C20 — Final Elimination System

Mu Sichen walked over quickly and saw Cheng Xubo writing additional regulations, “Family members are not allowed to load the patient into a cart along with the bed and carry them around.”


Mu Sichen: “……”



This supplementary rule of Cheng Xubo’s was too graphic.



The words Cheng Xubo wrote down flashed with a red light and then were printed on the paper word by word, looking at these words, Mu Sichen immediately had a feeling of being bound.



Cheng Xubo then tilted his head as if he was listening carefully to something, then nodded in satisfaction and hung the pen on the wall.



There was a hook on the wall to which the pen was tied. After Cheng Xubo let go of the pen, it disappeared.



After completing all of this, Cheng Xubo then saw Mu Sichen standing behind him, he exclaimed joyfully, ”Brother, I finally found you! This game is too evil, let’s team up, shall we?”



Mu Sichen’s line of sight fell on his badge, and not surprisingly, it read “Family: Cheng Xubo”.



At the same time, Mu Sichen also noticed that Chi Lian had addressed him as “Benefactor” at first, while Cheng Xubo was “Brother”.



Without the self sticker, despite having enough goodwill and trust, Cheng Xubo wasn’t his believer.



Mu Sichen nodded slightly, pointing at the supplementary rules, “What did you do?”



As soon as this matter was mentioned, Cheng Xubo suddenly turned pale and said in shock, “I just entered the sanatorium, and the radio told me to take care of the patients, I went to the prescribed ward to find the patient I was responsible for, and I saw a …… oh, it was so scary that I don’t dare to describe it. The most terrible thing is that this disease is still infectious.”



Cheng Xubo stretched out his hand to show Mu Sichen, “Look, my hand is full of blister eyes!”



His contamination was even worse than when Mu Sichen was there, half of his arm was covered in blister eyes.


“And then?” Mu Sichen asked.



Cheng Xubo: “It is an infectious disease ah! That patient was still in bed shouting something like I won’t be treated, I won’t be treated even if I die, he’s going to die, he’s going to return to the kingdom of the Lord of Night and abandon this filth. Then I didn’t know where he got a knife out of, and stabbed at his neck.”



“The radio immediately prompted me to protect the patient’s life and assist the doctor in his treatment. I immediately knocked off his knife, but he was still screaming and shouting.”


“I rang the call bell but no one came. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I exercised my skills to stuff the patient with his bed into a cart and tried to push him to the doctor.”



“Who knew that running into the elevator, I would be chased out by the volunteer with tentacles on his head and eyes on his tentacles.”


“The radio told me that patients are required to be tied to their hospital beds until they are discharged. I wasn’t considered to be in violation of the rules, but I took the hospital bed right out, which is unprecedented in the sanatorium.”


“The radio said that it was a loophole in the rules, and that this time I could be ignored for violating the rules, but that I would have to write down additional rules, and that there would be rules to bind me, so the next time I do it, I will have to be punished.”


“I was admiring you for being able to add rules when you first arrived at the sanitarium, but it turns out you broke the rules!” Chi Lian came up.



“Chi Lian, you’re here too? I thought I was separated from you guys.” Cheng Xubo was instantly relieved to see another familiar face, and the blistering eyes that kept growing on his arms stopped spreading.


“Yeah, we were so lucky to come to the same sanatorium with all that fog.” Chi Lian said happily.



“Yeah, I thought I’d never see you guys again.” Cheng Xubo said.

Mu Sichen said with certainty, “It’s not luck, it’s this sanatorium calling us.”


Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo looked at each other, their minds flashed through the experiences along the way, and they suddenly realized that what Mu Sichen said made sense.


The joy of being reunited faded, and uneasiness reclouded their hearts.



But Chi Lian’s mental state was obviously better than Cheng Xubo’s, she glanced at Mu Sichen and was instantly at ease, saying to Cheng Xubo, “It’s okay, Captain Mu is very smart, I’m sure we’ll be fine!”


“Captain Mu? Isn’t he surnamed Sha?” Cheng Xubo on the other hand said without much hope.


Chi Lian explained Mu Sichen’s name to Cheng Xubo, Cheng Xubo slapped his head, “So it’s still possible to write a fake name, I even wrote my real name, I lost!”



Seeing that Cheng Xubo didn’t understand anything, Chi Lian told Cheng Xubo what Mu Sichen had told her earlier.



Cheng Xubo nodded repeatedly, “Oh, it can still be like that, so it’s like that. Luckily I met you guys, this sanatorium is so dangerous.”


Chi Lian said, “Yes, but you’re also quite powerful, you were able to add supplemental rules, we were just about to look for this clue. Captain Mu, what exactly is the principle of this supplemental rule?”


While the two were conversing, Mu Sichen had already figured out the supplemental rule.


He explained, “It’s actually very simple, the broadcast prompted Cheng Xubo just now, there was a loophole in the rules.”


The reason why Cheng Xubo was able to add to the rules was because he did something that the sanatorium would not have allowed, but was not explicitly stated. This caused a program bug in the sanatorium’s own operation, thus the rules needed to be added to add to the loophole.


The simple fact of the matter was that the patient was locked in his bed, which meant that the nursing home didn’t allow the patient to leave the room.


But since the sanatorium had already locked the patient up, it didn’t express this rule in writing, it was a fact known to all.



But as long as it wasn’t explicitly forbidden, it meant that it was able to be done.


Cheng Xubo carried the patient out of the ward along with the bed, not violating the rules, but doing something that the sanatorium didn’t allow.


Because of Cheng Xubo’s behavior, this loophole was exposed, which was why he was qualified to supplement the rules.



Hearing Mu Sichen’s explanation, Cheng Xubo scratched his head: ”Then why should I be allowed to supplement the rules? I’m just a family member ah, where are the leaders of the sanatorium? Where’s the director?”


“Yeah, this sanatorium doesn’t seem to have a leader.” Chi Lian said, “It seems like the Feathered Eye dependent would be out and about in the sanatorium, but we haven’t seen it yet.”



The conversation between the two reminded Mu Sichen.


He recalled Yao Wangping, who had been recklessly rummaging around in different houses earlier, not caring at all if they were discovered, and the fact that no one had come to stop them.



Whether it was Chi Lian who had used her skills to exchange her badge or Mu Sichen who had used his skills to turn ten volunteers into patients, no one had cared or even warned.



On the contrary, Cheng Xubo had merely carried the patient out of the ward, and there was a broadcast warning prohibiting him from continuing this behavior.



Triggering a loophole in the rules and violating a potential rule was the only way to get a warning, and what Chi Lian had done before didn’t get a warning, could it be that those behaviors were even within the rules’ allowances?



“Simply carrying a patient out of a hospital room gets you a warning, so why wouldn’t turning a doctor or a volunteer into a patient get you a warning?” Mu Sichen asked.


“Yeah, we weren’t warned.” Chi Lian didn’t get it either, tilting her head, “It’s reasonable to say that what we’re doing is even more excessive, isn’t it?”



“That’s right,” Cheng Xubo also said, “You guys went overboard with the doctors and volunteers, and I was warned for just helping the patients, and I still feel like I didn’t do anything.”


Cheng Xubo’s words gave Mu Sichen a flash of light, he immediately said, “Two differences, the first one, Cheng Xubo was being nice to the patient, we were treating the doctors and volunteers poorly; the second one, Cheng Xubo’s object of his behavior was the patient, and ours was other people.”



Chi Lian thought for a moment and said, “So either we can’t be nice to other people or we can’t be nice to patients, this sanatorium is so twisted.”



“And it doesn’t seem to be very intelligent, there’s no human management.” Cheng Xubo said as he looked at the rules he had written.


“That’s the point!” Mu Sichen said, “Not intelligent enough!”


Based on his understanding of the big eye, if it knew that he had dug into Tongzhi Town and sent ten believers to Qin Zu, it would have been enraged on the spot, and swept over with a single look, causing all of them to crumble to their deaths, and also absorbing their souls.


But this kind of behavior was allowed within the sanatorium.


Cheng Xubo said, “I kind of understand why this happened.”


Mu Sichen and Chi Lian focused their eyes on Cheng Xubo.



Cheng Xubo was a little embarrassed, hiding his blister-eyed arms, “It’s like this, I’m a programmer with a not-so-high level. Sometimes, the program I write, the result of its running, indeed meets my requirements, but the way it runs is very different from what I imagined.”



“My requirement for the program is that it goes from A to B, but the program goes from A to C to D to C to B. The result is consistent, and the process twists and turns so much that I don’t know myself how it runs. But I won’t move it, after all, it’s still running.”


Based on Cheng Xubo’s analogy, Mu Sichen found out that so the sanatorium was actually a program written by the big eye to conveniently run automatically after He fell asleep.


However, the big eye’s level was average, and he could only write this kind of program with a low level of intelligence, and it would also have frequent bugs, hence the provision of supplementary rules.



“So Sanatorium, what is the ultimate purpose of this program?” Chi Lian asked.


Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo were not clear about the “Pillar” being a pillar of the town’s domain, and Mu Sichen was not sure if their spirits could withstand the truth of the “Pillar”



Therefore, he didn’t explain to the two of them, but instead quieted his mind to think about Chi Lian’s question.



Shen Jiyue had told him that what sustained the Pillar was the energy generated by negative emotions such as despair and sadness, and by the same token, the sanatorium needed these negative emotions.


The method of obtaining these emotions in the sanatorium was the last place elimination mechanism.



The last in line was naturally the patient. Everyone could see the misery of the patient, didn’t want to become a patient, and strove to avoid becoming a patient or to get rid of the patient’s status. Once caught in this logic, the mind was polluted, generating inextricable negative emotions, and eventually became the sustenance for the “pillar”.



Based on this elimination mechanism, everything that had gone before makes sense.


Patients were the bottom of the end, and an increase in patients created more panic in others, which created more despair, and the sanatorium needed a steady stream of patients. So Mu Sichen recklessly turned volunteers into patients, and the sanatorium let him off the hook and didn’t stop him.


The patients had to be the most miserable, without freedom, daunting to see, and never to be made comfortable. So Cheng Xubo’s behavior of pushing a patient out of the room must be prohibited.



Avoiding the truth of the “column,” Mu Sichen told the two about his analysis of the sanatorium’s rules.



“Perhaps as long as this end-elimination system exists, the sanatorium won’t need any people to manage it, its own energy will be enough to keep it running, so we’ll be relatively free to move around.”



“So no matter what kind of person it is, as long as he enters into the sanatorium, he must turn others into patients, oppress them, brainwash them, and make them heartily love the blister eyes and move them to happiness?” Cheng Xubo rolled up his sleeves, pointed to his arms and said, “This thing is disgusting, it’s not nice at all!”



“Being nice to a patient gets a warning, so cruel.” Chi Lian shuddered as she remembered that she had been recognized as a patient as soon as she walked through the door.



She rubbed her shoulders and said with a sobbing voice, “I want to go home, can I still go home?”



“Me too, even if I go back to work overtime.” Cheng Xubo also hung his head.


“I don’t know if we can go back either.” Mu Sichen smiled bitterly.



A low mood surrounded the three of them, and despair gradually wrapped them up.



At this moment, Mu Sichen suddenly felt as if he was being looked at by something.


He immediately got up to observe, but found nothing.


“Do you guys feel that someone was looking at us?” Mu Sichen asked.


“There is! From the moment I entered the game, I’ve always felt that someone was looking at me.” Chi Lian said, “It was especially obvious during ‘daytime’, and this feeling lessened quite a bit after ‘nighttime’. But just now, it was someone watching us.”


Cheng Xubo nodded, “Me too. I normally wouldn’t be so sensitive to other people’s sight, I’ve become very sharp after coming here.”


“It should be that the big eye’s power has caused us, who are in the town, to have the ability in this area, after all, this is a town that overly emphasizes the eyes.” Mu Sichen said.



He suddenly remembered Qin Zu, if he wasn’t in Tongzhi town, maybe no matter how many times Qin Zu looked at him, he wouldn’t be able to detect it.



“Then why did someone just glance at us?” Chi Lian was very scared and wrapped her arms around herself in distress.


“It wasn’t necessarily a person.” Mu Sichen analyzed, “The big eye closed its eyes, it wouldn’t have seen us in the ‘darkness’. Could it be the sanitarium that’s looking at us?”



“Have we done anything worth the program’s attention?” Cheng Xubo asked.



Mu Sichen recalled the conversation between the three just now and realized, “It’s despair!”


The three of them simultaneously generated negative emotions and attracted the attention of something.


However, because the trio’s emotions weren’t too bad and were only briefly low, they didn’t attract too much attention, just a sweeping glance and then it was over.


“Then I must cheer up,” Chi Lian patted her chest, “Chi Lian, you’re the prettiest patient in the entire sanatorium!”



Cheng Xubo: “…… If you’re comparing it that way, then you’re indeed ravishing.”



The two of them tried to flirt with each other and lift their spirits to get themselves out of the whirlpool of negativity as soon as possible.


Mu Sichen, however, had a flash of inspiration that produced a bold idea.



Whether it was Yao Wangping’s idea of rummaging through the entire sanatorium, Shen Jiyue’s idea of seeing the “pillars” only when patients were discharged from the hospital, or his previous idea of finding a common room for four identities to be discharged from the hospital at once, they were all wrong!


Could it be that the real “pillar”, wasn’t in any room in this sanatorium?



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