C1.35 —– Crime Record


The process of walking out of the underground base was very smooth, Jiu Shu led the silent big man behind him all the way to the interior of the wooden hotel, and picked up the computer and backpack placed on the sofa.



Jiu Shu picked up his backpack and just as he was about to walk out of the cabin, a sudden lightness came from behind him.



It was You Xin who helped Jiu Shu take the backpack off.



He was still a bit humble and timid, hanging his head, not daring to look at his lover, he removed the backpack with a bit of nervousness, but also very firm.



He didn’t want to let his beloved Jiu Shu be tired, even if the backpack was actually very light.



You Xin placed the backpack over his shoulder, and since the straps weren’t wide enough, he had no choice but to carry it diagonally across his muscular, bulging chest.



The small, ungainly pack was a complete mismatch for his taller frame, a mismatch that seemed to go unnoticed as he kept his head quietly bowed and waited for Jiu Shu to continue to lead him out of the area.



He didn’t really know where he was going, but as long as it was where Jiu Shu was going, it didn’t matter where he was as long as he could stay by Jiu Shu’s side.


They eyes of Jiu Shu, who had his backpack taken away, widened slightly, and he suddenly burst out laughing as he watched his backpack become a miniature backpack set off by the tall physique of the object of punishment.




The young man with snow-white skin laughed happily, and his peach blossom eyes exposed outside his mask were curved with a smile, as if they were full of ambiguous emotions, so beautiful that one couldn’t move their eyes.

You Xin, who had been quietly peeping at Jiu Shu, stared blankly at Jiu Shu’s smiling eyes, and only after a long time did he suddenly lower his head even deeper in embarrassment, and tighten his grip on the strap with some uneasiness, like a large canine that didn’t know how to make up for a mistake.



He didn’t know why Jiu Shu suddenly laughed, he was afraid that his beloved was disliking him for being nosy.



After all, …… he was an incomparably dirty fellow.


At the time when You Xin was silent, and fell into a sad and depressing mood because of it, Jiu Shu just stood on his tiptoes and reached out to touch the cheek of the object of discipline.



Intimately caressing the pale, bloodless cheeks of You Xin, he also hooked his head downward.



“You’re too cute too.”


Jiu Shu’s voice was as soft as the finest shred of sugar, sweet enough to reach one’s heart.


Inside the quiet and unoccupied wooden house, You Xin instantly stood dumbfounded in place, bending down in obedience to Jiu Shu’s movements, he obviously possessed a tall and strong physique at this moment but he was as well-behaved as an obedient lamb.



The two of them were nose to nose, as if they were so close as to be indistinguishable from each other as lovers.



“It just so happens that I am also tired, why don’t you carry me on your back ……”



His clear and mellow pupils shimmered with intoxicating brilliance, causing You Xin’s eyes to be dazed and his ears to turn hot crimson. The emotions that were originally depressing were instantly occupied by shyness.


“…… Okay, okay!”


He subconsciously replied before picking Jiu Shu up.


A very smooth princess hug.

The blank-brained You Xin reacted to his wrong posture only after a long time, and with some chagrin and fearful eyes averted, he continued to stand in silence, as if he didn’t know what to do to make up for his stupid behavior.



The man, who was held in his arms, hung his hands around the neck of the punished person, seeming somewhat helpless. He buried his head in You Xin’s neck and let out a low laugh.



The warm breath exhaled from the rosy lips scalded that piece of cool skin red.



Jiu Shu was on the verge of gasping for air with laughter, but after glancing at the ear next to him on the verge of bursting from how red it was, he stopped teasing You Xin and instead whispered in his ear, “Let’s go, it’s time to go home.”

Things had been done, and although those people in the base couldn’t get out for a while and they didn’t need to leave in a hurry, there was no need to continue spending time here anymore.



The matter of You Xin had yet to be dealt with, and Jiu Shu felt that he still had a headache.

Upon hearing Jiu Shu’s voice, You Xin seemed to freeze, and then he nodded his head earnestly and cautiously in response, and where Jiu Shu couldn’t see, there seemed to be a slight flash of moisture in his dark eyes.


Going home.



It was a warm word that had never occurred to You Xin, and to this day he still couldn’t believe that he seemed to have been forgiven.



“……” Perhaps this was just the last of the warmth.



After all, his beloved didn’t know everything about him, his sordid past.



You Xin’s breath hitched as if he had imagined the worst, and the sight of his beloved’s figure turning away without hesitation nearly stopped his heart in his chest.



He did his best to maintain his composure, the arm holding the love of his life in his arms did not tremble in the slightest, smooth as if it were poured out of steel, and his eyes were filled with dismay and love for Jiu Shu.

The two of them got out of the cabin hotel just like this.



Jiu Shu looked up at the sky after walking out of the house.

Above the shadowy sky, the crack that had torn the sky of the planet was still lying in place, but it no longer seemed to be expanding and had become quiet and silent.



It was as if the wrath of the god was subsiding, postponing this impending doom.



Retracting his gaze, Jiu Shu seemed to be contemplating something, his white cheek gently pressed against the nape of You Xin’s neck, soft enough to touch the most hidden corners of his heart.


“……” You Xin cautiously lowered his eyes to peek at him, wandering at Jiu Shu’s contemplative face for a moment, unable to take his eyes off of it.



If it were possible, You Xin really wished that time could just stop at this moment, so that he and Jiu Shu would be so close and happy forever.






You Xin walked quietly through the heavily wooded vacation forest, not disturbing Jiu Shu’s contemplation.


The gentle movements of his arms around his lover were completely different from the eerie and ghastly nature of the previous base, as if he were holding an immensely fragile treasure, careful and precious.



The surveillance cameras all over the forest reflected the afterglow of the sunset that crisscrossed the trees, and also reflected the image of this tall figure slowly walking towards the outside.


The security cameras grew fuzzy and blurry as they captured more and more images.



In the end, only a few frayed shadows remained.



In the last image, the tall human being being held in his arms seemed to playfully reach out and caress the god’s cheek, and his clear, crisp and moving voice was so mesmerizing that one couldn’t help but listen carefully, and one could vaguely hear ambiguous words of love being spoken.


On the other hand, the tall god was so gentle that it was unbelievable that he lowered his head with reddened ears and letting the human move, his demeanor was doting to the extreme.



Inside the monitoring room.


The researcher whose spirit was on the verge of insanity stared blankly at the picture taken at an unknown time, and for a moment he didn’t know how to describe the feelings of this god towards the human in his arms.



The affection shown in his demeanor could be described as doting, but he inexplicably felt that it was more like a humble begging.



Begging the lover in his arms not to abandon, not to leave Him.

But how was this possible?



He was the supreme god, the one who had created this world and was going to destroy it!



How could He be so humble as to beg for the affection of an ordinary human being?



The researcher had a splitting headache, he couldn’t make sense of the images, the rustling whispers in his ears were his punishment for spying on god’s true face, and finally he couldn’t hold himself up any longer and collapsed to the ground and fainted.

Jiu Shu didn’t know what was going on in the base behind him and didn’t really want to pay attention.



He was just bored as he leaned into the tightly muscled arms of the punishment object all the way to the side of the highway in the forest.



There was his pre-prepared car there.



“Get in!” Jiu Shu got out of his embrace and got into the driver’s seat.



Outside the car, You Xin hesitated, wondering if he should get in the passenger seat.


He was still too timid to initiate proximity to his beloved, but to sit in the backseat would be too far away from Jiu Shu, so far that You Xin felt his heart pumping.



“Sit here.” Jiu Shu could see the timidity in You Xin, and the lips that were revealed after the mask was removed hooked up slightly, his long, slender fingertips gently pointing down the seat beside him.



Only then did You Xin move a little stiffly and sit in the passenger seat, keeping his head down and not saying anything while his heartbeat sped up a little.



Jiu Shu started the car and drove down the highway towards the center of Metropolis.



He was going to go home and recuperate before going to that cruise ship to meet You Xin.



With that in mind, Jiu Shu suddenly twisted his head to look at the object of discipline and met with You Xin’s averted eyes.



You Xin hastily withdrew his gaze and lowered his head in a lagging motion, as if he was feeling uneasy about his peeking behavior.



And Jiu Shu just looked at him intently for a long time, then parked the car by the lake near the forest.



The lake reflected the setting sun over the forest, the warm round sun was tinted with a few halos by the rippling lake water, and the afterglow of the sunlight sprinkled down on the car, illuminating Jiu Shu’s snow-white cheeks more and more softly.



“I remember before in the base, you seemed to want to say something ……”



Jiu Shu knew that You Xin still had knots in his heart that had yet to be untied, and compared to You Xin, who was too immersed in the guilt of having killed his lover to see him, You Xin, the main personality, also seemed to have unspeakable guilt and pain.


His was no less than You Xin, but his introverted personality made it hard to detect, Jiu Shu intended to make it clear.



Lest there be a repeat of the chaos and tragedy at the amusement park.


“I ……”


Subdued by Jiu Shu’s sudden words, You Xin’s pupils tightened, and the pale palms resting restrainedly on his knees slowly tightened, the slender bones tensing to the point of whiteness.


After a few seconds of silence, You Xin raised his eyes, his dark pupils suppressed the pain that almost drowned a person and the unrequited love for his lover.



“Yes, not ……”



Due to the over-suppressed emotions, You Xin’s voice seemed raw.



He knew that now was the final judgment.



Confessing his dirty soul and unsavory mind in front of his lover who had risen from the dead, and then meeting his lover’s judgment.



Getting the end he deserved.


The narrow tail of Jiu Shu’s eyes lifted slightly as he quietly watched the tense-faced You Xin, waiting for him to continue.



He rubbed his fingers gently against You Xin’s pale cheek, as if in encouragement.



Under the soothing influence of Jiu Shu, his pupils trembled but he still spoke slowly.



“Earlier at the amusement park …… I lied to you, I took a pill that’s why You Xin didn’t show up ……”



You Xin confessed what he did in the amusement park before, although it was only a week gap for the real world, for You Xin, that extremely painful memory had been recalled a million times.



Both the love for Jiu Shu and the disgust for himself had been etched into his heart over and over again.



After returning to his original body in death, he had punished himself with this constant reminiscing, repeating those heart-rending memories and emotions over and over again, immersed in numbness and pain.


For he knew that the only way to pay for all these sins was to repeat them until his consciousness was wiped clean.



And he never expected to feel the scent of his beloved again, the beloved that he had searched all the timelines and failed to find had once again appeared in front of His eyes.



This was an image that You Xin never dared to dream of, he didn’t want to think about the reason for his beloved’s appearance, he just didn’t want to lose it again, and he cherished every moment he spent with his beloved immensely.



No matter how his lover chose after learning the truth of everything, he would not lie again, he had already tasted the bitter fruit brought by lying, until now he could not let go.


“It was I who caused you ……”


You Xin didn’t dare to say the words about death, even imagining it had become a kind of torture.



He didn’t dare to look into the clean and beautiful eyes of Jiu Shu, his eyes flickered to avoid his gaze, his dark eyes filled with emptiness and despair.



He opened his pale lips and continued to speak word by word, tightening his fingers with every word, leaving deep blood marks on his palms.


“I used to …… like Ai Li, I’m sorry, I’m so …… dirty.”



As well as the last carefully uttered words of love, “…… But I love you, I really do ……”



You Xin didn’t know how to express the emotions in his heart, for the first time he felt that his vocabulary was so poor, he could only mumble and repeat “I love you”.



Then in despair, he raised his eyes and looked at the man in front of him, waiting for his end.



Jiu Shu looked at him, he was nervous to the point that his lips were trembling, his beautiful dark pupils seemed to flash with a little tenderness, after a pause, he came closer.



“Is it true that you were in love with Ai Li?” Jiu Shu’s voice was calm.



You Xin’s eyes were sad and he was about to answer, but Jiu Shu reached out and placed his hand on his chest, feeling the heartbeat that gradually quickened behind the supple muscles under his hand.



“Did your heart beat faster and did you blush when you saw her?” Jiu Shu curved his pretty eyes at the blushing object of discipline before him.



He still seemed to be dumbfounded and didn’t understand what Jiu Shu was saying, only his pitch black eyes became a little wet, and his face, which had always been expressionless, showed signs of being at a loss for words.



The snow-white complexioned lover in front of him was continuing to approach, his voice as light as a sweet dream, “Did you want to kiss her, embrace her, touch her skin?”



The air in the carriage seemed to become hot.



“!!!” You Xin looked into Jiu Shu’s eyes that held a smile and completely lost his ability to think, and could only sit stiffly in place, his mind going blank.



“No, no it won’t.”



It took a while for his stopped brain to subconsciously reply, remembering the sickening feeling that came over him when he tried to confess his feelings to Ai Li earlier, and still did to this day, just imagining the feeling of being close to her made him feel extremely uncomfortable.


If he had replaced his confession with the love of his life, he would have never felt that way, all he could feel was the sound of his heart beating faster and faster and the blood racing through his veins, almost bursting out of his veins.



Thinking of this, You Xin suddenly realized something and his eyes widened, as if there were tears flickering in his dark pupils.



A long history of loathing and spurning himself had left him somewhat at a loss for words when confronted with the truth instead.


“Then of course it’s not love, you just misunderstood ……”



“In my eyes, you’re fine, not dirty at all.”



Jiu Shu laughed and rubbed the face of the object of punishment that was so stunned that he fell into a stupor.



“But what about to me? Do you think it’s a misunderstanding or true love?”



Jiu Shu’s voice was soft but serious.



For this disciplinary subject who didn’t know how to love someone, Jiu Shu felt that he should be allowed to make his own judgment.


“Love, I love you, every time I see you, my heart beats faster, I want to kiss you, embrace you …… touch your skin.” You Xin’s trembling breath was mixed in his voice, but his tone was unusually firm.



Looking at the object of discipline’s trembling but blazing gaze, as well as the tone of voice that seemed to be filled with love and infatuation, Jiu Shu froze for a rare moment.


A thin layer of red rose at his cheeks, as if the entire flawless face was enveloped in a layer of red veil like smoke and mist, so beautiful that it dazzled the eyes.


“Ahem! I heard your confession, so now we’ve made up.” Jiu Shu averted his eyes somewhat unnaturally, sort of putting an end to the previous breakup farce at the amusement park.



Across, You Xin was still looking at his lover, and though he wasn’t good at making much of an expression, his eyes, which had become extremely bright from excitement and joy, were enough to illustrate the emotions of the moment.



However, after a few moments of joy, it seemed that You Xin was still a bit uneasy, his lips quirking as he recalled what his lover had looked like when he was shattered.



Every time he recalled that memory it hurt him to the core, “But I have …… deceived you before, and caused you ……”



You Xin said, his fingers clasped tightly in the palm of his hand, his face gradually became pale, he was not a qualified lover, his kind of people even if they were not dirty, they did not deserve to be loved.



Perhaps to the beloved Jiu Shu, being with him was the greatest defilement, he wasn’t worthy of Jiu Shu’s affection at all, and that so-called affection of his was also incomparably despicable and unworthy of mention.



Upon hearing the words, Jiu Shu glanced at him. His beautiful dark pupils became transparent under the reflection of the sunset outside the car window, but they had an emotion that was impossible to see through.



He could tell that You Xin was still trapped in that memory, the memory of his death.



Perhaps, like You Xin, who was too afraid to meet him, it was You Xin who couldn’t forgive himself the most.



Jiu Shu, who had a thorough understanding of the human heart, didn’t say anything that would make forgiveness easy, knowing that even if he did, You Xin wouldn’t be able to easily let go of his feelings.


Instead, his voice trailed off as he said, “I am indeed angry at your childish behavior.”



Listening to his lover’s voice suddenly grow cold, You Xin’s dark pupils grew hollow.



“You are all the same person in my eyes, I hope you can accept each other, you are just sick, and sickness can be cured.”



He cupped You Xin’s pale face in his soft palms, the face that was beautiful beyond compare in You Xin’s eyes held a faint hint of exhaustion.



“You’ll help me, won’t you? You and You Xin will change back to your old selves, and then I will forgive you for what you did to cause me to die.”



“…… okay.” You Xin looked at the lover in front of him, tightening his fingers slightly as he promised Jiu Shu.



If it was for him, anything would do, even if it meant taking in sub-personality that hated him.



Jiu Shu’s eyes softened a bit as he saw this.



In fact, he could see that even after a life and death parting, there was still an unbridgeable gap between You Xin and You Xin.



If it wasn’t because of his death that both of them fell into a deep sense of guilt that they couldn’t extricate themselves from, they wouldn’t have coexisted peacefully like they did now.



It was normal that mental illnesses couldn’t be cured in three or two days, and even now that they had become part of god after returning to their original bodies, they still needed a long healing process.



And Jiu Shu didn’t mind accompanying them for the rest of their time.


Collecting his thoughts, Jiu Shu restarted the car and drove in the direction of Metropolis.



After pacifying the Master personality, it was time for the Sub-Personality.



Hopefully, You Xin would be as nice to coax as You Xin.


The night was deep, and the wind was calm on the wide, endless sea.



An enormous voyaging cruise ship large enough to carry thousands of people on a cruise sailed out of the harbor, and the luxurious cabins on the cruise ship were brightly lit, as high-pitched shouts and countless pious prayers seemed to ring out.



“Kasmos will forgive us!”


“As long as we offer enough sacrifices! More!” Several hoarse voices shouted so, their tones frantic.


Inside the spacious hall of the cruise ship, under the high dome was a golden decoration, old men wearing rabbit masks stood near the arranged altar, their limbs trembling as if they were caught in hysteria, their eyes showing their masks were full of blood.



They were the core members of the Ten Elders Club, and having lived for hundreds of years, they had originally gained what could be described as an endless lifespan by virtue of their sacrifices to Kasmos.



For some reason, ever since the crack in the sky appeared, their lifespans had been decreasing, and in just a week they had gone from being young and strong to being as old as they were now.


If they didn’t find a way to gain longevity they were going to die of old age.


This was something they simply couldn’t accept, although they had already lived for so long, they wanted to continue living, the beautiful youth and life they still wanted to continue enjoying.



“It must be that damned officiating priest who didn’t make a proper offering last time! He’s the one who angered Kasmos, we can surely earn forgiveness!”



A leading rabbit mask in the dense crowd in the hall said so angrily, his fingers heavily pressing a button on the table, the huge fire pit in the middle of the hall instantly burst into flames, the searing embers pulsing to burn the dozens of men and women hanging above it to ashes.



The blazing heat could be felt even by those of them who were dozens of meters away.



Screams and wails rang out instantly while the rabbit masked man gave a satisfied look and grinned grimly, anticipating Kasmos’s reward when the sacrifice was complete.



For some reason, however, the flames in the fire pit suddenly changed color, and the men and women who were hanging in mid-air drifted out of the agony of being roasted and opened their eyes in bewilderment, looking around at the black, icy flames.




“What is …… going on!!!”



“Damn it! Who did this!” The pale human voice was filled with indignation, but in the next second, he didn’t have the strength to make another sound.





“My face, my hands oooh-”



The rabbit masked people around them let out screams of horror, looking at their hands and feet exposed outside their black robes, watching as they were strewn with wrinkles and their fragile bones caused them to fall heavily to the ground.



“Ahhhh-” they let out weak cries of anguish, opening their eyes only to see a fleshy eyeball open on the ceiling above their heads at some point.



Rustling – eerie whispers echoed throughout the hall as the eyeball on the ceiling slowly opened, its dark and ghastly pupil filled with hatred and resentment towards the living.



Whimpering – there seemed to be someone crying.



The cry of sorrow and despair to the extreme seemed to come from the depths of the soul, instantly plunging one into a collapse from which there was no escape.


Boom – The sound of a helicopter’s propeller turning rapidly was deafening, and a helicopter pulled up to a cruise ship in the night.



“Is You Xin here?”



Jiu Shu jumped out of the helicopter and looked at the cruise ship thoughtfully, his fingers brushing against the cruise ship’s railings, the soft, smooth, fleshy texture feeling was as if he was touching a ball of soft meat.



Vaguely visible in the light were blood-red chunks of flesh that were slowly pulsing as if they were breathing, completely wrapping the railings into a bloody mess.


And this bloody flesh was spread throughout the entire cruise ship.


“Yes, he’s here.” You Xin replied as he carefully took out a paper towel and wiped Jiu Shu’s fingers, looking to where he couldn’t see him.



Locking eyes with a stump of a man who had buried his face in his hands deep within the cruise ship, the other man’s gaze was dead and lifeless, as if he had been sapped of all consciousness by endless suffering.




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