C72 — [3.11—- Judgement Day]

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Translator’s note:

The next chapters after this are pretty dark so warning tags here, we have:

mentions of sui-cide, self-mutilation, and cann*ibalism


In the hotel room, after an exhausting night, the young boss slept deeply.


Lu Yuan woke up earlier. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he did was to look down to see the sleeping young boss in his arms.


His gaze fixed on his snow-white face for a long time, as if he couldn’t see enough.


The body of the boss who was wrapped in his arms was very slender, and his shoulders, which were exposed outside the sheet, still had traces of last night.


Although he still felt guilty about his own rustiness, but Lu Yuan’s gaze couldn’t help but linger on those traces over and over again.


Pale and rough fingers also subconsciously rubbed against the boss’s shoulder, enamored with the delicate and soft touch.


Unlike his hard body, the boss’s body seemed soft.


Whether it was his arms or waist, it was soft beyond words.


Seemingly recalling a certain image from last night, Lu Yuan suddenly stopped his hand movements, not daring to continue.


He didn’t do it on purpose at that time, he just wanted to make the boss more satisfied before he accidentally folded the boss’s waist so badly.




Thinking of the lost look on the face of the boss who was always gentle and calm at that time, Lu Yuan’s breathing changed a bit, and he finally regained his calmness after he tried to press down the picture in his mind.


He was just an ordinary subordinate who was being suborned, everything was done to make the boss more satisfied, so he did those things.


It didn’t involve love and desire, he was simply forced to do it.


In order to alleviate the feeling of guilt in his heart, Lu Yuan repeated it until he gradually convinced himself, and then raised his eyes again, continuing to stare at the boss in his arms.


Wrapped in bandages, his expression couldn’t be seen, but his dark pupils seemed to have a bright light that had never been there before.


Until noon, the young boss’s eyelashes trembled and he slowly opened his eyes, he withdrew his gaze, and resumed the silent look.


As if the person who looked straight at the boss for more than an hour wasn’t him.


“Have you been awake for a long time?”


The young boss blinked, looking at his body that was completely plastered in Lu Yuan’s arms, his voice still carrying the huskiness that hadn’t dissipated.


Even though he hadn’t made too much noise last night, his voice still showed the indulgence of last night.


With this in mind, Lu Yuan suddenly saw the image of Jiu Shu lightly biting his lips and suppressing his breathing last night. He instinctively tightened his arms around Jiu Shu, and after a moment of silence, he replied, “No, I didn’ t.”


He hadn’t been awake for long, just an hour or so.


And the young boss seemed to be able to see that he was mouthing off, he arched his eyebrows and stared at Lu Yuan for a while.


It was only after his body gradually stiffened that he got up and prepared to go wash up.


Today’s object of discipline’s mental state had turned extraordinarily good, as if he had already been cured.


But remembering the unexpected situation that occurred at the end of the last world, Jiu Shu knew that this world wouldn’t end so simply.


The time of the arrival of the end was just three months later, but remembering the plot of the original spin-off game, Jiu Shu wasn’t sure if this time would change.


The plot of the game seemed more obscure than the simple and straightforward apocalyptic adventure and monsters in the original.


The plot in the game actually sort of took place after the original plot line ended.


At that point, the hero and heroine have already met the god of doom and found out that the god had fallen into madness, their hopes were dashed.


But in the game, the god of doom gave a clue that could save him and thus the world.


The god of doom didn’t seem to want to descend into madness, so he sent the hero and heroine to a city covered in flesh and blo*od.


He also resurrected all the flesh and bl*ood monsters that the hero and heroine had seen before and put them in that city, asking the hero and heroine to search for clues from level to level to find a way to cure Him.


And as the monster butcher that the hero and heroine were most afraid of, it had also resurrected and had an undead body.


Not only would it mercilessly k*ill all kinds of monsters that came near, he even k*illed the players.


Cold and cruel to the extent that each execution screen was full of mosaic, a knife down the intestines and guts flowed all over the place, worthy of its butcher’s name.


At the same time, he couldn’t be k*illed.


In the end, even the game players who had the ability to archive could only retreat, time and time again they died under his knife.


Of course, there were also many gamers who took the initiative to seek out the Butcher just to experience the feeling of being ki*lled by the Butcher in different ways of execution.


Whether they were directly hacked to death or hung on a barb like livestock, players were happy to do so.


It was said that watching the game’s tall, pale, muscular and powerful butcher indifferently raise the butcher’s knife would give players a different kind of thrill.


Back to the topic at hand, when players had completed a series of difficult levels given in the game, and finally found all the clues to the last level, the gamers controlling the hero and heroine realize that there was one last thing they needed to do in order to save the god of doom.


That was to ki*ll the butcher.


It was simply an impossible task.


But luckily there was always a way to get through the game, and gamers could accomplish this by luring the Butcher out of the city.


After finally completing all the quests, players would only see the character they controlled push through the door wrapped in bl*ood and flesh and rejoin the end of the world – where the god of doom was.


The pupil reflected the appearance of the god.


This was the end of the game.


The game officially seemed to leave a cliffhanger, only releasing the mini-game about the Butcher later.


It seemed to prove that the Butcher, who was lured out of the city, never died and kept on hacking and slashing his way through, repeating his destiny.


And there had been speculation among gamers that Doom may not have eventually returned to normal.


Because from the final image of the game, the pupil reflected large areas of twisted flesh and blo*od, and the sound of thin murmuring echoed in the ears.


Especially since the Butcher wasn’t dead either, their mission may not be considered complete.


Of course, there were conspiracy theorists who believed that everything was a plot by the Doom god.


There was no way they could cure the Doom god, and He who was already insane probably didn’t want to become normal, He was just using the players to help Him remove what He didn’t want.


For example, the Butcher.
But no one knew why the doom god harbored malice towards the Butcher, just like they didn’t know why the Butcher was the only one of the monsters in this game that couldn’t be k*illed.


They were just skeptical of Doomsday itself.


It even felt like it was brought about by the doom god.


After all, He was described in the original as looking like a large piece of twisted flesh and bl*ood.


In the game it was also possible for him to resurrect flesh and bl*ood monsters at will, and even place the players in a flesh and blo*od metropolis condensed with all the monsters from the original.


To say that it had nothing to do with all the flesh and bl*ood spread all over the world, the players wouldn’t believe it.


Jiu Shu actually felt the same way.


Doomsday certainly had a lot to do with Doom.


It also had nothing to do with the Butcher Lu Yuan.


After all, he was a spirit at that point.
There was even a high possibility that their mental states were interconnected, which was why they fell into complete madness at the same time.


The Butcher committed sui-cide after going mad, while the doom god turned the entire world into a world of flesh and bl*ood after going mad.


Although it wasn’t known exactly who was influencing who between them, what was certain was that the two of them could never fall into madness at the same time.


Inside the bathroom, Jiu Shu, who was washing up, collected the thoughts and spat out the mouthwash in his mouth.
Raising his eyes, he looked in the mirror at the object of discipline that had come in with him, and although his face was covered in bandages, he could tell that the aura of his body had become much lighter, as if a heavy burden had been lifted.


If he could always maintain such a state of mind, then the arrival of the end would probably be delayed.


Or even change the ending of the doom god’s madness.


“Let’s go out for a stroll in a while!” Jiu Shu suggested.


It was time to visit the Church of the god of doom in particular.


The tall man covered in bandages looked down at the young boss at his side and nodded.


He would agree to whatever his boss wanted.


Even if he didn’t like going out.


But as long as he could see his boss’s happy face, he would be satisfied.


It wasn’t love, it was merely respect for the boss and the duty of being an employee.


Looking at the young boss lifting up his face to look at his appearance, Lu Yuan thought so, and didn’t move his eyes away for a while.


Due to his huge size which was taller than normal people, the young boss could only raise his face to look at himself every time, and Lu Yuan thought that he had already gotten used to it.


But this time, the boss’s lips seemed to become extra red and glossy.


It was as if they were pleading for a kiss.

This should and did happen, after all, he had only just been taken by his boss, and it was only natural for the boss to want to get a kiss.

And as an employee, he should fulfill whatever the boss wanted.

Thinking of this, Lu Yuan paused, lowered his head, and kissed his boss as he wanted.

The kissing technique that was still rusty before had now become much more skillful, and he didn’t stop moving until the young boss was panting.

He looked at his boss, waiting for a compliment.

But this time the young boss seemed stunned for a moment this time, only to smile softly and touch his cheek a moment later, his voice gentle, “Well, very good.”


Though it wasn’t that he wanted a kiss just now, he just wanted to get a clearer opinion from Lu Yuan to see where he wanted to go.

H city.

In a mental hospital in the outskirts of the city.

Numerous security personnel were patrolling the grounds, searching over and over again for Li Sheng, the patient who escaped last night, but they didn’t find any clues.

In the end, they had to admit that the mental patient had really escaped the layers of protection and escaped from the mental hospital.


They could only inform the outside world that a patient had escaped, and strengthen the guards of the mental hospital to ensure that no more patients escaped.


And at that moment, right in one of the narrow rooms of the mental hospital, a long-haired girl trapped on a bed by a restraint belt seemed to have just woken up from a nightmare.

She opened her eyes, a look of horror and sadness on her sweaty face.


What to do! What to do!

This world was already destined to become doomed!

Thinking of the images she had seen, her expression was sad and at the same time, she had a fear that she couldn’t hide.

She never wanted to return to that horrible apocalyptic world.

There wasn’t a single sane person, all of them were crazy and monsters, and even the boyfriend in her memories had died while searching for a way to save the doom god.


She was the only sane person left in the whole world, and that was a horrible feeling!

Li Qi was terrified of that feeling.


Yet she couldn’t help but recall those images in her memory over and over again, which made her mental state more unstable.

Until a few moments later, she suddenly saw an additional person in front of her.

The godly man stood right in front of her, slowly stepping out of the darkness.

It was none other than her remembered boyfriend, Li Sheng.

“Shhh, I know you must have recovered your memories, I’m here to let you know that it was all a gift from the god of doom, He allowed us to gain the memories of our past lives, and now we can save the god of doom and save this world before the end comes!”

“There’s no way to let you out for now, it’s too heavily guarded here, I’ll let you out after a while, for now I’ll go find the Butcher and then try to finish him off first.”


“If we can just k*ill the Butcher, and the humans around him, the end will not come, and we will be saved!”

Li Sheng nervously finished a long string of words, then without waiting for Li Qi to reply he carefully looked at the police officers outside the door and sneaked away.

Leaving behind only a speechless Li Qi with her eyes wide open, her mouth was previously covered with a cloth by the doctor to prevent su-icide, and now she couldn’t even make a sound.

Wait! Don’t go! Don’t ki*ll the butcher!

Li Qi couldn’t speak, she could only struggle like a madwoman, but couldn’t escape.

All she could do was watch as her remembered boyfriend slipped out of the mental hospital, claiming he was going to k*ill the butcher.

She knew it was because her boyfriend hadn’t gotten all the memories, hadn’t gotten the final truth.

In her previous life, her boyfriend died while looking for a way to save the god before she found out the truth, and she was the only one who found out the truth about everything.

The whole world fell into doom because of the doom god.

Because He was insane and filled with hatred for everything in the world, including His devout followers.


He wanted to exterminate all human beings, all creatures on the planet.


The god of doom was the biggest madman in the world.

Perhaps that was also why they, the lunatics, could be the survivors in that apocalyptic world.

Because they were all madmen.

Thinking of the despair and collapse of her piety-filled self in her memories when she found out the truth, Li Qi still empathized now.


A few lines of tears even poured down her face as she sobbed.

Although she had once believed in the god of doom with unparalleled devotion, His madness still gave her chills.

She originally regarded it as the supreme deity, her father in heaven, but later realized that that lofty god was just a large piece of twisted flesh and blo*od and chaotic ravings.

It was just a horrible existence that was insane to the extreme.

This completely subverted her beliefs.

Especially after descending into madness He had told her and her boyfriend the way to save Him, and they had gone in hopeful.


Putting in all the effort to get to the end only to find out that it was all a trick, all a trick by the god of doom.

In fact, He had gotten used to the madness and didn’t want to go back to normal.

In His view, His current self was very normal, He even rejected the normal.

In His view, only madness was normal.

He wanted everything to become crazy, so flesh and blo*od spread all over the world, and only the insane were left behind.

All their efforts were but in vain.

The Doom god was just there to drive the butcher out of the city and out of His spiritual perception.

Though she didn’t know why, Li Qi could vaguely guess that the Butcher must have some kind of connection with the Doom god.

And the god of Doom abhorred its existence and wanted to erase it completely.

So at the end of her memories, full of expectations, she only saw an even more insane Doom god, so insane that it would make anyone faint just by looking at it.

The world was also completely devoid of hope.

Because the Doom god had accomplished His purpose, she, a human, had no more use, and was thrown back into that horrible world of flesh and blo*od.

In memory, at that time, the mad god let out increasingly ghastly ravings that overlapped with the cascading human laughter, as if celebrating His success.

And before Him was the world that had become even more scarlet.

“It’s horrible… it’s horrible…”
Inside the room, Li Qi muttered in a voice that was muffled by the cloth that covered it.


They couldn’t k*ill the Butcher, they couldn’t follow any orders from the Doom god.

Because He had long since gone mad, He only wanted to become even madder and more terrifying.

Even if He was already terrifying to the extreme.

Recalling those terrifying images in her memories, and that horrible god who was mad to the extreme.

Her face grew more and more pale.

Her mind returned to the mentally unbalanced state of the past, even worsening from the past.

Apparently, just like her boyfriend Li Sheng who had become somewhat psychotic, Li Qi had similarly inherited that same madness that had been accumulating and increasing in the doomsday after acquiring the memories of her previous life.


Exacerbating her mental burden.

Now she was filled with nothing but endless fear for the god.

And all of this, Li Sheng, who had successfully escaped from the mental hospital once again, knew nothing about.

He was just holding the idol that he had retrieved from his room after purposely returning to the mental hospital, praying with a fervent expression.

He was praying to the deity for guidance so that he could find the butcher.

He had only heard from the god before that the Butcher had come to the city, but he didn’t know exactly where the Butcher was, and this idol should be able to give him some guidance.


A cacophony of indistinct sounds came to his ears, and Li Sheng respectfully memorized every word.

Since it was only a small idol, there wasn’t much of god’s power attached to it.

It wasn’t that the god was actually speaking in his ear, it was just a function similar to pointing out the way.

But it was enough for him.

Soon, under the guidance of the idol, he headed towards the busiest area in the center of the city.

He was going to ki*ll the Butcher and the humans around him.

Although he didn’t know how there were other people around the butcher, but perhaps they were humans who happened to pass by and stood beside the butcher, so he would just k*ill them all when the time came.

Thinking like this, Li Sheng walked faster and faster.

He accelerated his pace and soon arrived at the busy area of the city, and was standing at the corner observing the people coming and going, trying to find the Butcher that the idol had guided him to.

He had never seen the Butcher in life, but the Butcher’s tall and ghastly appearance was obvious.

If he appeared nearby, he would surely be able to be seen at a glance.

What was more, that family of ogres had once told him that the Butcher’s face had been bandaged during his lifetime as well, and no one had ever seen him underneath the bandages.


Being tall and bandaged, these features were incomparably conspicuous.

Sure enough, Li Sheng quickly found the butcher’s trail in front of a store on the street.


The tall figure of the Butcher was almost as tall as Post-Doomsday, almost two meters, and he was extremely conspicuous in the crowd.

His body was also still huge and robust, as if it was carved out of marble, filled with a cold and hard aura.

The face covered with bandages instantly reminded people of the eerie and terrifying butcher after the end of the world.

Li Sheng looked at the butcher not far away and gulped down his saliva as he tightened his grip on the g*un in his pocket.


Facing this butcher who was still human, he didn’t know if it was right for him to do so.

But this was ultimately the will of the god and had to be done.

Li Sheng pulled out his g*un and was just about to aim it at the butcher when the next moment he realized that there was another person beside the butcher.

Not a stranger passing by the butcher’s side, but a tall youth holding hands with the butcher.


Li Sheng couldn’t believe his eyes.

He was aware of how terrifying the Butcher was.

In his memory, every encounter with the Butcher was filled with the smell of bl*ood.

He obviously had a body similar to that of a human, but the Butcher almost never spoke, and the moment they met, he would just raise his knife and slash people.


The bl*ood seeping eyes wrapped in bandages would only held couldness.

It was as if he was looking at a piece of dead meat without any life.

Li Sheng had never imagined that the Butcher before the end of time would have such an intimate lover.

Yes, a lover.

Li Sheng could only think of such words when he looked at them.
On the side of the street, the tall Butcher looked down at the black-haired, black-eyed youth at his side.

Although he couldn’t see his expression, he could inexplicably make people feel the pleasant aura revealed by his body.

He was a different person from the one whose aura was cold and terrifying in the doomsday.

In the memories that Li Sheng had acquired, the Butcher didn’t look like a person who would fall in love with ordinary people in any way.


He looked like he would k*ill his partner at any time and then cook and eat them, a typical cold-blooded mur*derer.


And the lover beside him was a bit far away, he couldn’t see his appearance.

He could also vaguely tell that he was a beautiful looking person, and was extremely mismatched with the butcher.

Thinking in this way, Li Sheng suddenly saw that the lover beside the butcher stretched out his hand towards the butcher coquettishly, and the butcher even lowered his head obediently and accepted the lover’s touch.


He seemed like a big dog that was raised by his lover and was incredibly loyal.

Li Sheng was so shocked that he could barely speak.

He didn’t know if he had found the wrong person, how could the butcher have such a docile day?

He was completely different from the cold-blooded butcher in his memories.




[K*ill everyone.]


It wasn’t until the idol in his hand started its insane ravings that Li Sheng hastened to pull himself together.

Far away in the church, the god of Doom seemed to be unable to wait any longer.

And just as Li Sheng aimed his g*un at them, he realized that the two had already gotten into a cab and headed to the outer areas of the city center.

Li Sheng hated his own hesitation and could only call a taxi to follow behind as well.

But the scenery outside the car was becoming more and more familiar, and it was only then that he realized it was the road leading to the Church of the god of doom.


The Butcher and his lover were actually going to the Church of the god of doom!

They were simply looking for death!

Li Sheng watched in shock as the car stopped in front of the church door.

The vibration of the idol in his hand had also grown bigger, clearly god had sensed the arrival of the butcher.

[All – Ki*ll – Ki*ll -]

In Li Sheng’s ears, the god of doom spoke more and more upside down.

His descent into madness had already prevented Him from organizing complete sentences, yet He could still reveal the ferocious kil*ling intent implied in them.

He wanted to ki*ll everything that affected Him.

All living things, all believers, all humans!

First and foremost was to ki*ll that other self who had recently been filled with happy emotions.


Those filthy, dirty, filthy to the core emotions were so sweet and greasy that He wanted to vomit!

[Happiness – Ki*ll]


The Doom god kept raving.

The main body far outside the world was even expanding and crashing into the world barriers like an angry maniac, as if it wanted to directly break into this world and ki*ll everything it wanted to ki*ll.

He didn’t need filthy feelings, He just wanted to stay mad.

So He wanted to resolve all the factors that would affect His continued madness!

He could sense that His other self was having happy emotions because of a human.

To Him, the very fact that He would feel happy because of a human was an incomparably humiliating and disgusting thing.


It was difficult for Him to endure such humiliation.

He was the supreme god!

A god who detested all dirty emotions and rejected filth, how could He generate those warm and mushy emotions? how could He be so intimate with a human?

It really made Him sick!

Both the other self and that human had to die! Only if they died could He gain a moment of peace!

The god of doom thought so insanely.

At the same time, more bl*ood seeped out from the statue of the god inside the church, almost coloring the entire pure white statue scarlet.


As the bl*ood on the statue dripped onto the ground, the entire interior of the church resounded with a rustling sound that couldn’t be heard by humans, and it also became more and more eerie.
He seems to have decided to take care of the butcher himself.

As soon as someone stood there, the chandelier would immediately smash down.

At the same time, the holy water inside the church gurgled out, slowly soaking the ground, paying no attention to the faithful who were still praying inside the church.

Zi zi zi…

The old electrical wires inside the church completely aged and snapped at this moment, swaying not far from the ground, seemingly ready to dip into the puddles on the ground at any moment.



Even the wire next to the church’s piano, which hadn’t yet been replaced, was blown by a gust of wind and hung just a short distance in front of the door.

Hooked together with the decorative ribbons on the walls, it spanned the air, almost invisible in the sunlight, but with a sharp and unmistakable cold light.

It seemed that if anyone walked fast enough, their head would be ripped off by this silk thread.

Outside the church, Li Sheng gulped, and although he vaguely realized that god wanted to take care of the Butcher Himself, he gripped the gu*n in his hand tightly and decided to follow them in.

Regardless of whether he could k*ill the butcher or not, he had to at least reflect his value in front of god, that way he would live up to god’s intention of giving him memories of his past life.

“This is the church, it’s said to be the oldest Church of the god of Doom.”

Getting out of the car, the young boss stood outside the church and looked around, introducing it for Lu Yuan.

After saying that, he looked at the blinding sunlight above his head and realized that it was already noon, so he decided to go to lunch together after strolling through the church in a while.


“What would you like to eat later?”

Jiu Shu asked thoughtfully as he held Lu Yuan’s palm.

And Lu Yuan just lowered his head; he looked at his hand clasped with the boss’s, quietly tightened his fingers, and responded, “Anything.”

But the young boss seemed to be dissatisfied with this answer, feeling it was like a perfunctory answer, and continued to pursue the question.


The words were as intimate as a normal couple, not a pair of unseen subterfuge lovers.

Lu Yuan felt the warm feeling coming from his heart, and was about to answer, when he suddenly sensed something and raised his head, right into the tall statue of the god in the middle of the church.


The god bound to the stone pillar originally had compassionate brows, but at this moment, it was stained with the color of bl*ood.

A group of clergymen surrounded the idol in fear not knowing what exactly had happened.

And just at the moment he walked into the church, the half-narrowed eyes of the idol carved out of white marble seemed to suddenly open, and the pitch-black pupils were extremely creepy.

It seemed to want to watch the existence that he loathed die in front of him with his own eyes.

In this way, it relieved itself of the feeling of being disgusted during this period of time.

Zi zi zi…


The sound of electricity was intensifying.

The chandelier overhead was also about to fall.

“What’s wrong?”

Behind Lu Yuan, the young boss looked at the object of discipline who suddenly stopped in his tracks and softly inquired.

Saying that, he raised his head and looked inside the church.

Just in time, he met sight with those half-narrowed eyes.


The inside of the church seemed to become quiet in an instant.

Zi zi zi…

The wires that were about to fall into the puddle of water spreading throughout the church suddenly stopped swaying and returned to their positions.


The screws of the chandelier also stubbornly held on to the weight of the chandelier.


Only the piano wire remained to be released.


“Die Butcher!”

In a flash of light, Li Sheng quickly rushed into the church and raised his g*un to shoot the butcher, but he was easily tripped by the soft and beautiful lover beside the butcher and fell to the ground.


“!” Li Sheng’s face was bewildered as his body fell heavily to the ground.

As the church was filled with standing water at this moment, the splash was more than half a meter high.

Jiu Shu frowned slightly and avoided the splash.
But perhaps it all happened too fast, for just a second or two, he failed to notice the slippery carpet underneath his feet and nearly slipped in the standing water.

When he stabilized his body, he felt a stinging sensation coming from his cheek.


Jiu Shu looked up to see a piano wire next to his cheek that was about to fall.


It was originally hanging at a height where it could never touch him, but in the moment it was falling, it cut his cheek.


“…… “Jiu Shu thoughtfully picked up the slender, pliable string.

Then touching his cheek, a bright red color seeped out and stained his fingertips.



In an instant, the church became extremely dead silent within.




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