Punishment?     Edelman certainly knew what the punishment for lying was.     The human empire’s punishment was clear, each crime had a prescribed amount of punishment, slandering others and perverting right and wrong was also to be distinguished in the context of the scene.     If the slander was between ordinary people, then the penalty was probably a […]


The man was wearing a white-gold robe, his long silver-white hair poured down behind him like a waterfall, he had a monocle on the bridge of his nose, hidden behind the lenses, his narrow eyes stared at the few people present, he spoke lightly but his words and presence made the people tremble. “Lord of […]


Qiao Nan’s insensitive attitude made Edelman Horace’s beard straighten in anger, his hand was shaking as he pointed at him, and he gasped for a while before he spoke angrily. “Don’t think I dare not get you just because you’re being arrogant!” “I’m always ready to play along.” Qiao Nan smiled, “Oh, he’s mine if […]


Qiao Nan arrived at Bangal City.   There weren’t many ways to travel to the Magic Domain, and the fastest would be to teleport from Bangal City to the Magic Domain using a teleportation array. Amos wasn’t in a very good state, and even though Qiao Nan knew that this might not be the Amos he […]


The human-faced spider didn’t quite understand the meaning of what Qiao Nan said, she just shook her head, hand on her chest, then a ring floated out of her chest, it floated in mid-air, as if waiting for Qiao Nan to reach out and catch it. Qiao Nan stretched out his hand. The ring landed […]


  ”What’s that ……”The girl covered her mouth and trembled as she hid inside the carriage.   This question, the others also wanted to ask. Just now, they were scared, so they didn’t dare head out, now they quietly gathered the courage to look outside, but saw an unexpected scene. They had thought that the outside would […]


  In the endless space, there were dozens of topsy-turvy large bookcases with all kinds of books and scrolls on them, and on the other side of the bookcases, were piles of all kinds of cherished materials and expensive weapons shelves. Qiao Nan sat cross-legged on the floor, looking at the familiar respawn point with boredom. […]


Above the clouds, the lofty white city gleamed in the sunlight, its rich magic almost turned into substance and shined with golden light. This was the City of Holy Light, the highest temple of the God of Light. In the spacious central square, Qiao Nan slightly closed his eyes, he sat on a high-backed chair […]