Five minutes ago, Qiong Ren would never have guessed that today’s Social Death Champion would be someone else.



He’d better hurry up and leave, giving his sick friend a little room to steady himself.



Qiong Ren simply fled the scene, running faster than when he saw the ghosts.



The three female ghosts were stood at the door of the haunted house, looking at Qiong Ren’s back with tearful eyes.



The white-skirted female ghost looked at King Yan, who was in a low-pressure state, and poked her colleagues with her elbows, signaling them to look at their cell phones.


[Is there any feeling?]



[Yes, it’s a good match, it’s killing me.]


[Although Qiong Ren is my husband, it’s not impossible to marry him off to the Great King.]


[What just happened? Why is the king so down?]



[Maybe it’s because his wife is gone. Men who miss their wives are like that. It’s sad.]


[Stoned to death, thanks.]


The female ghosts were chatting away in the group when a shadow was suddenly cast over the doorway.


They realized what was going on, and coincidentally stood up demurely, standing in a neat row with their hands crossed over their stomachs.



Just short of bending over to say good bye, guest.


“May I ask,” King Yan asked, “where to buy his album?”


The white-skirted girl wanted to offer her collection with both hands, but her young partner immediately stopped it with a look.


For his wife’s career, of course the husband should personally support it, how can you let others do it for you!



She ruffled her hair behind her axe, took out her cell phone, and enthusiastically said, “Look, Great King, this is the official website of his company, the albums and peripherals can be bought here. The official website is relatively slow to ship, Teng Yun music APP has genuine albums, free of charge, you can become a VIP to download sound quality.”


On the outskirts of Dragon City, in a small, elegant four-inch courtyard.



Qing Heng had just entered the door when he bumped into Meng Shen – the third brother of Meng Qingheng.


The Meng’s family had started out eating in the underworld, and every generation had someone who worked as a living impermanent, that was, using the souls of the living to hook souls for the underworld.



In this generation, Meng Shen was chosen by the underworld.



As soon as Qingheng saw him, he shrunk his neck and took a step back timidly, “Third Brother.”


Meng Shen: “I heard that you went to become an idol. You don’t know how to sing or dance, and you walk with your left foot tripping over your right foot, can you do it?”


Qingheng was embarrassed by his words, but didn’t dare to retort, and could only whisper, “It’s okay.”


He gave Qingheng a wave, “Stand closer, I have something to say to you.”


Qingheng especially hated this action, every time Meng Shen called him like this, he felt that Meng Shen was calling a dog.


But he didn’t have the courage to refuse.


Qingheng stood in front of Meng Shen, who said bluntly, “I heard that you’re in a relationship with Fu Jiaze, hurry up and break it off with him.”



Qingheng’s eyes immediately overflowed with tears, Meng Shen looked upset, “Even if you can’t read people’s hearts, don’t you know how to read faces? Just by looking at his face, you can tell that he has a bad heart. Your little bit of brain matter is simply not enough for others to calculate.”



Qingheng clenched his fists, his small white face reddening.


He wanted to say that it wasn’t like that, that although he wasn’t very good at his art, he wasn’t so bad that he couldn’t even read faces, and that there was nothing wrong with Fu Jiaze’s face at all.


But when he saw Meng Shen’s impatient expression, he didn’t dare to say a word.



After Meng Shen finished lecturing him, he searched for a tissue in his pants pocket, “What are you crying about, did I scold you? Wipe it off.”



Qingheng took it with a humiliating feeling in his heart, the tissue paper was obviously worn out, Meng Shen was really humiliating him.


Meng Shen waited for him to finish wiping his tears and coughed dryly, “That …… you’re also considered a Sincere Culture insider, can you help me buy some Qiong Ren’s peripherals?”


Qingheng jerked his head up and shook off two large drops of tears, “You like him too?”



Meng Shen was speechless and wiped his hands in disgust, this cousin of his was always crying, or a love brain.


“What do you mean I like him too, I’m not interested in him, but my top boss is a die-hard fan of his, so I have to kiss his ass.”



Meng Shen’s top boss, wouldn’t that be the City god of Dragon City?


“Anyway, dump whatever inventory your company has for me, I’ll cover it all.”



“But ……” Qingheng’s heart had a fire burning in it, what made Qiong Ren liked by the City god, “What does the City god want Qiong Ren’s merchandise for?”


Meng Shen looked at him in surprise, “Don’t you read Weibo? Qiong Ren is going to have a signing in the underworld, so many ghosts’ loved ones are dreaming about his support items, it’s all on the hot search.”


He opened the Weibo real-time hot search in his hand, scrolled a few times, and handed his phone to Qingheng.


Qingheng took a look–


[Look what goodies I found? The video of Qiong Ren’s trainee days, I stripped it from Sincere Culture’s official website, this face is also too able to fight, no one can have a problem with it bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.]



[Crouching ……]




[I originally wanted to say that netizens are so uneducated that they only talk about crouching when facing handsome guys, but I opened it up, crouch!!!]


[This face is really great, he was obviously carefully made, I’m Nuwa casually dumped mud points QAQ.]]


[You guys, don’t just discuss the face ah, the body is also absolute, his legs are too long, right, even the joints look good, it’s outrageous, I’ll lick it first.]



[I’m licking the legs now, we ankle control finally stood up. Drool.jpg]



[How does he compare to Fu Jiaze? How can his face not even be able to beat this unknown star when he’s called Top Star?]



[Please don’t let fans of this unknown star go to the moon and try to compare the top star in the entertainment industry, there is a difference, so don’t bring them together, okay?]


[Is there something wrong with sincere culture? They don’t take care of such a good-looking person, yet they even tried to promote that fake Taoist green tea, Qingheng. This stupid company will be finished sooner or later.]


[Fu Jiaze and Qiong Ren’s faces are really good, but Qiong Ren is more than 2000 times more beautiful than Fu Jiaze. I sincerely suggest that your brother go back to the factory to repair it. His prostheses are crooked and yet you still boast of his beauty.]


At this point, the comments under this post were completely out of control, Qingheng got angry as he read. What made him even more angry was that Qiong Ren’s number of followers had already exceeded six figures.



He only had a million and seven hundred thousand followers after participating in the talent show, Qiong Ren was on the hot search once and his fan count was half of his, on what grounds?



Meng Shen scrolled through Weibo and muttered, “A bunch of people fighting over a little boy, idle.”


Qingheng instantly felt that although his third brother was scary and annoying, his vision was still accurate.


He nodded, “Yeah, Qiong Ren is just a slightly decent looking little pale boy, how can he compare to Fu Jiaze.”



Meng Shen looked sideways with a puzzled expression of what nonsense are you talking about, “If Qiong Ren is only slightly decent, then Fu Jiaze can only be considered crooked. How come you can’t even tell who I’m cursing?”


Qingheng managed to have a little bit of empathy with Meng Shen, but in ten seconds he was choked back, so it turned out that there was indeed no empathy in the world.


He dared to be angry, but could only bow his head and shut up.



Meng Shen: “I’m still in a hurry to go to Wuchang, I’ll send the money to your card, remember to help me buy the things .”


Meng Shen finished speaking and rushed up to the City to work overtime.


Qingheng was in a trance when the alert tone sounded.


[Assistant: I heard that Qiong Ren turned around because Brother Yang worshipped the god of Wealth for him, should we invite one back to worship him as well?]


Qing Hen’s eyes widened abruptly.



Qiong Ren turned lucky because Yang Feng worshipped the god of Wealth?


How could such a thing happen?


He knew that Yang Feng had invited a god of Fortune, and in order to avoid the possibility of Qiong Ren’s good fortune, he had long ago switched the statue of the god of Fortune that the fat man had invited with the god of the Underworld that he had stolen from Meng Shen!



Qiong Ren lowered his hat, pulled the pull-tab with his left hand, and swiped Weibo with his right.


It wasn’t quite rush hour yet, but there were still no seats on the subway.


He didn’t know why, the left side of his chest was a little hot and painful, it was even more obvious when the fabric rubbed it, he had to change his grip.


In just ten minutes, his hot search ran forward more than twenty places, and the orange “hot” hung behind the words.


Qiong Ren directly clicked on the page to see the screenshot, so that he could immediately know the ins and outs of this hot search.


[Last night, my grandfather appeared in my dream and said that I should burn Qiong Ren’s merch for him. I woke up in the morning and searched, there’s actually such a small idol …… Anyway, I’m asking, where can I buy his support items?]



[You’re not alone, my sister also asked me to burn Qiong Ren’s merch for her, saying that she wants to bring it to the signing! Does he specialize in the underworld business so he’s not popular in the living world? EatWhale.jpg]



[I searched the photo, he’s so handsome, I’m his most loyal fan from now on, prprprprprprprpr]


[ Is it reasonable that he’s so handsome?]


[Maybe he’s really in the underworld business.]


[Huh? Why is someone in my dream asking me to write a story about Qiong Ren and the King of the underworld?]


[Wouldn’t it be a bit too exciting for Qiong Ren and King Yan …… The fans of the underworld have a big brain hole.]



Qiong Ren fell into deep thought.



He wondered how he suddenly got on the hot search, the source was actually the underworld signing.


The fans of the underworld wanted to bring their support items to the scene, but there was no sales channel in the underworld, so they gave their relatives a dream, and the result was that they accidentally sent Qiong Ren to the hot search.



Other people may have gotten on the hot search by their own ability, but he got on the hot search all because of his fans’ efforts. Wasn’t this the kind of treatment that only top stars get? An unknown artist like him did it.


This was his fans, no matter what, they were all treasures. Qiong Ren couldn’t help but wonder how many fans he had in the underworld?



Could there be three hundred?


Be bold, maybe five hundred!



He contacted Secretary Jin in the evening to see how many people were attending the signing, he wanted to prepare a little gift for them.



The underworld fans were trying too hard, even using the trick of dreaming up their loved ones in order to show their support to him. Just thinking about it, Qiong Ren was ashamed of his performance at the haunted house today.



He was originally scheduled to watch Midnight Murder Bell at night, it would be better to change it to Sinister Ghost.



After all, Nie Xiaoqian was much scarier than Sadako Yamamura.


He had to work harder to deserve the love and support of his fans.



The first job, the first signing, the first time he was on a hot search, were all miracles that the fans of underworld had created for him, and compared to these miracles, what he could give to his fans was too little.


He wanted to do more for his fans.


Speaking of fans ……


Everyone in that haunted house today had actually listened to his songs, and three of them had even bought his album. Mind you, he’d only sold a total of 49 disks of his albums.



The haunted house looked like it covered a clearly small area on the outside, but it took him ten minutes to run out.



Now that he thought about it, its name was the unit in the Living Office, it wouldn’t be the office of the underworld in the living world ……



Then his sick friend, what exactly was he?


He felt that the sick friend wasn’t quite like a ghost.



I’m a bit sleepy, when I wake up, I’ll check if there are any mistakes, see ya tomorrow ✌️

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