C68 — [3.7 – Judgement Day]

Loosening his grip, Lu Yuan put down the meat animal he held up.

But he hesitated as he turned his head to look at Jiu Shu, and his pale arms trembled slightly, as if suppressing some kind of mental tension.

After being released, the Sheep Man collapsed to the ground, and his face, which had turned red, finally improved.

But when he lifted his head and his gaze met the bandaged face of Lu Yuan, especially those eyes with dilated pupils, his face turned pale again.

His body trembled as if he would collapse at any moment.

He was too scary and was definitely a murd*erer, otherwise how could he have such terrible eyes!

He, who had already been scared out of courage, dared not speak up and could only see a tall figure looming behind the bandaged man.

It seemed to be the gold backer from before.

Then, a very nice male voice rang out, and as this voice rang out, the bandaged man’s mood visibly changed.

“What happened?”

Although the sheep man felt that it was his own illusion, he actually had the feeling that the bandage man was getting nervous.

In the sheep man’s terrified gaze, the tall bandaged man slowly turned around, his bandaged face hid his expression, only revealing dark pupils.


He hesitated for a moment, as if trying to word his next statement in a way that would make it seem smoother and more reasonable.

“He was verbally abusive, and I fought back.”

The explanation that came out after a long pause was simple and concise.

And the sheep man didn’t dare to refute. He only saw the bandaged man’s palm slowly tightening behind his back, but he wasn’t sure if he was nervous or threatening him.

In short, it was scary.

Sheep man wiped the tears on his face, only wishing to end this horrible thing quickly, so he acquiesced to the bandage man’s statement.

“Now, it’s okay.”

“Let’s, let’s go.”

Saying that, Lu Yuan’s fingers tensed up even more, as if he was afraid of Jiu Shu’s further questioning.

The sheep man who felt Lu Yuan’s tense emotions was also frightened.

He was afraid that the bandaged man wouldn’t be able to control his emotions and would ki*ll someone on the spot.

He hadn’t lived long enough!

Fortunately, the gold backer in front of the bandaged man believed his words.

The pure and gentle voice revealed a strong trust and concern for the man, “That’s good.”

The bandaged man relaxed at the sound of his voice, and his muscles weren’t as tense.

And after repeatedly confirming to the bandaged man that the matter had been resolved and that he didn’t need to go and call the hotel management to intervene in the matter, the backer was ready to leave the place.

Things were about to come to an end.

Seeing this, the sheep man finally went completely limp.

Then, looking at the backs of the two leaving together, he sighed in relief.

There was a kind of celebration of escaping from a tiger’s mouth.

Being able to escape from the hands of a serial k*iller was really too difficult, he thought that he’d be k*illed just now!

Thinking like this, the man looked at the backer on the side of the bandaged man.

He didn’t know what kind of backer would dare to harbor a mur*derer like him.

Especially from the sound of his voice just now, he was probably just a young man with a mild personality.

He didn’t know how he had the courage to go near this horrible bandaged man.

Even after hearing those “unloving” words, he didn’t turn his back on the man.

It was really strange.

The Sheep Man was puzzled and only saw the back of the young man with black hair.

Standing on the side of the bandaged man, who was considered tall, he looked a bit petite.

But one could see his long and proportional body, and just by looking at his back, it was obvious that he was a handsome young man with a good face value.

In stark contrast to the tall, terrifying, and gloomy and unpleasant bandaged man, it seemed that two characters should never appear in the same scene at all.

And just as the sheep man was so out of his mind with his thoughts, the backer on the side of the bandaged man seemed to turn his head to look at him with a calm gaze.

It was as if he had already seen through everything.

The sheep man froze and looked at the backer’s young and beautiful face, and for a moment he was a bit dumbfounded.

When he came back to his senses, the two figures had already disappeared in the elevator.

Leaving him sitting paralyzed in place with frustration.

He didn’t understand. How did the bandaged man catch such a high quality backer?

Obviously, even he could only catch a middle-aged old man.

The more the sheep man thought about it, the more he felt stifled.

However, he quickly realized that the two of them wouldn’t last long.

He had never seen any rich man actually fall in love with his kept lover.

Not to mention a guy like the Bandaged Man who was obviously disfigured and only had a more capable body.

It was probably just a better effort in bed, so he would soon be discarded.

Even though that rich man was young and beautiful, and seemed to have a gentle personality, the nature of the rich were all the same.

Just from the attitude of the man who didn’t even react much after hearing that the bandaged guy didn’t love him, the sheep man didn’t think that the bandage guy would be that exception.

The backer didn’t love the bandaged men, so he was indifferent to those words, after all, it was just an exchange.

It probably wouldn’t be long before the Bandaged Man would be dumped by the backer.

Judging from the irritable personality of the bandaged man, it was highly likely that he would become angry and k*ill the backer.

The Sheep Man thought so and sighed a little.

If he wasn’t so afraid of the bandaged man, he would have rushed over and persuaded the gold backer to run away.

It was best not to provoke the bandaged man, otherwise he’d probably be k*illed.

That gold backer was still too young, in the pursuit of excitement, he had never thought about whether he could send him away, he’d most likely be trapped by him.

But his gentle nature was more suitable to be a lover ah.

If it was him, he would be satisfied to be with that gold backer for a period of time.

Thinking of his extremely beautiful face, the sheep man fell into a fantasy, even forgetting about the alarm he had originally thought of.

At this moment, Jiu Shu and Lu Yuan were waiting in the elevator to arrive at the floor where the room was located.

Lu Yuan looked at the young boss at his side who looked as usual, his heart was still a little uneasy.

He didn’t know how much Jiu Shu actually heard, whether he heard the “gold backer” and other dirty words.

Or, whether he heard the words “don’t love”.

Judging from the calm expression on his face, he probably didn’t hear it.

He probably just heard a few words that he couldn’t put together into a sentence.

Thinking like this, he withdrew his gaze, his dark pupils devoid of any emotion.

He seemed to be celebrating, but also seemed to be losing something.

Even he himself couldn’t tell the thoughts that were jumbled up in his mind.

He could only stand quietly at the side of Jiu Shu, without uttering a word.

Perhaps after a good night’s sleep, everything tonight would be over.

No one would care, and he didn’t need to care either.

Lu Yuan could only comfort himself with this, not daring to think about another possibility.

A possibility that the boss had heard everything and didn’t care.

His fingers, which rested at his side, curled up, and for some reason, he exerted himself until his fingers were white.

“Speaking of which – to an outsider, don’t I look a lot like your backer?”

Suddenly, the quiet elevator resounded with the voice of the young boss with a smirk, as if he was joking about something.

Lu Yuan raised his eyes sharply, his pupils trembling a little.

He didn’t know the meaning of Jiu Shu’s words, nor did he know how to respond.

All he knew was that it had all been heard.

That “don’t love” was also heard.

It was the second possibility.

Opening his mouth, Lu Yuan seemed to want to argue for something, but in the end, he remained speechless, unable to make a sound.

He didn’t know how to explain the dirty love that wasn’t allowed by god.

Perhaps there was no need to explain.

That “don’t love” was the best way to end it.

After all, the meat animal was right, there was no such filthy love entanglement between them.

In the boss’s view, he was just an ordinary subordinate, so those dirty thoughts shouldn’t have been there.

Although he was thinking this way, Lu Yuan’s fingers were trembling unknowingly, sinking into his palm.

Crimson bl*ood flowed out along the cracks of his fist.

Amidst the extremely loud ringing in his ears, the world in front of him twisted and distorted, scarlet flesh and blo*od spreading.

It seemed that each time it was becoming more scarlet than before.

It was becoming more real.

Symbolizing his precarious mental state.

Perhaps the next time, these flesh and blo*od would never subside, and only these things would remain in his world.

It was meant to be his destiny, his punishment for defying god’s injunctions.

Lu Yuan’s expression under the bandages grew numb.

And just as he let the bl*ood and flesh spread in front of him, the young boss at his side suddenly approached him.

In the scarlet elevator, only the boss was clean.

The flesh and bl*ood hadn’t had time to wrap around him.

Lu Yuan saw the long plush ears that were permeated with black hair move and raise slightly, becoming more and more endearing.

Even the pure white wings that were originally gathered gently unfolded, closing in on his body.

Bringing an unbearable tickle of feathers sweeping across them.

His young and beautiful boss spoke softly right beside him, and there seemed to be some kind of suggestive meaning in his tone, “Do you think it looks like it?”

Warm, soft fingertips traced over Lu Yuan’s pale, firm arm.

Compared to the previous light touch in the car that time, this time seemed more ambiguous and lasted longer.

Following the direction of the smooth muscle lines, the fingertips gently rubbed his arm all the way to his wrist.

A standard, suggestive gesture of office subterfuge.

Even if Jiu Shu had a beautiful face, this behavior could almost be called se*xual harassment.

But from an outsider’s point of view, compared to Lu Yuan, Jiu Shu might be the one who was at a greater disadvantage.


In an instant, Lu Yuan’s body stiffened as if it were stone.

Every muscle in his entire body tensed up, and even the flesh and bl*ood in front of him froze.

It also seemed to have stopped spreading due to excessive shock.


The elevator door opened, and Jiu Shu withdrew his hand, looking normal.

It was as if the person who made that ambiguous move just now wasn’t him.

He acted like a boss who cared about his employee, those beautiful eyes bending as he smiled.

To the object of discipline whose mental state was finally out of danger, he said, “We’re here, let’s go.”

Lu Yuan stared blankly at the boss in front of him who smiled with rabbit ears slightly trembling, and the wings behind him also re-folded as if they were normal, with no particular display of emotion at all.

It was as if everything just now was a misunderstanding on his part.

But just as Lu Yuan began to doubt himself, Jiu Shu’s tone became a bit more intriguing.

“Are you going to your room?”

Like some sort of veiled invitation.


Lu Yuan didn’t make a sound for a long time, only the pupils under the bandages dilated.

It wasn’t until the elevator doors were about to close that he stepped out.

“…… Hmm.”

He should have refused.

His tongue, however, let out a muffled sound.

Then, Jiu Shu took Lu Yuan to his room first to arrange for luggage and room cards and such.

“You can rest here tonight, you don’t have to get up too early tomorrow, you must be tired after the long day today, and tomorrow’s flight is at twelve o’clock noon, so there’s no need to rush.”


Lu Yuan stood in the room, looking at Jiu Shu who handed the room card to him, his movements a little stiff.

He didn’t dare to approach, nor did he dare to say the words of refusal.

It was as if his brain had turned into a mass of paste, making him unable to think.

Just like those employees who were suborned on TV, he could only stand frozen in place and watched as Jiu Shu approached.

Closer and closer to him.

Maybe it was just because this was his boss, he just didn’t want to lose his job.

After all, he’d been restraining those desires.

It wasn’t a dirty desire like those ugly meat animals.

Thinking of this, Lu Yuan subconsciously recalled the two meat animals that leaned in for a passionate kiss earlier.

It was clearly a disgusting scene, but if the object was changed to the gentle young man in front of him, it seemed to have changed.

Lu Yuan thought in a daze, his heartbeat getting faster and faster, even his breathing became a bit rapid.

The boss with black hair and eyes looked at Lu Yuan’s nervous expression, and the smile in his eyes seemed to deepen.

He put the room card into Lu Yuan’s hand and didn’t make more suggestive gestures as Lu Yuan had imagined, but naturally withdrew his hand.

Naturally as if that ambiguous demeanor from before didn’t even exist.

“Alright, rest for a while, I’ll come and find you to go to the dining room for dinner after I’ve cleaned up, and as a reward for you, tonight’s dinner will be very sumptuous.”

After saying that, Jiu Shu winked at Lu Yuan and left the room.

Leaving behind the object of discipline who was still standing frozen in place.

It was fun to tease the object of discipline, who wasn’t in love with him for the time being.


Was it a misunderstanding?

Lu Yuan was stunned and lowered his head, looking at the room card in his hand, the expression on his face was mixed.

His eyes became dim again, feeling lost, he fell into a long silence.

Until the sound of Jiu Shu urging him to go to dinner resounded outside the door, he finally came back to his senses.

He put his room card away and, with a few remnants of his trance, opened the door.

“Come on, you must be hungry.”

Jiu Shu changed out of his previous sweaty clothes and into a casual outfit, the gentle warm color of his shirt framed his face perfectly.


Lu Yuan’s gaze froze, seemingly a bit mesmerized, and he followed behind Jiu Shu to the restaurant located on the top floor.

Along the way, the extraordinarily outstanding looking Jiu Shu attracted the attention of many people.

Almost everyone couldn’t help but place their eyes on his face, unable to move away for a long time.

They even ignored the tall bandaged man who had been standing at his side, with a gloomy and terrifying aura.

However, once they noticed the existence of this bandaged man, all of their gazes would subconsciously and unanimously retract.

Instinctively avoiding this tall man who exuded a dangerous aura.

Everyone didn’t understand why that beautiful young man let this ugly and scary man follow him around, but no one dared to ask.

They just watched the two of them make their way to the restaurant.

Soon arriving at the restaurant, Lu Yuan became more and more silent as he looked at the lavishly decorated restaurant with people coming and going.

He followed beside Jiu Shu and sat down on the reserved seat.

Then, looking at the young boss who was calmly conversing with the waiter to order food, he was a bit out of his mind.

He felt the surprised gazes of the others along the way.

He knew that in the eyes of the others, it was extremely disproportionate for a bottom-feeder like him to walk together with his fine-born boss.

Even he felt so himself.

He was nothing on the outside, or on the inside.

He was just a butcher in a slaughterhouse, while his boss was a rich man who only showed up at fancy cocktail parties to mingle with other rich people.

They were worlds apart.

“You’re – Mr. Jiu Shu, right?”

“Gosh! I didn’t expect to meet you here!”

The sudden sound of a woman’s voice interrupted Lu Yuan’s mental outburst.

He raised his eyes to see a female goat in an elaborate evening gown and curly perm looking at his young boss with a surprised expression.

“I was the one who handled your service there at the stock exchange before, do you remember?”

“Yes? I don’t remember.”

The young boss responded with a faint smile.

The woman choked for a moment, but then continued to smile fawningly, pulling her boyfriend beside her along with her to introduce her to Jiu Shu.

This was the biggest client she had encountered since her career began, making several hundred million dollars in a minute didn’t even make him blink.

There was always nothing wrong with talking more with such a rich man and getting acquainted.

The world was always overzealous in its pursuit of the rich, and her boyfriend, who was suddenly pulled over, was similarly full of flattery.

And while Jiu Shu still had a gentle smile on his face when faced with such a woman, he choked the woman out of her words every time he answered.

Apparently, he was just taking advantage of the boredom to pass some time in between serving the food.

But to Lu Yuan, this was the first time his young boss had been in such close proximity to a person of the opposite gender.

The smile on his face seemed even gentler than when he was facing him.

It was as if he was quite fond of this stylishly dressed woman.


Eyes widening slightly under the bandages, Lu Yuan lowered his head, not daring to let the boss across from him see the unpleasant malice in his eyes.

There should be no malice.

god said to reject all love and hate, why did he always go against-

Lu Yuan looked at the palm of his hand that was placed under the table, his fingers twitched nervously for a moment, and then he restrained himself, suppressing those scarlet thoughts of evil.

As a normal male, the boss had the freedom to fall in love as he pleased, and he had no qualifications to interfere.

He was just an employee with a humble position.

Yes, he had no qualifications at all, nor should he go about generating malice.


The fingers tightened, and the wound that had only just scabbed over was once again torn open, oozing crimson bl*ood.

“What are you thinking about? It’s time to eat.”

Jiu Shu warmly reminded the object of discipline, who kept his head down and stayed silent. His gaze swept over his tense shoulder muscles, seemingly realizing something then he sighed slightly.

Although he hadn’t realized his own emotions yet, he was already jealous.

Jiu Shu felt somewhat helpless.

Lu Yuan raised his head at the sound of Jiu Shu’s voice, realizing that the goat had already left.

But even so, his mood didn’t improve, and his eyes still carried the numbness that hadn’t dissipated.

That was, until the boss’s fingers brushed over the back of his hand.

“This dish is very good, just now I asked you which one you would like to order and you didn’t make a sound, so I took it upon myself to order these, try them.”

The back of Lu Yuan’s pale and cold hand cringed back, then he raised his eyes to look at the normal-faced Jiu Shu.

Not knowing if it was another misunderstanding on his part, his brain was somewhat confused.

He could only taste the dishes with somewhat sluggish movements.

Although he was usually basically not a picky eater and could eat whatever food was available, these dishes were indeed delicious.

Especially under the gaze of the boss’s smiling eyes, the sweet flavor spreading on the tip of his tongue made his heart, which was originally suppressing bitter malice, become relaxed.

The heart in his chest pounded so hard he couldn’t control it, he helplessly let it beat faster and faster.

Of course, perhaps it was also because of his indulgence, his indulgence of this moment of love that made the heart beat faster.

And this rare pleasant dinner time passed extraordinarily quickly.

Even though Lu Yuan had a small appetite and slowed down his eating, he was quickly filled up and it was time to leave the restaurant and go back to his room.

He was still a bit reluctant to leave, but Lu Yuan still got up and followed Jiu Shu out of the restaurant.

Just as they were about to walk out of the restaurant, the goat woman from before chased after him again, handing over the business card she had forgotten to give earlier with a flattering smile.

Jiu Shu smiled and refused, leaving only the woman’s dismayed face.

On the other hand, Lu Yuan, who was still in a good mood, kept looking at the woman’s head without saying anything, and the scarlet malice that had been suppressed began to fill up in his heart again.

In his eyes, the goat woman’s ugly goat head was full of wrinkles left by age, and the withered, scalding curls of her hair were no longer supple, a remnant that would be discarded even if it was put into a slaughterhouse.

If he were to gouge out the skull with a sharp knife to reveal those frivolous brain flowers, he would surely be able to see a satisfying expression of fear on this goat’s face.

That way, it would never again be capable of seducing his boss by revealing such filthy and depraved desires.

The woman who had been rejected by Jiu Shu suddenly winced as she looked up to see Lu Yuan, who had been standing at Jiu Shu’s side, and instantly turned white with fear.

She didn’t know why, but she always felt that this man with a tall figure was terrifying.

He obviously had a nice body, she had originally thought of picking him up.

After all, he was the person under a wealthy boss, he was ugly and looked like a bodyguard. He must have never seen the world before, so she could easily get along with him.

When the time came to casually fool around a bit, she could reap the benefits.

But she didn’t expect his expression to be so eerie, causing the goat girl to immediately dismiss the idea.

She subconsciously avoided locking eyes with Lu Yuan.

And Lu Yuan retracted that inexplicably creepy gaze after seeing that Jiu Shu ignored her and left straight away.

He also followed him and left.

Jiu Shu seemed to have noticed the change in Lu Yuan’s mood as he glanced at the large man beside him and slowed down his pace, treating it as if he was accompanying him for a walk.

Looking at the young boss who had been walking at his side, Lu Yuan’s mood seemed to have eased for a moment.

But along the way, he still couldn’t help but look at the white ears on top of Jiu Shu’s head.

Those long plush ears that were slightly fluttering because of their happy mood were hidden between the thick strands of hair, appearing and disappearing.

It was like it was happy because of that woman.


The palms of Lu Yuan’s hands resting on his side curled up tightly once again.

He just lowered his head and followed behind Jiu Shu.

“Get some rest tonight, we have a day of traveling tomorrow and need plenty of energy.”


The two men’s rooms were next to each other, and Lu Yuan looked at the door after he watched Jiu Shu enter the room and close the door behind him.

It seemed that as the desire for love swelled, so did the malice in his heart.

And he didn’t know how to suppress it.

Even now there was an almost maddening urge that made him want to go and find the goat woman whose ugliness had endeared her to Jiu Shu.

Slice open its ugly, hideous face with a knife, cut out the coquettish tongue, before cutting open the chest and belly and throwing away the ugly, muddy entrails therein.

Only then could he quell the unquenchable anger and resentment in his heart.

But those emotions should never have been there in the first place.

All the emotions that god had disallowed were growing more and more in his chest every day.

It scared him, that someday, when the emotions built up to the point of no return, he would never be forgiven by god again.

Never again be able to live a normal life.

Because his sins had gotten to the point where they couldn’t be forgiven.


He didn’t deserve this.

All that malice, all that love and hate, all of it shouldn’t be there.

Lu Yuan covered his face with his trembling palms, as if trying to suppress the scarlet malice in his eyes that couldn’t be concealed, but for a long time it didn’t work.

In the end, he could only give up.

He walked to the door of his room with wooden and heavy steps, and just as he tried to open it, he heard some movement that shouldn’t be there.

It was the sound of a woman whimpering in pain.

Click – he opened the door of the room.


Inside the room, a familiar goat’s head was viciously strangled by a hemp rope.

And behind her stood none other than her boyfriend with the hideous meat pig face that stood beside her earlier.

“It’s you? I thought this was that rich man’s room, really, this woman is not good enough to accomplish anything! I couldn’t even do anything to make her delay a bit more, causing me to find the wrong room!”

Lu Yuan looked at the goat woman strangled in Meat Pig’s hands and slowly widened his eyes, seemingly a bit dazed.

Meat Pig raised his g*un and aimed it at Lu Yuan, threatening him not to make a sound.

He seemed to be the serial k*iller who was recently wanted by the whole city.

From the salivating pig’s mouth, one could tell that he had become a bit jumpy from the many days of hiding.

Facing the muzzle of the g*un, Lu Yuan didn’t feel any fear, and his face under the bandage couldn’t be seen.

Meat Pig, however, suddenly broke into a smile as if he had realized something.

“You hate this woman too? Haha! That’s great, we have the same purpose.”

Lu Yuan heard Meat Pig let out a pig-like laugh, like the hissing sound of a meat pig on its deathbed.

“I can see that you’ve also climbed up from the bottom, right? I understand how you feel, it’s not a good feeling to follow that rich boss of yours!
It’s really hard for guys from lowly backgrounds like us to make a name for ourselves, every time we look at those rich people eating and drinking, the feeling that people like us can only stand on the side and watch is simply disgusting!

“I got my first bucket of gold by k*illing that fat pig of a boss, ah, I still remember the excitement of that time!”

Meat Pig could see the identity of the tall man in front of him, he was definitely a poor man.

Compared to that rich man Jiu Shu, he was a person who usually lived in dire straits, he suffered from the blank stares of the people around him, and could only watch those rich people enjoying their lives. He was definitely a guy who suppressed crazy desires inside.

Everything was very similar to what he used to be.

With a little provocation it could work for him.

“I understand you, we are all crazy and humble people.”

Hearing Meat Pig’s words, Lu Yuan, who had been standing in place without saying anything, raised his head slightly.

His gaze was empty and lifeless, as if he had remembered everything that had happened during dinner.

Compared to his boss, he was indeed an incredibly humble person.

But …… he didn’t want to fall into madness.

He hadn’t been forgiven by god yet.

He hadn’t become normal yet.

He would become normal.

“Your boss called Jiu Shu is a guy with even more money than my boss, so how about we work together and split the money equally when the time comes?”

“And then, take out all your grievances and madness on that dog boss ho ho ho!”

The meat pig’s laughter was hoarse and disgusting, and in the next moment, he was knocked down to the ground so hard that he didn’t even see the man’s movements.


The meat pig’s mournful hissing caused Lu Yuan to frown slightly.

He easily broke the jaw of this mouthy meat pig.

Then, looking at the pig squirming in terror at his feet, he said in a slightly hoarse voice, “There is no madness.”

He hadn’t descended into madness.

Yes, he had only temporarily disobeyed god’s will, and wasn’t yet insane to the point where he couldn’t be forgiven.

Widening his eyes that were streaked with scarlet, Lu Yuan repeated in his mind over and over again, while the ringing in his ears became more and more piercing.

The world in his eyes distorted once again.

This time, perhaps the overly agitated emotions made his mental state even more dangerous, and as the flesh and bl*ood spread, he felt bl*ood gushing out from under his bandages.

Bl*ood that symbolized his sins.


As the thick bl*ood continued to gush out, Lu Yuan trembled as he covered his ugly face, his dark eyes seeing himself in the bedside mirror through the gaps between his fingers.

Ugly and hideous as a livestock, even the bandages couldn’t hide it.

He was becoming crazier and crazier, and the flesh and bl*ood were getting more and more frenzied, and a rustling, malevolent sound kept echoing in his ears.

It was as if they were telling him that the day of utter madness was coming, and it was all punishment for disobeying god.

Lu Yuan let out a pained gasp.

When his emotions finally managed to calm down, his pupils shrank as he looked at his bl*ood-stained palms and the messy room.

The room had become a mess, it would be discovered.

What to do–

What to do?

— Just get rid of the trash.

The flesh and bl*ood in his ears suggested so.

Lu Yuan was in a trance for a moment, then he turned his gaze to the two meat animals in the room.

Inside the room, the goat girl, who had managed to escape with her life, huddled fearfully in the corner and watched with snotty eyes as the tall, bandaged man looked towards her.

Those dark eyes couldn’t let in a single ray of light, and the bandaged face clearly couldn’t be read, but the way he was looking at her at the moment was like a smile full of malice.

It was as if he had been looking forward to kil*ling her for a long time.

The goat girl covered her mouth and didn’t dare to cry out, her mind was blank.

Until the sudden sound of someone knocking on the door stopped the bandage man from approaching her.

The bandaged man’s horrible eyes looked over in a flash, but all he heard was a familiar voice: “Lu Yuan? Open the door.”

At the goat girl’s disbelieving gaze, the bandaged man wore an expression that could almost be called panic.

Jiu Shu was standing right outside the door.

Realizing this, Lu Yuan’s breathing stopped, even his heart stopped for a moment, and he could barely control his trembling palms, unable to even make a sound to respond.

All that could be heard was the sound of Jiu Shu urging him to open the door once again.

Instead, he was too stiff to move, and could only hear the person outside the door open it with the spare door card after a moment of silence.

Click – the sound of the room door opening was followed by the sound of the young boss’s steady breathing.

He saw everything inside the room.

The goat girl showed a saved expression and cried out in joy.

But the next second, the beautiful young boss sounded troubled, “The room is a mess.”

“Remember to clean it up next time.”

The gentle voice was still melodious, but it made people instantly fall into the ice cellar.



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