C1.9—- [Crime Record]

This was a horror movie featuring the object of discipline, You Xin, about a bloody killing aboard an ocean liner called the Alice.



[On the luxurious and extravagant ocean liner, a ghastly man wearing a rabbit mask slaughtered hundreds of guests, and these passengers contained most of the members of the Ten Elders Club.



This monster that returned from hell unleashed his bloody vengeance, the flames of resentment not subsiding until the last drop of his enemy’s blood had been shed].


“……” Jiu Shu rested his elbows casually on the sofa cushions, resting his cheeks thoughtfully as he looked at the movie synopsis, his fingertips pressed against the corners of his slightly pursed lips, rubbing them subconsciously.


The Ten Elders Club, seemed to be a very tricky organization behind the scenes in [Crime Record].



Jiu Shu opened another panel of the original text and found the clips that he had read.



The Ten Elders Club, a secret assembly organization hidden in the shadows, had extremely high barriers to entry, with its members spread internationally, most of whom were multinational conglomerate executives and aristocrats.


However, although this club had a composition of rich and noble members, it wasn’t a glamorous existence, but rather an organization that hid dirt and grime.


It could also be said that it was a place for the rich to vent their inner evil thoughts.



In this strange world where criminals were almost everywhere, people were even more impetuous and paranoid than humans on Earth, and even those upper class people at the top of the pyramid had a dark side that was unknown to them.


They enjoyed the life of a drunkard, but still felt that it wasn’t exciting enough, and even began to make fun of their own kind.



Through the Ten Elders Club, these like-minded people got together and organized one bloody murder game after another.


Their favorite thing was to wear cartoon rabbit masks and watch young boys and girls taken from all over the world struggle to survive in front of the screen, then raise a glass and laugh, obsessed with the feeling of controlling the life and death of others.


That was how the heroine, Ai Li, got caught up in it.



If it weren’t for the protection of the protagonist’s aura, she would have suffered.



But even with the original protagonist aura blessing, the heroine Ai Li suffered a lot.


It wasn’t easy to escape, but the black hands behind the scenes were still hiding peacefully, unable to be convicted, even the male protagonist Lin Qi couldn’t do anything about them.


[“Why! The evidence is overwhelming! Why haven’t you issued an arrest warrant!”


Inside the quiet lounge, Lin Qi could no longer suppress his rage and slapped the table hard.



“I don’t believe that the police department is half unaware of those things in the Ten Elders Club!”

Across the room, the friend in a police uniform had a complicated gaze and sighed, “Well, as long as Ai Li’s okay, isn’t that all that matters? Why bother to delve into so much ……”


“This world is never that simple, didn’t you already know that?”


After the friend said that, facing Lin Qi’s angry gaze, he found it difficult to continue and got up to leave.



Looking at the friend who left, he sat down helplessly on the chair, looking at the envelope full of evidence in his hand, his eyes unwilling.



He walked out of the lounge and saw that the tall and thin man who was originally handcuffed by him was dressed in a burgundy colored suit, his chin slightly raised, and his gaze glanced at him with disdain.


He even provocatively walked out of the police station with the still blood-stained rabbit mask, smiling and making a phone call as he went.


Talking about this with a certain behind-the-scenes upper echelon: “…… It’s fine, don’t worry, my lord, just a little bug that wants to jump up as a clown hahaha ……”



The voice faded away.



Thinking of Ai Li, who was still in the intensive care unit of the hospital, Lin Qi breathed heavily and wanted to chase after that person to teach him a hard lesson, but the other police officers in the police station looked over with icy gazes, and their hands had already been placed on the holsters of their belts.


He stopped, seeing through the ugly nature of these people, and could only slam his fist hard against the wall.


At this moment, he felt like he had returned to that previous time in the police station where he was bullied and humiliated, with a deep powerlessness.


An unbearable anger and hatred made him determined.


Even if he had to work for the rest of his life, he would bring these bone rotten scum to justice.]



Seeing this, Jiu Shu narrowed his eyes and flipped forward again to the paragraph he had read last time.



The subject of the punishment wore a rabbit mask to save Ai Li.



In this paragraph, the two masked men who tried to make a specimen of Ai Li were members of the Ten Elders Club.



It was also from them that a part of the Ten Elders Club noticed Ai Li as a clean-cut, beautiful opera singer, triggering a series of subsequent episodes.



Ai Li was captured by the club’s people, after a life and death struggle, the hero Lin Qi rescued her, but she was seriously injured, the hero held countless evidence but was unable to avenge her.



Although in the original novel, he finally succeeded in exposing the evils of the Ten Elders Club to the public and punished those who hurt Ai Li.



However, many of the blood-stained members of the club had already found their scapegoats, so they couldn’t be sanctioned at all.

Such an ending left little room for the absolute justice that had been pursued throughout the book.



However, it had been commented by readers as appearing more realistic, with a sense of realistic cruelty.

Looking at the system panel, Jiu Shu noncommittally withdrew his gaze, the palms of his hands lazily laying on his cheeks exuded a pearly white luster under the light, and he flipped to the clip in the original where the object of punishment died.


It was also when the heroine was captured by members of the Ten Elders Club.


[“Your singing voice, it’s so beautiful.”


Ai Li was sitting on a chair with her hands and feet bound, and a raspy male voice came to her ears.


Her eyes were also covered by a black cloth, and she could only see a vague light.


“Oooh-” sobbed Ai Li, who was biting the white cloth in her mouth, teardrops streaming down her face.


Unseen, she could feel a cold knife sliding against her cheek, she trembled in fear, drawing giggles from many in the hall.




Ai Li was in fear and pain beyond words, and just when she thought she was going to die here, she heard the rising and falling screams in a haze of consciousness.



The black blindfold that was gradually falling off revealed a moment of light, and it seemed to her that she saw tall figure breaking into the sin-filled building and making the arrogant guests who towered over her pay the price they deserved in the halls.


Bang, bang, bang-!!!


Gu-nshots rang out, blood splattered everywhere, but it still couldn’t stop that monster tall figure.



A few short minutes later, the hall full of guests all fell to the ground, and the crimson carpet deepened in color amidst the screams.



This inhuman power was shocking and frightening.



Looking at what was in front of her, Ai Li couldn’t help but feel a mixture of fear and helplessness.



When she opened her eyes again, she was in the arms of her lover, Lin Qi.


Looking at his worried and handsome face, she was all over the place, and could only sob, only half a day later did she get over it.



Turning her head, she saw that not far away, the sinful palace-like magnificent building was submerged in the sea of fire.


“As if …… someone saved me ……”



Ai Li choked and hesitantly looked at the monstrous flames, saying what she saw before she fell unconscious.


Lin Qi, on the other hand, had a sullen expression, “I know, I know, I’m the one who followed that person called You Xin over here.



He seems to have connections with people from these organizations, and those people who were killed before, it was all done by him ……


It’s my fault I’m late, I’m sorry, Ai Li ……”



“I should have arrested You Xin sooner, then maybe you wouldn’t ……”

Lin Qi said remorsefully, since the last time he saved Ai Li in the vacation forest, he had been looking for the murderer, and had long suspected the You Xin who liked to follow Ai Li.



It was just a delay in gathering enough evidence.

So much so that it was only now that he realized that this case was actually still related to the people from the Ten Elders Club.


“Brother Lin, I don’t blame you, I don’t blame you ……”


Ai Li and Lin Qi embraced each other and cried bitterly, thankful that they were still alive to embrace each other].



This was the final outtake clip of the object of discipline.

For the image of this character who only knew how to chop and kill, the original novel didn’t portray him too much, but from the details, it showed that this character had a tragic childhood and had a cold and vicious temperament, but only slightly softened in the face of the heroine.



A lifetime pursuit of love and being loved, but until his death, no one cared whether he was dead or alive.


Later, after learning the news of You Xin’s death, both the man and woman had a look of relief, as for that day when You Xin broke into the hall to save Ai Li, no one wanted to know.



In everyone’s eyes, You Xin was just a mentally unstable madman, and Ai Li also regarded him as a ferocious beast that she didn’t want to remember.



In the original, the relationship between the hero and heroine further elevated after the death of You Xin.


The main force of confrontation had also become the hidden Ten Elders Club behind the scenes, engaging in a fierce and exciting plot, which could be considered the climax of the entire book.


After reading the original content, Jiu Shu’s eyes focused, he slightly raised his head with a little thought.



He keenly sensed that something was wrong and flipped the panel back to that horror movie.

The timing of this movie didn’t seem right.



It was logical that at this point, You Xin should have already died in the fire, so how could he still be on a killing spree on a voyaging giant ship?


Could it be that these horror movies didn’t share a worldview with the original?


Jiu Shu’s delicate brows narrowed slightly as he pressed the play button.



The movie began to play, the picture unfolding from a monstrous sea of fire, and as the movie’s progress bar continued to advance, Jiu Shu’s expression gradually became grave.



The movie contained a montage of flashbacks to the object of the punishment’s childhood, filling in the details that the author of the original had not written, while also explaining the source of his extraordinary strength.



Unlike the absolute materialistic worldview of the original, this horror movie in general carried a depressingly uncomfortable and gloomy style.


First, the object of punishment, You Xin, inexplicably returned from the dead, and then there was a full-screen mosaic of vengeance, and the eerie atmosphere spread from the beginning to the end of the movie.



The Ten Elders Club also revealed its darker side, which wasn’t only using human beings to kill each other for fun, but also using the pain of their own kind to sacrifice to the so-called god.

Even the childhood tragedy and resurrection of the subject of punishment had its roots in this.



At the end of the movie, all these grudges were brought to an end in the vengeance of the target of punishment, and the unpunished sinners in the original story finally sank into hell.


As for the existence or non-existence of god, the movie only lightly touched on the topic, but the Jiu Shu thought that perhaps some supernatural phenomena existed.



The object of punishment was an example.


At this point, Jiu Shu finally realized why he had felt something out of place when he had looked up the original novel earlier.



What was contained in the original story was only a part of this world, and only when viewed in conjunction with this movie and the original story’s worldview was the original face of this world.


Before, it was Jiu Shu who had thought of this world too simply.



After watching the entire movie, Jiu Shu faintly swept a glance at the system playing dead in the depths of the panel, and his lined lips pursed slightly, no wonder the system wanted to hide this information.



For the system, this information could indeed be used as a bottom card, and might be able to trap him at an unexpected time.



But it miscalculated, and in this round, it was him who won.


He put away this movie page and looked through the other hidden information, most of which were movies or TV shows.



There were many criminals whose stories had been made into movie series, and there was no longer series than the horror movie of the objects of punishment, all the others had only been made in just two or three parts.



Perhaps it was the unique killing and decisive, no nonsense style of the object of punishment to cut people when he says he would cut people in contrast to the depressing atmosphere of the original novel, which led to the popularity of his movie, a full fifteen films.



Looking at the fifteen horror movies, his eyes swept over the differently colored rabbit masks on the cover of the movies.



Jiu Shu sighed, his thin white fingers rubbed his brow, the cuff slid down with the movement, revealing his long arm, faint green veins could be seen.


The slightly curly black hair hid his tired eyes, and a few points of weakness showed on the teenage looking face.



Although the power of the system was weakening and it had basically torn its disguise off, it was still effective in preventing his spiritual energy from probing into the system panel.


Jiu Shu felt his spirit weakening after just reading an original book with hundreds of thousands of words and a two-hour horror movie.


He knew it was the system that was doing the damage.



Although they were equal in power to each other, in the system’s home turf, it could still do small tricks with impunity.


Otherwise, with his current soul strength, he would have no problem memorizing a library of books even in one day.


“System, how about making a deal?”


[What kind of deal?}


“Tell me how to obtain the energy returned after the unnatural death of the disciplinary object, and I can consider working for you.”


After all, the original disciplinary object originally died an unnatural death, and although he came back from the dead afterward, didn’t that also mean that killing him was of little use?



Why was the system so impatient to wait, wanting to kill him before the plot node arrived.



There must be some kind of reason he didn’t know about.


[Heh, dreaming.] The system replied disdainfully.


Hearing the system’s reply, Jiu Shu didn’t get angry.



His beautiful peach blossom eyes narrowed, outlining a faint gleam in his eyes.



This dog system, had really become stupid, it couldn’t even hear the undertone of his words.



Just as he guessed, the object of punishment could give back a lot of power to the system after an unnatural death.


That would be too good to be true, although there were still many things that hadn’t been explored clearly, it didn’t matter.

In the final analysis it was fine as long as the subject of discipline stayed alive.



If the plot inertia was just too much to resist, he could still find a way to hide the disciplinary object and lock him up in some unknown place until the end of this world.


Anyway, before death, the power of the disciplinary object had to be within a range of control, and it was not impossible to imprison him with only proper planning.



In short, there was no way he would let the system regain half of its energy.


Jiu Shu put away the system panel, looked at the time, it was already late at night, and happily decided to stay up all night tonight.



He decided that he would watch all fifteen of those movies.



As soon as he said he would do it, he washed up and then went to his bedroom to continue researching the hidden information, the lights staying on all night.



Early the next morning, with a light greenish-gray color under his eyes, Jiu Shu laid on the bed, lazily resting on the silk pillow, his black hair curled on the side of his fair face, revealing his delicate eyebrows.

His eyelids were half-converged, and the exhaustion was hard to hide.


The movie wasn’t finished, but it was an in-depth look at the object of punishment, and the general information was pretty much understood.



He made a dozen or so plans, so whether or not the subject of discipline would show up for his appointment today, wouldn’t affect his plans going forward.


He got up and washed up, looked at the agreed time, it was still far from it, so he went back to sleep again, slept until the early evening before waking up with great interest.


Someone seemed to have been waiting outside the door for quite some time, and Jiu Shu opened the door with the haze of early sleep still in the corners of his eyes.


His snow-white cheeks were flushed with the light red color of a lotus flower at its first appearance, like a ripe fruit that would be full of juice with a gentle bite.


“…… You Xin? Sorry, I seem to have overslept.”



His black hair was slightly curled, plastered to his cheeks, the youth’s black and white peach blossom eyes curved up in a smile as he looked at the tall man outside the door, his smile bright to the extreme.

After watching so many horror movies last night, Jiu Shu looked at the object of discipline in front of him, who hadn’t yet experienced the baptism of death, it was really exceptionally different.


Compared to the silent guy in the movie who only knew how to cut people with various weapons when they met, this one in front of him, was really meek as a lamb.


“You, you, hello!!!”


Outside the door, the tall man’s eyes dodged, his cheeks that had always been as pale as a corpse actually flushed a faint red color, and the roots of his ears were even more red and hot.


He was as shy as a little girl who had seen her sweetheart, and his simply tended hair covered the scars on the side of his face, although it couldn’t cover them all, it could make his heart feel better.



His simple white shirt and suit pants were different from the pompous style that was popular in this world, but it was similar to Jiu Shu’s usual daily attire.



But the man’s broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted inverted triangle figure made Jiu Shu’s originally long and well-proportioned body even more petite.


If one simply looked at the figure, this tall man undoubtedly had a perfect body, tall and strong but not exaggerated, full of the golden proportion of the ancient Greek human body aesthetics.


No wonder he was chosen to be the body used by the so-called god when he descended.


Recalling the contents of the movie, Jiu Shu thought so, but on his face was a soft smile as he welcomed You Xin inside.



“I’m so sorry, I can’t go out these days so I had to invite you to dinner at home as a thank you.”


Jiu Shu invited You Xin to sit down on the couch, watching the tall man who looked incredibly formal sitting up in a completely different manner than his previous cold demeanor, his gaze not moving as he swept over his reddened ears.



The gaze paused for a moment before it was withdrawn thoughtfully.

“No, it’s okay!!!” The man stammered out a reply, his voice somewhat uncontrollably loud.

When he finished speaking he hung his head down in some embarrassment, like a child who had done something wrong, as if he would cry in the next second.


“My, what I mean is, is that I like it very much, so no, no …… it’s okay.”



As if with a smile in his eyes, the youth slightly sidestepped his body in the man’s direction, his short black hair sliding down to his ear with the movement, revealing a jade-like glistening neck.



A pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes looked at the man in front of him, before he jokingly picked up, “Like what, like me?”


The clear voice still had the hoarseness from when he just woke up, slowly spitting out words and phrases as if it had some kind of compelling meaning, making him blush.






The taller man raised his head violently, a pair of dark eyes in his well-defined eye sockets widened, the roots of his ears were so red that they were almost ready to emit steam, and his thin lips trembled, but he didn’t say anything.


His brain, was blank.



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