C40— Tastes Sweet


In the next instant, Adrian’s ears and face instantly reddened, and it was like being pinned in place, he was completely unable to move.



He Yishu looked calm, after grinding Adrian’s earlobe with his teeth, He Yishu slowly backed away and blinked innocently: “When I saw your ears flushed before, I wanted to try it, and the taste is really not bad.”



Adrian looked at He Yishu with a twinkle in his eyes, and after a moment, his voice was slightly hoarse as he asked, “From about the first time I saw you, I noticed that your lips were se-xy and should taste good, so can I taste it now?”



He Yishu was conquered by Adrian’s powerful ability to learn, and after thinking about it, he nodded graciously: “I can let you taste it, but if it doesn’t taste good enough, you don’t have to return it …… Well …… ”



He Yishu didn’t finish speaking.



This was their first kiss, a veritable first kiss, so at the very beginning, their lips were just pressed tightly against each other.



It took a while before Adrian reluctantly tore his lips off He Yishu’s, his gaze fixed on He Yishu’s thin lips, “It tastes sweet, can I taste it more?”



“Yes,” He Yishu smiled at Adrian, seeing his eyes instantly shine because of his words, he quickly continued with bad intentions, “but it will have to wait for another time.”



Adrian’s starry eyes dimmed instantly, looking at He Yishu with both loss and confusion, “Why?”



He Yishu curled his eyes and said with a particularly innocent smile, “Because you can’t eat too much sugar at night, otherwise you’ll get tooth decay.”



Adrian looked helplessly and dotingly at his lover in pursuit, and was just about to sigh, when he heard the other continue: “But now I can send you a good night kiss in advance, want one?”



Adrian didn’t answer, he used action to show his answer, warm lips gently pressed against each other, without any ambiguity, but it seemed extra warm.



A few moments later, the distance between them slowly widened, He Yishu tilted his head: “Do you still insist on sending me back to the apartment door? I think it feels best for us to part at this time.”



After just sharing each other’s first kiss, there was always countless things to look back on.



Adrian struggled a bit: “I’ll stand here and watch you walk in.”



“I’ll see you tomorrow, then.” He Yishu slowly pulled his hand out of Adrian’s fingertips, waved it, and then walked into the apartment building.



Just as the two said their warm goodbyes, not far away Du Fangping, who had just been hit to the bone, suddenly received a text from Brooke, which contained only three short words.



[Let’s break up.]



The already devastated Du Fangping felt like he was struck by lightning, his eyesight went black, and his body took two uncontrollable steps backwards, how could Brooke suddenly send him such a message!



This was impossible!



Although they had just had an argument over the competition team, things hadn’t gone that far at all, how could Brooke suddenly propose to break up!



Du Fangping slowed down and immediately dialed Brooke’s communication, but it was rejected by the other party, Du Fangping became even more panicked, and he was about to go directly to Brooke’s apartment to look for him, but suddenly he felt a cold gaze falling on him.



Du Fangping reflexively looked up and saw Adrian looking down at him with cold eyes, which made his heart thump, the emotions that were already in a mess were immediately tinged with a bit of fear: “Ai …… Adrian …… ”



“Your name is Du Fangping?” Adrian’s voice was devoid of any emotion other than coldness.



Du Fangping’s heart jumped and he nodded his head in fear.



Adrian asked again, “Your boyfriend’s name is Brooke?”



Du Fangping was so scared that he continued to nod, was Adrian going to help He Yishu directly to settle the score with them?



Although he felt fear in his heart, it didn’t seem to be a bad thing for Du Fangping if Adrian could let them off at the game after this.


But soon, Du Fangping’s extravagant hope was shattered by Adrian’s cold and merciless words.



“I just saw him,” Adrian stated something without any tone, “after you called out to He Yishu, Brooke was standing at the corner and never left.”



A statement that made Du Fangping’s eyes widen instantly, could it be that when he and He Yishu had an argument just now, Brooke had actually been there all the time?



Then why hadn’t he stood out? And even just told him ……



The reason why Brooke broke up with him was because he heard the argument that just happened and knew that he had offended Adrian.



This guess made Du Fangping fall into the ice cellar, his face became pale, he didn’t not know Brooke’s person, after all, he had betrayed He Yishu together with Brooke, but at that time Du Fangping thought that he would be able to hold Brooke firmly in the palm of his hand, and would never be betrayed and abandoned like that incompetent waste, He Yishu.



However, reality gave him a slap in the face and made him realize clearly how ridiculous his thoughts were at that time. A person who had betrayed his lover wouldn’t hesitate to abandon any lover, no matter what time he was faced with a bigger temptation.



Du Fangping stood there stiffly, as if he had been frozen directly, he was numb, only his face was hot and sore, like it was slapped countless times mercilessly.



Adrian didn’t care about Du Fangping’s feelings, since he would take the initiative to talk to Du Fangping, he naturally had his own purpose, and this purpose was obviously not to comfort him: “Before you had a conflict, it was because of the matter of teaming up, right? The truth doesn’t seem to be as you say, that Brooke doesn’t seem to want to team up with you.”



Du Fangping paled and didn’t say anything, now he was in such a bad mood that he wouldn’t feel scared while facing Adrian.



Adrian didn’t mind either, he said bluntly, “You have to team up.”



This sentence finally made Du Fangping come back to his senses and he looked at Adrian in confusion, why would he say such words? Since he was on He Yishu’s side, shouldn’t he hate him a lot? Shouldn’t he also feel happy to see him abandoned by Brooke?



If he didn’t already know how powerful Adrian was and how high his status was, he almost thought that Adrian was also like Brooke, that he had taken a fancy to him, so he would help He Yishu on the surface while favoring him behind his back.



“Why?” Du Fangping couldn’t help but ask.



Adrian looked at Du Fangping like he was looking at an idiot, obviously not understanding why the other party couldn’t even think of such a simple question, but he still gave the answer very generously: “If you guys don’t form a team, we might drag innocent people on the field.”



The implication was that if you two scum don’t team up, the tournament abuse will be significantly hindered, after all, both of you will find another person to team up with.


“……” Although it was true that he didn’t hold much hope, after hearing this unpretentious answer, Du Fangping still received a blow to the heart, this feeling of wanting to vomit blo-od, but having to hold it in, was simply too torturous!



Adrian still didn’t pay attention to see that Du Fangping had turned pale to a pig liver colored face, he smoothly threatened him: “You better be able to persuade Brooke to agree to team up with you, or I don’t mind helping you guys out.”



“I …… I know.” Du Fangping held back a mouthful of blo-od to give a response.



After getting this answer, Adrian then dashed away, leaving Du Fangping alone in the wind, for a time he didn’t know whether he should cry, or laugh.



Without Adrian’s words, even if he wouldn’t have broken up with Brooke directly, he would never have been able to team up with him in this competition.



But from another point of view, even if he successfully teamed up with Brooke, he would only be abused by Adrian and He Yishu on the field, there was no possibility of fighting back, so when he thought about it, Du Fangping wanted to cry again.



And in the end, it was all because of He Yishu!



He Yishu brought the cynicism, Adrian brought the fear, Brooke brought the anger and sadness ……



A variety of complex emotions blended together into Du Fangping’s head, almost making his head explode, he knew that the current situation was a foregone conclusion, with his strength, it was impossible to change anything, so even if he wanted to vent, he could only try to calm their emotions.



He Yishu had already returned to the apartment and didn’t know that Adrian had gone to threaten Du Fangping in order to make it easier for him to abuse the slag, but even if he knew, He Yishu would probably only extend his hands to praise him, and send him a kiss.



After returning to the apartment, He Yishu first made some talisman cards, and then began to meditate and practice writing, but different from the previous practice, He Yishu was trying to merge spiritual energy into his hands, so that it would integrate with the pen.



This attempt was obviously to prepare for the production of more sophisticated rune cards, He Yishu had carefully studied before, the Star Empire’s rune card masters could be twisted into that kind of rune card to make a good effect, one of the very important reason was from the spiritual energy enrichment, and this was exactly what He Yishu was currently lacking.



Although the Han character cards could effectively enhance He Yishu’s spiritual energy, but if the better use of spiritual energy was also a study that needed to be studied, He Yishu naturally wouldn’t slacken.



Therefore, during this period of time, He Yishu had been exercising his control over his spiritual energy, and extended the form of exercise to all aspects of life and study, practicing characters was one of them.



In this diligent exercise, time slipped by day, and the annual Mecha Competition held by the virtual arena had finally moved from the registration stage to the audition stage.




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