Although he wasn’t as tall as Noel, but Qiao Nan’s aura and presence was much higher than Noel’s. At this time, his expression made the elemental mage standing below angry.


He spoke so seriously, but these two people actually talked as if nobody else was there, and they didn’t pay attention to him at all!


How could he, who had always been above the law, swallow this anger!



“Lord Ferguson!” Seeing that the elemental mage he invited was about to lose his mind, Edelman hurriedly called out to him, “These two are provoking you!”



“I know.” Ferguson refused to admit that he was getting agitated, but still complied and stopped moving.



But the name …… Qiao Nan, he seemed to have heard it somewhere.



But that sphere made of water elements still didn’t retract, manifesting its presence.



But Qiao Nan wasn’t afraid at all, his sight wasn’t even on Ferguson.



“Qiao is my last name, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with saying your last name to a stranger, right?” Qiao Nan didn’t feel there was anything wrong with his behavior.



For him, Noel was a stranger he had just met, and the other was an NPC.



Because of his own peculiarities in the outside world, Qiao Nan never liked to say his name directly, and usually told others his surname, and only when he became familiar with them later, would he give his name.



His surname Qiao was very common, even if he said it, it didn’t matter at all, and there hadn’t been this kind of chastisement before.



As for why he told Eugene, it was purely because he accepted his friend request and the game would only show his real name, there was no way to hide, after this mission, he’d remove him from his friends list, and then change his face, even Eugene wouldn’t recognize him.


Speaking of it, wasn’t Noel a little too serious?



He was just an ordinary friend. If it wasn’t for the fact that he and his disciple were very similar in character, he wouldn’t even have much contact with Noel, let alone follow Noel back to his city master’s residence.



Noel obviously had other intentions, and his intentions were aimed at him, if not because he had something to do here, Qiao Nan simply wouldn’t just go back with a person he didn’t know.



Noel’s expression wasn’t very good, he understood Qiao Nan’s meaning, he could also understand.



But he couldn’t accept that he was just an unimportant friend in Qiao Nan’s eyes.



If there hadn’t been what happened at the beginning, he and his teacher would have been together and lived happily ever after.


Even after hundreds of years, Noel still couldn’t forget his little things when he was with his teacher,



At that time, he was the happiest person in the world.


Not only family harmony and parental love, the country was also smooth and stable, there was a loving, knowledgeable teacher, he didn’t even think about anything, everything had been arranged for him, he just had to be a carefree little prince.



“You guys!” Ferguson saw that the two opposite still ignored him, so he shouted angrily, “You will pay for what you just did!”



It was a pity that they both still ignored him.



Ferguson’s face was red with anger, his teeth were clenched, his hands were shaking with anger, and he decided not to take it anymore.



Let them know the price of ignoring him!



As expected, people became soft-hearted after old age, they were too indulgent to these young people, the continent also looked down on older people.



The blue sphere that had stored up power to the extreme floated to a high place and aimed at Qiao Nan and Noel who were standing high up.



It was mainly at Noel, because Qiao Nan’s rank wasn’t high.


It was also because Qiao Nan’s level wasn’t high that he was so angry. It was OK to look down on him if he was strong. How dare the other party ignore him if he wasn’t even level 50?!


That huge water elemental magic ball had no way to leave the inner boundary, it could only rise to the highest, and then fall, hail and spikes covered the entire boundary, especially aimed at the city master’s residence.



As the magic sphere successfully fell, Ferguson couldn’t suppress the smile on his face, he simply turned his back, ready to face adoration.



All of them had to die, dying painlessly was too cheap for them!



In his plan, these two people wouldn’t die so easily, but he was angry, so he decided to let them die on the spot.




Ferguson turned his back, but saw Edelman’s increasingly frightened expression.



“What are you doing with that look on your face?” Ferguson asked arrogantly, “Are you convinced by my might?”



No, no, no, no. ……


Edelman’s mouth opened and he stammered as he pointed at his back.


He saw the situation wasn’t right, just as he was about to turn back, a gust of wind blew fiercely, even Ferguson couldn’t stand on the soles of his feet, let alone the others.



At the beginning, the range of the enchantment set by Qiao Nan wasn’t small, but it was enough for these people to move around in the enchantment. So before it hit the dome, it was controlled by Qiao Nan and smashed into the ground .



By the time Ferguson reacted, the only one who could still stand sober was himself.



How was it possible!?



The other side didn’t expose their strength at all ……



No, it was precisely because he didn’t use his power that he found it strange!



All of his attacks were all made with scrolls! And his strength was as bad as he showed!



It was only because he was rich that he could buy so many attack scrolls, and to be defeated because of external power, he wasn’t convinced!



“Come over and fight me yourself if you dare!” Ferguson touched a handful of blo-od on the side of his mouth, “Smashing people with scrolls is from what ability?!”



Qiao Nan was still feeling the experience rising in his body because he had defeated his enemy.



Just as he thought, this group of enemies except for Horace and this Ferguson, didn’t need to die at all, just make them unconscious and win.



If someone could see Qiao Nan’s experience bar, then they would definitely be shocked at the speed of his promotion.



The experience bar he needed now was indeed considerable, but the noble knights who came over to send experience came in large numbers.



The cost of accumulating less into more was that Qiao Nan was still one level short of breaking through to level 50.



If it wasn’t the wrong time, Qiao Nan really want to give Edelman a best assistance award.


Ordinary people really couldn’t sacrifice themselves for others.



Wasn’t the opportunity for him to break level 50 right now?



Qiao Nan looked at Ferguson and became amiable, as if he was looking at some great treasure.



The sky was turning outside, but there was nothing inside the well protected city master’s residence. The people inside could only see the sudden strong wind outside, and then a group of people were swept up by the wind, followed by the sound of jingling.



This sound lasted for a long time, and there were several colored lights in the middle, only the elemental magic was blown away by the wind before it could build up strength.



One after another, the fluctuations made the city’s main residence built of stone shake, the ground shook very hard, so hard that the servants crowded at the door screamed and ran around.



Eugene was lying on the ground, not even daring to open his eyes.



He had never been so scared since he was born.



This was completely different from his previous experiences!



After the outside calmed down, Eugene then got up from the ground, carefully looked up and looked above.



Everything returned to silence, and the two figures still stood in mid-air as they had at the beginning, protecting the safety of all.


“Oh my god, what just happened?” Eugene heard the exclamation of the manservant who had just been sarcastic, “Did we …… really win?”



“Of course!” Eugene felt unrestrained, “It was Qiao Nan and the city lord who protected us, and you guys, just now, tried to betray them!”



“But, but that magician is not dead yet, as long as he is still alive, we -” before he could finish his words, he saw that Horace Edelman, who should have been defeated, got up from the ground.



Just now Edelman was directly thrown unconscious in Qiao Nan’s tornado, and laid with those noble knights.



He gave his body to the demon and his system was significantly enhanced, but this didn’t allow him to become like Ferguson overnight.



So, it took him a while to barely absorb the shock he received on his body and wake up from his slumber.



Already on the edge, his sanity finally broke, the fat middle-aged man’s figure, like a leaky balloon became more and more dried up, his skin was miserably white, the whites of his eyes turned black, cloudy brown eyes turned blood-like red, his nails protruded, hunched over, he was more like a skeleton that had lost its mind.



“Where is the masked man?” He asked hoarsely, “Let him out, I want to tear him apart with my own hands!”



“I’ve been standing here for half a day, don’t you see me?” Qiao Nan pointed to the tip of his nose, “Or am I not as showy as that clown next to you?”



“How long do you think you can be arrogant?!” Edelman Horace raised his hand, his dry and thin hand still had unhealed knife marks: “I will summon Amos, the king of the demons, and you should feel honored to be taken out by the demon king!”



Hearing Amos’ name, a hint of fear and respect also appeared on Ferguson’s face, and he stepped back, his eyes looking wildly at the summoned object in Edelman’s hand.



To be able to summon Demon King Amos, working with Edelman was really the right thing to do!





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