightly and allowed him to trot a few steps forward.



Several players looked at him in surprise and awe, and Kou Dong took a soft breath.


It wasn’t a distance that would get rid of the mermaid. The experiment heard everything they said.


“Listen – know that Sima Guang smashed the tank, right?”


Song Hong’s eyes rolled, apparently a little confused.




“Sima Guang picked the biggest one to smash,” Kou Dong said succinctly, “to release all the water inside ……”





He said these two sentences incoherently, and then turned his head away again. The experimental body immediately brought him to his side, strong arms locked tightly around his torso.



Sitting on his shoulder, Ye Yanzhi: “Sima Guang smashing the tank?”


Kou Dong: “Don’t mention it, it isn’t bullying him ……”



Alas, the uneducated were at a disadvantage everywhere.



Ye Yanzhi: “They can understand?”


Kou Dong: “People who have read elementary school books understand.”


Then he realized that this sentence felt wrong, he lovingly said, “Dad isn’t talking about you – you are still young, there are opportunities to go to school in the future ……”


The little man coldly looped the two arms up and looked like he was sulking.


The players who were left in place looked at each other and didn’t fully understand the words.


“What do you mean by smashing the tank?”



Why suddenly review elementary school texts when you’re fine?



“Smashing the tank ……” Song Hong was instead all jittery and snapped back to life, “He was talking about the key!”



“They just came down from upstairs!”



The crowd finally reacted and ran up the stairs in strides. The door to the lab was wide open, and they found the Petri dish of Experiment S on the topmost floor, the largest they had ever seen.


And it was in that turquoise blue nutrient solution that they found what they had dreamed of.


A small, inconspicuous ring.


In this instant, the players almost all let out a light cry of relief. Someone couldn’t wait, “Hurry up and open the door, let’s get out!”



Several of the players in this group were entering the game for the first time, and even though they had made enough mental preparation before coming in, they really faced this and realized that they were not without fear.



Who wanted to live such a life? Day by day, the heart was hanging in the air, afraid that one day, they’d be chewed until even their bones disappeared.


Now, this nightmare-like days finally had an end.



The players cheered and formed a group, they immediately went into the water to fish for the key. In the hue and cry, only Song Hong was still standing, with some hesitation.


The little girl named Jia Jia was the first to get the key and was overjoyed.



“Can this be considered an achievement point?” She said joyfully, “I’ll be the first to open the door!”



There weren’t many people left, Ah Xue had an indifferent expression, and Song Hong didn’t grab it. Seeing the door that symbolized reality, she cried with joy, opened the door with the key, and couldn’t wait to step in.



“Brother Song!” She called out to Song Hong, “Still not going?”



Song Hong didn’t say anything, his expression hesitant, it took a while before he spoke, “We still have one more person.”


Who was said, several people knew clearly in their hearts.



Jia Jia’s face changed, then she bit her lip and said with a strong smile, “It’s okay – now that the experimental body isn’t attacking people, he must be able to come out as well.”



Ah Xue clasped her arms and let out an unforgiving snort of laughter. The laugh made Jia Jia’s face burn, “What are you laughing at?”



“Laughing at your lack of conscience,” Ah Xue didn’t give the slightest bit of face, “the way you lie without blushing.”




The little girl blushed a little more, “You ……!”





“Did you find the key?” Ah Xue asked nonchalantly, “The key was found by you? You subdued the experimental subject?”



“You didn’t do anything, from beginning to end, you just followed and cried. You’re lucky to get out like that. –You’re still chattering about achievement points, so you’re a bit shameless, right?”


The little girl didn’t expect her to speak so poisonously, she simply cried, “Brother Song, can you hear her, how can she say this?”




“Well.” Song Hong looked down, “If you want to go, then go.”




He looked at Ah Xue, “Go back?”


“Yes,” Ah Xue replied, “Go back.”





They didn’t stay at all and turned their heads right in front of the door that symbolized the end. The young girl behind them watched the scene with dumbfounded eyes and her voice was high, “Brother Song, have you gone crazy too? –You guys are still going back now, do you want to die?”





She couldn’t figure out how someone could choose a dead-end road in front of life.




They were all here to earn money for life and death, so why be so serious.



Her voice got higher, “Brother Song!”


Both people didn’t turn around.


Song Hong walked on one side, he couldn’t help but sigh, “Alas, this is the first time I gave up something so important.”


The young girl beside him asked him calmly, “Regret?”


“I can’t say I don’t regret,” Song Hong said, “but if I go, I certainly won’t sleep well.”



He paused, and then laughed: “After all, we all kind of took advantage of him.”


The young girl frowned and said, “It’s only right to pay a debt. A life debt is also a debt.”



“Okay, okay,” Song Hong patted her, “we both have to save him. Just how to save, we both have to figure it out first ……”



As he finished this sentence, the young girl’s eyes moved slightly.



“I do remember something,” she said slowly, “about mermaids.”





They were different from Kou Dong, before entering the game, they already knew that they were going into the horror game. In order to fight for a chance of survival, she had basically dabbled in all the background plot of the horror game, folklore or horror stories.



At the very beginning when she saw the mermaid, the pressure of the mermaid belonging to a predator was so heavy that her brain couldn’t turn properly. Now that she was a little further away from the mermaid, the young girl finally remembered.



“Have you heard,” she asked Song Hong in a low voice, “about the legend of Siren?”



This, naturally, Song Hong had heard something, “Sea demoness? The one that uses song to attract ships and confuse the crew ashore?”



“No,” Ah Xue, “it’s the other one.”


A rare bit of awe surfaced in her eyes.


“Sirens, in European and American folklore, are said to be demons with fish tails.”



“They do not possess a gender as a child, and only gradually differentiate their gender when they meet someone they like in adulthood. But whether they like men or women, Siren incarnate are almost always men. And, even if they go to the end of the world, they will find the people they like at the beginning and make them the nest where they lay their eggs.”


Song Hong didn’t understand.


“What do you mean? Why do they have to incarnate as a man when they’re looking at a man?”



And what was this talk about spawning?


The young girl gulped gently.


“It will change.” She said in a hushed voice.





“The body …… will change. They will secrete something that will be transmitted to that person’s body non-stop with the tip of the tongue for a day, and after a month, that person will grow a reproductive cavity for reproduction.”


Song Hong suddenly shivered a little.


“And then what?”


“And then–”


“Then, he will grow gills and be able to breathe underwater.



He would be dragged into the bottom of the sea by the siren.


There, the siren would make him keep …… spawning. He would be poured in, not waiting to be discharged, and immediately fillled again. He would stay underwater forever, using his body as a nest for the mermaid to give birth.”



Her voice was eery, “He can’t escape from underneath again for the rest of his life.”



After this paragraph, Song Hong’s scalp also tingled. He was silent for a long time then laughed dryly, “But that person will not necessarily meet these, right? How small is the probability of meeting a mermaid that has not yet been differentiated-”



“Did you forget what I said before?” The little girl interrupted him with a slight bitter smile, “I told you before that all the NPCs paid attention to him.”



“So, guess, is it because this game is extra favorable to him, or because the strongest experiment here loves him?”




Song Hong couldn’t answer. His heart didn’t want it to be the latter, but a voice was telling him it was the latter.



“Answer me again,” the young girl said, “you look at a monster like that. Do you think that he was forced to be here, or did he pretend to be weak in order to find who he was looking for, and was fished up of his own accord?”


Experiment S was bringing Kou Dong to the dormitory.



He stood guard at the door while the youth searched the dormitory, gazing steadily at the youth’s bent spine. The curvature was quite nice in the eyes of the mermaid, and the body belonging to the youth wasn’t particularly thin, but because of the slender bones, it didn’t fat, and his exposed neck was slender and white.



He slowly threw the fish tail in front of him.




“Think about it,” he suddenly said, his voice low and moving, “you’ve seen me before.”



Kou Dong was a little confused and twisted his head to look at him, “Hmm?”


The subject pursed his lips, looking a little less than pleased.


“You forgot.”


He stated lightly.


Kou Dong: “……”


Da-mn, this test question was a bit sudden ah.


He tried to think about it, but of course he didn’t think of anything – before he entered the game, he was a sweet love game host. How could he meet a mermaid?





Even if he saw it, it would have to be a little mermaid, not a man taller than him, a man bigger than him, that was full of thoughts about letting him lay eggs.



This kind of imagination, usually had a uniform name, called pervert.




Kou Dong opened his mouth and tentatively gave an answer, “On the beach?”




The mermaid relaxed a little, “you still remember.”





Kou Dong was talking nonsense. Where can you be if you are not at the head of the sea? There are no mermaids in big rivers!





Moreover, he read the log that year and found that the experimental body S wasn’t easy to be fished up in the sea area near the Bermuda Triangle.






Kou Dong whispered to his cub, “This mermaid sometimes seems not very clever. Don’t be like him…”





Ye Yanzhi: “…”




He wasn’t happy at all.




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