C1.15 — Crime Record

In the slightly noisy theater lobby, You Xin was going about his usual business, putting down the props he was holding and arranging them neatly, and when he looked up he saw the white-skirted woman who had taken the stage not far away.


It was Ai Li.



Instead of a long seaweed-like wig, Ai Li wore her own hair this time, dark at the roots, the rest of it a soft shade of pink with the messiness of dyed hair.


Like the other modern women of Metropolis, she liked to dye her hair a variety of colors, which made her more youthful and vibrant.


It wasn’t the first time that he had seen Ai Li dressed like this, he had always known it.


But just as his otherwise noble and elegant mother could become hysterical, You Xin had always thought it was normal, that any woman would have a less than perfect side.



However, perhaps it was the previous dream that had burst some self-defeating bubble, and suddenly You Xin lowered his head, no longer looking at Ai Li.


This Ai Li who had become nothing like her mother.


[You said you were going to confess your love to her, right?]


You Xin voiced out in his ear, her tone sarcastic.


Without responding, he continued to finish his work in silence.


He knew that his sister could sense some of his emotions, so he wasn’t surprised that she knew what was going on in his mind.


A few days had passed since that strange dream from before, yet You Xin still felt uncomfortable.



That so-called love of a fantasy would pop into his head from time to time, and as a result, he had been in an indescribably depressing mood.


Perhaps by confessing his love to Ai Li, he could change this depressing state of affairs. This was what You Xin thought.


But for some reason, he hesitated for days and never took action.


Perhaps he was afraid of rejection. You Xin said to himself in such an underwhelming manner, forcibly ignoring the overwhelming feeling of irritation in his heart.


[Hahaha! That’s disgusting, but never mind, since I’ve already made a promise, I won’t go back on my word.”]


You Xin’s attitude was much better than before, probably because her heart had been nourished by love, ‘she’ became less acerbic and didn’t spout bad words and insults as usual.


There was only one thing that ‘she’ asked for.


That was to divide the use of this body in half to ‘her’.


It couldn’t be limited to just the times when You Xin was asleep, as well as the daytime hours.


Because ‘she’ wanted to date her beloved Jiu Shu like a normal person.



[As long as you agree to these, I’ll never mind your business again.]

When he heard the word “date”, his movements faltered, and although he quickly returned to his original form, there was a dark color under his eyes that he didn’t even know was there.


The thought of his sister and the singer walking together on an intimate date made his heart feel a little uncomfortable.


He knew it was probably just a rejection of the same gender.


He wasn’t his sister, after all; he didn’t like males, he didn’t like the one called Jiu Shu.



But, if it was for Ai Li’s safety, then he should say yes.



After all, it was nothing more than partial use of his body compared to the person he liked, and he should have to say yes.





You Xin was silent for a long time, never responding to his sister.

She grew progressively more agitated and impatient in the strange silence.


[Why don’t you say anything! Are you mute?]



[……] You Xin had really had enough of her incredibly stupid brother.


‘She’ wanted to break him into pieces, but at the moment, trapped in this body, ‘she’ still had to grovel to this disgusting fellow.



In the end, You Xin once again made a concession, no longer asking for half of the time, only a third of the time, and if at any time when there was no date, ‘she’ would not come out to hinder You Xin again.


[If you don’t agree again, I’ll kill her myself while you’re asleep!]


You Xin had already endured to the limit, and ‘she’ spoke in a grim tone.


If there was no way to be with Jiu Shu, then neither of them would be able to live happily ever after.


They’d go to jail together!


[Fucking asshole! Do you really love that Ai Li? Do you care so little about her life?]


You Xin’s voice seemed to jolt him out of some kind of emotion.


He subconsciously retorted, [Of course I …… love Ai Li.]


As if he was retorting to something that even he didn’t quite believe, You Xin stiffened.


But she didn’t notice the difference, her voice was still cold and spiteful: [That would be best, I’ll be happier when I kill her!]



Listening to his sister’s threat, he lowered his eyes to look at the prop paper flower in his hand that he had crushed, and after a moment of silence, he finally compromised and agreed.



As someone who loved Ai Li, he had to agree.





Hearing that You Xin finally agreed, she also stopped making a sound, having grown tired of You Xin to the extreme.


You Xin’s ears were finally cleared.



Having managed to appease his sister and save the woman he liked, it seemed to You Xin that he should be feeling happy and cheerful, but for some reason, the number of times he wandered off became more frequent.



The feeling of irritation in his mind also intensified.


Click – A crack appeared in the glazed vase in his hand, and You Xin looked at the crack expressionlessly, no emotion visible in his pitch-black pupils.



“…… May I ask if you’re Mr. You Xin?”


A pleasant female voice broke the silence of the moment.


You Xin raised his head and saw the woman in a white dress walk a short distance away from him, her face showing some shyness.


It was Ai Li.


You Xin was silent as he heard Ai Li say, “I think I saw the letter Jiu Shu sent you the other day ……”

That invitation letter.



The hand that she had placed at her side tightened slightly, as if she was a little nervous.



“Ahem! It’s crowded here, let’s go over there!”


Ai Li pointed to a shaded area below the stage, a place where he used to frequent.


He often stood there to watch Ai Li sing on the stage.


Following her to the shadows, You Xin’s face remained expressionless as he faced the object of his affection, only the scars running across his face looked particularly hideous.


Ai Li looked at the man in front of her, who was a size to be reckoned with, and craned her neck to look at him, her fingers nervously entwined.


Up close and face-to-face, the prop master named You Xin looked even more terrifying.


A body of exaggerated but not unattractive muscles that even the skimpy work clothes couldn’t hide.


If one didn’t look at his face, this was a body that could almost be called perfect, with broad shoulders and narrow waist, smooth muscle lines that fit the aesthetics of the human body, it was almost like a mannequin that had stepped out of an art textbook.



It could be imagined that under the fabric of the clothes must be a three-dimensional body like a marble sculpture.


However, as long as one was confronted with that menacing face, no one would find this man attractive in any way.


Only that he was an incredibly frightening monster.


Ai Li didn’t think she should be belaboring people so much in her mind.



It was wrong to judge people by their appearance, but she really couldn’t help it.


Probably because she had heard too many scary legends about this scarred prop master, Ai Li was actually quite afraid of this person called You Xin.



Being petite, she actually didn’t even dare to look at his face, after all, the only way to see the face of this one meter nine big man was to raise her head, and in that case, the movement would be too obvious.



Ai Li even felt that if she met eyes with this person, she would have nightmares for a few nights.



If it wasn’t for the sake of her beloved Jiu Shu, she wouldn’t have wanted to come to see him.


But perhaps this was love.

Moved by her own bravery, Ai Li tried to take a deep breath, tilted her head back, closed her eyes, and her voice trembled, “May I ask if you can contact Jiu Shu?”



“I’m worried about his injuries ……”

Ai Li had been dreaming about that day a lot lately, not just memories of Jiu Shu’s body that was so endearing to touch, but also that pale, pitiful face.



It was so pitiful, her Jiu Shu must have been in so much pain at that time, and her heart ached with guilt and pity in her dreams, dreaming of holding Jiu Shu’s lovely face in her arms and comforting it.


“It’s so sad, my Jiu Shu oooh ……,” Ai Li sobbed, red-eyed.


She couldn’t take this heartache anymore, she wanted to see him again and make sure he was okay to be at ease.




Upon hearing Ai Li’s words, he didn’t respond, but his hand on his side curled up silently.


Much like the last time he heard Ai Li describe how it felt to hold Jiu Shu in her embrace, You Xin felt a bit uncomfortable.



Some sort of emotion opposite of fondness was building up in his heart.


Was it jealousy?

You Xin didn’t know.


He guessed that yes, he was jealous that Ai Li liked someone else.



But for some reason, he frowned, surprised that the Ai Li in front of him had become facetious once more.


As someone who liked Ai Li, it seemed like he should be doing whatever she wanted.


However, it seemed to You Xin that he didn’t really want to tell Ai Li about Jiu Shu, and there was even a certain undeserved malice that was directed towards her.



He couldn’t figure out why he was having these emotions, and fell into self-doubt.


Ai Li, too, was lost in the emotions of love and compassion she felt for Jiu Shu in her dream, and continued to talk about her feelings of love and compassion for Jiu Shu, not noticing his loss of composure.


The two standing in the shadows of the auditorium fell into a deathly silence.



The taller man slightly looked down at the petite and cute woman in front of him, his eyes flickering, showing some kind of gentle illusion under the interplay of the stage lights.



From afar, they looked like a pair.

Snapping – footsteps interrupted the silence of the moment.


You Xin snapped back from his disorientation and looked warily in the direction the voice came from



“Am I …… disturbing you?”

A familiar clear voice rang out, and the youth wearing sunglasses raised his hand in greeting shyly, his snow-white skin seemingly glowing white in the darkness.


Rose petal-like soft lips were spitting out some confusion, “What are you guys doing?”




The ever silent You Xin went blank, ‘she’ choked and couldn’t make a sound.




After a few short and long seconds, You Xin let out a hoarse, shrill cry.


[…… body, give me the body!!!]



[Hurry up! Hurry up!!!]


Seemingly startled by the sound of You Xin’s voice, You Xin broke into what could be called a terrified expression.



Like a husband caught in the act of adultery, he took a step back in bewilderment, nearly knocking over a seat to the side.


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