C23 —- Campus Gladiator (XXI)

It was a good thing that Xia Yihui wasn’t alone, he still had a great god companion to help him.


The heat behind him just came up, and there was a force majeure that pushed his entire body to the side.



The whole mass of aluminum hot solution brushed past him and ruthlessly smashed on the window sill of the school building, creating a huge hole at once.



Before Xia Yihui had time to take a breath of relief, he felt his entire body rise up in the air, turning a heel and flying directly out of that large hole.



“Ah!” He subconsciously shrieked in shock, immediately reacting to the fact that Zhang Qingyu was helping him escape.



It was obvious that they had previously underestimated the group of forces that had assembled.


Although this group didn’t have a high IQ, they had rare abilities, and the skills they got were all combat skills, coupled with matching weapons and tacit cooperation, it was really hard to fight hard.



Since this was the case, they could only escape.



However, the current situation didn’t allow them to waste a lot of time chasing after them here, and after a comprehensive consideration, they could only come up with this plan.



Xia Yihui understood the reasoning, but if he escaped, what should Zhang Qingyu, who helped him, do?



Xia Yihui half-flipped in the air, it was like a huge transparent feather was holding him, then it gently lowered him down.



At the end of the line of sight, half of Zhang Qingyu’s body poked out of the window, his arms stretched downward, laboriously controlling him from falling straight down.



The dissolved aluminum emitted a huge amount of heat, Zhang Qingyu’s entire body was entangled in the heat, the burning temperature smoked his eyes red, even so, his entire mind was still tied to Xia Yihui.



When their eyes met, Xia Yihui’s heart and mind jolted, and he suddenly saw another figure overlapping with Zhang Qingyu.



The surroundings were clearly still a copy of the campus, but Xia Yihui suddenly saw a different scene.



In the large research lab, Zhang Qingyu, who appeared to be in his teenage form, pushed him down hard into the nutritional pod.



Attached to the side of the pod were instruments that froze the body and brain.



Outside the door rushed in a white-haired, white-browed teenager, and as soon as he came in, he knelt down and hugged Zhang Qingyu’s thighs, crying bitterly, and refusing to let him press the confirmation button.



“Even if brother Xia pays with his life, isn’t S city still full of reptilian species? You freezing brother Xia means nothing at all!”



“Zhang Qingyu, count on me to beg you, don’t freeze brother him, please spare him!”



“If you dare to move him a bit, I swear, I’ll immediately hack the United Na.tions’ net right now. If one missile comes down, no one will survive!!!”



The teenager’s mournful screams echoed around the lab, and the desperate crying was sad to hear.



The memory came to an abrupt end.



Xia Yihui recognized that teenager.


Xia Yihui entered the research institute at the age of 16, and met Experiment No. 1, who was only 6 years old at the time, that was, this teenager.



Experimental subjects who hadn’t carried through the dr.ug testing process didn’t have a name, and could only be called by a code name.



Xia Yihui had always called him No. 1, and this name had been called for more than ten years. It could be said that it was he who brought up No.1 hand in hand.



At the age of 26, he took over a new experimental program, and No. 1, who was only 16 years old, was transferred to other programs. He never saw the teenager again.



But what was all this sighting now?



How did No. 1 appear inside his research lab?



Why did Zhang Qingyu freeze him?



Mi.ssile …… Those people before said that a missile had been dropped on S city, it shouldn’t be related to this matter, right?



An even more frightening point. These should obviously be the sights he remembered, why did he have no impression?



Xia Yihui struggled to raise his face, wanting to question Zhang Qingyu, but before he could make a sound, his body spun around and he was directly thrown into the other floors.



Zhang Qingyu withdrew his hand, seeing that Xia Yihui was already safe, he subconsciously let out a sigh of relief.



The temperature under his hand was scorching hot, Zhang Qingyu raised his hand, and as expected, a scorched black mark had already appeared on his palm.



Just now, in his haste to help Xia Yihui get out of the trap, he surprisingly didn’t feel the pain in his palm at all. It was only after the tension in his heart was put down at this moment that he felt the tingling pain in the palm of his hand.



Zhang Qingyu slowly turned around and coldly looked at the crowd that was encircling up.



“You won’t be able to escape!” The scarred man clenched his fists and looked at Zhang Qingyu’s watch, the greedy desire in his eyes almost calling out.



Zhang Qingyu snorted coldly and turned around to run towards the path that Xia Yihui had traded 200 hours for earlier.



The Tiger Teeth crowd rushed to catch up.





The Scarred Man paused and signaled his men to stop.



Without the slightest bit of exasperation at being interrupted, he respectfully pulled out a small, rudimentary machine, his fingers coiled a few times, and a mellifluous musical sound came from inside.



It was an unknown Italian folk tune, with the sound of a drum organ reverberating and a melodious tune.



After 15 seconds or so, the tune ended. From that humble machine came a young man’s voice.



“How’s the thing I explained done?”



The scarred man seemed a bit afraid of the youth and said, “Boss Xin, it’s already done. The two of them have now been broken up, and they are both currently still in the No. 1 teaching building, and they should take the initiative to go to the principal’s office before too long. Boss, don’t worry, we will desperately help you intercept Zhang Qingyu and ensure that we leave you ample time.”



Xin Zhu: “What did you guys just do, tell me every bit of it.”



Scarred Man: “We injured Zhang Qingyu!”



Xin Zhu’s voice raised a few points and seemed to be very pleasant, “Well …… done. What else?”



What else? The scarred man thought for a moment and replied with some uncertainty, “Boss, there’s no more.”



“Nonsense!” Xin Zhu’s voice snapped up grimly, “Where’s brother Xia? Isn’t he with you guys?”



The scarred man was startled by the voice, and only after half a day’s thought did he react to the fact that ‘brother Xia’ should refer to Xia Yihui.



What was this situation? Could it be that Xia Yihui was acquainted with his boss? Otherwise, how could the boss call him so familiarly?



Thinking of the 200 hours he had robbed, the scarred man’s blood ran cold. Greed wasn’t enough to swallow an elephant, at this moment, he only felt a heartfelt regret, and he wanted to slap himself a few times.



Damn it! For the sake of those 200 hours, he almost had to even put his life on the line now!



“Xia, he gave me 200 hours.” After saying that, the scarred man added, “Boss, it’s not my fault, he volunteered!”



“Oh …… voluntary?” Laughter rang out, dark and stagnant, like the quiet before the storm.



The Tiger Teeth crowd that gathered around to listen were chilled to the bone, not to mention the big man holding the source of the audio in his hand.



He swallowed his saliva and looked at the instrument in his hand with a nervous expression, signaling for the other men to hold it for him.



Xin Zhu’s interested voice came from the instrument, ”You’re afraid of me? Why do you want the others to hold it for you?”


“Boss, how do you know …… ah! You’re in the monitoring room!” The scarred man reacted fiercely.


“I’m not in the monitoring room, I’m in the principal’s office to greet brother Xia ……”



The scarred man had just breathed a sigh of relief when the voice in the instrument that sounded like a hellish evil spirit came out again.



“However, I just hacked the school’s monitoring system by the way. Your every move can’t escape my eyes oh. Hee hee ……”



Scarred Man: “……!” Cold sweat dripped down his forehead, he felt like he was not holding a small machine, but a time bo.mb.


Xin Zhu smiled coldly, his voice coming out through the instrument.



“Everyone listen, kill this person who dared to threaten brother Xia, you’ll all have a prize. Also, those 200 hours, be sure to send them back to me in their original form, not missing a second!”




As soon as the words fell, the scarred man’s fingers shook, and the simple instrument fell to the ground. He wanted to bend down to pick it up, but suddenly his whole body went cold.



Looking at the eyes of the henchmen beside him, the scarred man’s legs and stomach trembled as he took two steps back, stuttering and questioning, “What do you, what do you want?!”



The henchmen exchanged glances with each other, greedy smiles blooming from their faces as they slowly surrounded him.



“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Miserable screams spread throughout the No. 1 school building.



The miserable screams were heard in the distance. Some players who didn’t know the reason shook their heads and whispered to each other.



“Tiger Teeth is slaughtering people again. Did you hear that Teaching Building #1 is now Tiger Teeth’s base, and all unrelated people, without exception, will be obliterated by their Boss Xin Zhu.”



“Huh? But when the fourth model started, didn’t the guy on the radio tell no.7 Xia to come over as well?”



“My ass, Xia Yihui is the no.7 on the leaderboards, and there’s also a no.1, Big god Zhang, escorting him. How can you compete with him? He’s playing simulation and puzzle solving, what about us? What about us? We’re playing Battle Royale! Aiya, stop talking, hurry up and run.”



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