Qiong Ren now understood why Yan Mo had run away.


There were some things that both humans and gods would find unbearable.



He skimmed through the specifics of the post and realized that the one with the eyes that could see the living and dead was a girl, and from the details of the post, he could tell that she should be a part of the entertainment industry in order to be able to see the inside of the Aikuxun building.



This girl would do a live text broadcast of what she saw with her fellow fans in the group, and as for what if there was going to be a real ghost movie in theaters, it was the result of other fans’ brainstorming.



It had to be said that each of his fans magnified themselves like the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes. Although they could only glimpse the tip of the iceberg, they analyzed it very well.



For example, they speculated that Zhou Mi had no money to post-produce the movie he had already made because he couldn’t find an investor, but recently there was news that he had restarted the movie project that had been shelved for a long time, and he had also resigned from Aikuxun.



Zhou Mi’s company had an additional shareholder, Qiong Ren, and the two held fifty percent each.



Although their Qiong Ren had just become a little popular, but the movie special effects were notorious for burning money, Qiong Ren hadn’t been popular for too long, and he didn’t take advantage of fans, the money earned was certainly not enough to support Zhou Mi’s movie to complete post-production.



Therefore, it was reasonable to assume: Zhou Mi’s movie wouldn’t do special effects, anyway, cub could see ghosts, so it was possible to invite a few real ghosts to work for Zhou Mi.



Couldn’t ghosts in ghost movies just change the content of the film or tape? If real ghosts could do the same thing, it would even save the need to set up a real set.



The lady with the Yin Yang Eyes also came out and responded to the last comment, confirming that ghosts could indeed change the content of the film.


Fans praised him for saving money and being a smart homemaker.



Qiong Ren felt numb.



His fans also speculated that Rong Zhen suddenly changed his mind, Li Kui said he would no longer do forced variety shows, and Miao Xueyi sincerely apologized for his carelessness. These incidents all occurred at the time when the parties involved and Qiong Ren met.



Thinking carefully, it turned out that their cub was here to correct the crookedness in the entertainment industry.



Gu Mengsang treated Qiong Ren with so much respect, it must be because he had met a ghost and Qiong Ren saved his life. He had to be respectful to his savior.


Seeing this, Qiong Ren didn’t even know what to say.



Don’t investigate. Don’t investigate. Leave a bottom for the kid.



Besides, are you guys being polite?



Wasn’t the whole process of saving Gu Mengsang watched by you? He couldn’t believe no one realized there was Gu Mengsang on the subway. If Gu Mengsang, who cared so much about popularity, saw that, he would die of sadness.



He didn’t know that Gu Mengsang, who was an avid browser of psychic forums, had already seen it and wet his pillow with tears that night.



The only thing that comforted him was that no one guessed that Yan Mo was King Yan, or else their pair of roommates would really have no secrets at all.



There were also fans who were posting predictions: the You Qiteng audition is about to start, and it feels like Qiong Ren will be there as a mentor, will there be any psychic incidents on the site? Who is Qiong Ren going to ferry this time?


Qiong Ren: “……”



He just found out about You Qiteng asking him to be a mentor, what exactly was the composition of these fans, were they all working as private detectives?


However, although the fans were invasive, they were still very measured, they knew what should be said, what shouldn’t be said wasn’t, like Yu Wei in the subway and Gu Mengsang, who was treated as a passerby by them, was just a victim of the identity of a passerby.



These posts made him have mixed feelings, on one hand, he was so embarrassed that his toes scratched the ground, and the pain of social death was always with him, but on the other hand, he was faintly proud.


His fans were really smart! That IQ was like his at first glance.


After reading a couple of posts, Qiong Ren withdrew from the subsection and sent messages to a couple of people who had posted threads on the beautifully crafted paper dressings, hoping that they would reveal where the dressings had been purchased.



The posters quickly replied that one of them was homemade and the rest were purchased from a store called Gently Paper Ties.



Qiong Ren searched the navigation and found that the store wasn’t too far from the Yunyu Garden, and after he finished eating with Yan Mo, he got on his little bike and planned to go over there to check it out.



Although he was a little popular, but his life wasn’t too restricted or disturbed, his fans generally had stronger restraint, even if they saw him, they would not engage in any screaming frenzied chase or other drama.



Originally he thought that this was because his fans were generally higher quality, or they were just lazier, but after reading the post, he realized that there was a third possibility, called: quietly watching you perform.



The paper store was about ten kilometers away from the Yunyu Garden, and it took him about half an hour to ride there leisurely.



The store was in a very remote alley, with an iron sign at the entrance. It wasn’t safe to ride a bicycle in a narrow alley, in case someone came out from the intersection, it was easy to hit, so he got off the bike and slowly pushed his way in.



In front of the paper mache store there were some fine products for soliciting customers, the most conspicuous of which were the paper mache of tea cup and sticky rice cake, even if they were burned for the dead, they still looked very cute.



The owner, a young man, was gluing white paper onto the tied-up skeletons, and when he heard the wind chimes ringing at the door, he said without looking up, “Feel free to look.”


Qiong Ren saw that his things were indeed exquisite, so he didn’t get busy talking about making headphones, and circled around the room slowly admiring them.



The paper ties sold here were still mainly child stand-ins, house pagodas, and household appliances. He also saw a lot of paper cell phones, the brands and models looked more complete than a cell phone store.



Sure enough, the modern people’s native spirit device was the cell phone.



The boss was better at making characters than animals, and his boy and girl paper figures looked cute, incomparable to the unusual paper people with miserable white faces and two piles of red cheeks.



But when he thought of such cute paper dolls being burned for the dead to go underground to work, it felt weird instead.



The store owner had created a wall of works, with photos of his favorite works that he had already sold.



Qiong Ren slowly looked over and suddenly saw two familiar faces, Fu Jiaze and Meng Qingheng.



Although the faces of the paper figures would have gone through a certain amount of distortion, because the owner was very good at capturing the features of the characters, he was still able to tell at a glance who these two faces belonged to.



How did the paper figures of the two of them appear here?



The store owner’s works had their own labeling in the lower right corner, the one of Fu Jiaze was taken more than three years ago, and the one of Meng Qingheng was dated a year ago.



Qiong Ren didn’t feel right, the timing was too coincidental.



He scanned through the photos on the wall and saw Wang Yaoqing’s face in it again, the time when Wang Yaoqing’s paper man photo was taken was the same as the time when Wang Yaoqing placed his order to make the transmigration array.



This wasn’t a little off, but something was definitely wrong.



He pretended to make small talk, “Boss, your paper man is made just like the real thing, it’s too awesome, can I take a few pictures to show my friends.”



The boss still buried his head in his work, “Taking pictures is fine.”



He was quite frank.



Qiong Ren took a few pictures and sent them to Meng Shen, who was an expert in these things.



Meng Shen replied quickly, feeling that typing was slow, he sent a voice message. Qiong Ren turned it into text and it slowly appeared.


Meng Shen said:
Paper made people generally have two purposes, one is a boy and girl, used to give the deceased in the underworld, service, equivalent sending two servants down.


There was also the burning of a substitute. Some children were not in good health, and folk superstition was that the child was a golden child born in heaven, and the heavenly maiden missed him/her and wanted him/her to go back to heaven.



But the parents in the world couldn’t let go of the child, what to do? Just tie a paper man, write the child’s name and birth date on it, and then send the paper man to the front of the temple to burn, and then let the child to change his name.



Inside these two customs, the ones burned were child boys and girls, which meant that even if one really wanted to burn doubles for Wang Yaoqing, Fu Jiaze, and Meng Qingheng, they had to use the golden boy form.



Otherwise, the old lady was looking forward to the child coming back, just to get Wang Yaoqing with his old vegetable face, wouldn’t it be crime of deception to a god?



Qiong Ren nodded repeatedly after reading. Even he knew that it was very unlucky to make paper binding people based on real people, so a legitimate paper binding shop shouldn’t make such taboos.



Qiong Ren planned to swindle him a bit.



“Hey? Isn’t this paper man the director who recently collapsed, called Wang …… Wang something or other.”



“Wang Yaoqing.” The boss said, “Look up, there are other stars. If you have a favorite star, I can also make it.”



Really not shy ah, Qiong Ren said, “tying a paper man to put at home is too much bad luck. Even if there is a favorite, I dare not take it.”



The boss then put down the work in his hand and looked at him with a bit of skepticism, “What do you want to buy?”



Qiong Ren smiled at him, his big eyes smiling into a curved crescent moon.



Even though he couldn’t see his full face, the boss instantly relaxed his guard.



This customer smiled so adorably and looked a bit like Dora, surely he wouldn’t be a bad person.


Qiong Ren: “The anniversary of my living father’s death is coming up, he said he wanted a bluetooth headset, my friend introduced me over to you, said you have good craftsmanship. Can a Bluetooth headset be customized?”



Living father? Why was it so strange ……



The boss muttered in his heart and replied, “Can do, whatever brand you want. Guaranteed that the sound quality is just as good in the underworld as it is in the living world.”



Qiong Ren told him the sign he had thought of beforehand, and he couldn’t help but look towards the wall and sighed, “These fans are too crazy now. No matter how much they like these celebrities, they shouldn’t make paper figures and leave them at home.”



He shivered realistically, “I’m shivering just thinking about it.”



Ah, this cute look really did resemble Dora. The boss’s doubts were completely dispelled.


The boss mysteriously lowered his voice, “You think they bought this paper man just to put it at home and watch it, you’re too naive.”



“Then what are they doing?”


When Qiong Ren looked at the person with wide open eyes, his naive and innocent look was the same as Dora’s, the boss felt that he couldn’t bring down the innocent youth, so he fooled around, “Don’t ask, it’s not a good thing.”



Worried about spooking the snake, Qiong Ren didn’t dwell on it and placed an order for five hundred Bluetooth headphones with the boss.



The boss was stunned when he heard this amount, “You’re going to open a headphone store in the netherworld?”


Qiong Ren smiled, in a way, he was opening a store in the underworld well.



After Emperor Song knew that he was going to make headphones for the jailers, he said that he couldn’t let Qiong Ren suffer, and that if the headphones could be burned through successfully, they would then be included in the centralized purchasing of office equipment handled by the Third Temple, and Qiong Ren would be paid according to the market price of the underworld.



He didn’t expect to be kind enough to help the prison guard solve his psychological problems and even come up with a business deal. It was really delightful.



Qiong Ren placed the order and then left Gently Paper Tie, he sent a copy of the information he found to Meng Shen and Xiong Miao each.



He rode his bike halfway home when Meng Shen called, and Qiong Ren had to stop and stand on the side of the road.



Meng Shen: “I read what you sent, it’s indeed suspicious, I notified the Special Affairs Division.”



Although Qiong Ren had also sent Xiong Miao a copy of the situation at the Gently Paper Tied Shop, to be honest, he didn’t really trust the Special Affairs Division’s operational capabilities.



In all the time he had known the Special Affairs Division, they had yet to solve a case. Qiong Ren had been through three cases, and in each case, the culprit was identified by the victims by him.



Qiong Ren: “Isn’t the Special Affairs Division inquiry all about confessional agents? Although this boss is a taboo offender, he’s just an ordinary person, would it not be a good idea to hand it over to the Special Affairs Division?”



Meng Shen: “That’s not something you need to worry about, the Special Affairs Division has felt that there is indeed a problem with their working methods since they went to the police station for further training. They applied to transfer a group of police officers over, and now the police are responsible for investigating cases, while their Special Affairs Division people are responsible for providing relevant information, and by the way, they take on the duties of bodyguards, fighters, and weapons. The crime detection rate has skyrocketed, sweeping away the decline!”



Qiong Ren: “……”



So, the Special Affairs Division’s native employees were now the equivalent of batons, g.uns, handcuffs, and bulletproof vests in the hands of the police ……



Thinking about it, it was actually quite good, letting the police comrades take on the responsibility of solving crimes first, and also teaching the people of the Special Affairs Division by example.



In fact, after the initial success of the weapons reform suggested by Qiong Ren, the police could wear ghost screening glasses to recognize ghosts, and could also carry a phalanx g.un to kill and maim ghosts, so it was simply not necessary to use the people of the Special Affairs Division.



However, Meng Shen, how to say, was also from a Xuanmen family in Dragon City, and the people from the Special Affairs Division were all family friends, so he gave them some face.



Qiong Ren: “What are Wang Yaoqing and the other paper people for?”



Meng Shen said, “I’m not sure. Generally speaking, paper people are nothing more than burning paper boys and girls for the deceased, and there are also burnt doubles. What can it have to do with the Transit Array or the Scar faced Man?



“Perhaps ……”



Meng Shen was alarmed, “He’s going to rob a prison? Switching paper people with real people!”



Qiong Ren: “…… Wake up, the paper man isn’t ordered now, besides, even though it’s made to look like one, as long as you’re not blind, you can see it’s a paper man.”



Meng Shen: “Just saying. Being a serious celestial master is also very lucrative, the scar-faced man opened a free and dangerous website for spells, and also made ghosts send out small leaflets of evil magic, hy does he always do these things that harm others?”



Qiong Ren: “Revenge on society.”



He felt that jealousy was a very important factor in all cases related to the scar-faced man.



Fu Jiaze was jealous of him, Meng Qingheng was jealous of Meng Shen, Wang Yaoqing was jealous of Zhou Mi, and Vest Ghost and Liu Chuandan were jealous of the ghosts that dared to go to reincarnation.



It was a good idea to say that Scarface himself was jealous of someone.



Qiong Ren went home, put his bike away, and went to the practice room to practice dancing.



It was good to have a big house, he now had a special practice room, so he didn’t have to go far away to practice.


In the evening, the Special Affairs Department came back, in order to avoid alarming the snake, they inspected Gently Paper Shop in the name of fire inspection, and also fully investigated the background of the store owner.



The store owner was a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, he had always loved to make paper art, and had even held small exhibitions. Because he couldn’t afford to rely on art, he took the opportunity to switch to fishing for the underworld. However, because he didn’t have a background in the underworld, many taboos were not taken seriously.


The Special Affairs Division also found Scarface on his paper mache exhibition photos.



This was the first time they had obtained a photo of Scarface Man, and they sent a copy to Qiong Ren as well.



The scarred man’s face was covered in small, thin scars, as if someone had cut a flower knife on his face.



They got a breakthrough from the papier-mâché store here, so they didn’t beat a dead horse and decided to observe in secret, maybe they could use this as an opportunity to catch the Scar face Man.



An opportunity? Qiong Ren thought darkly that if the scar-faced man placed another order, it would mean that a new victim had appeared. It was better than not knowing who the victim was if they could rely on the paper mache store to follow the map.


The next day was the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Qiong Ren and Yan Mo went to the orphanage to celebrate the festival, Qiong Ren had prepared two boxes of gifts this time as well.



With Yan Mo coming along, the person dragging the boxes became Yan Mo. Qiong Ren was responsible for carrying the mooncakes and holding the stuffed rabbit.



On a day when people and the moon were reunited, of course the plush rabbit should also be reunited with its owner.



Yan Mo and Qiong Ren walked to the front door, Yan Mo saw the Jia He Orphanage sign hanging on the side of the door, he was stunned, and then a little gentle smile surfaced.



It turned out that Qiong Ren grew up here.



There was a merit plate at the entrance of the orphanage, and every year, the names of the donors of that year would be added to it.



Qiong Ren introduced, “The names written on this plaque are the names of kind-hearted people who have donated to our orphanage, and I make a wish every year on my birthday, hoping that these people’s good intentions will be rewarded with good fortune, and that they will live a healthy and happy life.”



He thought of something and laughed, “Do you know, there is also called King Yan? This person donates money every year, and the amount is quite large. It has never stopped for .. .”



Qiong Ren “swish” turned his head to look at Yan Mo: “This King Yan, it wouldn’t be you, right?”




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