The King of the underworld and the Emperor Song rode on the Dragon Carriage to return to the underworld from earth, passing through the River of Forgetfulness.


Originally, the river was red and filthy, full of dead souls who had fallen into it inadvertently. After unremitting management, now the water quality of the River of Forgetfulness was excellent, fish and shrimp slowly became more and more, but no one dared to eat it.


The two sides were ablaze with fire, and the flowers on the other side had regained their vitality. Emperor Song was very happy to see it, “Have you recovered from insomnia? Living doctors are still quite useful, right?”



Yan Molu: “I don’t know, I’ve been too busy, so I haven’t slept yet.”


There was no time to sleep, so naturally he couldn’t talk about insomnia, and there was no anxiety caused by insomnia, so how were the flowers back to normal? Emperor Song was speechless, what kind of hardcore flower planting tips were these.


He asked King Yan to go see what the situation of Qiong Ren’s merit golden light meant, he was originally worried about being rejected, he didn’t expect him to agree flatly, Yan Molu was so reliable, so the matter would be quickly clarified.



“What is Qiong Ren’s situation, did you see it?”



King Yan slowly nodded.


“What is it?”


He slowly recalled everything that had happened today and said seriously, “He’s exceptionally good looking.”



“Very smart.”


“Shot arrows very well, he was taught once.”


After a pause, the corners of his mouth turned up a little, “Very cute.”


His lips were soft to the touch. But he wasn’t going to tell Emperor Song that.


The more Emperor Song heard, the more wrong he became, and a strong sense of crisis grew in his heart.


“What I asked you to go see is the Golden Light of Merit, do you understand? Golden Light of Merit. It wasn’t for you to go on a blind date!”


King Yan’s red eyes looked over, “Oh.”


Emperor Song: “Oh?”


King of the Underworld: “I forgot.”



Emperor Song stared at his face back and forth, itching to get his hands on him and pinch him twice to test the truth.



“Have you been taken over? How could a workaholic like you forget to do serious work.”



Yan Molu: “……”


“Let’s not talk about this first. I’ve decided to carry out a six-month improvement program for the Underworld’s comprehensive law enforcement capabilities. You’ll be the overall person in charge.”



Emperor Song was still very positive about his work, “Okay. I’ll inform everyone of the meeting.”




King Yan thought silently.


At dinnertime.



Qiong Ren was somewhat speechless as he looked at Chen Ruize, who was drooling over the steak, and Lin Chunsheng, who was stretching his neck and his eyes were staring into the meat.


He cut half a piece for Chen Ruize, and cut the remaining half smaller, set out chopsticks, placed it on the windowsill, and said in a low voice, “Old man, come and eat.”



He didn’t forget to set out a cup of hot tea with rice in it. This was what the dean taught him when he was a child. You must have tea and rice for the dead, and remember to invite them to come and eat.


Lin Chunsheng squirmed, “Master Qiong is too polite, I’ll just take a look.”


Chen Ruizhe, his mouth stuffed with steak, stared fearfully, “It wouldn ……”



Qiong Ren: “I heard that the former owner of this place is an old man who protects forests and birds, I curiously searched and found out that he also received an environmental protection medal, and casually offered it as a token of appreciation.”



Hearing him say this, the old man couldn’t help but wipe his tears and enjoy it with embarrassment.



Qiong Ren emphasized, “There’s really no ghost, don’t worry.”



Chen Ruize didn’t dare to be uneasy, so he could only feel better.


“Can we still eat it after the offering?”


Qiong Ren said, “Of course.”



“When I was a child, I lived in an orphanage and next door was the Martyrs’ Cemetery. The dean would take us over to make offerings to the martyrs, offering some cakes and fruits and such, and then give us some to share and eat after the offerings.”



Chen Ruize didn’t realize that Qiong Ren was an orphan: “The dean is quite a character, you weren’t afraid?”



Qiong Ren: “Of course I was afraid. But the dean said, the people here were all martyrs, even if they really became ghosts, they’d only protect us.”


“After that I was still afraid of ghosts, but I was no longer afraid that they would hurt me.”


In the evening, the staff notified everyone to gather in the courtyard, the director wasn’t going to let go of the guests who shot arrows until they couldn’t lift their hands.


“Tomorrow night, we’re going to hold a talent convention in Yuhu Village at the bottom of the mountain, and each team is going to put on a show. We’ll have to ask the villagers to vote at that time! Please prepare carefully.”



Lin Chunsheng floated down with a serious face, “Master Qiong, we don’t have a village called Yu Hu under the mountain. I’ve only heard that in the past, there was a Jade-faced Fox who had attained enlightenment in this place. The director wouldn’t have been deceived by a goblin, right?”



Jade-faced fox ah.



Qiong Ren was no stranger to this kind of animal.



The most famous jade-faced fox was none other than the Jade-faced Princess.


Many people thought that the Jade-faced Princess was a white fox, and in the original story, her father was the Hail Fox King, which seemed to be saying that she was a fox as well, but the later text made it clear that she was a Jade-faced Fox Spirit.


The Jade-faced fox had a more familiar name, the Fruit fox. After Qiong Ren knew this not very useful trivia back then, when he thought of the 86 version of the Jade-faced Princess, he always felt a complicated mood ……


Lin Chunsheng: “Master Qiong, what are you going to do?”


What else could be done, of course it was to call the police with the Underworld’s law enforcement team. It couldn’t be that he, a soft idol, was going to apprehend a group of fruit foxs.


Once he talked to Meng Shen on WeChat, Meng Shen said that although the demon race wasn’t under the jurisdiction of the underworld, he could help Qiong Ren ensure the safety of the crew.



He also said that many of the impermanent wanted to worship Qiong Ren as their teacher and learn martial arts from him, roughly the position of Lin Chong in “Water Margin.”


[TN: Foe context —- Lin Chong is a fictional character in Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels in Chinese literature. Chong was originally a martial arts instructor who fell into ill repute with his commander Gao Qiu after Qiu’s son tried to seduce Chong’s wife.]


Meng Shen also sent a voice over, very excited, “Come and become the Chief Instructor of the 800,000 Wuchang, this position is very promising.”


At the thought of being surrounded by countless Impermanence, Qiong Ren immediately sucked in two mouthfuls of air.



He replied sincerely.


[Poor Qi-1: If I take it, I can’t teach you, if I don’t, I don’t dare to face you. It’s better to let it go.]



The next night, Yuhu Village was lit up, and the trees at the entrance of the village showed long withered shadows.



Tong Xiaotong was blown by the cold wind, she couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you cold?”


Her colleague looked at her strangely, “It’s summer, it’s still a bit cool in the mountains, but it should be hot in the village.”


Tong Xiaotong pointed to her arms, “I’ve got goose bumps, and I feel the cool wind blowing on my neck.”



Colleague: “If you’re really cold, go to a villager’s house later and borrow a piece of clothing to put on.”



Tong Xiaotong nodded, her heart still flustered. She had been prone to bumping into dirty things since she was a child, and she had heard her grandmother say that it was because of the lightness of the characters in her name.



Having seen so many strange things, she was always a bit sketchy.



Rubbing her arms, she and her coworkers walked to the edge of the threshing floor, where the villagers were all seated.


The director went up and said a few words about the scene, and the show began.


Qiong Ren and Chen Ruize were the first to appear as tour guides, singing the theme song of the 83rd edition of “Shooting Eagles” – “Iron Blood and Dan Xin”.



The song was originally a male-female chorus, and the harmony part, not to mention the different tunes, even the lyrics were different. Tong Xiaotong loved this group and was especially worried about whether the two would have a car crash with such a difficult song.



The performance was surprisingly good.


Chen Ruize sang a little weaker, but had solid fundamentals. Qiong Ren’s singing skills were amazing, his voice was very recognizable, and under the clear and clean voice, it hid a little bit of provocation, his voice was very textured.



After the song, the staff and villagers applauded enthusiastically.


Tong Xiaotong didn’t know if she was blinded, but at a glance, the fingernails of the villagers who stretched out to applaud were strangely long and covered with a layer of short hairs, like the claws of an animal. But after two more glances, it seemed to be just an illusion.



There was a strong smell of animal stench in the air, mixed with the smell of talcum powder, she complained about the strange smell, but her colleagues said they didn’t smell it.


Tong Xiaotong shivered, feeling that things were not good. But she was a small intern, could she call off the ongoing shooting?


Zhang Min and his daughter Zhang Shu acted out a skit, and the Liu Shu couple came in with an erhu piece called “Horse Racing”. The last ones on stage were Qingheng and Fu Jiaze, the two of them performing Aurora Borealis, Fu Jiaze’s hit song.



She couldn’t get into it in the first place, not to mention the fact that these two danced very plainly and sang falsely, which was a real downer.


Yesterday, she saw them arguing in the kitchen, as if it was because Qingheng was allergic to shrimp, but Fu Jiaze thought he loved shrimp.


One of them was angry and the other one was coaxing, so the atmosphere was ambiguous.



Her line of sight accidentally slipped to the audience under the stage, Tong Xiaotong suddenly felt that the people in this village all look alike.


Whether male or female, they all had pointed chin and round eyes, with white spots growing from the center of their eyebrows to the bridge of their noses and on both sides of the forehead. Even if it was a genetic disease, it couldn’t be inherited so uniformly.



The villagers under the stage were also whispering, “Just open your mouth and don’t make a sound, we are not stupid, we can hear that you didn’t sing la.”



“This dance is so hard to watch, Big brother King, can we stop watching?”



“Your Majesty, let’s go!”


The villager sitting in the middle of the first row suddenly jumped onto the stage, grabbed the microphone in Fu Jiaze’s hand, said a few words into the microphone, and realized that the microphone wasn’t on.


He flipped the switch.


“Hey, hey. Hello, hello, hello, hello, can you hear me?”


Upon hearing the microphone tuned in properly, a short layer of hair exploded on his face and he waved his hand toward the stage, suddenly getting stage fright.


He rolled his toes on the floor.


“That …… uh …… uh …… All, all, charge!”


Qiong Ren: “……”


The villagers on the stage heard the call and ripped out a bag from under their chairs, which rose up against the wind, and a few claws worked together to rip it open.




The bag dispersed light red smoke, the scent was harsh and it smelled choking, inhaling a mouthful, it felt like the powder was sticking to the throat. When these powdery mists reached Qiong Ren, they dispersed around him as if they had grown eyes.


The program team froze, still not reacting to what happened.


Chen Ruize was unsure: “Is this a hidden camera trick session?”


Only Tong Xiaotong revealed a rueful smile.


She knew it!


The inexplicable chills were definitely not good!



She plugged her ears and climbed to a tree branch to ride a lean, in her experience, this place was not easily trampled.


She started playing the Guanyin illustrated version of a Sutra.



She sent the link to the chanting to all the work groups, sincerely praying that everyone was okay.


Qiong Ren was numbed by her operation.


Why was she so skillful?


The light red smoke probably had a mesmerizing effect, and in a flash, someone had already been hit. The mesmerized person’s eyes went straight and stiffly walked to the stage and sat down.



Qiong Ren was holding the invisibility talisman given by Meng Shen in his hand, hiding behind a tree. Other than the staff member who had climbed on the tree, only he and the director were still awake.



Worthy of being the leading variety director, leek harvester, and ruthless capitalist king, even the monsters couldn’t shake his steel heart.



The director threw up his arms and shouted wildly: “Come to me if you have a problem, don’t move my camera.”



Qiong Ren couldn’t help but be in awe.



The villagers swarmed over the director and tied him up, posing him in C position with five flowers tied up.



“It’s this evil human who brought people to occupy Old Lin’s houses, sell Old Forest’s machines, and pick Old Lin’s fruits.”


“I, the Jade-faced Great King of Mo Yun Cave in Old Fengshan, will take the place of Heaven today, defeat the program team, retake the bird watching station, and defend the Old Lin’s legacy!”


The leader one was impassioned, not showing the stage fright from earlier, Qiong Ren guessed that he was afraid of people, and when everyone fainted, he was fine.



He continued to swing his fist and shouted, “The fruit trees planted in the old forest are ours!”



What exactly is your combat objective ah!


Meng Shen sent a message.



[Most Handsome Undertaker: What’s the situation over there? Do you need support?]


[Poor-1: Yes ……]



[Poor-1: Take Lin Chunsheng with you, The fruit fox is here to give him justice].


“Brothers, sisters, let the iron claws of justice descend on this evil human.”



The Jade-faced King’s eyes glowed green, showing his sharp teeth, and his skinny pointed claws were covered with a layer of black hair, he looked fierce and vicious to the extreme. The rest of the villagers joined him in revealing their half-human, half-beast appearance and walked over towards the director who was already close to peeing in fear.



They were holding a thin, sharp object in their hands – an oil-based pen.



“Today we’re going to draw turtles all over his ugly face, film it, and post it! Make him stink for years to come!”


“You can’t wash it off if you draw it with an oil-based pen.”


“Not bad for the king to think of a solution, vicious enough.”


Qiong Ren: “……”


Should he stop this appalling atrocity or not? Never mind, he’d just casually stop it.


“Hold on, stop for a moment!”




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