C1.12—- [Crime Record ]


You Xin’s voice dragged You Xin out of the blankness of his brain, and he stared blankly at Jiu Shu in front of him.


Jiu Shu had already withdrawn the arm that had just wrapped around his neck, and was now standing in place, looking at You Xin with a smile on his face, his black hair curling slightly messily around his ears because of the action just now, revealing his delicate snow-white skin.


You Xin didn’t know what was wrong with him, he didn’t dare to meet the eyes of the youth in front of him, only dared to move his eyes in a panic, landing on the lips of the youth who had just kissed him.


The feeling of those lips that were so soft that they seemed to be able to melt a person’s cheeks falling on his face was as light as a beautiful dream.


[What are you looking at!!!]


[No looking!!!]


You Xin’s voice was so sinister that it was almost dripping blood as ‘she’ viciously ordered You Xin to leave quickly and stay away from ‘her’ boyfriend.




As if startled by the title, You Xin’s pupils dilated slightly.


He didn’t know what the hell was going on.


As soon as he woke up, he saw that he was hugging his rival, and he thought that this was the greatest revenge that You Xin had ever brought upon him, but he didn’t realize that what was really hard to accept was still to come.


You’re dreaming. This was how You Xin defined it.


You Xin didn’t think that a high and mighty star would be willing to fall in love with his sister.


Especially, since she was still using his body.


He couldn’t think of anything about himself that would be enough to make this hot star swoon.


So, it could only be that his sister was dreaming.


As they said in entertainment magazines, there were always fanatical fans who couldn’t distinguish between reality and fantasy and thought they were their idol’s companion.


You Xin felt that You Xin was very much like that at this point.


But ……


He looked at the Jiu Shu in front of him and hesitated a little more.


Those intimate over-the-top demeanor just now didn’t seem to be fake.


[…… You Xin, get lost.]


[Right now.]


Hearing You Xin’s contemptuous reply, You Xin’s voice suppressed extreme madness, already on the verge of collapse.


‘She’ no longer cared what You Xin thought, she only wanted him to hurry up and leave now.


The feeling of watching that damned brother of hers hugging and kissing her beloved wasn’t something that she wanted to experience a second time in her life.


However, perhaps the more people didn’t want bad things to happen, the more bad things would happen.


Just as the two personalities of You Xin and You Xin were at a stalemate, Jiu Shu spoke up.


Still looking innocent, he smiled, his eyes glowing like the sun.


“You won’t kiss back?”


In this world, the etiquette for a farewell kiss seemed to be to give the other a kiss too.


Jiu Shu said so, seemingly not noticing the stiffness and bemusement evident in the tall man before him.




A brief silence fell upon both You Xin and You Xin.


His trembling and unaware pupils revealed the intense emotional struggle going on in his mind at the moment.


His gaze, unnoticed by himself, once again involuntarily fell on the rose petal-like lips of the beautiful youth in front of him.


Jiu Shu looked at the tall man who was slow to move, the smile on his face became a little fainter, making a somewhat hurt expression:”…… So it was me who made a fool of myself.”


“I thought we were already a couple, sorry, looks like it was a misunderstanding just now ……”





You Xin looked at the youth in front of him who had furrowed brows and sad eyes, her heart ached so much that it was going to break.




After the suffocating silence, it was the voice of You Xin that seemed to be sobbing with every word [Kiss him.]


[…… Count this as me as begging you, brother.]


You Xin, like a desperate desperate person, spat out every word with a deep hatred.



It was only after You Xin’s voice fell that the tall man finally made some movement.


He stiffly lowered his head, and the muscles at his arms tensed, revealing strong but not unattractive muscle lines.


As if suppressing some kind of impulse to run away, he followed Jiu Shu’s action just now and touched the youth’s delicate and smooth neck with one hand.


The slippery touch on his hand caused him to pause for a moment before gently kissing the youth’s cheek.


It was just like the kiss the youth had just placed on his face, but more carefully.


You Xin felt that it was a long ordeal, something he was compelled to do at his sister’s request.



But to an outsider, the care with which the tall, strong man moved was almost like a devout believer kissing his god.



Beneath the subtle movements was a sinful, loving lust that the believer couldn’t easily detect.


Jiu Shu felt the unexpectedly careful movements of You Xin, and his eyelashes slightly shook, but in a few seconds, he raised his eyes and everything was normal.



He was like a perfectly normal boyfriend, his tone gentle.


“…… Then, I’ll see you next time, I may not be able to go out lately, when my health gets better again, I’ll go see you.”



“Of course, you can come see me anytime.”


The youth said, waving his white and slender palm, his smile gentle as a wife who was sending off her husband, every ripple that rose from the narrow tails at the corners of his eyes seemed to hide a soft and moving love.

It was as if what he had in front of him was not an ugly man the size of a huge monster, but the love of his life that he really adored.


“…… Hmm.”


Strangely enough, You Xin didn’t dare to look at the youth one more time, as if he was afraid that he would never be able to walk away again, he nodded and left in silence.


Though his pace was fairly steady, his back always gave the impression that he had fled.


Standing on the steps outside the door, Jiu Shu watched the object of discipline go far away, the smile in his gaze slightly disappearing, revealing an expression of pondering something.


It took a long time before he came back to his senses, looking at the cloudy and chiaroscuro sky above his head, he stretched out his palm.




The raindrops fell on the snowy white palm, reflecting the soft light inside like broken mercury, making the skin of his palm look even softer.


“It’s raining, he should have known to stay a little longer ……”


Jiu Shu muttered to himself, once again looking in the direction the object of punishment had left, there was already only the neon lights of the city left.


He was gone quite fast.



Retracting his gaze, he returned to the villa, he needed to reassess the two personalities of the disciplinary object, things were slightly different from what he had expected earlier.


Evenings in the metropolis were always bustling, revealing the extravagance unique to the modern world.



Various lighted advertisements hung between buildings, advertisements began to circulate on the building’s screens, and as the rain fell, the fashionable and modern people began their extravagant and joyful nightlife even in the fine drizzle.
The tall man walking down the street, dressed in white and black pants, seemed to be separated from the gorgeously dressed passersby in two worlds.


In this hedonistic metropolis, people always liked to wear wide dresses and hats full of flowers, men also put on sequins, combed their hair back and wore a colorful suit, or all the holes in their skinny jeans were exaggerated, but with unique wanton vibe.


Compared to them, at this time You Xin was like an alien.



He walked without a word, as if aimlessly, letting the rain dampen his clothes.



There was no more of his sister’s voice in his ears.


You Xin hadn’t uttered a sound since her request just now, as if she was caught up in some extremely repressed emotion that she couldn’t extricate herself from.



He could feel the sense of despair like falling into an abyss.
But he couldn’t quite understand this emotion of You Xin’s and could only remain silent.



Used to resting early, he looked around at this urban world of interlocking lights and shadows and dappled shadows in a somewhat confused manner, somewhat unsure of what to do next.


Perhaps it was time to go back and rest. You Xin thought so, but for some reason, perhaps everything that happened today was beyond his capacity to bear, he felt that his heart was still beating uncontrollably fast, and it hadn’t calmed down until now.



He couldn’t feel the slightest bit of sleepiness, and could only continue to walk in slow motion down the street, his eyes empty, hiding what he was thinking.



“Hello guys~”


“Uh, yeah, my new album is going on sale.”


A familiar voice reached his ears, and You Xin’s body instantly stiffened, he thought that the youth who made him feel all weird had appeared again, when he raised his head he realized it was the screen of the building next to the crossroads.


On the screen, the youth with short black hair and slight curls looked at the camera carelessly, smiling lightly as he talked about his new album that was about to go on sale.



As this video played, the originally busy intersection actually became much quieter, and people subconsciously stopped walking and looked up at the screen on the building.



Even on the enlarged screen, the youth’s beauty wasn’t compromised in the slightest, and even the high definition picture quality could only reveal his beauty that made it impossible to move one’s eyes.



“…… Soon, around the end of this month, I think, I’ve basically finished recording.” The youth answered the host’s inquiry next to the sofa, his snow-like white cheeks with luscious colored lips slightly hooked into a smile.




“Jiu Shu! Jiu Shu!!!” A viewer within the screen screamed because of Jiu Shu’s smile, drawing a curious glance from the youth.


He stretched out a long, slender, white finger in a shushing gesture without appearing to be offended in the slightest, and the smile at the corner of his brow was like a handful of hooks that was enough to take the hearts of the people.


Perhaps beauty to the extreme, was this look.



The host revealed a slightly awestruck expression, and even wanted to extend his hand to touch the youth in front of him, which was avoided by the youth.


Even his slightly displeased expression revealed a beauty that was hard to resist.


It was clear that every single one of the five senses was an ordinary human-like fabrication of flesh and blood, but combined together, it was a kind of beauty that no words could describe, as if it was the unique charm of that peculiar soul.





“I must buy a hundred!!!”
“Don’t make a sound if you’re poor, I want to buy a thousand!”


“You damn ……”
Under the building’s screen, many people couldn’t help but scream as well, holding their reddened cheeks, their frenzied gazes and demeanor undoubtedly frantic.



You Xin quietly looked up, realizing for the first time so distinctly that his sister’s favorite youth was indeed an immensely popular being.


It was as if he was born to stand in the limelight and enjoy the admiration and adoration of the crowd.


Out of place with someone like him, who lived in the lowest shadows of the city.


As he thought of this, his heart flushed with an inexplicable sourness, and his mind couldn’t help but recall the blushing kiss just now.
It was so real that it was unbelievable, but also so false that it was like a daydream.



You Xin attached his hand to his chest, feeling his heart beating more rapidly than usual, bewildered and hesitant, was this what it felt like after kissing a love rival?


Should this feeling be called disgust? You Xin couldn’t be sure.


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