Norman: ????



Amos’s blank stare was very subtle, if you didn’t look carefully then you couldn’t really see it, he didn’t understand why Amos rolled his eyes, obviously he just told the truth.



Or did he misunderstand something?



Amos’s figure was nearly transparent, he nodded slightly to Qiao Nan, and then completely disappeared.



The demonic energy spilling out of the air disappeared, Amos could no longer stay here and gradually disappeared into the air.



The scroll closed up and fell to the ground, leaving behind only the wreckage and almost ignorable light energy.



Suddenly a small brooch fell on the ground, Qiao Nan curiously picked up, this brooch was what Edelman used in order to summon Amos.



Just now he felt it was very familiar, and now it felt even more familiar when he held it in his hand.



It seemed like he’d really seen it somewhere.



“Doesn’t this brooch belong to Amos?” Qiao Nan didn’t recognize it, but Norman did, “He cares a lot about this brooch, he still hasn’t changed it.”



Norman was acquainted with Amos, their relationship in some ways could barely be considered good, at least the two had good conversations on a certain goal, after they reached a consensus, they also maintained a regular contact.




This referred to once every few years, definitely not frequent.




Norman and Amos both know they were very strong, on strength alone, they had mutual admiration, but to really become friends ……



dream faster.



Amos wasn’t a good person to get along with, he could hide private information to death, if not that they were cooperating, he would die of old age with his secrets.



But the relationship between the human race and the demon race wasn’t good, the two met for only business, in addition to business and routine pleasantries, they never said other things.




Norman had an impression of this brooch, because of Amos’s special attitude towards it.



Obviously it wasn’t expensive, the material wasn’t the most excellent, and even the space storage function wasn’t good, it was just a good-looking decoration, but Amos cherished it, and didn’t even allow others to touch it, as long as he was free, he’d take a handkerchief to wipe this brooch.




It was said to be a gift from someone Amos liked.



“Amos’?” Qiao Nan suddenly realized, he finally remembered what this was.


It seemed that when he first opened the chest, he opened a pair of brooches that were of no use except to look good.



At that time he thought that Amos never seemed to play with the opposite se-x, so he gave him the brooches, so he could give it to someone he liked.



At first Amos didn’t want it, but after he said he should give it to someone he liked, he accepted it.



Now Amos was holding this half, so the other half must have been given to someone he liked.



When he thought of this, Qiao Nan’s face couldn’t but show an old father’s smile.



He wonder what the person Amos liked looked like?



It should be a gentle and strong girl.




When Qiao Nan saved Amos, he didn’t have the intention to raise him as a son.



After all, Amos was thin and sensitive at that time. He was both a father and a mother to him, and he would also be a bosom brother. When Amos grew up, he was his friend and his leader. Several identities led to an especially messy emotional relationship between Qiao Nan and Amos.



In general, Amos was similar to a son and a friend to Qiao Nan. He shouldn’t only worry about the other’s interpersonal relations, but also about his emotional life. He couldn’t fully relax about him.



It seemed quite good that he now had someone who could pay attention to him and keep him in mind.


Qiao Nan let out a long breath and put the brooch away, ready to return it to Amos when the time came.



This was a young man’s token of affection, if lost, Amos may be sad.



No ……



Qiao Nan suddenly came to his senses.



This brooch was gotten by him, although it wasn’t unique, it was absolutely not common.



The most important thing was… he gave it to one person as well.



Qiao Nan felt that he had neglected something.



And it was a very important thing.



[Congratulations to player [Qiao Nan] for being the first to reach level fifty and gaining the title [Pioneer]]



[Congratulations to player [Qiao Nan] for killing the purple level seventy-six elite BOSS [Angry Ferguson] for the first time, and gaining the title [Demon Nemesis]



Immediately afterwards, the two golden service-wide announcements woke up Qiao Nan again.



Ferguson and Edelman were clearly both moved by Amos, so why was it counted on him?



“Qiao?” Norman looked at Qiao Nan’s dazed expression and asked tentatively, “Is there something wrong?”



“Ah …… nothing.” Qiao Nan wiped his face, “Just had a not-so-formed guess.”



“What speculation?”




“Speculation about who Amos really likes.” Qiaonan casually responded, he didn’t check what the rewards were, but intended to hurry to the magic domain.




Eugene, who was still inside the courtyard of the city lord’s mansion, looked at the golden service-wide announcement and was even more dumbfounded.



If he wasn’t mistaken, this name ……



Wasn’t that his teammate?




Eugene had a very impractical, but a very in line with common sense guess.




He wasn’t able to see Qiao Nan’s level and status, the other hid these, even teammates couldn’t see, but Eugene had identified that it was his teammate, he just couldn’t believe that he really hugged a big thigh.



He thought the other was a rookie at first!




Eugene couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of telling people that he knew Qiao Nan later.



It was a great way to get out there and get some light!



He sent a message to Qiao Nan, who didn’t reply, probably because something was tripping him up.



He would love to go out and ask for confirmation.



If he used this, was it possible to teleport to his teammate?



Eugene looked at the night sky, looked at the teleportation button, then he gritted his teeth and clicked on teleportation.






“Why do you care about this? Is it possible that you and he have a good relationship?” Norman asked coldly, “He has a strange attitude towards you.”


Norman certainly could see that something wasn’t right, Amos only came out for ten seconds or so, yet he exposed a lot of things, these were enough for Norman to detect that something wasn’t right.



“What’s wrong?” Qiao Nan was still thinking about the matter of going to the magic domain in a while, and distractedly answered.



“Are you–” teacher.



Norman was just about to say that last word, when a golden light suddenly appeared in front of him, Norman subconsciously pulled Qiao Nan into his arms, and then kicked that golden light to the side.



Person who hadn’t yet landed on the ground but was kicked, Eugene:?



Eugene couldn’t even resist, he was kicked into the wall and couldn’t come out.



Qiao Nan hurriedly muttered a few healing spells, and pulled his bl-ood bar back up and healed his broken bones.




“I thought I was going to die.” Eugene laid on the ground and stared dumbly at Qiao Nan’s face, “That announcement just now, it was indeed you, big brother, right?



“Ah, yes.” Qiao Nan didn’t deny it.



Eugene sniffed, surprisingly he was about to cry: “I actually, I actually hugged a big brother, my ranking has rushed to five hundred!”


Qiao Nan was shocked: “What, is there a ranking?”



“What? You didn’t know there was a ranking?” Eugene also didn’t dare believe that.



Of course Qiao Nan didn’t know that there were rankings, the internal test only had few people, the Qiao family wouldn’t waste money and effort in this regard.



Even the special effects of the system announcement were quite perfunctory, before it was only the big golden letters, where as now there was a golden light special effects.



What the game internal test was mainly for was the game playability and the integrity of the world view, it wouldn’t be stopped for other reasons, minor details wasn’t important.




“I’m very sorry.” Norman also came over to Eugene to apologize, “I thought there was an enemy trying to make a move on Qiao, you know ……”




Norman said the truth, but the enemies were ki-lled by Amos, they weren’t in danger, but this Eugene was only at level 19, how could he learn teleportation magic?



Even level seventy magicians couldn’t learn teleportation magic.



Or maybe he had a scroll?



Teacher didn’t look surprised by this.



“It’s okay.” Eugene hurriedly shook his head and stood up, “I didn’t mention it in advance and suddenly coming over is easy to make people misunderstand.”



“What exactly did you come over for?” Qiao Nan didn’t bother to listen to their pleasantries: “You should have received the news of the end of the mission.”




Eugene nodded excitedly, “Yes, because of the reward, I have reached level nineteen! Soon I will be able to break through to level twenty!”



Norman lowered his eyes and wondered in his heart.



It was normal for teacher to progress extremely fast in a short time, after all, teacher was a demigod, but this newcomer …… was an ordinary person.



How could an ordinary person easily rise seven levels in a row in a short period of time.



“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to rise so fast!” Eugene grabbed Qiao Nan’s hand and said excitedly, “Can I always team up with you?”



So it was teacher that helped.



Norman immediately understood.



If it was teacher, then it was nothing for him to even rise to level 50, a small scene, totally ok!



But teaming up all the time?



No way!



“No way, you’re too weak.” Norman ripped Eugene’s hand from Norman’s hand, he only used two fingers to pinch the other party’s cuff, easily pulling the other away. “I’m teacher’s teammate.”



“…… teacher?” Eugene was confused.



Qiao Nan’s expression changed dramatically.




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