“I got my money’s worth out of this god of fortune!” The Agent excitedly said.



“I was thinking, superstition is superstition, kowtowing to a pillar of incense won’t kill me, so I ordered a god of Fortune statue online. When it arrived in the mail the tape was falling apart, I was particularly angry and wanted to return it.”


“But I opened it to take a look, yo! This god of Fortune looked too handsome, with red hair and red eyes, it was completely a foreign style. I didn’t want to return it, you see, fortunately I didn’t return, I only worshiped once, and you got this lucky!!”


This was the fifth time old Yang told this thing, but Qiong Ren didn’t feel annoyed.


Qiong Ren was an orphan, he got adopted at the age of ten but was returned at fourteen years old, to live to now, the people that took care of him the most was the orphanage director and the director’s boyfriend Yang Feng.



If it weren’t for a sudden and serious illness, old Yang would still be a middle-aged handsome man with lush hair.


The two of them were nominally an agent and an artist, but in fact, their relationship was similar to that of family.


Qiong Ren waited for him to finish nagging before saying, “It is rare for me to be on the hot search. The popularity is good, but I don’t want to be too straightforward. After all, the content of my hot search… you understand.”


Old Yang nodded.


This hot search was indeed magical, the two of them, if they weren’t party to it, would also feel that this hot search was the work of a marketing company.


Now the discussion under the hot search was still quite harmonious.


This was all because Qiong Ren really looked good, people who clicked into the hot search didn’t pay attention to the spiritual content for more than ten seconds, and then joined the face licking army.



There was no time to consider the reasonableness of the content of the hot search.


But if they explicitly indulged this kind of topic, they would immediately be labeled as using superstitious marketing.



They obviously relied on their ability to get on the hot search list, but they weren’t being able to use their own popularity to their heart’s content, it hurt to think about it.



“I’m going to record a dance video and post it tonight.”



Agent: “If you post it tonight, can you keep up? In our current situation, there won’t be any cameraman or later stage staff helping us with the video.”



Qiong Ren was on the number one hot search, but Sincere Culture didn’t have any reaction, if it was any other artist, they would have been in a meeting right now, discussing how to maximize the use of this hot search.


This had actually shown Sincere Culture’s attitude.



“It’s fine, I’ll just take my cell phone and record one. Excellent dances often require only the most rudimentary of filming techniques.”


The agent was infected by his confidence and nodded, “Good!”


Qiong Ren went home to change into the clothes he was going to wear for the dance later, and as he took off his top he glanced in the mirror and drew a breath of cold air.



There was a small patch of red on his left chest, and it had broken through his skin.


As he thought about it, he was scratched by the embroidered pattern on his T-shirt when he opened the door while holding his sick friend in the haunted house.



It had pierced through his skin, but his sick friend’s face was still white, not even red… Was this the kind of thing that couldn’t be generalized from person to person? His friend’s skin was so strong.


He was envious.



At eight o’clock in the evening, Qiong Ren released the dance video on time.


The video was shot with a cell phone set up, and he was wearing a simple plain sweatshirt and sweatpants, wearing a baseball cap with the brim covering half of his face, revealing a delicate and sharp jaw and scarlet lips.


The dance track was the recent foreign smash hit, “Waste Myself”.



The original song opened with simple guitar chords, gradually introducing drums and piano, paired with the singer’s delicate and gentle singing, which brought out the fullness of deep feelings.


Qiong Ren used a remix version of the song, with a lighter melody and a more upbeat tempo.


The movements he choreographed for the song naturally continued in the same style, crisp and sweet, seemingly not particularly difficult movements, but full of details, the movements switched very quickly.



The interlude electronic instrumental created a slight psychedelic futuristic feeling, which was also the best part of the song for Qiong Ren, who choreographed a slightly less difficult, but very brainwashing kick.


All in all, it was a dance that made one’s body and mind feel soothed just by watching it, and one couldn’t help but smile.


Only after the video was sent out, ah ah ah ah’s wolf cries took over the comment section, coming up with a flurry of husbands and wives, brothers and sisters.


[Originally, I just came in to lick a handsome face, but I didn’t expect this dance to be too good, right? I scream!]


[Why isn’t anyone saying a word about this control? This kind of dance is the most difficult, especially in the interlude. It looks a bit strange, but inexplicably beautiful, and it’s brainwashing. If I were to dance, it would probably be like a bear jumping around.]


[Take down the camera, okay? I thought there was finally a dance I could learn, but I couldn’t keep up with it at all, so I’m not worthy. Cat Tears.JPG]


#The phrase #QiongRen immediately rushed to the top of the hot searches, and although it wasn’t as fierce as the last one, it quickly reached the top twenties.



He didn’t continue to focus on his own hot searches, Sinister Spirit was still waiting for him to challenge it. He wasn’t the kind of idol who forgot about his underworld fans when he had living world fans.


Qiong Ren immediately felt that he was filled with the temperament of wealth and riches, and he couldn’t help but nod in his heart.



“Waste waste, waste myself on you.”


Meng Shen watched his boss singing and dancing, her slim waist twisting and turning. This person was beautiful, her body was also good, it was this dance ……



Meng Shen couldn’t bear to look at her, “The culprit who sold the pirated CDs has been arrested.”



Dragon City’s City god had just taken office not long ago, she looked only in her mid-twenties, very pretty, fashionably dressed, and almost indistinguishable from a living person.


The City god stopped dancing, “Tough luck, King Pingdeng’s people will take over next. Your grandfather was celebrating his birthday, but you were still called back by me to work overtime, he wasn’t angry with you, was he?”


“How could he be,” even if he was really angry, he wouldn’t dare to admit it, “Grandpa has walked the path of impermanence before, he understands, work is the most important thing.”


“Your grandpa is an old employee of our Dragon City, he really has a high awareness. In this case, I’ll draw you a self-portrait later, you take it back and give it to your grandfather. I still have three hundred years left in my tenure in Dragon City, I can’t say anything else, but I can still protect against external evil.”


Meng Shen was overjoyed, thinking that his new boss was really generous, and that this shift was a good deal.


“Little Meng, I want to change this dance of Qiong Ren into a workplace exercise, it’s too hard to work in the underworld, everyone needs a proper rest, help me see how to make it better.”



The boss gave the word, of course Meng Shen couldn’t say no. But in his heart, he was rather petty, he was just an idol, how was he worth making so many people in the underworld chase after him.



Meng Shen had also rebelled before he was chosen by the underworld to walk the Uncanny path. He had participated in dance troupes, engaged in underground rap, and organized a band.



In terms of strength, he was even better than many current idols, and he didn’t even think he was worthy of debuting to make money from his fans, he didn’t know how those idols had the nerve to label themselves as hardworking.


Meng Shen nagged and belabored him, a smile on his face as he waited to see Qiong Ren’s dance.


It was probably another one of those contraptions where a little bit of hand and foot coordination made someone shout: ah I’m dead.



The video was shot in the practice room, and as the intro began, Qiong Ren stomped around and walked towards the camera.


“Huh? This gait, this sense of rhythm in the body.” If a person danced well, their body carried its own rhythm and sense of rhythm, and Qiong Ren had only taken a few steps before Meng Shen got a feeling that it wasn’t simple.


By the time Qiong Ren officially started dancing, Meng Shen couldn’t help himself, “Damn it ……”


City god: “Little Meng?”


Meng Shen realized that he accidentally spoke foul language in front of his boss, “He’s at a very high level, I was a little bit surprised, I wasn’t careful ……”


City god’s eyes shone brightly, “It’s fine, keep praising him.”


An hour later, Meng Shen arrived home holding the self-portrait of the City god.


He thought of giving the painting and the statue of King Yan together to his grandfather as a birthday gift, but when he went back to the house, he couldn’t find the statue of King Yan that he had specially begged for.


When he saw Qingheng passing by his door, he shouted, “Qingheng, I have a statue of King Yan, have you seen it? It’s the one that Master Wu carved after the King of the underworld himself.”


Qingheng cringed and whispered, “No.”


Meng Shen frowned, it wasn’t like he was a golden god of wealth, who would steal the statue of the King of the underworld?


King Yan was different from other gods, there were almost no people who truly believed in him, after all, what could you ask him to bless you with, an early descent into the underworld or an early descent into the underworld?



It was only his grandfather who particularly admired the King of the underworld’s impartiality. Meng Shen specifically sought out the carving master who worked under the Wheel King’s Gate and asked him to carve a statue of the King of the underworld.



The image of the King identified in the mortal world and the King himself had a huge gap, but he was carved according to the king of the underworld himself, ordinary people wouldn’t know it was him……


“Have you bought the items I want? I have already sent you the money, so you can keep your own pocket money. You just started working, and I’m afraid you won’t make much money.”


Qingheng secretly gritted his teeth, Meng Shen had looked down on him since he was a child, and now he wanted to insult him with a few million yuan.


Meng Shen continued, “I watched the dance that Qiong Ren posted last night, he’s really, really good, and there’s more than seven million differences between him and Fu Jiaze, right? How about ……”


Meng Shen had a sudden thought, “How about I pay for it and ask him to teach you how to dance?”


Qingheng looked at him incredulously.


Meng Shen simply couldn’t appreciate the hundreds of twists and turns in his cousin’s heart, and was still blathering and analyzing there, even pulling out his phone and starting to play Qiong Ren’s dance video.


As he played it, he narrated.


“This dance looks simple, but it’s actually full of details and the movements are densely designed. If you want to look good you have to have extremely strong body control and stay precise in the high speed switches to have such a good visual effect.”


“The kicking leg section looks easy, but is actually the hardest, there are traps everywhere in this movement, and if you miss it by a fraction of a second, it will be so ugly that it will get in the way. I dare say that ninety-nine percent of the people who do this dance will fail on this seemingly simple kick.”



“Then again, his style is a bit like PP who won the world championship at the age of sixteen.”


Meng Shen got carried away, logged into his Weibo account, and went and blew Qiong Ren a two-thousand-word complimenting mini-thesis, which was full of dry facts and centered on the idea that this guy was so awesome, love love love.



His account was opened when he was learning to dance, and there were many people in the street dance circle that filled him, many of whom saw the video in his post and were impressed by Qiong Ren’s dancing, and again, there was a flurry of technical analysis and passionate praise.


Qing Heng returned to his room, so angry that he cried, he stubbornly stood in front of the mirror to learn Qiong Ren’s kicking movements.


Before he finished learning a section, he cried even louder as he looked at himself in the mirror.



In the Underworld Common Lounge, the Ten Temples of the King gathered for a work break.


“The Ninth Underworld jailer who violated the law by selling illegal CDs has been captured, and according to King Pingdeng’s press secretary, he has decided to exile the culprit to the Great Cold Underworld.”



King Yan heard the news on the TV and took his eyes off of Qiong Ren’s album purchase page, “I thought the CDs had been eliminated.”



Emperor Song was in a rare moment of seriousness, “This jailer took advantage of the prisoner handover to download Qiong Ren’s live video from our Third Temple’s intranet, and he was worried that selling the resource directly would cause piracy to run rampant and harm his interests, so he burned it into a read-only mode CD for sale. By the time we caught the person, ten thousand disks had already been sold, and the amount of money involved exceeded two million Yan meditation coins.”


“Damnable guy, actually relying on my cub’s piracy to make money!” Emperor Song was murderous, “King Pingdeng, how many years do you intend to let him freeze in the Great Ice Cold Underworld?”


King Pingdeng was a jovial white-bearded old man who rubbed his chin and said, “Three hundred years. Three thousand years of deprivation of the right to reincarnate.”


King Yan looked at Qiong Ren’s blurred face in the TV screen, lowered his head, and continued to place orders on the Sincere Culture official website.



He really shouldn’t have said that his song was hard to listen to in front of Qiong Ren that day, so he’d just buy a little bit of Qiong Ren’s album first as an apology.


Was it reasonable that the criminal’s illegal CD sold for two hundred and the rightful owner’s genuine album only sold for fifty-eight a disk? The criminal’s CD sold ten thousand disks, and the maximum saleable quantity of the genuine album was only a thousand.



Yama thought that such a phenomenon was unfair, and that Qiong Ren himself should receive a higher income.


Why couldn’t he just buy a little bit of other products related to Qiong Ren? Unfortunately, even then, the total amount wouldn’t reach two million.


Filled with regret, Yan Molu frowned and placed the order for payment.


Half an hour later, the manager who went to the warehouse to pick up the album for the signing, Qingheng who opened the official website in order to fulfill Meng Shen’s order, the ordinary people who needed to purchase peripherals for the family members who had visited their dreams, as well as the fans who wanted to purchase related products because they had become fans of Qiong Ren, suddenly realized that-



All products related to Qiong Ren on the official website of Sincere Culture were suddenly sold out, albums, hand banners, calendars, official support sticks, not a single one was left.



The agent screamed in shock: “Our Qiong Ren’s first signing is going to be over because there are no albums for sale!!!”


Qingheng looked at the page with zero inventory and went into a panic, what should I do, will Meng Shen, take him away in a fit of rage?




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