C1.8— Crime Record


The break was soon over, and the workers were still discussing Jiu Shu and the person who had burned the chairs, all unmotivated to work.


You Xin, on the other hand, stopped listening and began his own work.



He moved the heavy props, which only two or three men could move, and placed them neatly on the stage, with a sharp and powerful movement, and without the slightest sign of strain.


You Xin half squatted down and carefully arranged the stage props.


His muscles, which were stronger and more undulating than those of an ordinary person, showed a bulging and slightly exaggerated silhouette through his dark blue work uniform.


The long fingers that were fiddling with the glass props were full of calluses accumulated from heavy work.


Even though he wasn’t supposed to be the props master, he quietly did as he was told, seemingly without complaint.


He was the big, dumb guy who was a bully in the eyes of the theater manager, and the best employee who made the theater owner happy.


He was overly silent in everyone’s eyes.



Rarely could anyone hear him utter more than five words in a sentence, and the expression on his face was always missing, so no one could know what was really going on in his mind, and no one wanted to probe.


It was as if he was a transparent person in the theater, and only when the workers were looking for someone to laugh at did they remember this recently discharged psychopath.



Even when the workers raised the suspicion with the owner that it was You Xin who burned the chair, not many people believed it.


After all, the theater owner had already called the police, but even the police hadn’t found the slightest clue.

No one thought that a man as limber as You Xin would have had the presence of mind to be able to pass through a heavily protected room and burn the chair.


In the end, they only concluded that it was an avid fan of Jiu Shu who burned the chair with the mentality of destroy if you can’t get it.


After all, there had been a steady stream of visitors yesterday, all of them looking like madmen, eager to take the chair in their arms and carry it away.



“That’s crazy! How come all the fans of Jiu Shu are so crazy ……”



“Maybe it’s because his songs are especially enjoyable, I heard that a lot of big shots who used to look down on singers and treat showbiz singers as playthings have gotten hooked …….”



“You’re just talking, big people like it, how would you know ……”


“Don’t you believe me, I’ve been to the darknet, the reward for Jiu Shu’s address is up in the sky ……”



[Your coworkers all seem to think you’re a dumbass]


In the ear, You Xin suddenly spoke coldly.


The voice was hoarse and vicious, she obviously had the same voice as You Xin, but it seemed even more cold and evil.


‘She’ laughed for a while, compared to the madness of the day before yesterday, at this time, You Xin appeared to be much calmer, but just from the voice you could still hear the hostility that ‘she’ was suppressing.



[Am I the only one who knows that you’re a vindictive person?]




There was no answer.


You Xin didn’t care about his answer either, ‘she’ just wanted to vent her emotions.


You Xin was still arranging the props, with a slight OCD he placed each prop in the exact right position, even though his sister’s words were sharp and pointed, he acted as if he hadn’t heard them.



[That chair was burned by you.]


You Xin’s jawline tensed slightly.

[Just like mom said, you’re a natural born bad seed.]



When he heard the phrase “bad seed”, his large, bony hands stood still, the veins on the backs of his hands tensed slightly as if he was holding back something, and his well-defined eye sockets revealed dark-colored eyes that had settled in.

His mother’s face appeared in front of his eyes, and the phrase “bad seed” often appeared.


In the yellowed image of his memory, his mother’s originally beautiful face had become withered and thin, and her deep-set eye sockets revealed the light of resentment: “Why is it that your father never knew how to be faithful to love! You too, you born bad seed!”



[You’ve worked pretty hard to drag those watchful workers down with you.]


As the words fell, You Xin lowered his eyes, the veins on the backs of his hands subsiding.



As if some unknown secret had not been pierced through, his always wooden eyes revealed a sense of relief that even he did not know.


[This month, many of your coworkers have been fired ……]


[Most of them were people who had once laughed at and humiliated you, ha ha ha–] You Xin laughed sarcastically.


‘She’ hadn’t noticed anything unusual about You Xin, simply because she was fed up with him looking innocent all day.



It was as if ‘she’ was a child who only knew how to get into trouble and didn’t know any better, and he was the tortured innocent.


Only ‘she’ knew the nature of this brother of hers, a cold-blooded, heartless monster.



Withdrawing his tense palms, You Xin lowered his eyes to look at the neatly arranged props for a long time before he got up and left, ending his work for the day.


And You Xin, who never received a reply, smiled coldly and made no more noise; ‘her’ purpose of mockery had been achieved.


He returned to the basement, tidying up the messy room, waiting for everything to be clean and tidy before sitting at the table, waiting for the evening show to start.


He habitually straightened the newspapers and magazines on the table, which had been ordered for the day and taken out of the mailbox before he had a chance to read them.

Just as he was arranging the paper, smoothing out every crease, a letterhead edged in gold slipped from it.


Picking up the letterhead, it was a letter with You Xin’s name on it.



When he saw it, he hesitated for a moment, and slowly opened the letter, a white envelope with smooth paper, gold patterns adorned the edges, and there was a faint scent of ink.


Unfolding the envelope, You Xin’s thin lips slightly pursed, his dark pupils were fixed on the letter’s inscription – Jiu Shu.



Inside the single-family house in the city, Jiu Shu was sitting on the sofa, seemingly thinking about something with his eyebrows narrowed.


His right hand was in a cast, and his lips were slightly pale from the pain.


Half-length black hair along the curve of his jaw hung down his neck, under the contrast of the strong color, he seemed as white like snow, so white that it was as if you could see the thin blue blood vessels on his neck.



In the middle of the day, he blinked, as if startled out of his disorientation, and he rubbed his brow with his long, slender knuckles.

He wondered if the letter had been delivered yet, and if it went well, they should be able to meet tomorrow.


Jiu Shu had already planned out the steps to change the fate of his disciplinary target, and was just waiting for the target to take the bait.


However, for this powerful and inhumane subject of punishment, Jiu Shu remained cautious. He was just browsing through the original content.



Although there were some doubtful places in the original text, it still had reference value, and only by looking at the original text could one learn as much as possible about the entirety of this subject of discipline.

Take for example the tragic childhood of the subject of discipline.


The subject of discipline’s tragedy began in his childhood, and if he couldn’t heal the trauma he’d hidden deep inside, then it would be hard to reach a happy ending.



However, regarding the subject of discipline’s childhood, the book inexplicably didn’t describe in detail, giving little information, so it could only be guessed.


Jiu Shu thought about it, as always ignoring the system’s shrill voice in his ears, and continued to read the original text.


Some of the places that only had side descriptions were also very necessary to scrutinize.



As he flipped through the pages, Jiu Shu raised his eyebrows slightly and actually found that there was a hidden button in the depths of the system panel, and only after clicking on it did she realize that it was a spin-off of “Crime Record”.



Crime Record had been brought to the big screen after it became a big hit, and had also spawned quite a few series of movies, such as some of its distinctive and popular criminal characters, which had been made into horror movies.

The most conspicuous among them was a horror movie with a rabbit mask as its cover.



“…… “Jiu Shu squinted his beautiful peach blossom eyes, realizing that the system that had been raving in his ears was suddenly mute, and his full lips couldn’t help but hook up slightly, revealing a hint of a fake smile.


No wonder when he read the original text he always felt something strange, so it was like this.


Jiy Shu was slightly exasperated.



It was true that he couldn’t trust the system too much, and actually hid his secrets from the very beginning.



If it wasn’t for the fact that the system was getting weaker by the day, and the things within the system were gradually being infiltrated by him, the system would really be able to hide all this information.



Although this world was still peaceful, but the dark currents were raging, the hidden information might have the key to break the game, there might also exist a crisis that wouldn’t end well if he was careless for a moment.



Information that was deliberately hidden by the system must have its value, Jiu Shu clicked on the movie with the rabbit mask.


Tomorrow ✌️


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