Chapter 61 – Pathological Secret Admirer

As soon as the voice from the monitor fell, the air conditioners around the room began to automatically adjust the temperature, and warm heat quickly surged up in the room.

Chu Chen’an’s footsteps paused for a moment.

That person’s cold and serious voice echoed in his ears, making him even more scared.

He hesitated for a long time, but still trotted out of the dark hallway with trembling shoulders.

I don’t care!

Run out first.

It was terribly quiet all around this single house, and from time to time, a chilly wind blew by.

He stepped down the steps quickly, holding the handrail, and the furnishings were still the same as before; even the yellow umbrella stand at the entrance hadn’t changed.

He came to the front door of the villa and put his index finger on the unlocking area.

The intelligent unlocking area made a “ding” sound.

Immediately afterward, the mechanical voice of the door lock robot sounded, “It’s been five years since you last unlocked the door; welcome home.”

Chu Chen’an’s eyes were stunned; four years had passed, yet this copy’s per-vert still retained his fingerprints.

The time point of his resurrection was decided by the system according to the last historical plot analysis.

It could be three months, two years, or even four years…

There was no temporal pattern.

The timing of his resurrection in the game copies was randomly determined by the system, and the timing between dungeons was no longer related.

That was to say.

He was resurrected after four years in this copy, then he might be resurrected after three days in the next copy, or he might be resurrected after seven or eight years. The time point of the resurrection was decided by the system, and everything became unknown.

He rummaged through a random pair of shoes in the entrance cabinet at the door and put them on.

Just as he opened the door, a chilly wind greeted him.

Chu Chen’an froze and retreated indoors; his teeth chattered, but with a glance, he caught a glimpse of the black coat hanging on the wooden rack by the door.

It was the trench coat of Per-vert Three.

The exterior was smooth and well-made, and the black sleeve edges were meticulously cut, just like its owner, cool and noble.

It looked warm.

He hesitated for a few seconds, but reached out and took it off, quickly pulling it over himself.

The coat had a unique and abnormal odor, which Chu Chen’an had smelled many times before on his pillow.
Abstinence mixed with strong hormones.

He had been deceived by this person’s ascetic face before.

Chu Chen’an felt his legs go weak whenever he recalled those nights when he was pressed against him in a frenzy of solicitude.

It was as if he were a child, stealing adults’s clothes and sneaking out of the gate of the rich villa area without the consent of the guardian of the house.

The guard at the entrance of the villa area found him running and stood up to call out to him, “Eh, young man, are you going out at this late hour? There are no cars on the small path outside now, you…”

Before the doorman could finish, Chu Chen’an ran out of sight.

The security guard saw that he looked like a high school student from behind, so he thought that there should be no need to worry about his safety.

But now that it was two or three o’clock in the middle of the night, why was he still running outside?

The gatekeeper was under forty years old and had undergone a lot of training to be a gatekeeper in a wealthy villa area. He was able to handle everything with precision and caution.

The price of land in this rich area was several times that of a boutique house in the city center, and there were only two real homeowners here.

He would be held responsible if anything happened.

He was stunned for two seconds before quickly calling the home owner, “Hello, your child just ran out of Nanyuan Alley. Did he have a conflict with your family? Oh, I didn’t mean anything else; it’s just so late now, and there aren’t many people on that path at night, so it’s quite dangerous. I just wanted to ask.”

“Yes, please send someone to follow him now.” The person on the phone interrupted the guard’s words; his tone was cold and urgent. “He’s just come home and is a bit scared of life; just follow him from afar; don’t scare him; I’ll be right back.”

“Oh, oh, okay.” The guard quickly gave a wink to the person beside him; he covered his cell phone and whispered, “Xiao Wang, quick, follow him.”

Xiao Wang nodded and quickly ran towards the intersection of Nanyuan Road.

Chu Chen’an arrived at the path of Nanyuan Road.

This path was used for walking, and there was rarely any traffic.

Now that it was even more cold and creepy, he borrowed the dim light from the street lamps along the road and gritted his teeth as he walked quickly.

Before he ran out, he took five or six bills from the coffee table cabinet on the first floor and now tucked them into the left pocket of his trench coat, squeezing them tightly.

After Chu Chen’an had walked for a while, his footsteps paused.

He vaguely realized that there were faint footsteps behind him.

His hearing was good; that person should be a hundred meters away and far behind him.

Chu Chen’an tried to speed up his steps, and the footsteps behind him followed suit.

As soon as he slowed down, the footsteps behind him followed suit.

He clenched his palms, and cold sweat broke out on his back.

They should be following him.

He looked at the fork in the intersection ahead, out of the trail and into the highway.

There should be someone there.

He gritted his teeth and took a deep breath before running.

The guard, Xiao Wang, who was following him behind him, froze and also ran after him.

Xiao Wang just ran to the fork in the road, and in the blink of an eye, the high school student leapt into the traffic filled road and disappeared.

Xiao Wang was tired and panting. He touched the sweat on his forehead, so tired that he could no longer straighten his back.

This kid looked skinny and weak; how could he run so well?

Xiao Wang took out his cell phone and dialed the number, “Sorry, I lost him.”


Chu Chen’an hid in the inner side of a van. He waited for a few minutes until he confirmed that the person following him behind him had left, then dared to slowly stand out.

The cold wind of the night froze him slightly. He wrapped his arms tightly around the coat he was wearing, the tip of his nose was red from the cold, and his pink lips were slightly open, exhaling a dense mist.

He turned to face the windowpane behind him, his face reflected in the black window.

He was still in a bit of a trance, and he raised his hand to touch the side of his face.

This was Chen An’s face…

He froze as he looked at his strange yet familiar face.

It seemed like a long time since he had used this body that the system had fabricated for him.


Per-vert Three’s controlling possessiveness was particularly strong.

He had just opened his eyes, and the per-vert had immediately found him and was probably on his way to find him now.

He had to get out of this area in a hurry.


There were many vehicles on the road, so he quickly stopped a cab.

After getting into the car, Chu Chen’an was confused for a few seconds.

Where should he go?

He pinched the bills in his pocket and timidly said, “Sir, could you please drive towards Beiyuan Road? I’m a bit anxious; could you please drive faster?”

“Okay.” The cab driver immediately started the engine.

The driver was also a warm-hearted uncle. He glanced at the rearview mirror, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Young man, you quarreled with your family, right? Sigh, what can’t be talked about? Your family cares about you. They may be very worried that you ran out at two or three in the middle of the night.”

Chu Chen’an waved his hands and said, “No.”

He looked at the fence outside the highway and slowly let out a sigh of relief.

“You still say no; children in your age group are all stubborn. My son was like this last year; when he was angry, he always ran outside,” the driver accelerated as he warmly persuaded, “but now he understands a lot more; puberty, we as parents can also understand.”

“Child, you came out of the Wangfu Villa in Nanyuan, right?” The driver still felt uneasy. “Otherwise, Uncle can turn around at the intersection and send you back without taking your money. What do you think?”

Chu Chen’an shook his head and hurriedly explained, “No, uncle, it’s not a quarrel with my family; I have something to do on Beiyuan Road.”

He was afraid that the driver wouldn’t send him back.

“Oh, it’s like that. Sorry, ah.” The driver’s uncle smiled sheepishly and scratched his head. “The main thing is that recently there have been too many students in accidents; we have to take precautionary measures, don’t we? By the way, I see that you’re wearing the uniform of the Beiyuan Boys’ High School; you’re also a student there.”

“Uh, yes.” Chu Chen’an nodded his head and looked down at his school uniform.

It was his clothing from five years ago.

“My son also studies there!” The driver smiled and said cheerfully, “What a coincidence! My son’s grades are good; he just texted me yesterday that he took the first grade in the senior division. The school is good, but it’s just too strict. I haven’t seen my son for half a year.”

Chu Chen’an pursed his lips slightly, listening to the driver talk about his son; his thoughts had long been traveling in the clouds.

This Beiyuan High School was managed in a fully enclosed manner, with many students having died. However, there were still hundreds, or even thousands, of parents who were trying to send their sons in.

They didn’t know the deep filth and ugliness hidden in the school.

It was a horrible hell.


He listened to the driver talk about his son, and when he got off the car, the driver didn’t forget to tell him, “Son, hurry home when you’re done. There are especially many students in accidents during this time, so be careful out there by yourself.”

“Okay, thank you, uncle.” Chu Chen’an nodded, and after thanking him, he turned around and walked into a cheap hotel.

This was the only hotel where he didn’t need an ID card to stay.

He walked towards the fourth floor and used his room key to open the room he was staying in.

The environment of the room here wasn’t good; the wires were exposed outside the walls; the bedboard was very hard; and the quilt had a damp smell.

This hotel was located near Beiyuan High School, and the side entrance of Beiyuan Boys High School could be seen diagonally across the street.

Chu Chen’an stood at the window and stood still, looking at the three-meter-high iron fence of the high school, and squeezed his palms.

To complete the mainline quest that was still unfinished, he had to find a way to get in.

But he was now Chen An, a student who had been missing for five years.

How was he supposed to get in again?

[Ding ~ Congratulations, you have activated the subsidiary copy of [Traveling Hotel Day Trip]].

Chu Chen’an was shaken by the mechanical tone that suddenly rang out.


Was there a subsidiary copy?

He couldn’t even finish his main quest, and now there was a subsidiary copy!

[Don’t worry~]

[There’s only one mission for this subsidiary copy, and that’s to stay in the hotel for 24 hours.]

[During this time, you need to survive and ensure that you are not blocked by uncontrollable factors in order to successfully complete the mission.]

Chu Chen’an’s eyelids jumped.

The “uncontrollable factor” for him was the per-vert.

He had to stay here for 24 hours at the risk of being caught by the per-vert.

It was harder than ever for him.

How could he possibly do that?

He sighed, put his black coat on the bed, and turned to walk into the bathroom to shower.

He looked down and sniffed the collar of his school uniform, which still smelled like vanilla laundry.

The per-vert had a serious cleanliness fetish; his body must have been washed every day.

After a casual shower, he shivered, put on his robe, and laid on his back on the plank bed.

It had been a night of tossing and turning.

He was so tired that he could barely keep his eyes open.

He lifted the covers and wrapped himself up tightly, his eyelashes closing with a slight flutter, and he rolled over and fell asleep.

He had a dream where there was always a phone ringing that disturbed him and made him unable to sleep well.

He frowned and squinted his eyes open as if he were greatly aggrieved.

The indoor phone rang continuously.

Chu Chen’an pulled down the covers and glanced at the wall clock.

It was four in the morning.

He had only slept for less than an hour, and he was really tired.

Chu Chen’an exhaled in annoyance as he squinted, his eyes glistening with pitiful tears, his consciousness foggy.

He moved slowly and picked up the annoying landline phone at the foot of his bed.

“Hello, who is it?” Chu Chen’an’s voice mingled with a confused nasal tone.

“I’m your husband.” The person on the other end of the phone said, “Pei Yan.”

Chu Chen’an’s eyes snapped open in shock, and he panicked as he sat up.

How could…

He found him so quickly!

“Baby, did you sleep well?” The roar of a helicopter came faintly from the other end of the phone. Pei Yan’s voice was clear and cold, with an eerie warmth. “The hotel is so cold; baby must not be accustomed to sleeping there, right?”

Chu Chen’an’s hand holding the phone was trembling.



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