C27 – Avalanche

The sleeping Xiao Yu was unaware of it, so much so that the next day, when Cang Hai confessed to him that he had given him an injection last night, he was still puzzled: “What did you say you injected me with?”

“An inhibitor,” Cang Hai handed him the empty vial. “I’m sorry I didn’t discuss it with you beforehand. You slept heavily last night, so I didn’t call out to you.”

Xiao Yu looked at the empty reagent bottle in his hand; there was no logo or any other description on it, and he couldn’t find a trace of proof that it was an inhibitor.

What if it was more like a fake dr*ug?

Of course he wouldn’t suspect Cang Hai of lying; he just didn’t understand, “What’s the point of injecting me with an inhibitor?”

Cang Hai: “Have you forgotten that you’ve differentiated into an Omega, and I’m an Alpha? You have to know what an Omega’s pheromones mean to an Alpha with a high match; when you emit pheromones, the Alpha around you will see you as the object of their pleasure.”

Hearing this, Xiao Yu’s eyes were already filled with shock.

What did he mean by object of pleasure? Did it mean that he had been subconsciously seeking pleasure from Cang Hai?


Xiao Yu’s face flashed with a hint of red. Unexpectedly, he was obedient and only dared to secretly like Cang Hai, while his pheromones were so unrestrained that they seduced him when he didn’t know.

He coughed twice. “That. I didn’t realize that my pheromones had affected you so much; thankfully, you still have inhibitors.”

Unfortunately, if Cang Hai hadn’t injected him with an inhibitor, he might have woken up in the middle of the night one day and seen Cang Hai doing something to him.

However, he could only think about it; with Cang Hai’s tough mind, he wouldn’t be captured by the pheromone that easily.

Cang Hai let out a long breath: “It’s good that you don’t blame me; by the way, what I injected you with is the perfect inhibitor that I mentioned yesterday; it doesn’t have any side effects, and the duration of one injection is three months.”

Without any side effects, one injection lasted for three months.

With such a strong medicinal effect, it was really hard to believe that this wasn’t a fake medicine.

After having breakfast, Xiao Yu volunteered to go to the cave entrance to check on the situation.

The snow hadn’t stopped last night, and a thick layer of snow had piled up at the entrance of the cave, so he tried to dig through the snow in front of him, but unexpectedly triggered the collapse of the snow, which overwhelmed his entire body.

“Brother Hai, help!”

As soon as his words fell, a figure sped over and grabbed his arm tightly, plucking him out of the pile of snow.

“Blah blah blah!”

Xiao Yu spat out the broken snow in his mouth, his head still dizzy.

Cang Hai shook his head and lost his smile. “Reckless.”

Xiao Yu bristled, but the corner of his eye caught the light outside the cave, and he was suddenly in a bright mood.


“The snow has stopped!”

Side by side, the two stepped on the collapsing snow and left the cave.

After the heavy snowfall, the entire world turned white, and as far as the eye could see, there was a blanket of white snow.

Cang Hai listened to Xiao Yu’s description, and his brows furrowed slightly. “Try not to open your eyes for a long period of time; the white snow is a very strong UV-reflecting substance; it will cause damage to your eyes.”

But he still had to rely on his eyes to recognize the route!

Without waiting for him to object, Cang Hai seemed to know what he was going to say in advance and stopped him: “I can follow the other beasts to migrate; it doesn’t require eyes to see; you just need to help us scout the number of beasts.”

“Oh.” Xiao Yu was a bit lost; he was already limited in what he could help with. Now that Cang Hai had even taken back the task of leading the way, he had properly become a burden.

“I don’t understand you,” Cang Hai joked at him. “Isn’t it good to be lazy if there’s a chance? If I were you, I would just close my eyes and sleep, which can be seen as ‘cultivating and accumulating energy.’.”

Xiao Yu blinked. “Lazy?”

What a joke! Since the first day he met Cang Hai, Cang Hai has been a model worker in his mind.

Patrolling was done by Cang Hai, hunting was handled by Cang Hai, and even the one who burned the fire, cooked, and provided the necessities was Cang Hai.

Yet the word lazy actually came out of Cang Hai’s mouth.

Cang Hai seemed to have sensed Xiao Yu’s surprise: “What, you think I don’t look like someone who would be lazy?”

Xiao Yu nodded. “You are simply a model of labor.”

“Actually, all people have inertia; everyone likes to be lazy, and I am no exception. It’s just that the conditions don’t allow me to be lazy, so I choose to go all out; the two don’t conflict, but they’re just applied to different situations.”

Xiao Yu enjoyed talking to Cang Hai.

It was because no one would ever say this to him.

“Then I’ll be lazy.” Xiao Yu secretly rubbed Cang Hai’s shoulder and said, “Don’t blame me for not working when the time comes.”

Cang Hai smiled and said, “Go to sleep; when the snow melts, you won’t have a chance to be lazy, even if you want to.”

Yesterday’s heavy snow wasn’t suitable for traveling; the vast majority of the beasts had found a place to hide; most of them had been starving for a day, and their eyes were glowing green.
Today was destined to be a day full of k*illing.

Xiao Yu said that he would be lazy, but in reality, his eyes didn’t really rest; he closed his eyes, leaving only a slit to observe his surroundings.

“Be obedient; can you be more serious about being lazy?”

Cang Hai’s helpless voice rang out. Xiao Yu still wanted to argue, but Cang Hai analyzed: “Your body is taut, especially above your chest; your head is lifted very high; and the airflow formed by your breath is almost horizontal. If you were really slacking off, then your body should be in a relaxed state, your head should be looking for a comfortable position to settle in, and your breath would either be close to my shoulder or a diagonal line.”

Xiao Yu was dumbfounded.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.” Cang Hai’s voice was as low and charming as ever.

It carried a convincing charm.

Xiao Yu pretended not to hear and lay on Cang Hai’s shoulder, pretending that he had actually fallen asleep.

When he woke up again, it was already noon.

The man’s soft laugh came from his ears. “If you don’t wake up, I’ll eat my lunch myself and not leave it for you.”

“I knew you didn’t have good intentions in letting me slack off!” Xiao Yu reached out and went to grab Cang Hai’s grilled meat skewers. “It’s no fun to eat alone, and it’s a waste if you can’t finish it.”

“Don’t snatch, don’t snatch; I’m just teasing you.” Cang Hai couldn’t help himself; the little mermaid was so cute, he believed everything he said.

Xiao Yu got the meat skewers as he wished; after he had a full stomach, he laid down on the snow and said, “Rest for a while; I’ll patrol.”

Cang Hai knew that Xiao Yu was holding back his energy; not letting him do something at this time would instead easily provoke the little guy’s rebelliousness.

So he simply agreed, “Then I’ll leave my life to you.”

“I will definitely live up to my promise!”


Xiao Yu was instantly relieved from the depression of not being able to help and was energized.


Xiao Yu remembered Cang Hai’s reminder and didn’t dare to open his eyes for a long period of time, generally opening his eyes once after silently counting five and closing his eyes again after quickly inspecting the surrounding area.

At first, everything was normal; it was assumed that the beasts were busy hunting and that the place they found was hidden enough. That was until Xiao Yu’s line of sight saw an armor-covered beast running in their direction.

“Cang Hai, wake up!” Xiao Yu hurriedly pushed Cang Hai.

Cang Hai was always alert and slept only in a shallow state. Hearing Xiao Yu’s call, he immediately woke up and asked, “What happened?”

Xiao Yu quickly described the appearance of the beast: “A beast with barbed thorns all over its body, resembling a tortoise in appearance, with sharp horns on its forehead, is running wildly towards us.”

Cang Hai thought for a moment, “It’s the Layered Rock Giant Turtle, a beast that is very good at drilling into the ground; it’s not easy to deal with; let’s retreat first.”

The shell of the Layered Rock Giant Turtle was extremely thick and heavy; its defense ability was much higher than that of beasts of its level; and the body hidden in its shell didn’t have a few pairs of meat, so it wasn’t worthwhile to fight with such a tough guy for the sake of eating that bit of meat.

After obediently climbing onto Cang Hai’s back, Xiao Yu secretly glanced back, but the figure of the Layered Rock Giant Turtle had disappeared.

Cang Hai ran with him on his back while reminding him, “It didn’t leave, but it drilled underground. This kind of creature digs underground passages very quickly, so hold on tighter, and I’ll find a way to get rid of it.”

Saying that, Cang Hai steeply increased his speed.

There was a howling wind in his ears. Xiao Yu almost felt like he was going to fall. The cold wind made him shiver, forcing him to cling tightly to the back of Cang Hai and absorb the warmth of the other person.

Unconsciously, he realized that a towering, snowy mountain stood in front of them.

Cang Hai also noticed the change in wind direction and slowed down before Xiao Yu’s reminder.

“Cang Hai, there is a snowy mountain ahead; should we go around it?” Xiao Yu asked.

This was the first time he had seen such a tall mountain in the Desolate Star.

Before Cang Hai could respond, the ground suddenly began to shake around him, followed by the Layered Rock Giant Turtle breaking out of the ground.

“It really followed.” Unexpectedly, this beast was in such hot pursuit that Cang Hai simply summoned his longsword and stood in strict wait.

The Layered Rock Giant Tortoise let out a roar; its triangular eyes glowing with red light were filled with ki*lling intent, and it charged towards them without hesitation.

Cang Hai carried Xiao Yu on his back and nimbly dodged its attack. The bulky body of the Layered Rock Giant Turtle smashed into the snowy mountain, and the broken snow that was stirred up flew in all directions.


The sound was deafening.

Xiao Yu thought that since the Layered Rock Giant Turtle had a ferocious look on its face and was advancing towards them, it would go through a few moves with Cang Hai anyway.

As a result, the giant turtle ended the fight with a thousand losses to itself and a tiny loss to the enemy.


He was about to tease Cang Hai about the Giant Turtle’s divine maneuver when he saw the snow on top of the snowy mountain abruptly start to fall.

“Not good!” He instantly realized what it was: “Cang Hai run, there’s an avalanche!”

Cang Hai immediately carried Xiao Yu on his back upon hearing this and fled the snowy mountain as fast as he could.

Xiao Yu looked back at the snow waves that were getting closer and closer. The despair in his heart intensified. “Cang Hai, put me down. With your speed, you can definitely escape.”

Cang Hai was silent, and Xiao Yu didn’t dare to move around at this juncture, affecting Cang Hai’s running rhythm, so he could only persuade again, “If this goes on, none of us will be able to run away; instead of dying together, it would be better for you to live.”

“Shut up!” Cang Hai chided.

It was the first time he spoke to Xiao Yu in such a harsh tone.

Xiao Yu froze, but his eyes quickly reddened. He knew that Cang Hai was doing it for his own good, but was it really meaningful to die together like this?

The snow waves caught up with them.

Cang Hai turned to protect Xiao Yu in his arms, and in his hand, he was clearly holding the mecha umbrella that Xiao Yu had made. At the same time, the raging snow waves came roaring in, and in just an instant, they were completely engulfed.



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