C24 – End of High Heat Period

Cang Hai’s expression changed slightly after listening to Xiao Yu’s description, tenth level mecha parts couldn’t be found, especially since these mecha parts were all tailor-made for him, countless materials were used just to debug the performance of the parts, and the expenditure was even more astronomical.


Otherwise, after the destruction of the mecha, he wouldn’t have stored the remains of the mecha in the spatial ring, just to ask the master to repair it when he returned to Changgeng Planet in the future, which would save a huge amount of money.



However, if it was damaged to the extent that Xiao Yu said, then the mecha parts would be completely scrapped, and there would be no possibility of repairing it.


Even Cang Hai, who was rich as a nation, felt his teeth ache.



“Great.” He forced a smile, “Continue.”



Star coins could be earned again when they were gone, parts could be made new when they were broken, and things outside the body weren’t worth mentioning in front of personal safety.



Xiao Yu was still a bit uneasy, according to the description of the original story, a piece of ordinary tenth level mecha parts was enough to exchange for a villa in Capital Star.



If his small hands shook, a villa was lost.


It was quite a pity to think about it.



However, since Cang Hai told him to continue, he had nothing to worry about, it was all Cang Hai’s belongings anyway.



With the experience of the first time, Xiao Yu operated with more and more ease, and with the “Bang Bang” sounds resounding one after another, in the blink of an eye, he had already force-coupled dozens of tenth level mecha parts.



He was about to claim credit from Cang Hai when he saw water droplets slipping from the corners of Cang Hai’s eyes.


“Cang Hai, are you crying?” Xiao Yu was uncertain.



Canghai wiped away the tears, “Nothing, I’m probably sleepy.”



Xiao Yu didn’t doubt it, “Then go and rest, I will call you when I fix the mecha.”



Cang Hai silently climbed into bed and turned on the shield, he didn’t want to hear those noises anymore, he was afraid that his heart couldn’t take it.



After a long time, Xiao Yu finally finished ‘repairing’ the remains of this torso part of the mecha, looking at the obvious repair marks on the mecha shell, Xiao Yu revealed a satisfied smile.



After all, he hadn’t failed Cang Hai’s expectations of him.



He roughly counted the mecha wreckage broken in as many as twenty places, and most of the forced couplings ended in failure, but there were also three that were lucky enough to succeed.



With a ten percent success rate, it seemed that Cang Hai was right, forced coupling was too costly and needed to be operated with caution.



The good thing was that even if it failed, it could still patch up the cracks in the mecha, it wouldn’t be able to conduct energy anymore, but it was still more than enough to shield it from the rain.



After Cang Hai was woken up by Xiao Yu, he carefully examined the remains of the mecha and found that three parts had actually succeeded in forced coupling, and for a while he didn’t know what to say.



Xiao Yu had just learned the knowledge of mechas and didn’t know how difficult forced coupling was.



However, he knew very clearly that the higher the grade of the mecha parts wanted to force-couple, the more mental energy it took and the higher the possibility of failure. He remembered that Master Zhang, who had customized the mecha for him, had once said that the success rate of the forced coupling of tenth grade mecha parts was only twenty-five percent.



Of course, tenth level mecha parts were expensive, and Master Zhang couldn’t afford to experiment with them.



This data was calculated by Grandmaster Zhang through forced coupling of low-level mecha parts, and with Grandmaster Zhang’s ability, the credibility of this data was quite high.



In comparison, Xiao Yu had only learned mecha knowledge for a few days?



To actually have a success rate of more than ten percent, could it be that a mermaid Omega’s mental power was really that outrageous?



Cang Hai let out a long breath, “Xiao Yu, have you ever thought that you might actually be a genius?”



Xiao Yu thought that Cang Hai was simply praising him, “Why, don’t say that, it’s all because Elder Master Cang taught me well.”



Cang Hai shook his head and lost his smile, that’s right, the little mermaid that had never left the Desolate Star, how could he possibly understand the gold content of genius in his mouth.


It took a lot of work to fix the mecha wreckage, and Xiao Yu couldn’t wait to try it out to see if it worked.



In order to make it more handy, he also forced coupling the longest rib of the beast with a part at the bottom, so that the rib played the role of a handle, and the entire torso of the mecha became an umbrella cover to maximize the avoidance of getting caught in the hot rain.



From this perspective, forced coupling was more like the welding technology of his world, except that the consumable material for forced coupling was mental energy.



Xiao Yu picked up the umbrella made from the mecha wreckage, the mecha wreckage was heavier than he had imagined, he didn’t adjust his grip fast enough and fell on his back.



Fortunately, Cang Hai helped him, “Give it to me.”



The heavy mecha wreckage was transferred from his hands to Cang Hai’s hands, the pressure suddenly dropped and Xiao Yu could finally catch his breath, “Why is it so heavy?” Could something so heavy worn on the body really assist in combat?



Cang Hai duly said in a scientific manner, “To become a mecha warrior, the physical quality must be better than an ordinary person, and currently the most common training method is the multiplier gravity training.”



“Multiplier gravity training?” Xiao Yu seemed to have read about it in the original novel, but the novel made a passing reference to the training process, so he wasn’t sure what it was.




“Multiplier gravity training is simulating a multiplier gravity environment in the training room, training under high gravity can improve the body’s ability to withstand and strength.” Cang Hai reminded him, “You have to adjust the multiplier according to your own physical quality, nothing can be accomplished overnight, especially multiplier gravity training, it’s a long process.”



Xiao Yu understood somewhat, according to Cang Hai’s statement, assuming that the gravity on the moon was double, then the gravity on Earth would be equivalent to six times.



Earth was a training room with six times the gravity.



Cang Hai continued, ”In addition to physical fitness, once the mecha completes energy conduction, it can activate the mecha’s built-in propulsion device, which can also share some of the weight. The built-in type propulsion device differs from the trigger type propulsion device in that it doesn’t require human manipulation, and the effect of propulsion is much worse than the trigger type propulsion device, but the demand for energy is small and can be used continuously.”



In other words, the built-in type propulsion device was equivalent to an acceleration buff, which could also be said to be a passive skill of the mecha.



The triggered propulsion device, on the other hand, was an active skill that was only triggered when needed.



“Today’s lesson is over,” Cang Hai rubbed Xiao Yu’s hair, “I’ll go grab you some good food.”



Xiao Yu was still a bit uneasy, “If there’s still rainwater leaking from the mecha wreckage hurry back and wait for me to fix it.”



Cang Hai: “Okay.”



As long as the little mermaid was happy, he could afford to pay for as many villas as he wanted.



Xiao Yu looked at Cang Hai’s back as he walked out of the tent, both worried and looking forward to his return.



As he watched Cang Hai walk back dragging a foreign beast, he couldn’t wait to guard the side of the tent, waiting for Cang Hai to walk in so he’d eagerly help him open the tent.



“How was it?” Xiao Yu asked.



Cang Hai put down the mecha umbrella that was still steaming at the top, and the prey was thrown to the side while he opened his arms for Xiao Yu to inspect.



There were no traces of being scalded.


“Congratulations,” Cang Hai laughed, “you made it.”



Xiao Yu’s eyes were also full of smiles, “To you too.”



He no longer had to watch Cang Hai get scalded all over his body without being able to do anything about it.



This was really good.



Probably due to getting what he wanted, Xiao Yu’s learning ability plummeted, although he was studying seriously every day, his memory and comprehension were obviously not comparable to before.


Cang Hai was also quite helpless about this, “You are no longer anxious now, your emotions are unable to push your mental power, and your mental power has naturally weakened.”



Xiao Yu asked him, “Then how do I maintain my spiritual energy?”



Cang Hai: “Either keep yourself under the influence of a certain emotion all the time, or just keep training until you break through the limitations of your emotions on your spiritual energy.”


Xiao Yu: “Then which of these two methods is easier?”



Cang Hai regretfully said, “Neither is simple, no one can maintain their emotions all the time, I can only suggest that you train more. Last time that piece of Cui Diao broke when your high fever just started, I will give you another one, spend more time exercising your energy every day, when your mental energy is strong enough, you might naturally break through the limit.”



Xiao Yu was also regretful, “I wanted to help you fix all the other mecha wrecks.”



Cang Hai: “……”



He suddenly didn’t feel sorry anymore.



Days passed by, and on the twenty-eighth day, the hot water rain finally stopped.


Xiao Yu’s period of high fever also ended.



Xiao Yu was still in a bit of disbelief as he rubbed his eyes, “Cang Hai, I saw that the rain stopped!”



Cang Hai listened and didn’t hear the rain, “You didn’t see it wrong.”



“Woohoo, the rain has finally stopped, I thought this rain would never end!” Xiao Yu excitedly threw himself into Cang Hai’s embrace, he was too eager to leave the tent and go for a walk, being locked up in the tent for almost a month, he was about to forget what fresh air tasted like.



Cang Hai patted Xiao Yu’s back and soothed him, “Wait a bit first, there is no rush to go out. The temperature outside is still very high, wait for two days for the temperature to return to normal before going out.”



Xiao Yu rubbed against Cang Hai’s chest, indicating that he knew.



He had waited for so many days, so it wasn’t so bad to wait for two days.



Cang Hai would go out to measure the temperature every so often, and he made up his mind to install a thermometer for the tent when he went back so that he could probe the outside temperature from inside the tent.



Xiao Yu peered outwards from inside the tent, and as the rain of hot water stopped, every now and then he could see images of the foreign beasts feeding. They used the bird-like Beasts that had died in the hot water rain as food and dined in place with reckless abandon.



He also realized that with enough food, the foreign beasts would rarely start a fight with each other.



This ground full of corpses had instead become a buffet for the survivors, who ate frantically, enjoying the post-storm revelry.



Of course there were also some Beasts that discovered the tent where he and Cang Hai lived, sometimes they would stop and stop to observe, and occasionally they would hit the tent with their claws or sharp teeth.



Then they realized that the tent could not be eaten, and then no longer stayed, after all, the fresh meat on the ground had a fatal attraction to the beasts.



On the contrary, there were really persistent beasts that wanted to chew through the tent, and were resolved by Cang Hai’s hand, becoming their dinner.



Those beasts that had been dead for ten to twenty days were naturally not as fresh and delicious as the freshly slaughtered beasts.



Three days later, the temperature finally returned to normal.



Xiao Yu rested his head on Cang Hai’s shoulder and breathed in the long-lost fresh air, a bright smile blooming at the corner of his mouth.



He had never felt that this devastated planet was so beautiful as he did at this moment.



Something seemed to have fallen.



When he raised his hand, he received something cold.



It was snow, and it didn’t take long for it to melt after falling into his palm.


His smile froze.



Was it really normal for snow to fall at this temperature?



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