C121 — The End (I)


Although the mecha Duan Hengye was driving wasn’t as good as Meng Jinhuai’s Nan Wei, its performance could definitely be ranked among the top ten in the entire interstellar world. However, despite this, at this moment, Duan Hengye still felt a panic-inducing bump. Duan Hengye felt that he wasn’t driving a mecha right now, but rather, he was sitting in a ride similar to a pirate ship in a park.


As the mecha drew closer to the Stellar Explosion, the bumps in the interior became bigger and bigger. In addition to the data prompts and danger warnings, his ears also vaguely heard the sound of metal being crushed by a powerful force. Although he had already made preparations in his heart, at this time, Duan Hengye’s hand on the operation panel couldn’t help but tremble.



Duan Hengye’s knowledge of the stars and the universe wasn’t in-depth, and he didn’t know much about the specific dangers of stellar explosions. But when close to the “tornado”, he had an instinctive sense of fear.



Slowly, the visibility in front of him became lower and lower, and it was no longer possible to drive the mecha normally just by looking out the window. Fortunately, prior to this, he quickly maintained the system for the mecha, and now the internal sensing device of the mecha was still working. Duan Hengye could use the information collected by the sensing device to continue moving towards his destination.



Although the speed of the mecha wasn’t fast, after a few minutes, the sensing device indicated that Duan Hengye had already arrived at the edge of the “Tornado”. Because of the system maintenance, as well as the fact that he had just entered a stellar explosion, Duan Hengye’s mecha was still in a controlled state at this time. But despite this, the moment he received this reminder, Duan Hengye felt that this huge silver-colored mecha began to fly in another direction involuntarily.



This wasn’t a problem with the system, but rather, it was influenced by the enormous external force surrounding the starburst.


As a mecha designer, Duan Hengye was incredibly familiar with the performance of the steel giant he piloted. He understood that no matter how advanced a mecha was, it wasn’t qualified to resist such a situation. So while the mecha was flying in another direction, Duan Hengye began to operate the mech to change its flight direction, following the direction of the storm and cutting into the interior of the stellar explosion.



Finally, Duan Hengye flew the mecha into the interior of the “tornado”. The speed of the mecha’s movement was unimaginably fast, and just judging by just his sight, Duan Hengye thought that the speed of the mecha brought up by the stellar explosion at this time had probably reached three or four times the normal fastest flight speed.



The purple fog coupled with the excessively fast operating speed led to him not being able to see anything clearly.


Right at this time, Duan Hengye suddenly heard an incomparably shrill beep – the prompts on the light screen told Duan Hengye that there was something flying towards him at high speed right now. According to the data calculated by the simulation on the prompt, the thing that was flying towards Duan Hengye was definitely not small. With such a size coupled with an extremely fast running speed, Duan Hengye instantly broke out into a cold sweat. However, he was a person who became more calm the more he encountered a dangerous situation, and the second he saw the alert, he immediately readjusted the angle of his mecha’s flight in an attempt to avoid this collision.



However, the speed of the movement of the objects within the stellar explosion was simply too fast.


Before the mecha’s running attitude adjustment was even finished, Duan Hengye saw a large shadow flying towards him outside the viewport window – it was one of the dozens of mechas that had surrounded Meng Jinhuai earlier! When he saw it, Duan Hengye didn’t even have time to imagine what kind of danger he was about to face, but instead, he got excited at the first moment.



Normally speaking, with “Nan Wei” gradually spiraling out of control, those ordinary mechas that were trying to surround Meng Jinhuai should have been unable to carry on. The truth was exactly that, seeing this mecha that was coming towards him, Duan Hengye once again confirmed his judgment.



Of course, it was only an instant before that black shadow attacked Duan Hengye’s mecha. Because it had adjusted its flight attitude in advance, the mecha didn’t hit the cockpit on Duan Hengye’s side, but instead flew towards the side cabin. After he judged its path, he very quickly did a cabin separation. However, the speed at which the opposite mecha flew was really too fast, and despite the decision to separate, the feeling of impact still came as promised.



The cockpit of the mecha had a special safety belt, and Duan Hengye’s entire body was tied to the seat. But despite this, at the same time that the mecha came at him, he still felt himself being hit heavily by an unseen force to his chest. Although the mecha served as a cushion, the force was still too big.



Duan Hengye’s entire body instinctively fell backwards, and then his ears began to buzz and his vision went black. He didn’t know how long it took before his consciousness finally slowly returned.


It hurt …… It really hurt.



The arm that was hanging helplessly to the side just now slowly and stiffly moved to his chest, Duan Hengye even felt that the pain at this time was far worse than what he felt when he died in his last life. Because Duan Hengye was no longer controlling it, the mecha was now being carried by Stellar Explosion as it continued to fly in an unknown direction. His other hand, which was no longer on his chest, struggled to lift up, but his strength was only enough to place his hand on the operation panel, and he couldn’t do anything else.



Seeing the thick purple smoke outside the viewport, Duan Hengye’s heart for the first time held onto to a growing feeling of despair.



Although he didn’t fear death, if he couldn’t see Meng Jinhuai, this trip didn’t seem to have much meaning …… Perhaps it was because after crossing into this novel, every now and then the poison in his body would act up. Duan Hengye felt that his tolerance for pain also seemed to be much better than in his last life. After a while, although the pain was still lingering on his body, he was finally able to force himself to put his hands on the operation panel.



By this time, the mecha had already been brought into the center by the Stellar Burst, and Duan Hengye didn’t bother to control the direction of flight as he refocused his attention and continued to maintain the system. By the way – sending out constant signals to the surroundings.



Although the information on the mecha couldn’t be transmitted back to the military headquarters’ compound, short-range communication was still possible. Duan Hengye didn’t know exactly where Meng Jinhuai was right now, and could only rely on this method to send signals to the other party.



After a while, the mecha’s system finally re-stabilized. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Duan Hengye felt that the purple mist in front of him at this time had also dispersed a lot. After completing the work regarding the system, Duan Hengye’s hands once again hung down like they had lost their strength, and then he coughed violently and uncontrollably.



Ever since approaching the Stellar Explosion, Duan Hengye’s ears had been echoing with the mecha’s internal danger alerts. But now, because of the coughing, Duan Hengye felt that even the piercing beeps that kept ringing out were much weaker.



It was only after a few minutes that he calmed down again. He sat on the driver’s seat of the mecha, his eyes staring out the window somewhat listlessly, looking extraordinarily disheveled.



However, right at this time, Duan Hengye suddenly realized that the alarm sound that was constantly echoing in his ears just now had suddenly decreased. When he came back to his senses from that state, there was a familiar sound that appeared in Duan Hengye’s ears.



“…… Ah Heng? Is that you? Ah Heng?”



Even though the murmur in the background was uncharacteristically loud, Duan Hengye immediately recognized it – it was Meng Jinhuai’s voice!


Judging by the working range of the contact method he was currently using, Meng Jinhuai should be in his surroundings at this moment! Duan Hengye came back to life, “It’s me! Can you share the coordinates now?” He couldn’t wait to open his mouth, but only after he had spoken the words out did he realize that his voice was already muffled beyond words.



Hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Meng Jinhuai couldn’t help but fall silent for a short while, clearly his voice had frightened him. However, the situation was tense at this time, so Meng Jin Huai immediately began to share the coordinates with him. It wasn’t long before a small red dot lit up on Duan Hengye’s light device. Thanks to the fact that this mecha had been maintaining the system, after Duan Hengye spotted the red dot, it began to start up with difficulty, and then flew towards the location where Meng Jinhuai was.


After feeling the movement of the mecha, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. He reached out his hand to prop up the armrest of the driver’s seat, and then straightened his back with great effort. After completing this movement with some difficulty, he finally saw the huge mecha not far away. Perhaps because of the current stellar explosion, everything was very chaotic, and Duan Hengye couldn’t tell how out of control the mecha in front of him was simply by using his eyes.



However, Duan Hengye didn’t have time to judge this, the mecha he was driving had already arrived near Nan Wei. He sent a mecha docking application to the other party, and after a while, just when he thought that Nan Wei’s degree of loss of control was no longer able to accept the application and was instead preparing to crack the other party’s system on his own, the two mechas finally began to slowly approach. After a few more seconds, the seatbelt on Duan Hengye’s seat automatically unbuckled.



In the midst of a bumpy ride, he placed one hand on his chest, then stumbled towards Nan Wei. Although there were only a few steps between the two mechas, Duan Hengye felt that this journey was extraordinarily difficult for him. Not knowing how long it had been, Duan Hengye finally noticed that the color of the metallic floor under his feet had changed – at this time, he had already walked into Nan Wei’s cabin.



The silver hatch behind Duan Hengye slowly closed, and the mecha that had accompanied him for so long finally lost control completely and began to rapidly fly towards the unknown star field. Nan Wei was larger than the mecha that he had piloted before, and although the loss of control was even more severe, the internal bumps were indeed much smaller.



After entering the mecha, Duan Hengye began to slowly walk forward holding onto the barn wall. After a while, with his head lowered, he suddenly fell into a warm embrace, but before Duan Hengye could raise his head to say anything, Meng Jinhuai’s extremely frightened voice came from the opposite side of him: “Ah Heng, your clothes!”


Only after hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words did Duan Hengye look down and realize that the white lab coat he was wearing had already been drenched in dark red blood on his chest.




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