The overhead lights illuminated the slightly darkened cultural center.


The two models placed in the front of Shi Fei were traditional Hanfu men’s and women’s clothing, both of them used the jujube red color. Compared to the festive red color, the jujube red color was a bit more solemn.


The men’s wide sleeve hem was embroidered with many handmade pine leaves. The clusters were so lifelike, as if one could still feel the pricking sensation of a pine needle piercing the palm of their hand while touching them with their fingers.



The hem of the outfit was also embroidered with pine leaves of different sizes, which were verdant and green, and the needle like roots were clearly defined.


The traditional Hanfu for women was also made of jujube red fabric, embroidered with pink plum blossoms. The petals were beautiful and cool, as if you could see the plum blossoms standing firm in the snow in the cold winter.



The host asked: “Mr. Ai’s two Hanfus are very nice and festive, I personally think that if one can wear such a beautiful Hanfu when you get married, the wedding will be very meaningful. Can you tell us what the design concept of these two Hanfus are?”



Shi Fei took the microphone given by the host, “When I was traveling in the past, I passed by a small cottage and happened to witness a wedding. While most of the weddings in other places used bouquets to welcome the bride, they liked to use pine leaves and pine cones, which were wrapped up and given to the bride. The symbolism was that after marriage, there are many difficulties, and only by being strong and not afraid of difficulties, like the pine tree, can the couple support each other all the way through.”



“At that time, I thought the symbolism was quite good, and came up with this design idea at that time.” Shi Fei stood on the stage, looked at the fans who supported him and talked, “The three friends of the year, pine, bamboo and plum, these three are all gentlemen in the snow. I think the spirit of pine and plum is similar to that of hanfu, which is one of the least popular costumes in the world. Hanfu belongs to a minority among all costumes, but there is such a group of Hanfu enthusiasts who keep insisting on what they like, even if this thing has not been recognized and appreciated by others, they keep insisting on it, so that our Chinese civilization can be passed on. I believe that with their existence, the Hanfu culture will one day be able to go to the international stage.”



Those few judges nodded their heads repeatedly, thinking that what Shi Fei said was quite good.



Although the popularity of Hanfu had risen a lot in the past two years, and you could see people wearing it on the street, it still didn’t belong to the mainstream culture. Hanfu also had no part in the international catwalk stage, perseverance was the key to seeing hope, and this was the significance of inheriting culture.


Shi Fei went on to introduce the other two Han elements women’s clothing and Han elements men’s clothing, compared to the previous two sets of traditional Ming era Hanfu solemnity, the other two sets were lovely and playful.



The men’s hanfu had a light blue upper body and a dark blue lower garment, with seagulls and layers of waves embroidered on a light blue ribbon at the hem.



The seagulls flew over the quiet sea and made waves, creating a beautiful scene.


The women’s hanfu was a breasted shirt and skirt, the upper lining and wide sleeves were embroidered with a rose-colored rosebud, growing in a green green branch, different from the previous embroidery, this time he used ribbon embroidery.


Beautiful petals danced gracefully in the breeze, resembling newly bathed beauties. The green leaves on top of them complemented the flowers, making them exceptionally bright and dazzling.



The lower garment was a gradient color of pink and blue, with rose-colored rosebuds printed on it, using chiffon fabric, which would look lighter, with a nine-meter pendulum if it was worn on a person with the spinning circle, you could imagine the appearance of the nine-meter looking immortal.


Whether it was embroidery or ribbon embroidery, the embroidery skills of the Hanfu made by Shi Fei were much more outstanding than those of designers from other companies.



Nowadays, it wasn’t strange that fashion designers knew how to sew, but there were still few who could embroider colorfully, especially those who had mature skills and were fast and steady like Shi Fei.



Even though the designers from other companies also knew embroidery, it was fine if they didn’t compare it with Shi Fei’s, but once they did, they immediately saw the difference.



The judges were also nodding their heads, obviously appreciating the four Chinese outfits he made.



Several judges went up to check, and nodded their heads: “The embroidery is very good in color matching, the stitching is even, the layering is especially good and extremely realistic with a three-dimensional sense, and the details of the Hanfus are also very good. ……”



Mr. Tang Ke, one of the judges, was a hanfu enthusiast, he not only liked hanfu, but also was very interested in traditional embroidery. Seeing the embroidery work of Shi Fei, he asked a little bit curiously: “Ai Wei, I can see that your embroidery skill is very skillful, and the stitches and techniques seem to be practiced on a regular basis, have you studied with any embroiderer?”



Shi Fei: “Indeed, I studied with a very good embroiderer.”



Mr. Tang: “Can you tell me which embroiderer?”


He shook his head, “She is no longer alive.” To be precise, she wasn’t in this world.



Tang Ke’s expression was a bit regretful, he slightly apologized: “That’s really a pity, looking at your speed and skillfulness, your master would be proud of receiving you as her disciple, you must have suffered a lot in this craft, and broken your fingers many times to have this level, right?”



Shi Fei shook his head again: “No, I remember I seemed to have learned it for two months.” For him, some things were too long ago, so it was easy to forget.



Tang Ke’s slightly wrinkled face smiled awkwardly, finding himself an excuse: “I had heard that Ai Wei is very smart, and it’s true. However, if you are so skillful in embroidery, you should not have practiced much in your spare time, you have the talent and willingness to work hard, so you are really an example of the contemporary young people.”



Shi Fei once again shook his head, “Not really, there have been too many things going on in the last few years, I haven’t practiced for years, that’s why the embroidery was so slow just now, I almost didn’t make it in time.” He calculated according to his original peak hand speed, forgetting that without practicing, it would decline, he really almost couldn’t catch up.


What was his fasted speed supposed to be?



At that time, when embroidering, Shi Fei’s hands weren’t showing signs of being slow, and he even said it was a sign of slow speed. If there were a real embroidery lady present, wouldn’t it lower her self esteem?



Even if his speed was slower at the beginning, it was still very fast compared to the speed of an ordinary embroiderer.



Some people were truly born to hurt people.



Teacher Tang Ke opened his mouth, his ten fingers shook, and he finally pointed at Shi Fei and said, “You, stop talking.”



The several judges gathered together again to discuss the matter, and every now and then, the judges were seen looking up at the crowd with a difficult look on their faces.



After discussing for about twenty minutes or so, there was finally a result.



There were many companies participating in the Hanfu design competition. In addition to the Creative Award, the top three in the traditional Hanfu men’s and women’s clothing would each be awarded.



The top three of the Han element men’s and women’s clothing would also be selected.



Together, there were 13 awards, and there would be four first-place winners.



After seeing Shi Fei’s hanfu design, everyone felt that they were a bit hopeless to get the first place, after all, no matter in design and embroidery, they couldn’t compare to others.



It didn’t stop them from looking forward to it.



Sure enough, when the announcement was made, Ai Wei on behalf of Lanlianfang got the first place again, and as usual, he was ferocious, and directly hugged away the four first places, not even sharing anything with others.



Ye Jian sat down and was so angry that his teeth hurt.


It was like this again, it was like this again, every time, as long as there was Lanlianfang participating, other companies wouldn’t be able to get the first place awards.



Thankfully they also got three second place awards this time, and another third place, that creative award was also taken by them.


It was much stronger than previous years, and with these awards, they should be able to bring the company back from the dead.


After Tang Ke announced the awards, Shi Fei took the microphone and looked at the Lin Kun design of Qiluo Pavilion, and then dropped his eyes on the judge Tang Ke and asked: “Mr. Tang Ke, there is something I would like to ask, now knockoffs can participate in the design competition?”


A single word startled a thousand waves.



Shanzhai meant imitation and plagiarism, there were many merchants in the Hanfu circle that engaged in Shanzhai designs, and people who truly loved Hanfus hated those sellers who made Shanzhai even more.



In such a large-scale design competition site, someone dared to engage in such?



“What does Brother Fei mean by this? Can anyone in the people who came to the competition engage in plagiarism?”


“Before Brother Fei said this, the direction his eyes were looking at was Qiluo Pavilion’s Designer Lin Kun, it can’t be him, right?.”



“No way, I also think that his two sets of Hanfu is quite good looking, as a Hanfu lover I even wanted to buy it, I didn’t think it was plagiarized.”



“The matter hasn’t been decided yet. They haven’t said anything yet. You all have to be Sherlock Holmes.”



“As a Chinese dress enthusiasts, I hate these sellers, in order to make money, they rely on copying other people’s ideas.”



Ye Jian panicked, his interlocked hands were held very tightly, the bone joints were white, However, the camera was focused on Shi Fei and Lin Kun, and no one had noticed him yet.



Tang Ke seriously asked: “Ai Wei, of course, copycats are not allowed to participate in design competitions. If someone really does such a thing in such a situation, even if they win the award, it will be taken back. And I will also represent all the judges and cancel the other party’s qualification for life.” After saying these words, Tang Ke said seriously again, “But Ai Wei, I also hope you know that in such an occasion, no one is allowed to speak carelessly.”



The implication was that what Shi Fei was going to say next had better be supported by actual evidence, otherwise, if it was just empty talk, they would surely have to penalize him afterwards.


Shi Fei firmly looked at Lin Kun, then his finger slowly stretched out and pointed to Lin Kun: “I want to report Qiluo Pavilion’s designer Lin Kun, he plagiarized other people’s work.”



Lin Kun blinked strongly, it was obvious that he didn’t know what to do, and he subconsciously denied: “Ai Wei, you can’t talk nonsense.”



He looked towards Ye Jian’s side, remembering the things Ye Jian had told him and the promises he had given before he came to the competition, he was relieved and quickly hid his weakness.


There was no way that thing would be exposed, it wouldn’t do that person any good.




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