C39 – Paranoid Patient

Chu Chen’an’s eyes snapped open, gasping for air, he raised his hand to cover his forehead and felt a handful of fine sweat.



The night wind beat against the window, and the curtains floated in the dark light.


His sight in the treacherous light gradually focused, he looked around the dim ceiling ……


Then realized that he was in the doctor’s dormitory, not the ambiguous ward on the fourth floor.



He breathed a sigh of relief.


Shen Delu had always been paranoid and also heavy on desire.



He remembered that during the days he was locked up by him, he made him sleep late every night.


He was too crazy.


So crazy that Chu Chen’an didn’t dare to stay in front of him for a moment longer.



He got up and drank a glass of water, and then leaned against the wall, looking at the light and shadow on the window.



Shen Delu looked very normal, not sick at all.



But he sometimes suspected that Shen Delu was very sick.




At seven o’clock in the morning.


Chu Chen’an arrived at the doctor’s office early.



There were only three doctors in the office, he didn’t know where the other two had gone, and they hadn’t come by eight o’clock.



The head nurse squinted and smiled, the flesh piled on her face swaying as she walked.



She walked towards Chu Chen’an, and after her sharp gaze quickly swept him from head to tail, her wrinkled smile deepened.



This kid actually managed to survive ……


She attentively cared for him, “Dr. Chu, did you sleep well last night?”



Chu Chen’an froze and raised his eyes to look at the head nurse.



This head nurse was around forty years old, with a shrewd and worldly face, and seemed to have a deep mind.



Chu Chen’an nodded his head, his face was expressionless, as he replied politely, “Quite good.”



“That’s good,” the head nurse pretended she didn’t see Chu Chen’an’s deliberate detachment, she smiled and pulled on Chu Chen’an’s arm, “Chu Chen’an looks very young ah, do have a girlfriend? You look so good, you should have …… ”


Chu Chen’an felt very uncomfortable, “No, no.”



“Oh, how can it be? Doctor you look so handsome, how can you still have no partner?” The head nurse smiled, her voice was loud and the corners of her red mouth stretched into a smile, revealing a row of uneven teeth.



Chu Chen’an: “……”


He didn’t have a girlfriend.


But he had met quite a few crazy per.verts instead.



He felt unusually disgusted by the head nurse’s deliberate gesture of goodwill, shrinking back his arm that was being pinched by her red fingernails.



“No, I have to …… work first.” Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes, picked up a pile of case reports and information piled up on the table, and then began to read it on his own.


The implication of not wanting to take care of her was obvious.



The head nurse, on the other hand, was still all smiles and tugged on his shoulder again.


“Doctor you just came, let me take you to get to know your colleagues first?” The head nurse pulled Chu Chen’an’s arm and led him towards the nurse’s section next door.



Chu Chen’an had never encountered such a difficult person.



He was brought to the center of the nurses’ section, and when the nurses saw the head nurse coming, they busily stood up and warily formed a neat line.


The nurses’ faces were terrified.


The smile on the head nurse’s face disappeared, her voice line became serious and hideous, and her fat double chin squeezed and twisted when she turned her head sideways, ”Everyone look carefully, this is the new Dr. Chu. In the future, when you see Dr. Chu you must all show him some respect, do you hear me!”



“Now! Greet Dr. Chu.”



The six nurses bowed ninety degrees in unison, their faces white with fear as they respectfully said, “Good day Dr. Chu.”



There were four men and two women among the nurses.


Lu Chengdong stood on the far left side of his teammates, and he suddenly glanced deeply at Chu Chen’an.



And quickly lowered his eyes again.



Chu Chen’an felt that these were not like medical staff, but more like slaves ruled by the head nurse.



No one dared to resist her.



Their eyes were filled with fear of the head nurse.


Chu Chen’an had never seen this head nurse when he was a patient last time.



The head nurse met Chu Chen’an’s eyes, narrowed her eyes again and smiled, and said softly to him, “I let Dr. Chu laugh, if you control them, you’ll have to control them more tightly.”



“Dr. Chu, you don’t know, there are at least thirty to forty nurses who came here this year, but only five or six of them can really stay. If I don’t control them anymore, I’m afraid that no one will even deliver medicine in the future, don’t you think so ……”



The meaning of the head nurse’s words should be that out of the thirty to forty people, the only ones who could truly survive were these five or six people in front of them.


The more Chu Chen’an looked at the head nurse’s features that were squeezed into a ball of fat, the more he felt that his scalp was numb.


“Well ……,” he just wanted to escape in this weird and stagnant atmosphere.


He locked eyes with Lu Chengdong and said, “Then, then I’ll go back to work first.”



The head nurse didn’t stop him this time and sent him away from the nurses’ section with a smile, “Then, Dr. Chu will be busy first, and I’ll take you to the cafeteria at noon to get used to the environment.”





Chu Chen’an almost ran out of the nurse’s area as he quickly walked back to the doctor’s office.



He had just walked in when he realized that there was someone coming from the position on his left.



It was the young doctor with phoenix eyes.



That doctor still didn’t raise his eyes, looking down at the newspaper.



The atmosphere in the office was awfully quiet.



Chu Chen’an softly walked towards his position, not daring to make too much noise to disturb him.



He softly rummaged through the stacks of information on the table, there were at least three to four hundred sheets of information, and the information that was pressed on the bottom layer was even yellowed and piled up in a messy manner.


It took him two or three hours to categorize these patient information materials neatly, and after carefully searching for several times, he failed to find half a bit of information about the S-class patients ……



He rubbed his sore wrist and exhaled.


When he raised his eyes, he found that the phoenix-eyed doctor had already changed the book he was reading.



Completely not taking his presence seriously.


Chu Chen’an was having a particularly hard time staying in this cold and silent room.


Suddenly, a flash of pink appeared in the doorway.



Chu Chen’an raised his eyes to see that it was Lu Chengdong who was leaning on the edge of the door, pointing his finger at the floor, and said to him in lip-sync, “Come out, I, you, eat.”



Chu Chen’an nodded repeatedly and immediately walked towards the door.



They turned toward the stairway as one, after being some distance away from the office.


Only then did Lu Chengdong dare to open his mouth to speak, “Whew, suffocating old me, I’m almost suffocating from walking around in that hellish place.”


“Then again, Chen’an, you didn’t run into anything last night when you delivered the medicine, did you?” Lu Chengdong smiled brightly and poked Chu Chen’an’s shoulder with his elbow.



“No.” Chu Chen’an walked on Lu Chengdong’s side, a head shorter than him.



“That’s good.” Lu Chengdong lowered his eyes and pursed his lips deeply, “I was worried about you.”


“This will just be meal time, let’s go first, otherwise in a while those crazy people will come to rob.” Lu Chengdong said.





Didn’t Lu Chengdong also say yesterday that he should go to the cafeteria less often?


He didn’t think much about it.



Following Lu Chengdong, he arrived at the doctor’s exclusive dining hall on the first floor.



Next to their dining hall was a large dining hall.



When Chu Chen’an passed through the long corridor of the dining hall, two patients in hospital gowns were pulling at the end of the corridor, competing to swallow spoons.


Their shrill banter echoed down the promenade, sounding eerie and ghastly.


One of them was small and scrawny, topped with floppy white hair, “Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo, you can’t swallow! You can’t swallow the hoo hoo hoo hoo ……”



“Shut up, dead crow, I’ll swallow it in a minute, puke.”


The other one had a bearded face and was almost on the verge of sticking his whole hand in his mouth.






He choked and fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth and convulsing violently.



The spoon in his throat twisted as he fell to the ground, holding his neck wide open.



“Hohahahahaha! Dead fatso, you’re going to choke to death hahahaha! Choke to death hahahahaha ……” The skinny patient just jumped around him merrily, gloating.



Sharp and creepy laughter resounded once again.



This scene made Chu Chen’an’s footsteps pause.



Before Chu Chen’an had time to go forward to stop, that fallen patient on the ground was gagged by the hilt of the administrator’s gu.n, thus blocking the whimpering sounds he made ……




The patient with the spoon stuck in his neck stopped twitching and was no longer able to make any sound.



He wasn’t breathing, his neck was bulging, and the handle of the g.un was gagged in his mouth.


That was the way administrators handle emergencies.



“Those who violate the rules of the hall will end up like him.” The administrator, wearing special glasses, stomped on the dead patient’s bulging neck, “Now, all of you, get your asses back in there and clean up your meal.”



The patients who were loitering in the long corridor all quickly fled into the cafeteria hall.


Chu Chen’an witnessed the administrator’s despicable behavior of indiscriminately killing the patients, and the mechanical sound of the system suddenly resounded in his mind.



[Congratulations, activating mission point one.]


[Please expose the truth of the administrator’s indiscriminate killing of patients within 3 hours]


[And upload the photo to your A media.]]


Chu Chen’an’s heartbeat accelerated nervously as he reached into the pocket of his white coat, wanting to take out the invisible camera hidden in his pocket and point it at the administrator in front of him ……


“Let’s go! Quickly.” Lu Chengdong suddenly spoke out, seeing Chu Chen’an standing still, he pulled on the hem of Chu Chen’an’s coat, the movement was not small.


The administrator sniffed and looked over.


He caught a glimpse of Chu Chen’an standing not far away, narrowed his eyes, and said in a cold voice, “Dr. Chu, don’t look. We have plenty of seriously ill patients, and accidents like death are inevitable. There’s nothing to see, I advise you, go back.”



Chu Chen’an was stunned, busy loosening the tight grip in his pocket, and the invisible camera fell back into his pocket.


He walked into the doctor’s cafeteria under Lu Chengdong’s tugging and received a meal.




Chu Chen’an was poking at the rice with his spoon with one hand and was thinking about how to safely take a picture.


Lu Chengdong asked him, “What happened to you just now?”


“Hmm?” Lu Chengdong’s words disrupted his thoughts, he froze, “No, didn’t think of anything ……”



Lu Chengdong stared at his handsome face, “You should be scared, right?”


Chu Chen’an took a bite of his meal and nodded, “Probably.”



“Alas, it seems that you still encountered less, it’s nothing, you just have to imagine them as virtual people,” Lu Chengdong took a big bite of his food, he laughed, “I’ve seen even more bloody deaths, with maggots eating the dead and drilling their brains… …”



He spoke while eating with gusto.


Chu Chen’an felt physically sick to his stomach when he heard this, and was suddenly unable to eat.


Sure enough.


A level 6 big brother deserved to be a level 6 big brother.




After the meal.

Chu Chen’an found a reason to split off from Lu Chengdong on the long corridor on the second floor.


Lu Chengdong glanced at him thoughtfully, “That’s fine …… you go first, be careful on the way back.”



Chu Chen’an nodded, “Okay.”



Lu Chengdong walked straight to the third floor stairway, while Chu Chen’an side-turned into the second floor hallway corridor.


After Lu Chengdong watched Chu Chen’an turn into the second floor, he touched his nose.


He lowered his eyes, not knowing what he was thinking.




There was a utility room at the end of the long corridor on the second floor, and through the left window of the utility room, one could just see the patients’ cafeteria hall.


No one had come to carry the bodies in the hall gallery yet, so he had to seize the moment to hurry up and capture the scene on film.


He put on his mask, turned softly into the utility room, and was about to approach the left window when he was tossed by a floor of cardboard boxes.


He had to grovel to move these cardboard boxes out of the way.


These cardboard boxes had no idea what they contained, they were all heavy as hell, and it took him a lot of effort to move them far away.

Only then did Chu Chen’an walk towards the window.


Just as he fumbled for the invisible camera, he wanted to plan to aim it at the window.



There was then a light knocking sound from the wooden door of the utility box.



“Doctor, are you hiding here, playing a game of moving boxes?” The voice of the person behind him was somber, with a ghostly flirtation.



Chu Chen’an was so frightened that he almost threw out the camera in his hand.



He turned around in fear, and saw that Shen Delu was leaning against the edge of the door, wearing a hospital gown, staring at him in a ghostly manner ……



Shen Delu pursed his lips slightly, looking at Chu Chen’an’s peach blossom eyes that were trembling with light, and a strange emotion crossed the bottom of his shadowy eyes.


He added, “Or did the doctor secretly hide something here?”



“Nope, nothing.” Chu Chen’an pinched the camera in his hand tightly, looked at Shen Delu with trepidation, and said, “I’m here to find something.”



Shen Delu narrowed his eyes, “Why is the doctor wearing a mask all the time.”


Excitement flooded the bottom of his eyes.



Suppressed emotions were surging up towards his circumference.


It was too similar.


Too much like his little wife.


He gazed deep into those timid, weak deer eyes and stepped closer.


“It’s stuffy in this cabin, and it’s not airy with the mask on, so let me take it off for the doctor.”



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