The summoning ritual required a lot of materials and the steps were quite complicated. If Edelman hadn’t done the preparations in advance before coming, then he certainly wouldn’t have summoned the Demon King at such a time.



The main thing was that the ritual of summoning the Demon King wasn’t always successful.



Edelman’s level wasn’t high, after so many years of training, he was only level twenty or so, after transforming into a demon, his strength had grown a lot, it wasn’t much, and with the City Lord’s escort knights, if he really wanted to fight alone, a hundred of him weren’t enough to fight the City Lord.



But he now had Ferguson to help him, and those noble knights of the Order.



As long as they seized the opportunity, they could definitely pull them down.



Edelman used a dagger to slit the palm of his hand and let his blo-od drip on an ancient parchment scroll. His blo-od was no longer red, but a blackened, fishy, sticky liquid, and from a good distance, Qiao Nan could still smell the unpleasant smell of his blo-od.



“A simplified version of the summoning scroll?” Qiao Nan’s sharp eyes saw the pattern and words on the scroll.



That was a simplified version of the summoning scroll, one could use it to summon low-level magical creatures, during the war, Qiao Nan felt that those low-level magical creatures were really slow to catch up, so he simply made this scroll for summoning, and it could also be used for surprise attacks, it was quite good.



But this scroll had relatively high requirements for magic, someone above level 60 could barely use it, further down the line, they would need to offer a part of the body.



Including but not limited to blo-od.



This simplified version of the teleportation scroll could only teleport more low-level magical creatures, if you wanted to summon more advanced, unless they sacrifice their souls, or got a high-level magical token to fill the missing magic.



It was a loss and very unrealistic.


The demons were very pragmatic, they never did money-losing business, being summoned was an unpleasant thing, if they couldn’t get a price to their satisfaction, they would never do it, not to mention that it would benefit the summoner more.



They wouldn’t be that stupid.



As for Amos, he and Edelman were in completely two worlds, Edelman didn’t even have the qualification to look up to him, how could he summon Amos?



Qiao Nan felt that he should be more cautious, but he wasn’t.



After all,…… he couldn’t summon him.



There was a very thick layer of boundary between the abyssal magic domain and the central continent, which was used to divide the two worlds at first, and then it became a place like a dividing line.



The abyss demon kingdom wasn’t suitable for people other than the demon clan, so only the rough skinned and fleshy dragon clan could stay in it for a long time.



The reason for the division wasn’t only that the demon clan was belligerent, but also that the air of the demon clan was filled with magic gas, which could be called poison for human beings. This layer of enchantment could also be used as a shield .



If you summoned the demons in the central continent, it was equivalent to creating an opening in the boundary, the harmful magic gas overflowing from the demon world would pollute the central continent, especially a demon of Amos’s level, if he came to the central continent through this way, it would definitely bring a large amount of pollution over.



Although Qiao Nan didn’t think the other could bring Amos over.


Qiao Nan hugged his chest and urged, bored: “Can you? Can you do it? It’s too slow. It’ll be light when you call it out.”


Edelman was sweating profusely.



He gritted his teeth and pulled out a ruby brooch.



Qiao Nan thought this brooch looked quite familiar.



The brooch looked extraordinarily old, engraved with the pattern of the waves, the middle gem was made like a Yin Yang fish, it could be divided into two halves, the other half’s location wasn’t known.



As Qiao Nan was wondering if he had seen this brooch somewhere, the scroll that had been unresponsive suddenly shone with a bright light, and a strange red color spread out on the scroll, and even dyed the air nearby red.



“No way, it actually worked?”



Edelman was the one who was most pleased, especially when he found out that his summoning ritual had succeeded!


Himself! The foundation of victory had been laid.



Qiao Nan didn’t intend to let Amos come out, if Amos came out, then Bangal City would definitely be enveloped by the magic Qi. He didn’t hesitate much, directly jumped down from mid-air, flew up and kicked on Edelman’s hand, kicking the scroll away from Edelman’s hand.



Because the sacrificial ritual blo-odletting made his body weak, he couldn’t block Qiao Nan’ kick, not to mention the scroll, even the person was kicked out.



Qiao Nan grabbed the scroll that fell in mid-air, and then fell back to the side.



The good thing was that before the battle, they hadn’t put down the boundary.



A black shadow appeared on the sheepskin scroll. Almost the whole man was composed of black, his skin was extremely white, and only his eyes were blood red.



The figure was ethereal, and only a shadow appeared.




What came over was obviously just a projection, but just a projection already brought out the devilish aura of the demon world, black and red devilish aura almost covered the whole space.



It was really Amos!

Qiao Nan’s eyes widened in surprise, tilting his head to look at Amos, his eyes full of disbelief.


That guy Edelman had really summoned Amos!



“Great Demon King! Lord Amos!” Because of the success of the sacrificial ritual, Edelman, whose body was emptied, looked at Amos quite exuberantly as he spat out a mouthful of dirty blo-od, “All of you, all of you, will die!”



From the time Amos appeared, his eyes had been tightly placed on Qiao Nan.



He knew very well that there was no way he could stay here for long, the person who summoned him was too weak, even if it was just a split ”body projection he could only stay here for less than ten seconds.



Only ten seconds!



Amos looked at this familiar and unfamiliar face, for a moment, he didn’t know what to say, he saw the surprise and defensiveness in Qiao Nan’s eyes, but also saw the Norman standing next to Qiao Nan.



Why was Norman here? Why was he protecting His Majesty? Why were the two men so close?



Amos’s narrow eyes narrowed, his cold sight swept over Norman, but the eyes that rested on Qiao Nan suddenly became tender.



“Lord Amos!” Seeing that Amos didn’t move after appearing, Edelman shouted again, “Please kill those guys who offend your majesty!”



“It’s noisy.”



Amos turned his head to look at Edelman, the coldness in his eyes freezing people to death, Edelman subconsciously jolted: “Please forgive me–”



Before he could finish his sentence, he only felt a darkness before his eyes, the color flew away, only a darkness remained.



Amos withdrew his hand and took the raging magic power back into his body.



By the time he withdrew his hand, those originally surrounding the outside, including Ferguson and others, had all died, silently, without even a chance to resist.



He has become stronger.



Qiao Nan’s first thought was surprisingly this.



The person who had summoned him had died, and Amos was destined not to stay.



His body gradually faded, almost turning transparent.



“I’ll be waiting for you in the Magic Domain.” Before Amos was on the verge of dissipating, he finally spoke his first words to Qiao Nnan.



Qiao Nan looked back blankly.



“I’ll be there for the meeting.” Norman suddenly spoke, “I hope you won’t forget our agreement.”





Qiao Nan suddenly sighed with relief.



So it was with Noel ……





How could Noel, who was just an ordinary city lord, have a relationship with Amos? And the relationship looked quite good!



Amos was silent for two seconds, waved his sleeve, and collected all the magic qi he brought out: “My promise is always valid.”



He looked fixedly at Qiao Nan, then glared at Norman implicitly.




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