C1.33 — Crime Record

In the sky of Metropolis, the rift was still expanding slowly.



Ever since the rift had appeared, the government had begun to look for a solution, but until a week after the rift had appeared, they had not found any practical solutions, and could only seize every opportunity to make a last ditch effort for the sake of the future of mankind.



“Those damn Ten Elders Club! If it wasn’t for them messing around, how did we end up like this!”



Inside the heavily guarded underground base in the vacation forest on the outskirts of Metropolis, a meeting was being held in the base’s conference room that was filled with an anxious and uneasy atmosphere.



The managers beside the long table were all frowning and cursing the culprits who had caused all this: “If I were you, I’d say we should shoot those crazy people!”



“Okay! Now is not the time for infighting, they said they have a way to make the god rest his wrath, they are going to hold a sacrifice ceremony on an offshore cruise ship, I don’t know if it’s going to work or not but we can’t touch them for the time being!”



The base head Ross frowned and stopped the clamor of his colleagues, but also didn’t say straight out that they couldn’t deal with the Ten Elders Club at all now.



As the weird crack grew bigger and bigger, all the people in Bluestar became very strange, their mental state was on the verge of madness, and many of them began to believe in Kasmos.



The Ten Elders Club already had a huge sphere of influence, and now it was almost above the world government’s power, so no one could do anything about them.


They could only hope that they really had a way to save mankind, although this disaster was originally caused by their indiscriminate sacrifices.



Who could have imagined that god actually existed, otherwise they would have stopped this group of people who didn’t take human life seriously.



Ross thought of this, feeling both helplessness and indignation, but now wasn’t the time to consider these, their meeting was to discuss the upcoming sacrifice ceremony.



Sacrificing human suffering to Kasmos to stop this doomsday.


“I’ve invited the prophet of the Caitian god Sect, it’s said that she can foretell the future and detect things about the god.”



“Perhaps she can help us.”



Saying that, Rose introduced the old woman sitting beside herself to the crowd.



It was an old woman with a black veil covering her face, her eyes seemed to have been blind for a long time and were only cloudy white, yet her voice was slow and steady as if she could feel something.




“I can hear the god crying …….”

With that, her finger pointed towards the altar behind the glass wall of the conference room.



That was the most important thing in this base, an altar of sacrifice to the god of Creation.



The base head, Ross, frowned tightly and followed the direction of the old woman’s finger as he looked at the altar behind the special glass, and his gaze reflected the tape recorder that was playing music on the altar, as well as a blood-colored figure that loomed large.



The figure was like the remnants of a broken tape in an old movie, with only faint shadows that flickered intermittently in the human retina, making it impossible to see the full picture.



But it could be seen that it was a humanoid creature, and extremely tall, standing in front of the tape recorder with its head hung down in silence looking at something.



It was as if it was a hallucination, and vaguely gave off an extremely ominous feeling of foreboding.



This was the abnormal phenomenon that appeared at the altar every afternoon recently, although it looked very weird, but in fact, this shadow didn’t seem to harm the people around it, and would only stand next to the tape recorder every day, as if it was obsessed with the uninterruptedly playing music.

They were playing a song by the singer Jiu Shu, who had burst onto the scene a few months ago.



At first it was just someone unintentionally playing Jiu Shu’s music in the base, but then a researcher discovered that whenever the song was played, strange magnetic fluctuations would appear near the altar, and the expansion of the cracks in the sky would slow down at a rate that was invisible to the n.aked eye.



This once made the base side unusually excited, thinking that they had found a way to stop the coming doomsday, and mobilized all their forces to look for that singer, Jiu Shu, but who knew that Jiu Shu’s whereabouts were uncertain, and that neither the record company nor his agency had any trace of him, and that he had already disappeared a few days ago.



The blow of dashed hopes was undoubtedly huge, the base could only look for other ways to buy a large number of albums on the Internet that could slow down the expansion of the cracks.




This was what kept the crack from expanding indefinitely at the same rate as when it was first created, and instead delayed the doomsday until a month later.



However, each album was only effective for the first few times it was played.



To this day, all the albums were about to be consumed, and the crack was gradually expanding at an uncontrollable rate, and no one knew which day the crack would go completely out of control.



“The sacrifices are about to arrive tomorrow afternoon, all ordinary people from a vacation group, make sure they’re in a state of ignorance about the sacrifice ……”


This was what made the pain gained by the sacrifice more real.



This was the solution they came up with after the album failed.



Ross said so to the old woman, wanting to hear what the old woman had to say.



However, the old woman was still pointing at the altar on the opposite side of the room, looking a little off.



“It’s not right …… god’s voice has changed …… Haven’t you guys realized it yet? god’s figure is becoming solid day by day.”



The old woman’s voice was a bit fearful, she was obviously blind, but it was as if she could see everything on the opposite altar.



This caused the crowd to freeze and redirect their gaze to the altar, only to realize that it seemed that compared to the initial blurry residual shadow, the shadow was now almost turning into a solid body.




The lights in the base flickered for a split second, something that shouldn’t have happened at all, this base used military power and there wouldn’t be a moment’s interruption in the flow.






Oooh- There was the sound of someone’s cry echoing in their ears, everyone who heard this cry changed their expressions drastically, their eyes widened in horror as they saw that the residual figure on the altar suddenly became clearer after the old woman’s words fell.



It was so clear that one could see every blood-red muscle texture of that figure.



Although it had human-like limbs and was so tall that it was horrifyingly large, this strange remnant was actually covered in blood-colored textures that stained the ragged clothes on its body that looked like they had been scorched by flames.



It was as if a human had been stripped of its top layer of skin piece by piece, exposing mottled pale skin and interlacing blood-red textures, revealing the meridians and veins underneath, oozing crimson blood stains on the ground.



“This is ……”



Ross’s eyes widened as he saw the figure that had been standing next to the recorder silently listening to the song suddenly hunch over, skinless palms covering his face, his back turned to the crowd in a slightly trembling stance as if he were weeping.



He let out a ghastly whimper as if filled with suffering, and blood-red teardrops dripped down onto the floor as if a horribly corrosive chemical had cauterized the ground with deep hollows.


[Whimpering–all of it–]



[My fault]



As if millions of human voices were mixed together, the sound of agonized wailing made the brains of all those who heard it chaotically blank.

“Quickly close your eyes! Don’t look anymore! He’s noticed us!!!”



The old woman’s voice was hoarse and shrill, hoarsely ordering the people around her.



Ross subconsciously closed his eyes and dared not look any further, while the others who didn’t close their eyes in time were dumbfounded and unable to avert their eyes.



Seeing the tall figure, hunched over as if weak to the core, slowly turn around, his face, concealed in his hands, revealed a hollow, dark eye through his fingers.



The deep and terrifying pupil locked eyes with the humans who were still looking directly at Him, as if it contained endless resentment and inexplicable hatred.



The few people with their eyes open were so afraid that they were trembling all over, but how could they not look away, their brains were on the verge of collapsing, strange murmurs rang in their ears, and they actually inexplicably read the emotions in the eyes of this residual shadow.



Those resentment and hatred were not towards them, but towards Himself.



He was deeply resenting Himself, so bitter that He couldn’t stop crying even for a moment.



This resentment was like hot magma turning into blood-red teardrops that slid down from the eyes, down the palms, arms, and corroded all the pale skin that was growing rapidly around them.



And the remnants of the shadow also seemed to be very afraid of pain as slightly trembling, but still crying, as if in this way it could punish itself, to relieve the pain in its heart for a moment.



Several people pupils dilated, only then did they realize that the shadow wasn’t originally like this, but that pale skin was corroded by those blood-red teardrops, leaving mottled blood scars on the body.



Then could it be that He originally looked like a normal human?



Several people suddenly thought so, and their faces became extremely pale, as if they had spied on hidden secrets that should not be known by humans, and their sanity became chaotic and unspeakable.



“god …… god is angry, He doesn’t like to be seen!”



Inside the conference room, the old woman howled out again, her hoarse voice full of panic.



Rustling – a strange and extremely strange whisper suddenly sounded in the conference room, and the old woman, who was originally still saying something in a high voice, suddenly acted as if she had been strangled, unable to make a single sound.



She sat trembling against the side of the desk, and although she couldn’t see, her cloudy white eyeballs reflected a blood-red figure covering its face and crying, looking down at her.



Dark, ghastly pupils opposed her cloudy eyes.



The whimpering-sobbing was close at hand.



It was He who had come in.



The old woman stiffened, her face instantly bloodless.



Click – the sound of a drawer being opened came, and the old woman saw that the blood-red figure in front of her seemed to have given up watching her, it took a box of albums from a drawer next to the desk, then resumed his place at the altar.



Replacing the album in the recorder, which had been damaged from playing it too many times, with the newly brought album with his bloodied fingers.



“…… Maybe we’ll meet again …… Embrace each other ……” the song played again, the youth with a smiling voice was as if he was right next to the ear and was whispering intimately to someone.



Gentle and loving, mesmerizing.



The blood red shadow sat crouched next to the recorder with his knees hugged, seemingly attracted by the song, and his cries became much lower.



But as this part of the song passed, He began to sob again, whimpering in pain, stretching out his skinless fingers to press the replay button, repeatedly playing this part of the song “will meet again”.



The tears that kept flowing eroded the growing skin on His body, but He just quietly endured the pain, trembled, and continued to listen to the song.


He no longer looked as horrible as he did just now, but became as gentle as a lamb.


Not far away, inside the conference room.


“…… Seal and lock …… Quickly! Seal off this place! Don’t let anyone come near!”



The old woman’s weak voice resounded in the deathly silent conference room, which woke up the crowd that had fallen into excessive fear.



The base’s supreme leader, Ross, didn’t even dare to raise his head, nor did he dare to think about what happened to that strange rustling and crying just now, and left the conference room quickly with the old woman who was hobbling on her feet.



Soon, the news of the accident spread throughout the base, and the heavily armed guards blocked off the center of the base, and the experimenters who wanted to enter could only do so after blocking their vision.




Because god didn’t like the stares of others.



This was what quelled an accident that could be called a disaster.


Inside the conference room just now, other than the few who closed their eyes in time, everyone else, including the researchers who were nearby at the time, were all isolated, and it was soon discovered that they were stupefied and became extremely emotionally fragile, crying more than a little at the slightest movement.



The most serious few were the ones who had looked directly at the shadow’s appearance, as if they were unable to carry the huge amount of information and peeped into the hidden secrets belonging to god, they were already mentally deranged when they were rescued, and would only cry dully, crying so much that they fainted without stopping.



“It’s horrible ……”



“Is this god? Merely watching ……”



Ross’s voice trembled slightly as he watched his former colleague being put into an isolation room, shaking uncontrollably as he began to wonder if their sacrifice plan would work.



The mere lingering gaze of that supreme god could make humans so wretched.



Could the suffering of their ickle-like existence really earn the god’s forgiveness?



Rose began to take a pessimistic view.



The old woman who experienced everything just now was also shocked, although she had some ability to predict the future, but it was only a glimpse, and it was the first time in her life that she had a brush with such an unnamable existence as god.




She knew that she would die if she was not careful just now, and her heart was also palpitating.



But now was not the time to be afraid.



“I can sense that there is someone god wants most in this selection of sacrifices.”



The old woman couldn’t say for sure, it was really just a feeling, she hesitated, “Anyway, make sure the sacrifices enter the sacrifice area and don’t let them escape.”



A dead horse was a dead horse, Ross sighed and nodded his head heavily in response, he had made many preparations for the sacrifice a day later.




Looking at the list in his hand, Ross’ eyes lingered on one of the pretty-looking girls, Ai Li, and then looked over the list of other vacationers, revealing a bit of impatience, he closed his eyes and falling silent.



Time quickly came to a day later.



On the highway outside the vacation forest, Ai Li sat in her car looking out the window at the rapidly receding forest trees, revealing a relaxed expression.


The lush forest was obviously more relaxing to the human spirit than the hectic pace of the metropolis.



“I hope it’s going to be a nice holiday ……,” Ai Li said in a slightly melancholic voice.



With her boyfriend Lin Qi at her side, he wrapped his arms around Ai Li and comforted her heartily before the car finally came to a stop.



It reached the center of the destination vacation forest.



“The log cabin hotel in front of us is the room we’ve reserved, come and get your room cards!” The caravan’s guide directed the crowd in the direction of the log cabin.



It was an exquisite four-story log cabin, with modern décor and walls in just the right soft tones to match, making it a pleasure to look at.




“We’ll rest here tonight, and tomorrow we’ll arrange to go swimming in the lake in the forest, a five-star treat guaranteed!”

The crowd walked into the hotel with anticipation on their faces, and as the group of a dozen or so people entered, the forest near the hotel seemed to faintly and imperceptibly light up with a strange glow.



Inside the base located underground, around the altar in the center, numerous experimenters nervously pressed the buttons, and the sacrificial runes lit up one after another.



The sacrifice had begun.



Walking at the very end of the group, the youth wearing a mask and duck-tongued cap raised his beautiful peach blossom eyes and looked towards the cameras near the hotel, as well as the lead-gray sky above his head.



It was cloudy, as if it would rain heavily at any moment.



The crack that ran through the sky, on the other hand, remained as it was.



“…… “Retracting his eyes, the youth slowly stepped into the confines of the hotel.






Located in the middle of the altar, a chaotic rustling sound came from within a deep cavern that seemed to lead to the ground.



It was the sound of the god’s breathing, which had somehow become somewhat disorganized, as if it had sensed something and accelerated its awakening as a result.



The cracks in the sky also seemed to have begun to tremble slightly, as if they were struggling to wake up in a nightmare.



“The sacrifice is a bit strange ……”



The experimental personnel in the base looked puzzled, not knowing what had happened, the magnetic field near the altar had become abnormally disturbed, even stronger than every afternoon when the shadow came out.




“What’s wrong? Something wrong with the sacrifice?” Ross became nervous, although he didn’t hold much hope, after all, the future of mankind was at stake, and no one could afford to relax.



The experimenter didn’t know how to explain, while the old woman next to him, who had been listening to something, suddenly opened her eyes wide and let out a startled cry, “Turn off all the surveillance, quick! god, I hear it, god is coming down!”






In the eyes of the crowd, the coming of god was tantamount to the end of the world, and as soon as they heard the old woman mention this word, they were all horrified and their hands and feet went limp.



But the old woman denied this.



Her somewhat nervous voice said, “No, it’s not the end of the world, it’s one of His incarnations that’s coming, coming to look for someone ……”



“I hear you, yes, it’s a person, a person that god wants beyond measure to get, beyond measure to see!”



If it wasn’t for the fact that the old woman was indeed highly prestigious, the crowd would almost have thought that she had lost her mind, how could god care about a human being, it was simply the joke of the century.



It was only right that He wanted to see humans in misery.



“Regardless of what you think, shut down the surveillance and open the altar’s passageway to the cabin, god is going out to receive the sacrifice, blocking it will make Him angry!”


And the consequences of making the god angry, no human dared to take responsibility for that.



“Yes, yes!”



The experimenters were shaken with fear, and opened the passageway anyway with Ross’s acquiescence; this passageway was supposed to be opened on the second day of the sacrifice, and opening it now would run some risk of the sacrifices discovering the place.



But the old woman’s words were so intimidating that one could not help but want to obey them.



Boom – the valve made of special metal opens and the monitor shut down so that one could no longer observe what was going on at the altar, but there was a peculiar murmur coming from the monitor speakers.



Snap – It seemed as if someone had crawled out of the deep cavern right in the center of the altar, with heavy footsteps in the direction of the surface.



“Quickly …… turn off the speakers!” The old woman couldn’t believe that these experimenters could be so stupid as to spy on the voice of god, were they really not afraid of going insane!



Rustling – however, it was too late, as that footsteps went away, those who were close to the speakers also seemed to have heard some horrible sound, and covered their ears in agony.



At last they were carried off.


Only some of the stronger-willed were unaffected, but they too were frightened by this and cowered for a while before continuing to prepare for the sacrifice under the direction of the base’s head, Ross.



Inside the hotel on the ground at that moment, the people were excitedly entering their rooms, looking forward to tomorrow’s full vacation itinerary.



Boom – the sound of a valve opening reached the hotel.



The tip of the ear of the youth who had been sitting in the lobby of the inn looking at a computer and pondering something twitched as if he had heard the sound.



Taking a closer look at the floor, the tall and well-built youth got up and walked to the corner of the wall.


After groping around for a bit, the youth opened the floor, revealing a sci-fi filled metal passageway underneath the wooden floor.



“This man! How did this person find it! This is a passage that requires a password to open!”



The researchers in the monitoring room were dumbfounded.



After reacting, they hurriedly pressed the close button with their hands, only to have the youth in the picture easily crack the mechanism.


– the floor door lock emitted a burst of overloaded black smoke and was scrapped.



The researcher had an expression of having seen a ghost, and incredulously called his superiors, “Someone-someone has broken into the underground base!”



Before the words fell, the youth in the surveillance screen seemed to raise his head to look at the monitor, the eyes outside the mask were so beautiful that people couldn’t move their eyes.


Retracting his sight, the youth entered the underground passageway with a deft hand, while the researchers in the monitoring room reacted only halfway to what seemed to be a slightly breathless look.



The youth, whose beauty was not compromised even with his mask, seemed to despise the mechanism that he had opened so easily.




Jiu Shu did indeed despise this place.



He had never seen a so-called base that had set up an underground passageway so obviously and so rudimentary.



The people of this world were really challenging the lower limit of his IQ, making him feel that his careful preparations for this trip to the base were redundant.



In a rare display of juvenility when it came to technology, Jiu Shu was speechless at this atmosphere-destroying underground mechanism.






Jiu Shu entered the passageway and walked quietly through the all-metal built gallery with some nostalgia in his eyes.



The architectural aesthetic of this base was really similar to his homeland, except for the fact that the technology level of the people here was ridiculously low.



Inside the hotel.



The others had also discovered the wide-open underground entrance.



“Hm? Is this some kind of roleplay? An adventure into an underground base or something?” Some people fist-pumped and prepared to enter.



Lin Qi, however, frowned and realized something was wrong, his intuition as a detective allowed him to perceive something unusual about this hotel.



“Don’t go down easily, it might be dangerous, I’ll go explore first.”



Lin Qi said he was going to go down to take a look, his detective’s curiosity made him unable to let it go, his intuition told him that there must be an ulterior secret hidden in this passageway.



As Lin Qi entered the passageway, the others looked at each other for a few moments and also entered the passageway with a cheeky smile, not taking his words seriously.


Originally not wanting to go down, Ai Li looked at the empty hotel and hesitated with a pale face, but finally went down.



It was better to stay with her familiar coworkers and her boyfriend than to be left alone in the hotel.



“I’ll follow!”



Ai Li, who had gotten down the passageway, walked quickly to her boyfriend’s side and pressed herself fearfully against his arm.



Lin Qi was a bit helpless, but knowing that it was because she was afraid, he continued to walk forward.




This long corridor made of all metal couldn’t be seen at a glance, the crowd walked for a full five or six minutes before they came to a fork in the road, and Lin Qi chose one of the intersections where there was a faint sound coming from.



The crowd lazily chose to follow.




Unaware of what exactly the crowd saw, screams rose up.



Wails of agony echoed through the long corridor, and the security camera image then distorted and blossomed, leaving only a vague image of a tall, bloodied figure walking past the end of the corridor.



Ai Li fainted first, the others gradually collapsed in a trance, and Lin Qi held on to his girlfriend with difficulty, but in the end he could not withstand the ghastly whispers in his head that almost shook his heart and fainted.



And after they fainted, the heavily armed guards in the dark door of the passageway carefully lifted them up and sent them off to parts unknown.


Snap-snap-snap – the footsteps continued, only no one dared to spy anymore, except for a youth who was still searching for something in the passageway.



Looking down at the road map on his phone, Jiu Shu was heading to the altar in the center of the base when he seemed to hear something.

The surveillance image showed him standing at the corner of the corridor.



He stopped in his tracks.



Zip- In the gradually morphing and distorting image, the pretty young man wearing a mask met up with the bloodied figure at the corner.



“…… Pity.” The researcher in the monitoring room closed the monitor screen with some frustration, knowing that the youth would meet an untimely end.



No one could stay awake in a stare-down with a god, and even if they still survived, they would only be mentally deranged.



Looking at this unusually beautiful youth who could be seen even though the surveillance image was blurry, the researcher felt an unprecedented sense of loss.


Inside the empty and unoccupied passageway.



The bloodied face of the tall and ghastly man hung low, as if he was in a hazy trance of consciousness, sleepwalking through the passageway with a slow, stumbling pace.



Seemingly sensing something, He stopped his aimless wandering within the passageway.



Jiu Shu walked to His side, looked up at the familiar tall figure in front of him, and His completely disfigured face was reflected in his translucent and clear pupils.



He was even more miserable than before, even the skin was gone, but blood tears were still bubbling out of His dead eyes, as if He had already suffered so much that He had lost consciousness, and only knew how to walk by instinct.



“You Xin? Or is it You Xin?”



Jiu Shu inquired softly, reaching out a hand to gesture for Him to lower His head.



His pitch-black pupils reflected the youth’s beautifully curved peach blossom eyes, which seemed to slowly widen, and even though He was still in the unconscious stage, He still obediently lowered His head.

It was a far cry from the eerie horror of the previous base.



Jiu Shu’s white and slender fingers touched His cheeks, the wet and sticky texture was not protected by the surface skin, there was a kind of strange softness, and the snow-white and slender fingertips plunged into it at the slightest touch, it was at a degree that a normal person would faint from fear at a glance.



And the beautiful young singer in front of him just curved his narrow peach blossom eyes, revealing a hint of a smile.



“Alright, no more crying.”




“……” He seemed to have heard words that he wouldn’t even dare to presume in his dreams, his pupils dilated, and his blood-colored tears slid down, nearly scalding the youth’s fingers.



“!!!” He carefully moved away from the youth’s palm and cupped it in his hand, holding back the tears.



“Still know my name?”



Jiu Shu inquired, seeing the blurring of His consciousness at this point.




He stared blankly at Jiu Shu, His eyes held a blankness that didn’t match this tall body at all.



It seemed that only some shallow consciousness existed in this incarnation, not even counting as a real human, he was unable to answer too complicated questions.



However, the matter of protecting his beloved Jiu Shu had already been engraved into his soul, and even without consciousness, he still held Jiu Shu’s hand in his palm with exceptional care, while using his other hand to wipe away his tears, and even tried to remove the eye that had nearly harmed Jiu Shu.


Jiu Shu stopped it by holding his forehead, looked at the road map, and decided to head to the altar.



That altar was supposed to help resurrect the object of the punishment, or at least that was what the Ten Elders Club did in the movie, and after killing the object of the punishment, they held a ritual again and accidentally resurrected him.


“Let’s see, uh, this way ……”




Jiu Shu took His hand and proceeded to the altar in the center of the base.



The figure that was so large as to be terrifying just followed behind the youth who was petite in comparison, harmlessly and quietly.



As they got closer and closer to the altar, Jiu Shu could feel the object of discipline behind him becoming more and more lucid, perhaps he’d be fully recovered by the time they reached the altar.



And at this time, Ai Li and the others who had been taken away just now had also woken up, and were being held in a transparent glass cage near the altar.



And among the people who woke up, only Ai Li was still barely conscious, the others were all mumbling in a dazed manner, seemingly insane, even Lin Qi was in a trance, leaning against the glass and not speaking.



When she saw this, she had to tap on the glass in fear, trying to ask for help, but then she saw an old woman near the cage whose eyes had gone blind with a shocked look on her face, pointing at her and letting out an uncontrollable cry of alarm.



“It’s her! I saw it! It’s this woman that god cares about the most, she’s called – Ai Li!!!”



And it was love!



The old woman looked at the image she had foreseen in her mind, unable to see the face of the god following the woman, hidden in the shadows of the stage, watching the woman’s performance on the stage.


It seemed humble in the extreme.




“……” Jiu Shu who had just reached the doorway stopped in his tracks, and behind him, the tall figure looked up in bewilderment, becoming much more conscious as he heard the old woman’s voice, which seemed to give him a sense of foreboding.



“It’s like this! It’s definitely like this! You see, she’s the only one who still remains conscious, after facing god straight on!”



“Kasmos is above, god is above, humanity is saved!”



The blood-colored remnant that slowly appeared on the altar had originally intended to continue listening to the tape recorder, but suddenly, as if discovering something, he looked at his beloved outside the laboratory door and froze at the old woman’s trembling voice.






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