C1.34 —- Crime Record

The old woman was so excited that her whole body was trembling, and only her trembling voice echoed for a long time in the quiet center area of the base.



She was in an unusual state of euphoria, and the precognitive images that kept flashing in her brain made her more and more convinced that this beautiful-looking woman was the best sacrifice chosen by god to save all of mankind.



The visions told her that one of the incarnations of god had been so enamored with this human woman that he had died in a fire.



Although she couldn’t see exactly what had happened, the vision corresponded to the ragged clothes of the blood-colored figure that had been burned by the fire, and the old woman was sure that this was the human being that the god had cared about so much in her prophecy.



The other people in the base, hearing the words of the old woman, who had always been a wise prophet, also revealed a look of disbelief, and looked at the girl with long pink hair in the glass cage, so scared that she was unable to speak.



If these words were true, then mankind was truly saved!



On the altar.



The blood-colored shadow that slowly revealed itself seemed to be distorted for a moment due to the violent emotional fluctuations, as if it were the damaged picture quality of an old movie, mottled and blurred.



Rustling – the air seemed to be filled with a strange whisper of suppressed anger and fear.



He wanted to shut these noisy humans up, but in the face of his beloved standing right outside the door, who might break in at any time, he could only stand in place, cowed to the extreme, not daring to move a single bit.



As if in fear of making a move, that would make his sweetheart disappear like a bubble like a shadow in front of his eyes.



In order to prevent accidents from happening again, all the people at the base deliberately did not observe everything on the altar, so they didn’t find any abnormality on the altar.



They also didn’t notice that the door of the center area was opened silently, and a tall, snow-white young man walked in slowly, observing the empty, spacious and endless experimental center area.



“What are you talking about I don’t understand, please let us go oooooo!”



Ai Li looked at the old woman on the opposite side of the glass wall, and almost burst into tears.


She didn’t understand what god they were talking about, she only knew that she was imprisoned in a terrible place.



Looking around, there were strange substances in glassware.



Not far away from the altar, the music recorder seemed to be playing the song of Jiu Shu, but the blood-colored shadow next to the recorder made Ai Li feel inexplicably fearful.



It was just as scary as the monster she had just met in the passageway.



No, it was even more terrifying than that monster!


Ai Li’s gaze trembled as she looked at the altar not far away, her face turning white with fear at the flickering figure of the shadow, which was constantly flickering due to its violent mood swings, and she leaned against the glass and went limp.


At the same time, she felt a ghastly malice that no one else could feel wrapping around her soul, causing her so much pain that she couldn’t breathe.



Her eyes widened as she realized that the malice came from none other than the bloody shadow not far away.



A malice that was the complete opposite of what the old woman had said about favoritism and caring.



Her gaze made contact for a split second with the blood-colored shadow’s pitch-black eyes that were exposed, which were filled with a tyrannical and hostile aura that was deep enough to completely destroy the spirit of an ordinary human being.



Compared to the monster that made them faint from fear after just one look, this hunched figure in front of her, as if in incomparable pain, was obviously more terrifying.



It was as if it had a long accumulated grudge against her that was hard to dispel, and it doubled and exploded out at this moment.


Ai Li was overwhelmed by the sludge-like distortion and loathing in His eyes, and her brain instantly exploded with pain, almost passing out.



Her already more sensitive and fragile nerves almost collapsed in that short second of eye contact.



The others in the glass cage also seemed to smell the increasingly dangerous aura in the air, inexplicably trembling and letting out low mumbles, and banging their heads against the glass.


It was as if they were in fear of some unnamable existence.



“It’s so scary oooo…… help-”


With great difficulty, Ai Li used the last of her strength to avert her eyes from the stumpy figure and reached out to the old woman outside the glass cage for help.


“What horror! It was god watching over you! It’s Him showing His love for you!”



The old woman didn’t even notice that something was wrong; she opened her hands and trembled with excitement.



“I see it! His gaze is very focused!”



Not far away, Jiu Shu, who was standing at the dead center of the surveillance, sniffed, and thoughtfully gazed at the blood-colored shadow on the altar, which was indeed looking at the heroine, Ai Li.




The Scarlet shadow completely froze in place after realizing that his beloved had come in, and the eyes that were originally looking viciously at Ai Li immediately moved away, turning to look dumbfounded at Jiu Shu who was standing not far away.

Looking at this lover who had slowly crumbled in front of him, He stretched out his fingers that were corroded by tears to the point of almost revealing his pale finger bones, as if he wanted to touch.



Trying to explain that everything the old woman had said was not true, and that the person He loved was only His beloved.



But after a few moments of trembling, His gaze paused on the tall man behind His beloved, and blood-colored tears slid down His eyes, corroding the freshly grown skin.



Rustling – the shadow made a wail-like sound as He slowly withdrew His fingers.



His dark pupils still stared unflinchingly at his beloved not far away, but his body cringed and reared up, hunching over, hiding his ugly, unattractive face with his bloodied palms.



The tall body that had been corroded to expose his ribs looked incredibly weak and ugly as it hunched over, like a stray dog that had lost its fur and only dared to hide in a dark corner to wail and lick its wounds.



Not even daring to beg for forgiveness.


For He knew that He had done an unforgivable thing and could not even forgive Himself.



His tears were still sliding down but he dared not make the slightest sound, he only dared to peep through the cracks of his fingers to see the face of his beloved, careful, timid and fearful.



There was no longer the innocence and recklessness of the past.



Looking at the blood-colored shadow on the altar, Jiu Shu’s gaze was a little complicated, he seemed to sigh gently then turned his head to look at the tall figure behind him.



Compared to the indistinct and blurred remnants of his figure, the tall man behind him who possessed a solid body was more like the former object of discipline, silent but harboring more introverted emotions.



The same tears of blood filled with pain flowed out from the man’s eyes, as if he did not feel the slightest pain, unlike the shadow that trembled slightly, the man still quietly and intently lowered his head, looking at the man in front of him.



His dark pupils reflected the snow-white and beautiful face of his lover.



He didn’t seem to notice everything in the outside world, just staring at Jiu Shu, as if he was afraid that he would disappear in the next second, as if he was worried, the strength of his hand holding his was extraordinarily gentle, but it was hard to break free.



His wet and sticky palm was soft but constantly seeped blood, staining Jiu Shu’s fingers.



The man also seemed to have realized this, he hesitated for a long time before gently loosening his grip, after the skin grew out, he tightened it again, he didn’t want to let go for a moment.


But after noticing Jiu Shu’s gaze, the man instead loosened his hand somewhat timidly and hung his head to avoid his gaze, not daring to look directly at him.



Fear of being seen through to his ugly and dirty true colors.



He once liked another person, but also led to the death of his beloved Jiu Shu, this was his unforgivable original sin.



As he got closer and closer to the altar, the man apparently regained his consciousness, his body, which used to move only by instinct, was once again controlled by the soul of the object of punishment.



And he had heard those so-called prophecies of the old woman, those things that once did happen gave him a heavy sense of guilt, so heavy that it almost made him unable to breathe.






Jiu Shu now fully confirmed the identities of both You Xin and You Xin.



He looked at the downcast look of You Xin, and seemed a bit helpless as he smiled under the mask, his black hair slightly curled on his fair cheeks, and his beautiful peach blossom eyes held soft emotions.



In the middle of the day, Jiu Shu stretched out his hand and re-gripped his palm tightly.



Looking at You Xin who raised his head with dilated pupils, seemingly shocked and at a loss for words, Jiu Shu laughed a little, his other hand caressing his cheeks, and said softly, “Don’t cry, I still like to see you the way you used to be.”



You Xin froze as he looked at the light, moving smile and softness in Jiu Shu’s eyes, he remained expressionless but his pupils trembled, his eyes unable to leave for even a moment.



Unwilling to let this smiling face, which even in dreams he didn’t dare to fantasize about, disappear in front of his eyes.



Because he had never dreamed of being forgiven by his beloved Jiu Shu, his dreams were full of despair, just like the painful and desperate dreams he had experienced during the years since his birth, which had never changed.




Even the figure of his lover never appeared, as if appearing in the dreams of a sinful person like him was a kind of defilement to the person he loved so much, he never dared to dream about Jiu Shu.



Even when he couldn’t find Jiu Shu’s soul anywhere, when he was in endless despair and pain, he never dared to dream a dream that could deceive him.



Because He knew that it would be a blasphemy against Jiu Shu.



As You Xin looked at Jiu Shu in front of him, it seemed that he was about to fall into tears again.



But he knew that he didn’t want to see himself crying, so he obediently put away his tears, and the skin on his face grew rapidly, soon covering what was originally only fascia and blood vessels.



The pale complexion was the same as before, only without the deep scar that had once run across the entire face, the features on this face were now deep and cold, with a male-specific hard contour, no longer giving off a menacing feeling.



Without that ugly scar, the beauty he inherited from his mother was undeniably evident on this face.



But unlike Jiu Shu’s exquisite, flawless beauty, this face could only be described as handsome with a somber undertone.



Underneath the high brow bones were deep-set eye sockets, eyes that were still dark with the silence and deep love that characterized You Xin.


Even without uttering a word one could see some long suppressed and humble emotions in those dark eyes.




He opened his lips as if to say something, to confess the original sin he carried, but was interrupted by a scream.





Near the altar.


Ai Li in the glass cage could no longer endure the pain that exploded in her mind, and fainted after screaming, her cheeks were bloodless, her breathing rapid, and her forehead hair drenched in sweat, as if she was having an incomparably terrifying nightmare.



The old woman who heard the sound approached the glass cage with some disbelief, as if judging whether Ai Li had really fainted.



“This ……”



Ross, who was next to the old woman, looked at Ai Li in this state and couldn’t help but look hesitant.

Was it possible that god’s favoritism was manifested in the form of such suffering?



Could it be that Kasmos, the god of suffering, enjoyed watching his favorite human in pain as a way to gain pleasure?



As an ordinary human, Rose couldn’t imagine how that supreme god could love a human, and could only look to the old woman for an answer.



But the old woman acted even more confused than him, her withered and wrinkled face scrunched up and her voice became a little shaky, “It’s not right …… it’s not right!”



“But it really should be her!” The old woman said, her face slightly sideways towards the direction of the altar, carefully peering at the shadow of the god on the altar.


Wanting to gain some insight from it.



After all, in her anticipation Ai Li shouldn’t be in this miserable state, it should make god incredibly joyful.



She was the salvation of all mankind!






However, the moment she turned to the altar, a cold and empty pitch-black eye within her line of sight instantly caused the old woman to let out a miserable scream,






It was the quiet huddled shadow at the altar staring icily back at the mortal’s prying eyes.



The old woman covered her unbearably painful head, her brain on the verge of splitting open, the throbbing veins almost completely protruding out of her skin, making all her expressions as hideous as a monster’s.



It was as if god was punishing her for her delusional words.



“What is wrong with you? Prophet? Quickly! Somebody help!” Rose was startled.



“I ……”



The old woman groaned weakly and collapsed on the floor, unable to speak, only her cloudy white eyes glazed over, wondering what she had misread and how she had gotten this result.



The chaos in the center area soon caused many heavily armed guards to rush over, to focus on protecting the old woman.



But as they arrived at the center area, the originally overlooked Jiu Shu was also spotted on the trail.



After all, standing right next to the gate, it was hard not to notice this youth who was incredibly attractive even when wearing a mask.


“He’s – that intruder from the surveillance!”



Ross was the first to recognize the culprit who had triggered this chaos, a chaos that actually shouldn’t have been there if he hadn’t opened the underground passage.



“Wait a minute! Behind him is-” Ross shifted his eyes away from the tall young man as if he had discovered something incredible, and instantly his pupils clenched.



“god… not good!!!” Before the words left his mouth, Ross planted himself on the ground in agony, suffering from a splitting headache from looking directly at the untouchable figure.



Strange and ghastly rustling whispers rang in his ears, surging wildly through his fragile eardrums and making him feel as if his brain was almost being churned into a pulp.



“How is he …… okay?” Ross covered his head and wailed, he could not figure out how one of the god’s incarnations had suddenly appeared in the center area, he clearly didn’t hear any footsteps.


Moreover, this youth who had intruded had clearly been declared dead, and now he was actually able to stand with god unharmed.



All of this was completely beyond Ross’s cognizance, and as he continued to think about these doubts that should not be pried into by humans, his reasoning then fell apart, almost collapsing altogether.



The tall young man, wearing a black mask that showed off his increasingly snow-white skin, remained where he stood, calmly looking at the guards and researchers who had suddenly collapsed on the ground.



He knew that it was the distorted cognition brought about by looking directly at the god that overwhelmed these ordinary humans, and their sanity value dropped.



However, this was not a big problem, as long as the will was a bit stronger it could be recovered quickly, so Jiu Shu just lightly glanced at them and withdrew his gaze.




It would be much easier for him if all of these people in the base were down.



Jiu Shu couldn’t help but appreciatively shake the palm of his hand that was interlocked with You Xin’s fingers.



You Xin lowered his head and quietly tightened his palms, such an intimate demeanor gave him the feeling that Jiu Shu was deeply in love with him as well.



It mesmerized him.



The intimate scene of the tall, handsome man and the incomparably beautiful youth was reflected in the dark pupils of the shadow on the altar not far away.



He seemed to watch the scene with some bewilderment as tears continued to well up, but the cries had been so low as to be almost inaudible.



For He knew that the Beloved would not like to be disturbed.



He looked down at His ugly body, and buried His face deeper into His palms, afraid of being seen by His lover in this ugly to the core appearance.


At this moment, He no longer had the look of incomparable indifference towards bystanders just now, but was instead filled with fear, so much fear that His figure flickered and slowly disappeared into thin air.



If just now his lover’s gentle demeanor when treating You Xin had given Him the illusion that He could also be happy, as if his lover had already forgiven Him for all the sins He had committed.


Then now was the moment for Him to recognize the reality.



It was only an illusion after all.



You Xin was the master character better suited to stay by His lover’s side, while monsters like Him, who shouldn’t exist, he should be hiding in a dark corner to fend for himself.



As You Xin disappeared, the usual silence returned to the altar, and the music from the recorder stopped playing due to the magnetic field, with only the wailing that rose and fell within the base still echoing.



Jiu Shu, who was originally planning to walk towards the altar to appease You Xin, raised his eyes and looked at the altar, which was already empty, with some helplessness in his eyes.



Jiu Shu looked to You Xin, silently asking if he knew where You Xin had gone.



You Xin looked at the altar and shook his head, he could sense that You Xin wasn’t here, as two split personalities, they could now sense each other’s location, but could not communicate.



Even if they pretended to be in harmony, they actually still didn’t like each other very much.



But the current You Xin had learned to accept his other personality.


He was good enough to answer every question from his beloved Jiu Shu, even if they were about his other personality.



“…… seems to be offshore, it seems, he’s going for revenge.” You Xin told Jiu Shu about the emotions he perceived.



After receiving the answer, Jiu Shu pondered for a moment, and found that in contrast to the movie, it seemed that You Xin was going to that voyaging cruise ship.



That cruise ship where the Object of Punishment was resurrected for the first time.



The plot had still returned to its original trajectory, but this time, facing the Object of Discipline that had turned into a god, that group of scum from the Ten Elders Club would only really be worse off than dead.



“Forget it, let’s get out of here first.”



Saying that, Jiu Shu and You Xin walked together towards the outside of the base, while behind them, the old woman who had fallen to the ground and kept wailing struggled to raise her head, the youth’s silhouette reflected in her cloudy eyeballs.



As if blessed to the core, she realized where she was wrong.

“Wrong! I was wrong!”



The old woman trembled as she reached out her hand in the direction of Jiu Shu, she was clearly still suffering from a splitting headache, but an exaggerated smile appeared on her face, “But it’s also right hahaha! Humans ……”



“Humanity will be saved!”



Because god had gotten the treasure He wanted.





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