In the dark and narrow living room, the cell phone screen provided the only source of light, on the screen was a gazebo on the water, the evening breeze blew the veil, the woman in white plucked the zither strings.


Hair surrounded her beautiful face.




Qiong Ren bit the towel in his mouth and picked up the fluffy rabbit sitting next to him to watch with him in passing, wiping his tears with the rabbit’s fluffy and soft head.


“Nie Xiaoqian is so scary.” Qiong Ren hugged the rabbit in fear, “Ever since I was little, I’ve always heard people say that Nie Xiaoqian is a goddess, but I’ve never gotten a good look at her face ooooohhhh, why isn’t she human QAQ”


The plush rabbit found this question hard to answer, after all, it was just a plush rabbit.



The movie was put into the daytime when Ning Caixin was writing his ledger in an ancient temple, but he didn’t know that there are dry corpses writhing downstairs, just waiting to eat flesh and drink blood. While this was happening, the phone suddenly rang.



The fluffy rabbit was scared into a ball, its head buried into its front legs, while its little pom-pom-like tail shook.


Qiong Ren picked up the scared rabbit, “Hello.”


“There’s a problem with the album.” The agent on the other end of the line sounded bewildered.


Qiong Ren: “My albums that didn’t sell have finally been destroyed by the warehouse because they were taking up too much space?”




“That’s not true. Some guy bought all the merchandise related to you, and three minutes after payment, the truck came to the warehouse and pulled everything away.”


Qiong Ren was silent for a moment and marveled, “Does being on the hot search list work that well?”


You know, no one bought albums at all nowadays, and even if they did, they mostly did it for their collection and didn’t really buy CDs on to listen to them. After all, even CD players were already antiques.


The agent blamed himself, “Blame me, even if your album only sold forty-nine disks in three years, I should have talked to the warehouse in advance to lock down the quantity.”



“I don’t blame you, I was so confused, who would have thought that there would still be a day when the album would be sold out,” Qiong Ren sighed, “We can only communicate with the other party first, and hope that he can return five hundred disks to us.”


Agent: “What if he doesn’t want to?”


Qiong Ren wasn’t panicked: “Sing the album on the spot, and turn the signing into a concert, it can be done.”



The agent felt so speechless, it was so easy to turn around, but there were some weird little bumps in the road.



“One more thing.”


He guessed along the lines, “Something bad?”


The agent raised his voice, “Good thing! You’ve turned a corner, be confident! ‘Let’s Go, Friends’ wants to hire you as the first episode’s guest. I’ve asked, and Fu Jiaze is taking Meng Qingheng. Do you want to go?”



Qiong Ren didn’t even think about it, “Don’t, how disgusting would it be to meet Fu Jiaze every day.”


Agent: “They’ll give you 900,000 yuan for one episode.”


Qiong Ren: “It’s good to go out for a trip.”


Nine hundred thousand yuan, was really fragrant.


Qiong Ren packed his bags and stepped onto the plane to Haizhou.


The recording time for Let’s Go, Friends clashed with the signing, and he had wanted to give up his first opportunity to appear on a variety show.


However, Emperor Song said that all roads led to the understand, and that no matter where Qiong Ren was, they could get him to the signing venue, so that he could rest assured that he would be able to go on the variety show to make money.



As soon as Emperor Song finished speaking, Qiong Ren heard a mournful “Ow” on the other end of the phone.


Although there was no evidence, he felt that Emperor Song had been beaten up again by Secretary Jin, who was really a strict personal secretary.



The plane landed two hours later, and Qiong Ren was sent by the crew to a campground in the middle of the deserted mountains that hadn’t been opened to the public yet. The houses here were almost all rows of wooden huts, and there were also tents set up for the crew to put up their monitors.


Qiong Ren followed the staff’s directions to a particularly large room, in which a person was already sitting.



Chen Ruizhe, the former Top Star, he had now transitioned into an actor. He was good at acting and picking out scripts, and had good reviews.


Chen Ruize’s skin was rather dark, he guessed that he was under the sun while filming, he extended his hand towards Qiong Ren, “Hello, I’m Chen Ruize, I watched your ‘Waste Myself’ video, it’s super cool. Teach me that kicker move sometime, I can’t get it right.”



Qiong Ren shook his hand with a sincere expression, “I went to see your ‘Walking with Wolves’ twice in the theater, it was really well acted. Where you say goodbye to the head wolf, behind your side face is a huge white moon, that complex emotion of wanting to completely say goodbye to the wolves and hoping that the wolves will keep you, you showed it in just a few glances, I had goosebumps at that time.”



Chen Ruize’s eyes lit up, “There was meant to be ……”



He pulled Qiong Ren to gush.


Chen Ruize was the tour guide for Let’s Go, Friends, and Qiong Ren, the flying guest, was the assistant tour guide for the first stop.



They, as tour guides, had to plan out the contents of the three days’ activities in the camp first. Of course, these elements were scripted.



The two would have to stay in this camp tonight, and the remaining guests would not come until tomorrow.


After turning off the camera, Chen Ruize yawned lazily, “My role in the new movie requires me to lose weight, so I can’t eat with you, it’s not that I’m being difficult.”


He complained bitterly, “I’ve really had enough chicken breast quinoa and broccoli.”


Qiong Ren sympathized.


Eating was one of life’s great pleasures, and his chopsticks couldn’t wait for tonight’s hot pot dinner.



In the afternoon, another clip was filmed of the two of them discussing their travel plans for the next few days.


After dinner, Qiong Ren returned to the cabin with the smell of hot pot on him, humming happily, the hot pot was really too delicious!



He said to the plush rabbit sitting at the end of the bed, “After they set up the cameras tomorrow, we’ll have to see what all the dead spots of the lens are, you have to pay attention to the range when you’re moving around.”


The rabbit nodded obediently.


Qiong Ren finished his explanation and looked for the millionth time to see if there were any unread messages. He’d already sent a private message to the purchaser on the Sincere Culture app, but the person hadn’t replied yet.



Hopefully it would be resolved smoothly before the signing started.


Recently, the Underworld was unusually busy with work, and the King had gone to the living world for another day, so all kinds of paperwork piled up to the ceiling of the Yanluo Hall.


King Yan split up into seven incarnations and worked day and night for a week, before finally settling one-half of the amount of paperwork.


He rubbed his neck, which had remained in one position for too long, and opened his cell phone, which he had forgotten about for a long, long time.


The Sincere Culture app prompted an unread message.l


[Qiong Ren: Hello, this is Qiong Ren. I’d like to discuss something with you. I’m going to have a signing in a few days, but the albums are all sold out, so I wanted to ask if you could even out 500 disks for me. I’ll cover the round-trip logistics and compensate you for your losses.]



[Qiong Ren: I’m really sorry to bother you, it’s our fault for not locking down the inventory beforehand, next time I release an album I’ll make sure to send you five hundred copies.]


King Yan’s crimson pupils were filled with chagrin, his apologies seemed to have caused a new disturbance.



[. : Where are you having a signing, I’ll send them over directly, no need for compensation.]


A new message popped up.


[Secretary Nan: Tomorrow Qiong Ren is having a signing in the Black Rope Great Underworld, can I take a half day off?]


It turned out to be a signing in the underworld. He replied to Qiong Ren:


[. : I know. I’ll send the album to the Third Temple, you don’t have to worry.]


Qiong Ren woke up in the morning and just opened his eyes, he heard the super hard to hear beep that was unique to the Sincere Culture app, the person who bought the album finally replied to him, after reading the other party’s reply, he silently hugged his rabbit and called Old Yang.


Qiong Ren: “That, the album thing is done.”


Old Yang was overjoyed: “That’s a good thing, where do we pick up the goods?”


Qiong Ren: “Well …… we don’t need to pick it up, he said he’ll send it directly to the Third Temple.”


Old Yang:”……”


“Your live fan, his purchasing power is quite strong haha.”


Qiong Ren nodded silently



He hung up the phone and went out to wash up, even though it was summer, it was very cold in the mountains, he washed his face with the water from the faucet outside the house, and the sleepiness that filled his body cooled off.


The other guests wouldn’t be here until the afternoon, so while he had nothing to do now, he simply ate a few bites of crackers, pulled a wad of paper out of his suitcase, and began folding yuan bills.


He learned everything very quickly, watching the instructional video once and then getting started, his long slender fingers fluttering between the paper, soon folding out a bed of paper yuan bills.



Qiong Ren was fully focused on folding the Yuanbao, the plush rabbit rubbed against his waist, Qiong Ren turned his head, “?”


The rabbit pointed to the foot of the bed.


Two pale fingers pinched the edge of the Yuanbao and were slowly moving it outward until it fell off the edge of the bed and the sinful hand aimed for a second one.


Qiong Ren was so shocked that there was a thief in the middle of nowhere in broad daylight!



This was the paper yuan he had stacked for his fans! Even if the king of heaven came, he couldn’t take it away.


Qiong Ren stomped a few steps over, grabbed those two fingers, pulled and lifted with force, actually grabbing a person out of thin air.


That person realized that he was caught and struggled desperately, Qiong Ren precisely clamped his flailing hand, gently twisted, and shoved the person to the ground.



“Do you know you’ll go to jail for stealing, I’m calling the police.”


Checking clearly, the thief he held down was a small old man in his sixties, his skin was gray and green and he wore a white silk robe, he immediately shouted, “I’ll speak, I’ll speak, give a lighter sentence ah Lord Wuchang.”



Lord ….. Wuchang?


At this time a person came in from the window, the window was one meter from the ground, but he was able to walk on air and get in.



This person was dressed in black, his waist was wrapped in chains, and he wore a high hat on his head, written above were four words: peace in the world.


He looked at the face in a trance, he found it familiar but he just couldn’t remember. But this typical outfits, how could Qiong Ren still not recognize? This was the legendary Lord Wuchang.

[TN: Lord Wuchang —- The Heibai Wuchang, or Hak Bak Mo Seong, literally “Black and White Impermanence”, are two Deities in Chinese folk religion in charge of escorting the spirits of the dead to the underworld. As their names suggest, they are dressed in black and white respectively.]

Qiong Ren’s head turned in a frame, looking at the old man who was shouting for mercy, he couldn’t help but have tears in his eyes.



He should have thought of this, after all, what was a living person doing stealing paper yuan bills? It wasn’t like they could use it.


“It’s you! Qiong Ren!”


Meng Shen was pleasantly surprised, not expecting to meet Qiong Ren during work.



“You’ve captured everyone’s attention, quite impressive! You could even catch people, uh, a ghost, without a soul lock.”



Qiong Ren was in tears, and the hairs on his arms stood up: “Can we lock him up first?”


Meng Shen tied the old man to the chain in three tries and glared at him, “You said you wanted to come here to take a last look, but it was only because I was kind that I fulfilled your wish. I didn’t realize that you would actually dare to run away, it’s lucky that you met Qiong Ren, if it were an ordinary person, wouldn’t they have been scared to death.”



Qiong Ren: I’m scared to death right now.


The little old man looked pitiful: “Master, my son is unfilial, he didn’t even burn paper money for me, I was worried about going down there with no money to pay homage, and saw this bed of paper Yuan bills, and then I got the wrong idea.”



Meng Shen: “Now from the soul collection to the trial, the whole process should have been recorded and videotaped, you want to pay homage to who ah, this is a bribe, the crime will be compounded, understand?”



The little old man whimpered and cried, “Master, I really didn’t understand ah, just spare me, if it wasn’t for my son’s unfiliality, I wouldn’t have to worry about not having the money to pay and go down there to suffer.”


Qiong Ren nodded stiffly, his hands still stacking paper yuan bills quickly, he would definitely pass out if he didn’t do something to distract his mind.


“Huh?” Meng Shen carefully bent over to look at his hand, “You don’t have magical powers, how did you catch the ghost?”


Qiong Ren’s fingers curled up and cold sweat broke out on his forehead. Don’t come over!




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