Whenever Shi Fei appeared in a place, there were always hot searches. No wonder even Song Yiyuan doubted whether Shi Fei was doing monthly subscriptions on hot searches.

The popular physique that made celebrities envious referred to people like Shi Fei.


#Shi Fei swore in public.

#It’s a surprise to find out that Shi Fei is designer Ai Wei.


#Shi Fei’s design won an award.

[Singing, composing, painting, playing chess, piano, guitar, skateboarding, and now designing, brother, just tell us what else do you know how to do?]

[Please ask a certain star to keep his identity in mind and stop going to cross-border learning.]


[Brother, you’re already very good; we’re satisfied with you; please don’t add more talents; we can’t carry it.]

[Every day I worry about Shi Fei’s retirement and him running away; besides his original identity as a painter and so on, his brother has another way to live after retreating from the industry; he can become a designer.]

[Have you forgotten Shi Fei’s embroidery? It’s a fantastic skill; he can also become an embroiderer.]

[Stop talking too much; you’ll make me cry.]


[As long as Brother Fei doesn’t retire from the industry and run away, I’m willing to trade ten pounds of my flesh for it.]

[As long as my brother doesn’t retire from the industry and run away, I’m willing to offer twenty pounds of my flesh.]

On the hot search list, Shi Fei occupied multiple consecutive positions.


However, compared to the other hot searches, the highest-ranked one this time was the hot search of Shi Fei cursing, which surged to the top, and the discussion was several times higher than that of other hot searches.

A lot of people had been eyeing Shi Fei’s popularity, and there were a lot of people who wanted to step on him.

[To be honest, Shi Fei’s ability is truly impressive, and I admire it. But this is not a reason for him to publicly curse others.]

[As an entertainer, you should always maintain your own image and be a role model for your fans.]

[We fans think it’s fine; shouldn’t people like Ye Jian be scolded? I want to beat him up.]


[Who are those who defend Ye Jian? Shouldn’t someone who plagiarizes other people’s work be scolded?]


[He paid for the design, okay? It’s too much to call it plagiarism.]


[Is that paying for it? That’s cheating, right? Two designs for a thousand yuan—when did the market price become so cheap? Besides, did the owner agree?]


[What are sisters waiting for? Why don’t you hurry up and fight back against the anti-fans? Do you really want our brother to be so angry by this group of idiots that he’ll retire from the industry?]


Fans were fully mobilized to fight against the anti-fans. Originally, this matter was almost over, but in less than half an hour, another story was revealed online.

#Shi Fei hit someone. #


There was also a torch shape beside it, which showed how popular it was.

Everyone clicked in and saw a photo of Shi Fei hitting Ye Jian at the entrance of the cultural center. It seemed that it was after the competition.


This hot search again rocketed straight upwards, snatching the first hot search of Shi Fei swearing in public.

A group of people gathered around, each with shocked expressions, they didn’t Shi Fei to suddenly hit someone.

[What is this situation?] Even if he cursed, why did he still hit someone?]

[I admit that Ye Jian’s deception of buying designs was wrong, but it’s not his turn to come and beat him up.]

[A public figure first curses and then beats up others; can this kind of person also be an artist?]

[This kind of person should be on the blacklist for broadcasting and television shows.]

[Someone who has so many fans, hasn’t it ever occurred to you that your behavior will be followed by fans who imitate it?]

Without being clear about what happened, the fans didn’t dare speak too much in favor of their idol and could only say something a little more moderate to counter the outrage.

They were anxiously waiting for Shi Fei’s side to give a statement to figure out what was going on.

After a while, Weibo collapsed.

It was already after 2 p.m. after the competition, but the Weibo programmer just finished his lunch break and thought he could still cross his legs and watch a movie.

As a result, the system crashed again.


He hurriedly drank a cup of coffee and started the emergency maintenance.

While bitterly muttering: Shi Fei, it’s you again, it’s you again; celebrities that get married can’t even get as much attention as you can; I hate you!

Weibo finally recovered after more than ten minutes. When everyone tried to continue cursing for more than ten minutes, they couldn’t say a word.

‘Entertainment gossip sauce’: [Some so-called gossip movers, can you post all the materials in one go? Shi Fei hit someone, but if someone were to hit you, wouldn’t you fight back? Will you just stand and be beaten so generously? That’s really noble of you. Could you please give me your name and address so that I can come and vent my anger at you someday when I’m in a bad mood? Also, shouldn’t some scumbags be beaten? In my opinion, everyone should be punished. Don’t think that no one knows about the dirty things you do.]

A small video was attached, compared to some people’s malicious screenshots, for the sake of getting attention. This video’s perspective showed the whole truth of the matter; it was indeed Ye Jian who wanted to make a move to hit Shi Fei first.

He swung his fist to punch Shi Fei in the face, but Shi Fei acted in self-defense and gave the other party a counter-takedown plus an over-the-shoulder drop.

The picture everyone saw before was a screenshot of the counter takedown.


[I won’t believe any other accounts now. After Brother Fei’s assault incident came out, I firmly believed there would be a reversal, so I sat and waited for gossip sauce to appear. Thankfully, I didn’t wait in vain.]

[I’m thankful for the blogger’s righteousness; on behalf of all the fans, thank you.]

[Why am I attracted by the way Shi Fei hit him; so handsome.]

[Why would that person suddenly want to beat up Shi Fei, did Shi Fei do something excessive?]

[Here we go again: aren’t you victim blaming? The other person started the fight and wanted to hit him, and he can’t fight back? Just because he’s a public figure?]

[There are other ways to resolve things; there’s no need to hit someone, right? Hitting someone is just wrong, let alone as a public figure.]


[A public figure just gets more attention than ordinary people; it doesn’t mean they’re gods who won’t get angry.]

&Which person is so generous? Come out, first let me slap you twice. You must not fight back; fighting won’t solve the problem.]

The incident of Shi Fei hitting someone still caused a lot of people to discuss; even if the video showed that it was the other person who moved his hand, everyone’s tolerance for public figures was inherently lower.

It was believed that Shi Fei’s method of fighting violence with violence didn’t solve the problem and would only make the problem more complicated.

Not long after, Wei Ru went online and posted on Weibo: “Violence cannot solve problems, but it can solve those who create problems. If it weren’t for Ai Wei, perhaps the hot search you saw today wouldn’t be like this. Ai Wei, thank you for bringing justice to me.”

As usual, she was straightforward, not letting anyone take advantage.

This post was accompanied by a few pictures of herself underneath, with pictures of her hands and feet tied up and her face in a beat-up mess.

This one was from when she was rescued that day, when she was slapped and her face was swollen to a high degree.

When many people saw this photo, they almost couldn’t recognize that this was Wei Ru.

After all, Wei Ru, who just went viral a few days ago, was a representative of white-collar beauty and a role model that many women hoped to live up to.


Why did she become like this in just a few days?

Not a moment later, Lanlianfang’s president, Fang Haozhou, also made a post: [Former designer of Qiluo Pavilion, Xu Tianshen, first se*xually harassed my fiancé, Wei Ru, in a restaurant. After being fired by the company, he harbored resentment and joined forces with Wu Ziqiang to kid-nap my fiancée for revenge. Qiluo Pavilion president Ye Jian provided funds for them to hire someone to kid-nap her in an attempt to prevent her from participating in the ‘Oriental Charm Design Competition’. This behavior is extremely heinous and shameless. I swear to take legal action and give my fiancée justice.]


[Was Wei Ru beaten by them? It’s too much to hit a woman.]


[I heard that Miss Wei Ru originally entered this design competition, but she withdrew, so this is why she couldn’t.]

[This is too much, beating my wife’s face like this, Xu Tianshen, Wu Ziqiang, and Ye Jian; you three should go to hell together.]

[According to reliable sources, Ye Jian was taken away as soon as he left the cultural center; no wonder Shi Fei said those words in the live broadcast of the competition before.]

[It’s too scary. So according to Miss Wei Ru’s words, Shi Fei saved her, right?]


[I’m an employee of Lanlianfang. As far as I know, our company had an internal thief who conspired to kid-nap Teacher Wei Ru. Later, she was rescued by Shi Fei.]


[I suddenly remembered that I seem to have seen a posting before that Wei Ru was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night; at that time I thought it was made up by a blog; it seemed it was true.]


Soon, there was a netizen who straightened out the incident and analyzed the whole thing.

First, Xu Tianshen of Qiluo Pavilion se*xually harassed Wei Ru and was later sued by Wei Ru’s side, so Qiluo Pavilion fired Xu Tianshen in order to save its own skin.

Later, they heard that the business of Qiluo Pavilion suffered a terrible loss; this was probably related to the president of Lanlianfang seeking justice for his fiancée.

Without Xu Tianshen as the design director, the design skills of other designers weren’t enough to stand out in the design competition, and the company was hit by a business setback.


They wanted to win the championship in the design competition to recover their business, but they were afraid that they couldn’t beat Wei Ru. So the three of them planned to kid-nap Wei Ru.


Finally, Shi Fei rescued her, but Wei Ru was injured and unable to participate in this year’s design competition. Shi Fei had no choice but to come out.

That was the truth about how Shi Fei exposed his identity as Ai Wei.

Although there was a little bit of discrepancy between what was said and the truth, it wasn’t far from the truth.

Someone was curious and asked why Wu Ziqiang caused trouble for Wei Ru; after all, only Xu Tianshen and Ye Jian had a grudge against her.

Soon someone else commented on Shi Fei and Wu Ziqiang’s former grudge; most old fans were aware of it.

Presumably, he hated Shi Fei and aimed at Wei Ru to get to him.


Amidst the lively online noise, Shi Fei and his assistant quietly left the cultural center and returned to the hotel in a car.

Looking at the Weibo post posted by Fang Haozhou, he exclaimed, “This old fox surnamed Fang is too sly. He deliberately took advantage of this and publicly announced on the internet that Wei Ru is his fiancée.”. Shi Fei was certain that Wei Ru had never agreed to his proposal. He probably felt nervous when he saw many people confessing to Wei Ru recently, so he took the opportunity to establish his position. Unfortunately, in this situation, Wei Ru wasn’t yet able to refute.

“Shi Fei, I can’t figure out why you complicated things by beating up Ye Jian in public. You could have totally sneaked in and beat him up hard.” Xu Zeming asked as he drove his car, holding back his doubts.

“I just looked at his nasty face and punched it.” Did one need a reason to beat up a scumbag? No reason was needed.

“Then how did you provoke him?” At that time, although Ye Jian looked at Shi Fei with a look that he wished he would be crushed to ashes, he persevered.

It was what Shi Fei said to Ye Jian that provoked him.

“I just told him the truth: his company was about to go bankrupt.” Ye Jian had never been clear about who had driven his company to such a state that it was facing bankruptcy.

If not, he wouldn’t have taken the risk to hire someone to kid-nap Wei Ru.

Shi Fei told him that it was his boyfriend who did this.

Although he was still a quasi-boyfriend, removing one word didn’t make much of a difference.

Xu Zeming didn’t ask any further questions.

Instead, Shi Fei looked at Xu Zeming, who was driving in front of him, and praised him: “You did a good job, seizing the opportunity to record the video.”

Xu Zeming was a bit embarrassed: “I am your assistant; I have to learn how to deal with these things.”

Shi Fei continued: “That’s why I said I like smart people to be my assistants.”

Originally, he needed to take care of the aftermath by himself, but now he could save his time, which was so convenient.



When he returned to his hotel, he saw a girl standing in front of it.

Shi Fei thought it was a fan at first and was so scared that he hurriedly turned around and hid back in the hallway; he didn’t know if there were any other fans hiding to follow him.

How did they know that he was staying at this hotel, and they also knew his room number?

Shi Fei looked at the assistant next to him and asked, “Did you leak my information?”

Xu Zeming immediately shook his head. “No, no, I wouldn’t dare.”

At this time, Shi Fei received a message from Wei Ru: “A person named Xiaoxiao Ya has been sending me private messages on Weibo saying she wants to see you, so I gave her your hotel address. Have you seen her?”

Shi Fei gritted his teeth and replied, “I just helped you clean up the people, yet you betrayed me like this.”

Wei Ru: You did the little girl a big favor; don’t be modest. This little girl is a talent; you know what I mean.

Shi Fei didn’t know what to say anymore and slowly walked out.


Inside the hotel room.

A girl around fourteen or fifteen years old stood there with a flushed face.

With a ponytail, her head was lowered, and her hands were constantly pointing at her fingers, with a nervous and somewhat shy look on her face.

“How long do you still plan to stand there?” Shi Fei asked with a helpless smile as he looked at the other party.

“I’m embarrassed; it feels like a dream.” Xiaoxiao Ya had a round face, which was somewhat cute.


Shi Fei said, “You are a little younger than I thought; I thought you’d be 17 or 18 years old.”


“I didn’t expect you to be Mr. Ai; thank you; I saw it all on the live broadcast; really, thank you.” She said with another bow of thanks.

Later, thinking of her previous conversations when she used Weibo private messages as a diary, she trembled with both good and bad emotions. She felt a sense of collapse, and her face flushed even more with embarrassment.


“No need to thank me. I’ll be blunt with you about some things. You do have a talent for designing, and you’re quite thoughtful. If you are willing to do so, you can work as a designer at LanlianFang after you turn 18. Right now, you’re still too young to enter the company, but if you’re willing to sell those designs in your hands, our company can buy the copyrights from you at the market price.”

Xiaoxiao Ya asked cautiously, “Will the designer’s name written on it still be mine?”

Shi Fei: “Of course, if it is not in your name, then I am no different from Ye Jian. You can think about it and reject it if you don’t like it.”

Xiao Xiao Ya smiled with her eyes curved and said happily, “I don’t need to think about it; I agree.” Being able to work for the same company as her idol was a good thing that many people couldn’t even ask for.

Her ability was limited now, and she didn’t have the money to buy the materials to make the Hanfus. She could keep her work and turn it into clothes to showcase to the public. How could she be unwilling?

Shi Fei smiled; Xiaoxiao Ya trembled and took out the book from her bag, asking, “Mr. Ai, can I have your signature?”

Shi Fei asked, “Yes, which signature do you want?”

Xiaoxiao Ya: “……”.

After signing the autograph, she hurriedly left the room, but as soon as she left the room, she saw Gu Yueze standing in front of the hotel, ready to knock on the door.


When he saw a girl walk out of the room, his eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at Shi Fei.


Shi Fei subconsciously blurted out, “I can explain.”



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