C90 — Preparing for a Surprise

Lu Wenxing was determined to cook for Gu Yanshen, and Gu Yanshen didn’t object.

In his heart, he was thinking… When Lu Wenxing’s hands were busy in the kitchen, he would go to help, which could fully reflect his boyfriend power.

The two of them arrived at the entrance of the store with their own thoughts.

The supermarket near the villa area only entertained members, and there were machines on both sides of the automatic door that said, “Hello, please show your membership card.

Gu Yanshen took out his membership card from his wallet and placed it on the machine; the automatic door opened.


There were a lot of business people who came here to spend money, and after providing door-to-door delivery, the customers who came to the store on weekends were more, and there weren’t many people at other times.

Gu Yanshen pushed a shopping cart, and the two went straight to the fresh food area.

After selecting vegetables and fruits, they ran to the seafood area.

Lu Wenxing knew that Gu Yanshen likes to eat shrimp, so he bought a catty of live shrimp and intended to make white-braised shrimp.

He liked oily and spicy food, and when he ate seafood, it was usually stir-fried or stewed. But Gu Yanshen was the birthday boy, so Lu Wenxing was definitely catering to Gu Yanshen’s preferences.

Gu Yanshen’s light tastes were similar to those of the people of B City, and Lu Wenxing even had a video call with Lu Xiaofei a few days ago.

It was just to ask her for advice on B city’s light dishes. Of course, Lu Wenxing had taken notes, but he hadn’t practiced it yet.

Gu Yanshen pushed the cart, while Lu Wenxing picked and chose. Looking at Lu Wenxing’s back, he seemed to see the daily life after marriage.

Gu Yanshen couldn’t help but envy his future married self.

Lu Wenxing put the weighed beef into the shopping cart, and Gu Yanshen raised his eyes and asked him. “Do you want to buy some snacks and fruits?”


The two pushed the shopping cart up to the second floor. They were very busy at work, but it was also very fulfilling.


So the two of them cherished their leisure time.

Whether busy or idle, it was a state of life. They both enjoyed it.

Gu Yanshen, who loved life, and Gu Yanshen, who carried idol baggage in front of the camera, were very different, but both were very attractive.


[TN: idol baggage: excessive self-consciousness usually displayed by celebrities]


When they first met, Lu Wenxing thought that Gu Yanshen’s idol baggage was a bit heavy, but after spending time together, Lu Wenxing realized that it was good to have idol baggage.

Because having baggage could better motivate oneself, one’s words and actions in front of the camera were highly regarded, so they had to be more cautious. If your fans were following you, you had to set a good example for them.

Mature, steady or dedicated, love of life, kindness, and so on—as long as it was positive—these were all attractive qualities. Lu Wenxing couldn’t deny that he was initially attracted to Gu Yanshen because of the other party’s superb acting skills.

There was also Gu Yanshen’s eagerness to help others.

The very first contact between the two was because Gu Yanshen helped him leave Mangcheng Entertainment. Lu Wenxing also remembered Gu Yanshen’s help, and as he later became more familiar with him, he also heard other things from Sheng Chao.

Gu Yanshen cherished talent. For the diligent and talented unknown stars in the entertainment industry, Gu Yanshen could help whenever he met them or secretly help them in private.

Lu Wenxing wasn’t unable to understand; it was just strange that Gu Yanshen actually had such a side. Until later, when he found out that Gu Yanshen was as fond of Zhou Hechen as he was, Lu Wenxing suddenly understood.

Zhou Hechen, the music and movie industry double emperor, had the title of’showbiz Bole’, because he liked to help newcomers. Due to his love for promoting new talents, many well-known directors and screenwriters in the industry, including some old artists such as the later King and Queen of showbiz, had received Zhou Hechen’s help when they were unknown.


[TN:bole: good judge of [especially hidden] talent]

Gu Yanshen’s mother had been helped by Zhou Hechen, which also made Gu Yanshen remember it. But Gu Yanshen and Zhou Hechen were different. Zhou Hechen accepted people’s thanks openly and graciously.

Gu Yanshen was more boring; he didn’t really like to be formally thanked; he helped quietly so many times; and many artists in the industry had been helped by Gu Yanshen in passing without their knowledge.

Song Jiajia and Lu Wenxing had also been helped by Gu Yanshen.

In Gu Yanshen’s perception, whether to help or not was his business; it had nothing to do with the person being helped, so there was no need for their gratitude.

“Why’re you looking at me like that?”

Gu Yanshen held the chips and turned around to see Lu Wenxing staring at him with unblinking eyes.

“You look good.”

Lu Wenxing took the chips from his hand and moved forward to kiss his cheek, looking calmly, like it was the most normal of gestures.

Gu Yanshen, however, froze for a moment; usually, when they were in public, Lu Wenxing would try to avoid too close physical contact with him, let alone in a public place like the supermarket.

He looked around and saw no one before he quietly sighed in relief.

“What are you doing? Can’t I kiss you?”


Lu Wenxing pushed Gu Yanshen to the shelf and said, “I want a big bag.”

Gu Yanshen raised his hand and took a bag of potato chips.

“No, it’s just that I’m surprised that you would be so proactive.”

“Have I taken less initiative?” Lu Wenxing blinked and sincerely asked.

“Never in public.”

Gu Yanshen spoke the truth, and Lu Wenxing heard a bit of grief in his voice. He came closer to Gu Yanshen in amusement.

Gu Yanshen lowered his head, thinking that Lu Wenxing would coax him or kiss him again. As a result, Lu Wenxing snatched the chips out of his hand, and when he looked back, he was already standing next to the shopping cart, winking at Gu Yanshen.

Lu Wenxing liked to tease him like this, and it wasn’t just once or twice; if it wasn’t the wrong place, he would have held Lu Wenxing down and kissed him.

“Go pay the bill.”

“I’ll push.”

Gu Yanshen walked up; as a good boyfriend, no matter what his mood was, something like pushing the cart was of course his to do. Lu Wenxing just needed to be responsible for picking what he liked.

“So good.”

Lu Wenxing patted his head and continued to flirt with him.

Gu Yanshen remained calm and didn’t touch him while they were outside, but when they entered the car, the initiative would be in his hands. He wanted to lock the car and kiss him until Lu Wenxing listened.

Looking at Lu Wenxing, who knew nothing and had a teasing expression, Gu Yanshen was in a good mood.

Gu Yanshen’s slender fingers gripped the shopping cart handle, and Lu Wenxing called out to him.

“Wait a minute.”

“What else do you want to buy?”

Lu Wenxing stuck to Gu Yanshen: “I don’t need to buy anything; I just… want to kiss you.”

Gu Yanshen: “!”

It wasn’t a light kiss against the cheek, but a lip-to-lip, soft, and brief kiss.

Gu Yanshen’s eyes dilated slightly; his first reaction was to look around when a slight pain came from his lips. Lu Wenxing lightly bit him.

“We’re kissing, and you’re distracted.”

Without giving Gu Yanshen a chance to concentrate, Lu Wenxing had already walked several steps away, as if the person who was so gentle just now wasn’t him.

Gu Yanshen: “……”

After paying the bill, the two of them took the direct elevator to the basement garage.

After getting into the car, Gu Yanshen turned to him.

“You just kissed me twice.”

Lu Wenxing:?

“In public.”

Gu Yanshen wanted to ask if Lu Wenxing had just kissed him because there was no one around or because… Lu Wenxing had intentions to go public.


“It’s not like anyone saw.”

“Oh.” Sure enough, Gu Yanshen was slightly disappointed. “Are we going straight home?”

“Yes, it’s too cold outside.”

Lu Wenxing chose to make three dishes, and although he hadn’t done it before, what Lu Xiaofei taught him were simple dishes.

Lu Wenxing chose to make Tomato Fatty Beef Soup first.

Lu Wenxing, who hadn’t used a knife much, cut the onion pieces unevenly in size; it was a little ugly, but it didn’t stop him from continuing.

Putting the chopped onions into the pan and frying them, the oil splashed up and made a crackling sound, scaring Lu Wenxing into withdrawing his hand.


Gu Yanshen looked at him with amusement.


“That scared? I can take over.”

“No, go out.” Lu Wenxing resented him for getting in the way: “I just wasn’t used to it.”

Lu Wenxing boldly stir-fried a few times and poured in the chopped beef. Other than being a little wary at first, it really looked good after a few minutes.
Lu Wenxing raised his chin and looked at Gu Yanshen triumphantly.

“You adapted quite quickly.” Gu Yanshen generously appreciated him.

“That’s true.”

As he spoke, Lu Wenxing poured the sautéed onions and beef into the crock pot, poured boiling water into it, fished out the froth, and covered it with a lid to slowly simmer.

He started chopping the cabbage, cubed potatoes and tomatoes, and diced the carrots, which were just as oddly ugly as the onions. The tomatoes were poured into a pan and sautéed with a little tomato sauce, sautéed in their juices, and poured into the crockpot.

The diced potatoes, cabbage, and carrots that he had just chopped were added to the fat beef broth and simmered together.

He began to prepare the second dish, steamed sea bass.

It was also a very simple home-cooked dish, but it was a test of knife skills. The fish couldn’t be cut off, and the skin was slippery. When cutting, it needed to be pressed firmly, which made it easy to slip and cut it crookedly.

Gu Yanshen stood aside and watched with alarm.

“I’ll cut it; I can help.”

“No need.” Lu Wenxing once again refused.

“Give your boyfriend some space to play; I’m standing here like a pole.”

“Poles don’t talk.”

Gu Yanshen: “…” was it too much for him to talk?

Except for the few times when he exerted too much force and nearly cut off the fish’s body, it wasn’t that difficult; the rest of the steps of sprinkling salt and pouring cooking wine were very simple, and while waiting for the marinating process, Lu Wenxing shredded the green onions, ginger, and chili peppers.

The movements were a bit clumsy, but nothing went wrong, and the sea bass was placed in a pot to steam.

Lu Wenxing began to prepare the third course.

White-braised shrimp.

Gu Yanshen was a bit surprised. “You’ve really never cooked before?”

Although Lu Wenxing moved slowly, he was organized, and while the soup was being stewed, the second dish was almost ready.

Usually, newbies who had never cooked before were the ones who would choose to make one dish at a time.

“I’ve never done it.” Lu Wenxing smiled. “I said I’m a fast learner.”

“Very impressive.”

Gu Yanshen praised him so much, and Lu Wenxing was pleased with himself and continued speaking, almost like he was begging for praise.

“I rehearsed it in my head a few times. What to do first and then what to cook? Even though it’s my first time cooking, I can’t keep our birthday boy waiting.”

The sea bass came out of the pot. Lu Wenxing set up a pot of hot oil, and after pouring soy sauce on the fish, the hot oil was splashed on the fish, instantly emitting a zippy sound, and the aroma instantly hit his nose.

“It smells so good.”

“Try it first.” Lu Wenxing’s eyes shone brightly as Gu Yanshen picked up his chopsticks, and he stared at him as he sent the fish into his mouth, waiting expectantly for his feedback.

“How is it?”

Gu Yanshen didn’t answer and placed a piece of fish close to Lu Wenxing’s mouth. “Taste it yourself.”

The fish was fresh and fragrant, with a tender texture and no fishy flavor.

“I seem to have a talent for cooking.”

Lu Wenxing’s eyes lit up, but Gu Yanshen was afraid that his next sentence would be that he wanted to learn to be a chef.

The steamed sea bass was a success, and Lu Wenxing began to make the third dish, white braised shrimp.

Cut off the whiskers of the shrimp, add cooking wine, scallions, and ginger in cold water, and add hot water to the shrimp. Continue cutting scallions, ginger, garlic, and millet peppers, add it to hot water. The sauce was also taught by Lu Xiaofei in the video call. Lu Wenxing took note of it one by one: two spoons of vinegar, one spoonful of light soy sauce, and one spoonful of sesame oil.

The white braised shrimp was served, and the tomato beef soup was stewed.

Lu Wenxing gave himself a seven out of ten for today’s performance, “Serve it out.”

A simple three-course dish was served, delicately arranged, with good color, aroma, and taste. Lu Wenxing also took a photo and suddenly remembered when he was about to move his chopsticks.

“I forgot to cook the rice.”

Gu Yanshen burst out laughing, and Lu Wenxing tensed. “Why didn’t you remind me?”

“Didn’t you think I was in the way?” Gu Yanshen blinked innocently.

“Let’s order takeout. Two meals definitely won’t be delivered; why don’t we order something else at” Lu Wenxing picked up his phone and clicked into the takeaway platform, and Gu Yanshen jerked his phone away, amused and helpless.

“I cooked it.”

“When did you…”

“When you were washing the dishes.”

Gu Yanshen originally intended to wait for Lu Wenxing to ask before saying, but he didn’t expect that until the dishes were done, Lu Wenxing wouldn’t think of it.

It was true that he had little experience, so when he thought that Lu Wenxing had specially learned it to celebrate his birthday, Gu Yanshen’s heart warmed even more.

Lu Wenxing knew that he had never cooked before, so he wouldn’t go for a particularly high difficulty factor, and only decided to make these three simple and easy-to-learn dishes after discussing them with Lu Xiaofei.

After the meal, Lu Wenxing didn’t forget to praise himself.

“What do you say I open a restaurant in the future?”

“Not good.”

Gu Yanshen interrupted Lu Wenxing’s unrestrained thoughts. The flavor was good, but his eyelids fluttered when he saw Lu Wenxing holding a knife; he was afraid that Lu Wenxing would accidentally cut his own hand.

“I prefer you to hold a paintbrush.”

Lu Wenxing didn’t enjoy cooking very much either; he was just surprised by the results of his first time cooking and had the illusion that he was very talented.

Neither of the two grown men had small appetites, and after eating the three courses, Lu Wenxing realized…

“I don’t seem to be full.”

Gu Yanshen: “Me too.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”

So the problem was that Lu Wenxing only knew how to make these dishes: stewed soup or steamed fish. Lu Xiaofei was precise to how many minutes, high or low heat, and the seasoning was also precise to a few spoons.

But Lu Xiaofei didn’t teach him to cook other dishes.


“Boiled beef for dinner?”

Lu Wenxing nodded. “Want to order takeout?”

“I’ll make it for you.”

Gu Yanshen got up and walked into the kitchen, and Lu Wenxing curiously followed him. “You also know how to make boiled beef?”

Gu Yanshen answered Lu Wenxing directly with his actions.

Bringing out the pot, he poured in dried chili peppers and peppercorns to stir-fry. Lu Wenxing asked him suspiciously. “Won’t you put oil in?”

“No need.”

After stir-frying a few times, Gu Yanshen poured out the chili peppers and put them on the chopping board to cool down for a while before chopping them up with a knife and putting them on a plate for later.

He took out the beef that Lu Wenxing hadn’t finished cooking just now and cut it into slices. It was very different from Lu Wenxing; Gu Yanshen’s knife skills were good; the thickness was even; each slice was cut just right; and he finished cutting it in three strokes.

“So skilled, do you cook often?”

“I do it myself when I have time.”

However, Gu Yanshen’s own cooking was also all healthier; too much oil and spices were taboo.

His slender fingers wore disposable gloves; the beef was put into a bowl; the seasonings, egg whites, and starch were poured and massaged well with his hands.

Looking at Gu Yanshen’s skillful movements, Lu Wenxing thoughtfully asked.

“Is it easy to learn?”

Looking at Lu Wenxing, who wanted to steal a lesson, Gu Yanshen smiled and said, “Watch and learn.”

That was what he said; Gu Yanshen showed it to him, but he didn’t tell Lu Wenxing about it, let alone accurately tell Lu Wenxing about the seasoning and timing like Lu Xiaofei did.

He was so fast that Lu Wenxing forgot what he put in.

Looking at Lu Wenxing’s slightly confused expression, Gu Yanshen remembered that Lu Wenxing had spent a lot of time cooking those three dishes for him.

Not a moment later, the spicy aroma wafted in the kitchen. Gu Yanshen put in starch thickener, and then a minute later, he took the boiled beef out of the pot.

Pouring into a large bowl, he sprinkled chopped chili and green onions, ginger and garlic, and finally some white sesame seeds for decoration. The last step was the same as making steamed fish. Sprinkle with hot oil, and the spicy aroma would be overflowing.


Lu Wenxing was starving at this point.

The smooth and oily beef slices, wrapped in a bright red spicy oil, had long been desired by the heavy flavor enthusiast Lu Wenxing. Picking up the beef slices and sending them into his mouth, he suddenly felt a burst of happiness.

“Too delicious!!!”

Lu Wenxing clamped another piece and said to Gu Yanshen after swallowing the beef. “Teacher Gu, please marry me.”

“You’re really virtuous!”

Lu Wenxing praised him: “I didn’t expect you to cook so well; what else do you know how to do?”

As Lu Wenxing ate happily, the corners of Gu Yanshen’s mouth lifted slightly.

Although he had a light taste, he was able to eat spicy food. Grabbing himself a piece of beef, he put it in his mouth and chewed it slowly.

“I can make anything you want.”

Lu Wenxing was half-convinced, so Gu Yanshen explained.

“After entering the kitchen frequently, it’s easy to learn other dishes after becoming skilled.”

After the two finished eating, Gu Yanshen collected the bowls, put them in the dishwasher, and cleaned up in the kitchen in the meantime.

Lu Wenxing happened to bring in the gifts brought in the car, and when Gu Yanshen came out, he saw a tall stack.

“Did you empty the gift store?”

“You can’t open them now; you’ll open them after cutting the cake at night.”

“Okay, want to take a nap?”

Lu Wenxing shook his head. Gu Yanshen thought about it and said, “Then I’ll give you a tour.”


The two-and-a half-story small villa didn’t have many rooms, but they were all spacious and bright.

Gu Yanshen took Lu Wenxing to visit the room he lived in, and after the two of them went downstairs, Lu Wenxing noticed a white door next to the stairs.

“Is this door a decoration?”

Gu Yanshen opened the white door, and there was a staircase leading to the basement.


“This design is a bit weird.”

Gu Yanshen led him down: “The small villa is my parents’ matrimonial home.”

His mother liked to drink alcohol, and his father specially prepared a small surprise for the two of them. The white door led to the basement, so his father planned to build a wine cellar in the basement specifically for his mother to collect wine.

However, after the two got married, the wine cellar wasn’t yet ready because it was a small surprise, so it could only be done quietly when his mother wasn’t at home. But later on, it hadn’t been put to use.

First, there was a problem with the remodeling of the wine cellar; the customized wine cabinet also came later than the original schedule; and even the collection of wine also encountered problems.

Later, his mother stayed at home during her pregnancy.

The wine cellar was put on hold for the time being, and when Gu Yanshen was born… and then when he was two or three years old, the wine cellar wasn’t completed, and the two divorced.

“You don’t plan to finish the wine cellar?”

Gu Yanshen shook his head and said, “My mom seldom returns home, and I don’t like to drink.”

“After my parents divorced, it was the nanny who took care of me. She often locked me in the cellar.” Gu Yanshen talked about his childhood.

The five-year-old Gu Yanshen wasn’t actually afraid, but he didn’t tell his father either.

The nanny didn’t dare hit him hard; she only dared to lock him up and starve him.

Gu Yanshen spoke little and didn’t say anything when he was bullied, not even crying. The nanny thought he was easy to bully and became more aggressive.

Even though Gu Yanshen was young at the time, Lu Wenxing didn’t think Gu Yanshen would be bullied so much.

“Why didn’t you talk to your parents?”

“I was waiting for them to find out on their own.”

The young Gu Yanshen wasn’t afraid of the nanny; he was taking revenge on his father, on his long-term neglect, and on their belief that work was always more important than him.

He wanted to see his father’s remorse; he harbored a little malice in his heart. But it wasn’t entirely to make his father uncomfortable; what he really wanted was for his father and mother to spend more time with him because of this.

No matter how precocious Gu Yanshen was, at the age of five, he longed for his parents’ company and love. He thought that this could attract the attention and heartache of his parents.

In fact, he was wrong after seeing his parents’ divorce papers. He knew that no matter what he did, it was useless.

In the end, the nanny was sued by his father.

And his parents’ care and attention only stayed with him for a week.

They invited a psychiatrist to check on Gu Yanshen, and after learning that he was physically and mentally healthy, his parents went back to their old ways, still busy with their own lives, neither of them staying at home.

Gu Yanshen had nothing to be sad about; his tone was normal, as if he were talking about something that had nothing to do with him. Lu Wenxing didn’t particularly try to comfort him. If Gu Yanshen, who has a dull personality, could speak up about things that had already passed, it meant he didn’t care.

“Where was Xiao Ning? He has such a lively personality. Is he like his mom?”

At the mention of Gu Yanning, Gu Yanshen pursed his lips. “Gu Yanning is a like monkey.”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

He liked jumping up and down?


At night, Lu Wenxing received a delivery call from the cake store.

“The cake I ordered has arrived; go get it.”

Gu Yanshen:?

He thought that Lu Wenxing wasn’t going to let him do anything today, yet he asked him to go get something.

Could it be that there were other surprises?

Gu Yanshen didn’t ask more questions; he went out when Lu Wenxing told him to go.

Once he was gone, Lu Wenxing first called Xu Rong.

“My post has been scheduled; Sister Rong, be prepared.”

Xu Rong knew about his plan, but Lu Wenxing was afraid she would forget, so he gave her a heads-up.

“Tomorrow, when you wake up, you will see me hanging on the hot search; don’t be nervous or alarmed.”

Xu Rong: “……” She wasn’t nervous, not at all.

Who was Lu Wenxing? The young master of the Wen family.

Those gossip pages would just try to take advantage to get some attention, but who would really dare point fingers?

“I know; there’s no need to remind me to eat dog food so repeatedly.”


[TN: dog food: When a couple becomes touchy-feely in front of singles]

Xu Rong said that, but in her heart, she still blessed Lu Wenxing.

It was easy for her to manage Lu Wenxing; he reported everything he did to her in advance. Managing him was even less worrying than managing Song Jiajia.

Lu Wenxing and Xu Rong laughed and joked a few times.

“Sister Rong, I’m hanging up; I’m still busy preparing other surprises for teacher Gu.”

“Tsk.” Xu Rong said with disgust, “Hurry up and go; don’t stuff me with dog food.”

When Gu Yanshen came back from fetching the cake, Lu Wenxing sat on the sofa and flipped through the photo albums. The two of them had dinner as usual, and after cleaning up, the cake was set out.

Lu Wenxing lit the candles and turned off the lights.


“Teacher Gu, make a wish.”

“Make a wish, and it will come true?”

“Of course. If it doesn’t come true, I’ll definitely help you realize it too.”

Gu Yanshen closed his eyes and made his first wish.

“I wish for my boyfriend and I to go public soon…and for him to give me a title.”

Lu Wenxing: “……” Just this?

“There are two more; make a serious wish.”

Gu Yanshen: “I’m very serious.”

“The second wish is that Gu Yanshen and Xingxing will always be together.”

Gu Yanshen finished and closed his eyes.

“Third wish…”

This was the first time Gu Yanshen made a wish with incomparable sincerity; he didn’t say it out loud but silently said it in his heart.

I hope the first two wishes come true.


I can always count on them to drown me in sweetness 😭



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