C1.7—- Crime Record

The ambulance quickly drove away and the excited crowd in the theater gradually dispersed.


Everything that happened today seemed like an unbelievably beautiful dream to these spectators, and everyone left in a trance and undiluted excitement on their faces.


It was hard to portray that excitement and surprise, even in person.



It was hard to portray the excitement and surprise that a hot star had come to a small, unheard of opera house to hear a song, and that they had met so coincidentally.



Although it made them a bit regretful that they didn’t get an autograph, being able to get close to Jiu Shu had made their hearts content.



“Goodness, I think I touched his hair ……”


“What! You fucking per-vert ah …… show me your hands!”



Inside the theater, some of the audience members who still stayed and refused to leave clamored and even fought over the seat where Jiu Shu had sat, refusing to give up.


In the end, the owner of the theater who had heard the news ordered his employees to remove the fixed seat from the auditorium, it was kept to be used as a gimmick to attract customers in the future.


You Xin’s eyes hidden in the shadows indifferently watched this farce within the theater hall, and seemed to find it uninteresting, then he calmly retracted his gaze.



At this time, the actors and workers on the stage were cleaning up the mess, the broken wires gave them palpitations, and they gathered around the person in question, Ai Li, nervously asking for specifics.



They wanted her to rush to the hospital for a checkup.


But Ai Li wasn’t so nervous, she smiled as happily as a flower, as if at any moment she was going to do a dance in place to show her inner joy.



In an exuberant tone, she described how she felt when she fell into Jiu Shu’s arms.



“You guys don’t know how gentle he is-ah~ I’ll remember that feeling for the rest of my life! His shoulders are solid and strong, and his chest is sturdy enough that one can imagine the texture of his muscles under his clothes.
It’s nothing like the skinny ones that the entertainment magazines say, it’s the kind of suppleness that makes you fall in love with him, he’s definitely been working out, I touched his muscles ……”


Ai Li’s expression was one of fascination to the point of trance.


She cupped her face, her eyes mesmerized.



Memories of the time when her arm unintentionally slid down that beautiful young man’s bony collarbone and touched the exposed skin.


It was as smooth and delicate as fine silk.


“His waist is also slender, but completely different from girls, ah no, it t should be described as strong and thin, there is not a trace of flab ……”



“Aiya~ I’m so jealous of you, Ai Li! No wonder you sat there and refused to sit up!”

The little sisters surrounding Ai Li also listened with red faces, not without jealousy.


The jokes of the bystanders shamed Ai Li into refusing to say more, she stomped her feet and ran into the backstage dressing room.



No one noticed that not far from the stage, in the shadow of the audience, a tall figure was standing there.


Underneath the dark blue overalls was a torso as tall as a monster compared to normal people, revealing almost inverted triangular body proportions, with well-proportioned but not exaggerated muscle lines.



Beneath the cuffs, the muscular pale arms still bore crimson traces of blood.



The drapery fabric concealed his figure, revealing only the outline of his face with cold, hard lines at the junction of the lights.


His cold-blooded animal-like pupils appeared even more somber due to the interplay of lights and shadows, making it impossible to distinguish the emotions on his face at this moment.


But it was as if one could smell the piercing smell of blood.



He slowly lowered his head, the hair in front of his forehead hid his eyes, and he saw a deep bloody wound pinched out by himself in the palm of his slightly rough hand.



His thin lips moved slightly, as if he wanted to say something.



Eventually, he restrained himself and withdrew his gaze, leaving this theater hall in silence.


Back in the gloomy basement, You Xin was quiet as usual.



He ate simply made bread, the rough texture didn’t affect the frequency of his chewing, regular as a robot.



[Fucking asshole! Aren’t you happy now! You won!]


[Motherfucker! I lost! I admit I was wrong, okay?]


You Xin’s voice pierced through your head.



At this moment, ‘she’ seemed much more insane, seemingly irritated by the previous scene, muttering to herself with extreme madness suppressed in her voice.



[Why! Why not me! Why is it her!]



[That woman! That woman! Damn it! Damn it all!]


You Xin cursed in heartfelt words, but he didn’t know who ‘she’ was cursing.


[What have I done …… Jiu Shu ……]


[I caused him to get hurt ooohhhh–]



After the anger was vented, You Xin suddenly broke down completely, and ‘she’ burst into tears, no longer the violent and wanton manner of the daytime.



Crying like a powerless child, there was no image to speak of.


You Xin swallowed the last slice of bread in his mouth, eating the crumbs as well, his eyes were half open as if he hadn’t heard anything.



And after a brief sob, You Xin finally quieted down.


When she spoke out again, ‘her’ voice became distorted once more, as if filled with resentment towards the entire world.


[It’s all your fault! You Xin!”]


[It was you who caused that woman to fall! If you hadn’t broken my collection, it wouldn’t have come to this!]



[It’s all your fault!]



You Xin lowered his eyes, listening to his sister’s curses.


[You shouldn’t have gone near Jiu Shu! That’s my Jiu Shu! Why were you so close?]



[You disgusting thing! If you really want to hug, go hug your Ai Li!]


You Xin was about to go crazy from all the excitement of today, ‘she’ couldn’t describe what kind of stupid thing she had done today.



She had watched her rival embrace her beloved, and then the one ‘she’ hated the most, You Xin, had gotten a hug that she couldn’t even hope for.


You Xin might not be able to forget that momentary feeling of jealousy burning her heart and searing her entire soul on the verge of rupture for the rest of her life.



[I hate …… so much]


You Xin’s hatred was monstrous, but even ‘she’ herself felt that this hatred was incomparably pathetic.



Because all of this was ultimately caused by ‘her’, it was ‘her’ who had sent Ai Li into the arms of Jiu Shu, and had caused her fragile beloved to suffer such a serious injury.


You Xin hated herself for doing such a stupid thing, but most of all she hated You Xin and the woman called Ai Li.



[I’ll kill that woman sooner or later, You Xin! You wait for me!]


Coldly putting down a vicious sentence, silence returned to You Xin’s ears.



Never getting a response, it seemed that You Xin was too lazy to continue talking to herself.



‘She’ only needed to confirm one thing, and that was, sooner or later, ‘she’ would have to kill them all, all the people ‘she’ resented.


You Xin’s cursing and screaming finally came to an end, and throughout, You Xin sat calmly at the table, not uttering a word.


It wasn’t until You Xin left that he looked at the wall with mottled siding in front of him, and silently unfolded the palm of his hand, looking at the wound on his palm that had stopped bleeding and begun to scar.



That was the wound left just now, in order to suppress the killing intent in his heart.



You Xin stared at the wound, there seemed to be some unspeakable emotions in his eyes, and only after a long while did he put down his hand and lay down on the bed with a very regular routine.



It was now time for his regular rest.



But looking at the ceiling above his head, which was covered in wall ash, You Xin opened his eyes, and for a moment he actually lost some sleep.



He was just suddenly a bit confused.



He couldn’t tell just now, when he heard Ai Li describe the feeling of that embrace, just who the killing intent of his heart was directed towards.



Why would there be a moment when he felt that the originally beautiful Ai Li had become repulsive, ugly and unbearable.



Maybe it was an illusion, after all, he was fond of Ai Li, there was no way he could feel disgusted with her.


You Xin closed his eyes and tried to end his thinking there, but the more he thought about it, the more his brain went out of control, his mind kept recalling everything from the day.



The fight for control with his sister, the sight of the dark-haired, dark-eyed youth cuddling with Ai Li, the man’s amber eyes as he lifted them to his own.



And the soft touch of his hand as he helped him up.


The man was soft to hold, not solid as Ai Li had said, You Xin thought indifferently.



Soft like the only piece of strawberry fudge his mother had ever bought him when he was a young child, the slightest touch would sink into the smooth lines of that skin, so that one would not dare to exert oneself for fear of shattering the fragile, glazed doll-like person in his arms.



Thinking of that careful look at that time, You Xin slowly opened his eyes.



He suddenly realized that at that time, Ai Li seemed to be standing beside him, and was looking at the youth who was so pale with pain but didn’t pay the slightest attention to it.



Only now did he realize that his beloved girl had been standing right beside him.


Perhaps this was jealousy, jealousy to the point where one could only stare at their love rival’s every move with full attention, completely losing their previous calmness.



You Xin thought with a slight frown, not quite sure.


That was the only way he could explain his loss of composure.

After barely convincing himself, he finally fell asleep.


He had a dreamless night, and when he awoke, he found his room, which had been neatly organized with items, in disarray, apparently from You Xin venting her emotions.



Not caring about the messy room, he washed up, put on his work clothes, and walked out of the basement to begin his day’s work.


You Xin carried various heavy stage instruments, and in between breaks he heard his coworkers talking about yesterday’s accident, saying that it had made the news.



Now that the theater was filled with many more people who had come to see the sights because of that news, the theater owner was overjoyed.


He put the seat where Jiu Shu sat in the small room next door and charged a fee for anyone who went in to visit, milking the star value to the max.



Although this kind of behavior was a bit perverted, but it couldn’t be helped that the fans of Jiu Shu, the singer, weren’t exactly normal in the first place, and as soon as the news was leaked out, many people paid money to come and see the show, and there was even a rich man who offered a high price to buy it out on the spot.



But it was rejected by the theater owner who wanted to keep it going.



But it could be that the price wasn’t high enough, if someone offered a price that the theater owner couldn’t refuse, he would have sold it without hesitation.

“Hey guys, what does that rich guy want to buy the seat for? Is it …… hehehehehe!”



“Don’t be so nasty, okay? Maybe it’s a collection!”


“I didn’t say it, how do you know it’s nasty, you’re the nasty one!”


The workers gossiped feverishly.



And not far from them, You Xin just walked away in silence and continued his work.


That towering star and him was too far away, their paths was just two briefly intersecting lines, You Xin didn’t want to continue to pay attention to him.



The next day, you Xin heard the crew talking about Jiu Shu again.



Only this time, their tone was a bit strange.


It was because the chair that the theater owner had collected had been burned with fire by someone unknown.


It was said that the boss fainted from crying and was hospitalized.



“The boss has lost a lot of money, I heard that a rich man had already offered ten million yuan, ah, originally the boss was so excited that he was about to faint, but as a result, overnight, there is nothing left.”


“Ten million yuan? God, he must be really rich, it’s just a chair!”



“Why not, I heard that it’s hard to see Jiu Shu in private, he doesn’t see anyone, you can’t see him even if you offer a hundred million yuan!”



“Is this the arrogance of a genius?”


“Hahaha I think it’s quite good, at least everyone’s treated equally, anyway, his album is about to be released, as long as I can hear his songs I’m satisfied!”



The discussion among the crew gradually veered towards Jiu Shu’s unreleased album, they were somewhat worried that the production of the album would be delayed due to the injury from the day before.



Listening quietly to their discussion, You Xin sat at the edge of the stage and looked down at his fingers.



There was still unwiped dust on them, like the ashes left behind from burning wood.


He casually wiped his fingers, erasing the last traces.


He was just so sick of hearing that man’s name in this theater, and with that chair gone, people would gradually stop talking about him.


There was no other reason.


So said You Xin in his mind.



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