C1.10—– [Crime Record]


Jiu Shu looked at the opposite side, only staring blankly at the tall man who didn’t speak.



His gaze remained gentle, without showing any signs of abnormality. He poured him a cup of tea with his only intact left hand as usual, calmly entertaining the guest as if the words he had just spoken were not from his own mouth.


But there was a little bit of realization hidden between his unintentionally furrowed eyebrows.


He guessed correctly.



From the tall man’s behavior, it was clear that the consciousness in this body wasn’t the owner of the object of punishment, You Xin, but his sister, You Xin.


Jiu Shu had noticed something was wrong from the moment he entered just now.



After all, this person, whether in the original story or in the previous meeting, always had a blank expressionless look, his emotional fluctuations faded to almost nothing.

However, today’s “You Xin” was abnormal, not only showing a reserved and uneasy expression, but also a shy and ignorant expression like seeing his beloved.



The change in facial expression could be said to be very obvious.


If he couldn’t see the difference in such an obvious demeanor, then he had to give up his eyes.

However, despite recognizing You Xin’s identity, Jiu Shu was actually still a bit confused and surprised by this current expression of his.



With his eyes lowered in thought, his slender, tender white fingertips subconsciously rubbed against his slightly pale lips, making them turn a faint red color.



As a senior taskmaster who had served as a deep love male supporting character for many years, most of the time he was fighting with the system, he hadn’t had a serious relationship yet, and was maternally single to this day.



However, having been surrounded by numerous male and female leads in love for an unknown number of times, he thought that he could also say that he was experienced.


He could see that the eyes of this tall man in front of him, who could be called cold-blooded and heartless in the original story, were filled with a certain kind of fervent affection.


And after the test of those words just now, and looking at the way You Xin was so nervous that he lost his expression and his head went down, he could basically be sure that he really had a crush on him.


The girl like passionate and pure emotions that subconsciously manifest even made the usually calm Jiu Shu feel a bit uncomfortable.


Because he remembered that in the original, the sub-personality of You Xin appeared as a more antagonistic character than You Xin, and its anti-social and anti-human depth was outrageous.


Unlike You Xin, who was still learning to love someone, You Xin, the younger sister, could be described as emotionless, and didn’t even seem like an existence that would have a heart for anyone else.

Her personality was twisted and cold-blooded to the extreme, resenting everyone, including her own brother, You Xin.

The only thing she liked to do was to kill, and she did it brutally.


Compared to this, You Xin’s clean-cut approach to killing was considered merciful.


In the subsequent derivative works of the horror movie series, the difference between You Xin and You Xin was more and more obvious, killing without talking and a swift axe must be You Xin.


The one who liked to make a mocking laugh before killing, with cold and venomous eyes, was definitely You Xin.


In the movie, You Xin was actually more like the dark side of You Xin, hiding all his unknown tyranny and resentment.


Perhaps because of his silence and repression during his lifetime, or perhaps because of the bloody sacrifices made by the Ten Elders Club to the so-called god awakened the dark side of You Xin’s heart and made it expand further.



Sharing a body with You Xin and coming back from the dead together, You Xin had thus become even more insane and twisted, and could simply be said to harbor creepy malice towards any living human.


Jiu Shu still remembered the classic scene from the few movies he had watched last night when the You Xin had killed someone.


Amidst the screams of the crowd in fear, only You Xin smiled extraordinarily happily, but his eyes were dark and twisted to the core.



Retrieving his thoughts from the movies that filled the screen last night, Jiu Shu raised his eyes without changing his expression, the twisted and smiling face in the movie overlapping with the shy to the point of being a bit silly face in front of him.



It really didn’t look like the same person at all.


It had to be said that this change in You Xin that went beyond the original depiction still made Jiu Shu miss the mark by a few points.

The dozen or so scenarios that he had previously envisioned would not come in handy.


However, perhaps this was good.

Jiu Shu thought so, looking at the tall man beside him, his beautiful dark pupils reflected a deep outline of the man’s pale complexion, and a better plan had already been made.


On the opposite side, the brain-damaged You Xin seemed to have finally come back to his senses.



He dizzily lowered his eyes, the palm of his hand that was placed on his knee subconsciously tightened, his pale fingers interlocked with each other in panic, and the tense veins revealed the owner’s mind that was extremely tense at this time.


His face was completely red, as if his mind was dizzy from the fire, the top of his head almost seemed like it was steeming.


Eyes also wandered helplessly, not daring to look directly at Jiu Shu that wasn’t far away, and his tall and strong body was even more stiff as a stone slab at this moment.



“Yes, yes, I like, like, like Jiu Shu!!!”


You Xin felt her forehead burning, ‘she’ fluttered as if falling on a cloud, her brain blanked by the impact of Jiu Shu’s sentence, she actually went along with the enticement of that sentence just now, and uttered the adoration that had been hidden in her heart for a long time.

But as soon as the words left her mouth, it was as if ‘she’ realized what she had said, and her originally reddened ears instantly turned white.


Before coming to the appointment today, You Xin had never intended to spill out the love in her heart, for ‘she’ herself knew the world of difference between her and Jiu Shu.


Even kissing the picture of her beloved, ‘she’ was careful and would carry a deep guilt after each kiss, but, every time, she still couldn’t help the love in her heart to do this kind of thing that, in ‘her’ opinion, was incomparably despicable and nasty, and You Xin knew how dirty it was.



So even just imagining the other party with herself, ‘she’ would feel a sense of guilt, feeling that she had defiled her beloved who was incredibly beautiful in her own eyes.



But now, You Xin wondered what kind of foolishness she had done.



It was something worse than one of those dirty, vile kisses; no one could stand to have someone so ugly and dirty adore them.


You Xin didn’t dare to look up for fear of seeing her beloved show even the slightest hint of disgust, it would break ‘her’ completely.



She could only hang her head helplessly, her hair covering her dark eyes that were staring helplessly, her palms clasped on her knees tightening violently, her palms instantly swarmed with bright red blood, even the bandages wrapping around his hand that had just been cut today was covered with a large swath of blood as a result.



‘She’ was a hopelessly stupid, stupid thing.




A similarly awkward silence fell for a moment in the spacious and tidy villa hall.


Jiu Shu leaned his elbows on the sofa, his fine white fingertips pressed against his cheeks and his pretty peach blossom eyes remained unblinking as he looked at the side of You Xin’s face.



As if amused by the expression that could cry out at any moment, he curved his lips, his eyebrows showing a lingering charm, and his voice pleasantly replied, “Okay.”




Okay …… ah?


The tall man who was originally still immersed in self-loathing froze and raised his head, looking at the beautiful young man who was looking at himself sideways, as if he was mesmerized by the beautiful color that was hard to hide in his eyes, and for a moment, he lost his comprehension of language, completely unable to comprehend the meaning of his words, he could only look at his beautiful beloved in a dumbfounded manner.


That childlike innocence in his blank eyes actually gave Jiu Shu a sense of pleasure that he hadn’t had in a long time.


He seemed to understand why the heroes and heroines of those previous worlds liked to get together and fall in love so much.


Watching another person reveal a spellbound expression towards oneself was indeed a soothing thing.


“Didn’t you just confess?”


Jiu Shu seemed to be answering the unasked confusion of You Xin.


“The correct response is this, right?”



With a smirk in the corner of his eye, he thought for a moment and opened his arms toward You Xin.



“Want a hug?”

He remembered that both male and female protagonists hugged after making their feelings known, which was supposed to be the official step in determining a relationship.


The youth opened his arms, a sincere smile on his snow-like white cheeks, the curved narrow ends of his eyes showed a faintly luscious color, beautiful to the extreme and confusing to the extreme.


As if compelled, the tall man leaned over, following his sweetheart’s cue, half squatting in an absolutely submissive posture, and following the youth’s arm, he embraced Jiu Shu, who was sitting on the sofa.



Jiu Shu looked at the top of the hair that was pressed against the side of his neck, his eyelashes fluttered, and like embracing a small child, he gently stroked the man’s short, slightly stiff hair, his fingertips sinking into the strands with a gentleness as gentle as a mother’s caress.





As if the man was afraid of waking up from this unimaginably beautiful dream, he couldn’t help but gently tighten his arms, hugging back the youth in his arms who was as soft as a marshmallow.



Jiu Shu narrowed his brows, feeling the man’s careful movements, and suddenly remembered that in the original story, You Xin had always referred to herself as a younger sister, so perhaps ‘she’ truly believed that she was a female and should prefer males.


That would also explain ‘her’ current feelings for him, it was only natural for a young girl in her prime to feel adoration when she met a suitable person of the opposite age.


But …… was this why ‘she’ was extra mean to the main female character, Ai Li, in the original?



Heterosexuals hating homosexuals?


Jiu Shu didn’t think it was unlikely.


However, if that was the case, then the current situation might have to be reversed from the original, where it was the younger sister who hated the female that the older brother liked, then now, it was likely that the older brother hated the male that the younger sister liked.


Jiu Shu frowned slightly in some distress, thinking that this disciplinary object was quite troublesome, no matter which gender one liked, for these two personalities sharing a body, it seemed they were intolerable with intimate contact with the same s-ex.



“…… “And at this moment, the tall man hugged his sweetheart in his arms as if he was dreaming, his reddened ears signaled the uncontrollable emotions inside, so much so that he didn’t notice that under the bandage that had originally had a deep wound at his arm, the marks were already slowly healing.


When he opened his eyes again, a pair of flat, empty eyes revealed themselves, and his gaze touched the cheek of the person in his arms.

The man’s body froze in place.




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