C1.16 —- Crime Record

Simultaneous to the flustered movements of You Xin was Ai Li’s surprise-filled exclamation, “Jiu Shu!?”



“You… you’re here!”

Ai Li barely managed to control her volume, but perhaps the chaos in the hall had taught her a lesson the last time, and she reacted by immediately trying to lower her voice.


“I mean, it’s nice to see you again, Mr. Ji.”



The woman with the long pink hair looked pitiful with her eyes imploring and vaguely teary.




On the side, the tall man who was originally about to open his mouth to explain something stopped moving.


For some reason, looking at the infatuated-looking Ai Li, the hand on his side slowly tightened its grip, as if he was holding back some kind of malice.


“Not interrupting or anything, me and Mr. You Xin weren’t doing anything, we were just chatting, well ……,” Ai Li answered Jiu Shu’s question shyly, squirming in embarrassment.



“Chatting about you, I was really worried about you, and it’s so good to see you’re okay!”


After saying that, she blushed red and was so shy that she almost went into the ground.




After a short silence, there was the anger that You Xin suppressed to the extreme: [Damn woman, did she think that Jiu Shu was talking to her!]


You Xin couldn’t believe that this woman would be so devoid of self-awareness, ‘her’ resentful gaze was almost ready to eat this woman who dared to covet Jiu Shu, alive.



Originally, she had thought that soon this woman would have her fantasies shattered, however, the reality was diametrically opposite to what You Xin had imagined.



Jiu Shu seemed to simply freeze before politely removing him sunglasses and responding to Ai Li with a smile.


“Thank you ma’am for your concern, I’m fine.”


The pretty peach blossom eyes curved up in a smile, brimming with a moving color, as if it was true what Ai Li had said, that Jiu Shu had come for her this time.



It was also true that compared to ugly, tall men, petite, lovely women seemed to fit the definition of a match made in heaven in the eyes of the world better.



A tall star and a beautiful opera actress falling in love due to an accident and living happily ever after seemed to be a fairy tale plot that would be welcomed by all.


Falling in love with Ai Li was a much more likely scenario than someone like You Xin, who couldn’t even fully control his body.




Bewildered and aggravated, You Xin watched as her beloved Jiu Shu talked and laughed with the woman named Ai Li.


How could this be …… He was clearly ‘her’ boyfriend!



[Get the hell away from Jiu Shu!!!]

Looking at the two of them who were getting closer and closer, You Xin was so anxious and angry that she couldn’t wait to tear off Ai Li’s face with her disgusting smile.



‘She’ once again sternly demanded that You Xin give up his body as soon as possible.


[Hurry up! Hurry up!!!]


[Jiu Shu must be angry to be like this! It’s all your fault!]



[Damn thing! If you hadn’t run here with that woman, how could he get mad at me!]



You Xin looked at Jiu Shu and Ai Li not far away.


The man and woman of similar heights stood together, a match made in heaven.



That incredibly tender kiss a few days ago seemed like a dream.


And now, not far away, this Jiu Shu who was incredibly gentle no matter who he was with was the true reality.


“In this world, there is not a single person who will truly love you as a monster!” In the yellowed memory image was the woman’s hideous curse.


His fingers suddenly twitched nervously, and the strange pain at his heart caused You Xin to lower his eyes expressionlessly, unable to reveal any emotion.



He just thought that the feeling at that moment was very much like the feeling of near suffocation when he first met Ai Li and saw his mother reappear.


If it wasn’t love, then what was this feeling called? You Xin didn’t know.



He closed his eyes quietly, and after a few moments, the tall man who opened them again changed his demeanor.


The dark pupils seemed to be filled with anger, but deep in his eyes was a helplessness and fear that couldn’t be hidden.


“I’ve been thinking about properly saying thank you for the past few days, if it wasn’t for you, the one who might be in the hospital would be me ……”


Ai Li looked at the man in front of her, her gaze mesmerized in the dark pupils of this beautiful youth.


Such beautiful eyes, like a lake with rippling broken light.


She thought intoxicatedly, unable to move her eyes away for a long time.


“No need to thank me.”


Jiu Shu smiled, but he glanced at the tall man not far away as if he hadn’t thought about it.


The smile in his eyes deepened a bit when he saw the expression on the man’s face that had changed significantly, then in a gentle tone of voice, he gave an expulsion order to the heroine, Ai Li.


“I have some business to attend to here, may I ask the lady to excuse herself?”


Ai Li nodded in a daze, compelled by Jiu Shu’s self-seductive voice, “Okay, okay, then I’ll leave you alone, goodbye Mr Ji.”


After saying that, Ai Li giggled and walked away, leaving behind only Jiu Shu and the tall man not far away.



“…… I, I….”


The tall man stammered, but he couldn’t get any words out.


The drafts he had just made in his mind were all forgotten when he met Jiu Shu’s beautiful peach blossom eyes.


And Jiu Shu just looked at him so quietly, seemingly waiting for him to answer.


“I, no, it’s not me ……”


You Xin suddenly didn’t know how to explain as ‘she’ fell into silence.


In the well-defined eye sockets, a pair of pitch-black eyes widened, he was clearly a big man of one meter nine, but he revealed childlike uncertainty and helplessness.



If everything that had just happened was to be blamed on You Xin, then the truth that ‘she’ shared a body with You Xin would inevitably have to be told.


But You Xin was suddenly terrified that Jiu Shu, who had learned the truth, would just leave ‘her’ because ‘she’ was a mental patient in the eyes of the world.


Even though ‘she’ had always thought that she was merely trapped in this body, ‘she’ knew very well that in the eyes of others, ‘she’ was the same person as You Xin, both just a madman only.


It was impossible for a madman to be loved.


And ‘she’ wanted to be loved by Jiu Shu.


You Xin quirked her lips a few times without making the slightest sound.


‘She’ didn’t want to deceive her beloved, but she also didn’t want him to leave her just like that.



“……” You Xin hung her head low, at a loss for words.


Under Jiu Shu’s calm gaze, ‘she’ could only look like a condemned prisoner waiting for the final judgment, falling into an uncontrollable fear.



Jiu Shu looked at the object of discipline in front of him and seemed to sigh imperceptibly, “Just now, Ms. Ai Li explained to me that it’s just a casual conversation, I get it.”


The taller man with slightly reddened eyes sniffed, as if he had heard something unbelievable, and raised his head in confusion and uneasiness.


Like a stray dog that had gotten into trouble, he cautiously looked at Jiu Shu, fearing that he had misheard the words and ultimately couldn’t escape the fate of being discarded by his master.



“Will …… you keep standing there?” Seeing this, Jiu Shu helplessly held his forehead.


“Take me to your dormitory, we’ll be discovered if we keep standing here.” Pointing at his recognizable face, Jiu Shu extended his left hand.


The right hand was still hanging in a cast, hidden in his jacket where it couldn’t be seen without a closer look.


“!!!” You Xin looked into Jiu Shu’s eyes and her eyes widened in excitement, the reddened circles of her eyes becoming a little redder.



‘She’ paused for a moment before cautiously reaching out her hand, gently holding Jiu Shu’s hand with a strength that was careful to the extreme.


Two hands of very different sizes, one as delicate and white as snow, the other glowing with bloodless pallor, slowly interlocked.


Feeling the warm and soft touch of his palms, the tall man’s eyes suddenly became bright, puppyish and full of pure happiness.


If there was a tail, then it must have been flung into a stump.




Through You Xin’s eyes, You Xin looked at the two hands that were clasped together, and suddenly felt the slightest hint of searing pain flood his heart.


He didn’t understand where this feeling came from.


Wanting to withdraw his gaze and stop paying attention to the outside world, he couldn’t control it and couldn’t help but continue to hide in the corner of his soul and peek at what was going on outside.


It was as if it was the old You Xin, hiding in a dark and unknown corner.


The burning sensation at his heart intensified as You Xin’s demeanor with Jiu Shu became more and more intimate.


Until finally, as if on fire, a certain malice surged through his heart once more.


Only this time, it was no longer directed towards Ai Li.



But this time it was no longer toward Ai Li, but toward his only relative, You Xin.


Perhaps it was too much of an aversion to contact with a love interest.


Next time, he should make it a point with You Xin not to get too close to this singer called Jiu Shu.


Subconsciously, You Xin explained, hastily defining the malice.



It seemed to be in fear, afraid that continuing to probe the source of this malice would reveal some truth that he had been too afraid to admit.


“Is this your dormitory?”




Nodding her head, ‘she’ thought herself unobtrusive as she reached out her hand in an effort to spread the hair on either side of her cheeks in an attempt to hide the ugly scars on her face.


You Xin had always wanted to look her best for her meeting with Jiu Shu, but this meeting had been so rushed that ‘she’ hadn’t done any grooming and had to use this as a remedy.



“Are all of these yours?”


In the walls of the still-tidy room in the dark, the damp basement were plastered with photos and articles cut out of magazines, each one with a bright red ‘I love you’ written all over it.





It was only then that You Xin realized she had forgotten to clean up her room, ‘she’ looked over to Jiu Shu in panic, trying to offer an explanation, but in the next second, saw him walk to the other side of the room.


There, it was You Xin’s territory, clearly separated from the walls plastered with photos.


Among the items he had neatly arranged, there were several portraits of women in white dresses that were extremely eye-catching.


The slender figure and familiar stage background.


Anyone who saw the painting would at first glance recall the theater stage pillar named Ai Li.


Looking at her sweetheart who was observing the portrait, You Xin almost went into cardiac arrest.

[……] The silent onlooker, You Xin, for some reason, suddenly developed a feeling similar to guilt.



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