C1.11 —– Crime Record


Jiu Shu gently stroked the hair on the side of his neck, looking at the quiet, well-behaved hunk in his arms, he actually had the illusion of being pestered by a poor homeless stray dog.





The homeless dog had been wandering for a long time, carefully rubbing against its master’s neck, just to beg for some love and compassion.





It was as if this man, who had acted so menacingly in the original story, was nothing more than a pitiful person living in the shadow of his master.





Jiu Shu laughed at himself at that thought.





He remembered the movie he had watched last night, one of which detailed the reason and process of You Xin’s birth.





It couldn’t be said whether it was pitiful or not, but the birth of You Xin was an accident and a necessity.





According to the movie, both of You Xin’s parents were members of the Ten Elders Club, avid followers of those at the top.





Following those dehumanized bigwigs to make so-called sacrifices to god and pray for immortality.





You Xin was born in the midst of one of these sacrifices.





As a sacrifice chosen to be used as the body of a god, You Xin was undoubtedly a failure, not only did he fail to gain the favor of the god, but even his body was extraordinarily weak, as if a gust of wind could blow him over.





Such a failure was intolerable, and as a result, You Xin’s parents were considered impious to the gods and ostracized to the fringes of the organization.





You Xin became a disgrace to the family, and no one would ever give him a hug from the time he was born until he could barely walk.





Everyone in the family treated him as transparent, and his parents loathed the child who was rejected by the god, even forgetting to prepare meals for him at times.





You Xin, on the other hand, was used to it, and never having left the house, he had always assumed that such a family was normal.





It wasn’t until he was nine years old that his younger sister was born, a healthy and lively sister who was a complete contrast to the often expressionless You Xin, and who enlivened the entire household.




As if a long-lost mother’s love had been awakened in her, his mother often sat on the balcony with her lovely daughter in her arms, humming softly.






Sometimes she would mercifully call to You Xin, who was looking on in awe, and caress his cheek, giving him a slightly sad look.





That was the first time he felt the presence of a mother’s love.





If no accidents had happened, perhaps gradually, as time passed, this strange family would have returned to normal, and You Xin would have been able to live a life like that of an ordinary child.





However, it wasn’t long before the accident happened.





You Xin’s father drank to drown his sorrows because he was cut out of power by the organization, and even cheated with his beautiful female colleague, and his mother went crazy because of it, and broke down even more after his father couldn’t stand the depressing atmosphere and ran away from home.


She spent her days in a state of disarray and confusion, and treated You Xin extraordinarily badly.





Because in her opinion, it was his birth that changed her originally happy family.





Every time she faced You Xin’s handsome face, which was quite similar to her father’s, she would show an expression of pain and resentment, and when her emotions were suppressed to the extreme, she cut You Xin’s cheek severely with a sharp kitchen knife.





The bone-deep wound almost went through the entire face.





Jiu Shu remembered the movie scene that had impressed him so much at that time.





The blood stained the entire field of vision of little You Xin, but he just endured the pain and obediently obeyed his mother’s words. His feet in small leather shoes trembled and stood together in a gentlemanly standard posture, standing motionless.






He even stretched out his trembling fingers, wanting to touch his mother’s fingers that had been cut by the dinner knife as a comfort.





But the only thing that greeted him was his mother’s spiteful slap.





The movie flashed back again to the birth of You Xin.





Due to his mother’s negligence, the door of the cupboard was left open and the working oven fell off the counter, while his sister, who was crawling on the floor, peeked in curiously.





The mother’s desperate screams became the only sound in the picture, and when You Xin comes out of the room, all he saw was his sister’s corpse, and he stared blankly at the bloody mess.





The expressionless face was taken for coldness by his mother.





She grudgingly strangled You Xin, itching to strangle the naturally evil seed that had caused her life to grow more and more miserable.





“It’s all your fault! You monster! Why wasn’t it you who died? Why not you!!!”





His mother was stopped by a neighbor who had heard the commotion and rushed over, while You Xin was still looking straight at his sister not too far away when a voice as tender as his own suddenly rang in his ears.










It was his younger sister.





The scene ended here.





Jiu Shu retrieved his thoughts and sighed softly in his heart, it could be said that You Xin was born in the death of his sister and You Xin’s desire for love.





Perhaps it was because You Xin felt that as long as his sister was alive, his mother would return to her old self.





Or perhaps it was because You Xin had subconsciously longed to be his sister, to be the child who was doted upon by his mother.





Thus You Xin was born.





‘She’ hung on to the name of her sister, believing herself to be the dead sister possessing her brother, and acting incompatible with You Xin, her brother.






As if she was the child favored by her mother, she simply despised You Xin, her ugly brother.





Such a seemingly vicious behavior naturally couldn’t be said to be pitiful, but ……





Jiu Shu gently wrapped his arms around the tall man in his arms, feeling the movement that revealed a deep attachment and deliberately lightened breathing, the narrow tail of his eyes couldn’t help but narrow as he pondered.






…… Still quite cute.





Jiu Shu could see, You Xin and You Xin in essence were the same, they both didn’t get love, but they also had the same desire to get love.






Simply put, it was the lack of love type personality, if there was a person who was willing to give even the slightest hint of love, this type of personality would give everything for this, like a moth to the flame.






That was how You Xin ended up in the original, giving everything for the sake of a vain love, which was extremely sad.





But despite being rather morally incorrect, to Jiu Shu, personality traits like You Xin and You Xin really couldn’t be better.






According to the level of love and care that the object of discipline, You Xin, had for the heroine in the original, You Xin was probably currently treating him much the same way.






Especially now that a romantic relationship had been established, there was a high probability that You Xin would not refuse any of his requests.





Including staying away from Ai Li, not committing any more illegal acts, etc.






As long as he stayed away from those elements of the original novel, the plot would change drastically, and then he could really take hold of the system.





The only variable that was uncertain at the moment was the host frame that was the target of the punishment.





What would You Xin, the master frame, do to the object of the sub-personality’s favor?





Jiu Shu was lost in thought, stroking the furry head in his arms as he thought about his next scenario.






He had to say, the feeling of being squeezed in the arms of such a large person was quite rare.





He was a bit in love with the head in his hands, and with a mischievous intent, he rubbed the head of “You Xin” vigorously, messing up the well-groomed hair.






Then he rubbed the black hair that had become fluffy, satisfied with the feel of it.





At that moment, the man embracing the person in his arms felt the strength from the top of his head, and in a rare moment, his dark eyes widened and his body stiffened.






The chain reaction triggered by the stiffness caused the developed muscles in his arms to subconsciously tighten, as if he wanted to avoid this incredibly soft embrace, but the result was that this originally gentle embrace became tighter and tighter.






The man’s expression blankly felt the strong thin waist between the arms, as if he could touch the smooth and supple texture underneath through the thin shirt.





“…… Haven’t you hugged enough?” The youth’s slightly troubled voice came from above his head, “I’m slightly out of breath ……”




Jiu Shu felt a bit of heavy force on his waist, so heavy that it was like he was a different person.





His long, white fingers passed through the man’s messy hair and gently pressed against the pale complexioned face, bringing a slightly cool temperature.






The voice on the side of his ear seemed light, so light that it could make one’s ears red, and then it seemed heavy, heavy enough to call back the man’s dulled sanity.





“Hold it next time.”





Saying that, Jiu Shu used the only left hand that could move to lift the head that was pressed against the side of his neck to meet his gaze, a smile on his face and a light in his eyes.




“There are still many opportunities.”





As the words came out of his mouth, Jiu Shu’s movements paused slightly as he looked at the pair of dull, wide-open eyes on the face in front of him.





What a coincidence.






It was the master, You Xin.





This wasn’t good.





Jiu Shu recalled how much You Xin hated Ai Li in the original, and his brows couldn’t help but furrow slightly, thinking that the attitudes of the primary and secondary personalities were more than likely going to be switched.





It was just that he didn’t know if the secondary personality, You Xin,t could break through the barrier of consciousness and take control of this body when her beloved was injured, just like the main personality.





Jiu Shu didn’t hold much hope, and was even ready to start a life and death struggle.






He just wanted to let go and try not to irritate the master personality, but looking at the man who didn’t make any other radical movements, a trace of surprise flashed between Jiu Shu’s eyes.






After thinking about it, Jiu Shu simply put his hand back again, and then continued according to his earlier movements, coming closer to look at the man.






With the tip of his nose pressed against the tip of his nose, a pair of black and white peach blossom eyes seemed to be able to look into the depths of one’s soul.




“What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me so straight?”









Looking at the exquisite face in front of him, the man seemed to freeze, not answering Jiu Shu for a long time.




It wasn’t until Jiu Shu’s black hair fell down on the side of his face with his movements, bringing a slight tickle, that the man snapped back to his senses.





Instantly realizing his situation, he withdrew his hand from around his waist, and moved swiftly backwards, as if what was in front of him wasn’t a beautiful young man, but a horrifyingly venomous snake and beast.





Due to the large amplitude of his movements, he even touched the rock slab coffee table on the side and shattered it.










Jiu Shu gently withdrew his hand and looked at the tall man who had withdrawn more than two meters, his face as normal.





The tall man with a tall figure froze in place, his face still had little expression change, but all of his body’s body language was telling of the bewilderment at this moment.






Seeing this, Jiu Shu smiled as if he hadn’t noticed the personality change in You Xin in the slightest, and he also stood up, revealing a feignedly puzzled expression, ”What’s wrong? You’re a bit strange, You Xin.”





You Xin didn’t reply to Jiu Shu; he hung his head somewhat pitifully, not daring to look at him again, and took a step to flee from the villa that had made him feel more flustered than ever.





“Are you leaving?”





“Okay, I’ll see you next time, want a farewell kiss?”





Looking at the youth who was getting closer and closer, facing this singer who made him hate him, You Xin was actually a bit confused.






He didn’t know what was wrong with him, the heart in his chest, which had always been beating smoothly, was actually making a deafening sound in his ears, as if it would jump out of his throat in the next second.





– Jiu Shu stood on his toes, his white palms pressed against his neck, tugging down the tall man’s dumbly tilted head, and after closing the distance, he planted a soft kiss on his cheek.






“Be careful on the road, see you next time~”





Flutter, flutter, flutter – the beating of his heart was almost going beyond its limits, and You Xin, who had managed to wake up from the personality shift, had just opened her eyes to see the scene in front of her.





‘She’ felt like her heart was about to crack.





[You ……]





[What are you doing!!! Get away! Get away!!!]





[You Xin, you damned thing!!!]





The hysterical voice was almost in tears.



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