Time passed by, and the cooperation between Shi Fei and Xu Zeming was very tacit, people who didn’t know it would think that the two had been working together for many years.


When they saw Shi Fei asking Xu Zeming to cut those strips of cloth, everyone was curious about what he wanted to do.



When there was only an hour or so left, they finally saw him start to use those strips of cloth, picking up one of the strips and starting to roll it, his bony fingers were very flexible, the small strips of cloth became very obedient in his hands, and in no time at all, he was able to fold out the shape of a pink rose flower.


Then he picked up a needle and thread and sewed the rose onto the dress.



“Look at Shi Fei’s hands, it looks like he’s doing ribbon embroidery, right? Is he bringing ribbon embroidery into Chinese clothing?”



“The hand watcher is me, seeing Shi Fei’s hands makes me want to drool, it’s so pretty.”



“Not only are they good looking, his fingers are also very flexible. A boy can embroider and sew clothes with needle and thread, he can do everything. How can we girls survive?”



“Sisters, don’t be afraid, anyway, brother can do it, we girlfriend fans will enjoy it, we don’t need to learn this when we marry him.”



“That’s a good point, so I just have to keep enjoying my brother’s beautiful face.”


Shi Fei worked very seriously and hardly looked up throughout the entire process. If he wanted to know which color code to use, he just reported a color code or number, and Xu Zeming would quickly bring it over.



Many people marveled at his amazing memory.



“There are more than 20 color numbers that Shi Fei reported just now, right? He memorized them all without even lifting his head?”



“In the past, I’ve only heard that Shi Fei was able to be number one in his grade every time he took a test without attending classes, that kind of legend doesn’t have a sense of reality, but this time it’s really awesome in front of me.”



“Let’s not talk about whether he can make beautiful Hanfu. It’s amazing how he can embroider and cut clothes in just a short amount of time. He can multitask and remember these numbers all at once. Anyway, I can’t.”



“What’s so hard to remember, isn’t it all about the cloth he took and the numbers he wrote?”



“Upstairs, you make it sound so easy, you probably don’t remember what you posted on Weibo without checking it, do you?”



“Speaking of memory, I remembered that when I watched The Sims before, Gu Yueze’s memory was truly amazing.”



“That must be, and don’t look at who he is, he’s our Xiao Fei’s object.”



“The CP fan upstairs, roll aside, this is Shi Fei’s work, please circle the earth and don’t come to make trouble.”



Seeing the time passing by, one after another, there were designers whose clothes were ready, even if they were not, they were still wrapping up.


Only Shi Fei’s side seemed to still not have a single garment ready, but he had signed up for four competition programs.



People even felt that Shi Fei’s space was a bit messy, he wouldn’t accidentally connect the fabrics of the four sets of clothes wrongly, right? That would be embarrassing.



Everyone was anxious for Shi Fei, but Shi Fei himself was very calm, his face didn’t look anxious at all, only the movements of his hands were unceasing, and his speed was constantly increasing.




Reaching the back, Shi Fei found the two straps on his clothes and hat constantly swaying and troublesome.


Quickly, he tied a pipa knot on both sides of his hat.



The band was no longer wobbling, but it was now beautiful. The netizens sitting in front of the live broadcast shouted one by one, that they had learned a new skill.



It turned out that the band of a sweater cap couldn’t also be done this way.



Finally, they saw that Shi Fei had finished a ready to wear garment and placed it aside. The garment wasn’t unfolded, and others couldn’t see what it looked like. All they could see was that it was a plain waist tied skirt.



“Will brother Fei make it in time? There’s only less than twenty minutes left, and I see that he’s only set out a set of clothes, I’m so nervous.”



“Will it be too late? He should have reported two less items, in case the time comes and it’s still a half-finished dress, it’ll be bad.”



“It won’t be, I think Brother Fei definitely has the numbers.”



While everyone was chatting, Shi Fei quickly made another set and threw it directly onto the desktop next to him, his hands kept moving, “Zeming, go move four fake mannequins and put on the two sets of clothes that are ready.”



Xu Zeming quickly went to move four dummy mannequins that were prepared.



Putting on the clothes was a bit difficult for Xu Zeming, he didn’t pay attention to Chinese dress before and didn’t know how to put it on, the clothes had several layers.



It was a bit difficult for Xu Zeming to arrange the clothes. He had never paid attention to Hanfu and didn’t know how to wear it. The clothes also had several layers.


Shi Fei looked up, “If you can’t, let’s leave it for now.”




Then he lowered his head and did the work on his hands again.



Ye Jian sat down, raised his hand and looked at the mechanical watch on his wrist, there were only ten minutes left before the competition, Shi Fei had only finished one piece of the finished product, he didn’t believe that with only ten minutes left, he would still be able to finish the other three pieces in such a short period of time.



The things he had been worrying about before could finally be put at ease.



Young people with a bit of talent were prone to be too proud, five hours to make four sets of Chinese Hanfus wasn’t so easy.



What did he have to be so greedy, choosing two was just fine, now he had to be embarrassed.



The host began to countdown three minutes, every thirty seconds would be reported.



When he finished one item, he just threw it to the side, not in the mood to care about it, and picked up the next item, his movements got faster and faster, and everyone couldn’t see his movements anymore.



After the last count, he picked up the scissors and cut off the thread from the top of the sewing machine.



Shi Fei let out a long breath, “Luckily, I’m still in time.”



“Zeming, come and help.” The time was up, but the Hanfu had yet to be put on the fake mannequin, so Shi Fei took the clothes and put them on the mannequin one by one.



The Hanfu was slightly more complicated to wear, and it was within the rules that Shi Fei put the clothes on the mannequin after the competition ended, it was fine as long as he didn’t continue to make the clothes.



In order for him not to be left out, the host started to introduce other people’s Hanfu designs first.



The judges of the competition followed the host and started comparing the designs from the left hand side of the Hanfu, each holding a book in their hands to keep score.


Firstly, on the side of Liuliu Bridge, for safety reasons, only one traditional Hanfu women’s clothing was registered.



The two designers who came out this time were the aces of their company, and this time they made a set of Song Chinese hanfu.



The host asked him about his design concept, and designer Li raised the corner of his Hanfu: “You should be able to see that the main color of this Hanfu is soft green, and the name of this set of Song Hanfu is ‘Chunyi’, which stands for spring, and I was inspired by the poem, ‘There is nothing in the south of the Yangtze River that can give a branch of spring’. A branch of spring’ poem.”



“I mainly used dark textured fabric on this garment, with many willow leaves and peach blossoms on top, which represent spring. The inner layer of the skirt is spliced ​​with peach red fabric. When wearing this garment on a person, the peach red fabric on the inner layer will be exposed as they walk, giving a feeling of swaying and adding to the woman’s beauty.”



Designer Li was very satisfied with his clothing design, which he and another designer from the company worked together to create. It had been inspired by him and they worked together to create it.



They had practiced before, so they worked very well together during the competition, and they handled the embroidery on the whole set very well.



After some compliments from the host, they moved on to the next designers, and the judges also gave good comments.



Everyone’s design was very bright, although it was a live design challenge, they didn’t really think about the design program on the spot, the design drawings were already in the mind.



Instead of on-site design comparison, it was more like comparing the speed of hands-on production and the ability to cope with such a high-pressure and time-limited situation.



When it was Qiluo’s turn, they was the only design company that had signed up for four projects, except for Shi Fei.



For the sake of mystery, Qiluo had been holding up a cloth, but now that the camera had moved over, the other side finally lifted it up.



By this time, Shi Fei had also put his own Hanfu on the model, and when he saw the clothes on Qiluo Court’s side, his eyes narrowed slightly.



This time, the designer who was mainly responsible for the design of Qiluo Court was surnamed Lin, called Lin Kun. Since Xu Tianshen was fired after the accident, he took his place.



Lin Kun’s looks were average, but with a bit of shrewdness, he took the microphone and began to introduce his design concepts, “First of all, I will first introduce these two traditional Chinese dresses. The Men’s hanfu name is called ‘sunrise’, while the women’s hanfu name is called ‘sunset’, as the name and everyone can see, the inspiration came from the edge of the sunrise and sunset …… ”



“Sunrise and sunset are two very beautiful natural scenery, I often wonder if such beautiful scenery can be retained. Of course, we can take pictures or paintings, but no matter whether we take pictures or paintings, we can only put them at home or in the exhibition, and only a very few people can enjoy them. Then I thought about what would happen if we applied these two beauties to Hanfu. Then, I thought, if I could apply these two beauties to Hanfu, I would be able to show them to everyone just by wearing Hanfu and walking on the street. The golden haze, those clouds that have absorbed the haze, intertwined together contributed to my two sets of hanfu ……”


This was probably the first time Lin Kun had introduced himself in such an occasion. At the beginning, he was a bit hesitant and everyone clearly felt his nervousness. However, later on, he became much more comfortable and the introduction became much smoother.




And then Lin Kun introduced the fabric he used and the embroidery pattern.



The other two sets of women’s and men’s clothing with Chinese elements also had bold techniques, which were very innovative.



The evaluation given by the judges was also very high, which could be considered as the highest evaluation given so far.


Upon hearing this evaluation, Ye Jian sitting below clenched his hands and was excited. It seemed that there was hope for the first place.





Shi Fei, with his arms wrapped around his chest, looked at the introduction over there with a smile on his face.



The host finally walked to Shi Fei’s side and stood in front of the Hanfu that was blocked. With Shi Fei’s light footsteps, he revealed the four Hanfu designs.



The expressions of the crowd were clearly stunned.




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