Qiao Nan’s teeth hurt a little.   “His Majesty the Demon King has been asleep for nearly two thousand years, and knows that there are few others.” Amos saw that Qiao Nan’s expression wasn’t quite right and quickly explained, “Your Majesty is more like a spiritual boost for us.”     But … Wasn’t it […]


Qiao Nan’s facial expression suddenly became ugly.   Listening to the child, this woman should be similar to a human tr-afficker, she saw the little boy alone and wanted to take him away to do something else.     If she was good, he’d be brought back to the house as a servant, or he’d […]


  Qiao Nan felt that something wasn’t quite right with the current development.     If Amos made him realize that this world was different from the past, then now Noel’s words made him completely understand that the world had changed.       “Eugene, can you leave first? I have some personal matters to […]


Norman: ????     Amos’s blank stare was very subtle, if you didn’t look carefully then you couldn’t really see it, he didn’t understand why Amos rolled his eyes, obviously he just told the truth.     Or did he misunderstand something?     Amos’s figure was nearly transparent, he nodded slightly to Qiao Nan, […]


  The summoning ritual required a lot of materials and the steps were quite complicated. If Edelman hadn’t done the preparations in advance before coming, then he certainly wouldn’t have summoned the Demon King at such a time.     The main thing was that the ritual of summoning the Demon King wasn’t always successful. […]


Although he wasn’t as tall as Noel, but Qiao Nan’s aura and presence was much higher than Noel’s. At this time, his expression made the elemental mage standing below angry.   He spoke so seriously, but these two people actually talked as if nobody else was there, and they didn’t pay attention to him at […]


  Elisa was frustrated.     She also understood what Qiao Nan meant, and had to relax and sit back down.   Originally she just wanted to apologize and had a slightly good feeling towards him, but when she saw his real face, her slight good feeling turned into an unstoppable palpitation.     She […]