C21 —– Campus Gladiators (XIX)


StarsandSand: Ah! It suddenly feels so sweet. What’s going on?! (≧▽≦)/



Big god Zhang’s leg pendant: it’s an illusion.



Little Cherry: It’s really not an illusion, wow, ah ah ah, the big god blushed, right? I didn’t see it wrong, right?



Zhang Qingyu frowned and glanced at the screen, his murderous aura rushing towards it.




Little Cherry: QAQ



On the other side, seeing Zhang Qingyu’s attitude, Liu Zite was furious.


Zhang Qingyu didn’t come to his rescue, he must have been confused by Xia Yihui’s slanderous words.


Thinking about it, Liu Zite’s loathing for Xia Yihui deepened.


At this checkpoint, all his companions had been killed, and his skills were completely useless. He could only watch the enemy take off more than half of the time on his watch.


Now he only had two hours left.



The enemy picked up Liu Zite’s collar and slapped him: ”Go back and tell your brother that this copy isn’t all about his Tiger’s Teeth g-ang as a force. If he pushes it, the big deal is that we will all join together to fight against him.”



Liu Zite nodded, not daring to say anything.



The enemy kicked him and glanced scornfully at Zhang Qingyu, going down the stairs from the other side.


With the battle over, Xia Yihui and Zhang Qingyu bypassed Liu Zite and prepared to continue their journey.


“Wait!” Liu Zite shouted.


Xia Yihui turned around, “Something else?” At the same time, what was going through his mind was whether or not to go up and make up for it.



“Why didn’t you save me? All of my time has been taken away!” Liu Zite broke down and cried, pouncing up to hug Xia Yihui’s leg.



The later people in the live broadcast room didn’t understand the cause, and sympathized, asking Xia Yihui to take out a bit of his time and gift it to Liu Zite.


The old audience in the live broadcasting room angrily cursed.



Hungry: where did so many of these people come from! You are all Liu Zite’s fans, right? Roll ah!



Tangerine wine: I am in front of the screen, almost crying out of anger, the anchor has already suffered once, you guys still want what?


Skymon: What do we want? He should just give a little time ah, the anchor has so much time, giving a little for poverty alleviation is not a problem, right? Why are you reacting so strongly? What’s wrong with people nowadays? They don’t have any sympathy at all.



Xia Yihui’s fans were furious and choked back, the viewer named Skymon frequently commented things like, ‘anchor should be an example, take the lead to help people like Liu Zite, give away time and supplies’, his combat strength was simply bursting, not letting anyone interrupt.



Xia Yihui looked at the screen, and was immediately shocked: ”This is a stupid dog that parachuted from where? Everyone stop scolding him, it’s not good to bully the disabled.”


The screen lurched, a screen of ‘hahahahahahahahahahahaha a disabled brain is also a disease’, also indirectly mixed with ‘big brother 66666’.

[TN: 66666 – Awesome/cool]



Skymon was scolded by Xia Yihui and was a bit unable to react. He usually scurried around all the major live rooms, and his speech had always been like this.


In fact, he himself knew that he sometimes spoke in a rather barbed manner, but the other anchors either ignored him or retorted mildly, never directly cursing at him.


Over time, he became even more verbose.


This was the first time he had met an anchor like Xia Yihui who was even wilder than him, and the viewer named skymon became more and more irritated, his fingers crackling on the keyboard, vowing to dislike Xia Yihui and make him doubt his life.


skymon: You’re extremely mean! Sure enough, what kind of person will have these kind of fans!



Xia Yihui was in a hurry, he didn’t have time to take care of this person, he rolled his eyes at the screen, and said perfunctorily, “Right, right, right, I’m mean, so don’t look at me, go, go, go.”


Being disliked like a fly being chased away, skymon was furious, and had the powerless feeling of a powerfully stored fist hitting cotton.



He continued to swear in the live broadcast, but Xia Yihui had no time to care about him, only trying to break free from Liu Zite’s grip, but he couldn’t.


Resisting the desire to directly cut off his hand, Xia Yihui thought about it, “I’ll give you five hours, let go.”



Liu Zite’s eyes shifted then he shouted, “Ten hours!”


Xia Yihui was too lazy to bargain and immediately said, “Okay.”


Seeing that he agreed so quickly, Liu Zite still wanted to sit on the ground and raise the price. Xia Yihui saw through what he had in mind, pulled out a scalpel and forcefully inserted it on the ground.



The tip of the knife stood three inches in front of Liu Zite’s crotch.



Liu Zite was horrified: “Ah!”



Xia Yihui continued, “Give me the watch.”


Liu Zite obediently handed over his watch. Xia Yihui scratched ten hours on it for him, and Liu Zite automatically let go.


He earned ten hours for nothing! This was more than the time the group had just snatched away!


Liu Zite was itching and snuck a glance at Xia Yihui’s watch and was instantly stunned.



339 hours? Was he looking at it wrong?


He didn’t believe that Xia Yihui could earn so much time by himself, he must be hugging Zhang Qingyu’s thigh!


Wasn’t it just hugging a thigh? He could also hug.


Liu Zite immediately turned his head to look at Zhang Qingyu and fawned, “Great God, take me. I can definitely do what Xia Yihui can do!”



Zhang Qingyu looked at Xia Yihui. Xia Yihui shrugged his shoulders and made a you-care-what-you-want gesture.


So Zhang Qingyu said bluntly without mercy, “I never bring a rookie.”


“Pfft.” Xia Yihui withdrew his smile and kindly reminded Liu Zite, “Hear that, you’d better give up. Think about how to live until the everything’s over.”



After saying that Xia Yihui pulled back the scalpel and put it back into the space. After doing a series of actions, he immediately turned around and was about to leave at a fast pace.



Being brushed off by the two, Liu Zite was unwilling, seeing that there was no more chance to turn around, he simply tore his disguise and cursed, “Zhang Qingyu, what are you bullshitting about? Everyone honors you as a great god, are you still getting excited? Let me tell you, compared to my brother, you’re nothing!”


The curses behind him were more unpleasant than one another. Xia Yihui looked sideways at Zhang Qingyu, but saw that Zhang Qingyu was oblivious, still doing what he should be doing, not disturbed by it in the slightest.


A great god was really different. Xia Yihui admired in his heart, deeply feeling that Zhang Qingyu was Buddhist in nature.



“And you, Xia Yihui! Fuck you, aren’t you also relying on others to stand up? Using a high and mighty b*tchy look to pretend for whom ……”


Zhang Qingyu turned his steps and immediately walked back. Xia Yihui froze, curiously following him as he turned back.


The two men’s steps were one after the other, and their footsteps echoed, appearing very intimidating in the empty corridor.


“You, what are you doing?!” Liu Zite crawled back in terror.


Zhang Qingyu didn’t say much nonsense and directly took Liu Zite’s watch, scratched it and threw it back.



The watch drew a graceful parabola in the air, Liu Zite scrambled to take the watch, glanced at it in horror, and then there was a heartbreaking roar, “You left me five fucking minutes!!!”



Zhang Qingyu looked at the dumbfounded Xia Yihui and returned the time to him, saying with a calm expression, “If you want it to be done, just take away all of his time.”



In other words, he felt that those ten hours of Xia Yihui’s time didn’t need to be given to Liu Zite at all.


“Ah …… well, I’ll pay attention next time.” Xia Yihui was dumbfounded.


Before he had time to think deeply, the noisy sound of conversation came from the stairs in front of him.


It seemed that there were many people, it wasn’t really good to confront each other directly.



Just as Xia Yihui was thinking about whether or not to go hide in a nearby classroom, Liu Zite, who was on the side, frantically shouted, “Come on people, Xia Yihui is here! He has so much time and supplies!”



The screen frantically swiped the screen, scolding Liu Zite to death.



That ‘skymon’ was still speaking for Liu Zite: It’s just a matter of pulling a move before dying, we all have different stances, I’d say the anchor deserved it.


This time, no one was on the same side as him.



Everyone vented all their grievances against Liu Zite on this ‘skymon’, and all kinds of unpleasant words were thrown at him from all over the place.



Skymon also scolded back, then he finally exited the live broadcast room, and never appeared again.



Xia Yihui didn’t notice the messy fight in the live broadcast room, he ruthlessly kicked Liu Zite and rolled his eyes, “I should have known that those five minutes shouldn’t be left for you.”


The people at the stairway heard the clamor from this side, and they accelerated their pace and quickly rushed over.



There was a large group of people, and the unanimous sign was that they were all holding electric batons in their hands.



Electric batons were a good weapon that couldn’t be found in the duplicates. With so many electric batons, it was obvious that this small group of more than 20 people was already considered a very formal group.



Liu Zite was stepped on by Xia Yihui, and once he saw the visitor, his originally desperate eyes suddenly glowed, and he exclaimed gleefully, “Brother?!”




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