The matter of Shi Fei participating in the literature club competition, soon spread through the fan support groups, more and more people flocked over to the two anchors live room.


The news was also received by Wu Ziqiang, who had been living a very decadent life lately.



Since the incident that he just wanted to use Mr. J’s reputation to ruin Shi Fei happened, it was later proved that everything he did was to boost Shi Fei’s popularity, and he was so angry that he got high blo-od pressure.

This incident even made him the laughing stock of the industry.


More importantly, the top management was very disappointed with his successive blunders, and gradually lost confidence in him.


The company was going to invest in a new talent show in half a month, but this time it actually sent someone else to the show, it used to be him sent to sign new people.



Obviously, they were cutting his power.


Wu Ziqiang couldn’t do anything, he sat in the office, legs on the table, smoking a cigarette to relieve his boredom.



Previously, his hair was always combed neatly, but now it was always messy.



The assistant suddenly barged in and said excitedly, “Director Wu, good news, Shi Fei is going to be unlucky.”



Wu Ziqiang raised his eyebrows and put his legs down, “What’s the situation?”



The assistant happily handed him the live stream on his phone, “Just twenty minutes ago, a host named ‘Jagged Wave Little Fairy’ started live streaming the contest between Drunken River Literary Society and Idle Dream Literary Society.”



Wu Ziqiang looked at the screen for a while, he didn’t see Shi Fei, he looked up and asked: “What does that have to do with me?”



The assistant pointed to the screen, “Shi Fei is there, he’s representing the students of the Idle Dream Literary Society in the drawing competition.” At that moment, the screen turned to Shi Fei, who was wearing a black sweater and sitting low in the crowd.



Wu Ziqiang casually picked up the file on the table, knocking the assistant’s head, “Are you here specifically to piss me off? Remind me of what I did before?”



As soon as anyone talked about Shi Fei painting, Wu Ziqiang would think of when he schemed to make netizens think Shi Fei pretended to be ‘Mr. J’, but the other was really him, he spent all that time just to help Shi Fei’s popularity go up.


If it weren’t for him, Shi Fei, a person who dropped out from a talent show, how could his popularity grow so fast? Now he was almost a quasi first-line traffic star. Every time he thought of this matter, he would get angry, and his chest would feel extremely heavy.


“Director, hear me out, this Idle Dream Literary Society has always promoted Chinese literature, this painting style they teach students is also Chinese painting, this time since he’s representing Idle Dream Literary Society, he can only use a Chinese painting.” The assistant hurriedly explained.



Wu Ziqiang obviously didn’t understand, the assistant hurriedly turned out Shi Fei’s previous paintings and said, “All of Mr. J’s public paintings are all Western paintings, none of them are Chinese paintings.”



Wu Ziqiang: “What do you mean?”



The assistant said, “I would venture to guess that Shi Fei should not be able to paint Chinese paintings.” With that, he turned to the front live content recorded by online netizens: “Director Wu, you see, Xue Wei originally said that the competition between the two sides should be counted together. As a result, she added one item temporarily after Idle Dream Literature Society selected the candidates for the competition, they can only paint the type advocated by their literature society. You didn’ t see how dark Tang Xiangyang and Wang Pingyang’s expressions were at that time. Look here, Shi Fei’s face changed after hearing this. Obviously, all this was beyond their expectation. If Shi Fei can draw traditional Chinese painting, would they have such expressions?”




Wu Ziqiang’s brain moved fast: “The Idle Dream Literature Club is well known in China, and somewhat famous abroad. This time, the Chinese and Western culture competition, in fact, to a certain extent, Idle Dream Literary Society represents the traditional Chinese literature, if the Idle Dream Literary Society loses because of Shi Fei, the netizens will definitely count the debt on Shi Fei.”



The assistant nodded, “That’s right.”



Wu Ziqiang happily smiled, when the cigarette burned to the bottom and burnt his fingers, Wu Ziqiang yelled out, then hurriedly put out the cigarette with a smile on his face, he didn’t feel the pain.




“Then if this time, I buy a water army to guide the outcome, it’ll be a big deal, his fame will fall greatly, ‘Mr. J’s popularity will also diminish. ” Wu Ziqiang said excitedly.



He picked up the phone and wanted to hurry to contact those well-connected marketing agencies, as the call dialed halfway, Wu Ziqiang stopped and solemnly looked at the assistant: “Do you think Shi Fei will paint a Chinese painting successfully?”



Assistant: “He shouldn’t be able to, he’s never painted a Chinese painting in public, looking at the expression of Tang Xiangyang and Wang Pingyang and him at that time, he shouldn’t be able to.”



Wu Ziqiang put down his phone and calmed himself down, “No, I can’t rush, I have to wait a little longer.”



Whether it was calling marketing agencies to write and send posts, or buying a water army, it was going to cost money, he’d be spending the company’s money of course. It didn’t matter before, but now the upper echelon of the company had an opinion of him, and if he did things carelessly again and was caught in the act, their impression of him would be even worse.



“First check out all of Shi Fei’s previous paintings, to make sure that he really doesn’t have a Chinese painting, I’ll keep an eye on the live broadcast, let’s wait for him to finish the painting and get the results and then it won’t be too late to act.” If the Idle Dream Literature Club lost, then he would start to operate, even if Shi Fei’s performance was moderate, as long as the Idle Dream Literature Club lost the game, he could have someone write an article to pin this on Shi Fei’s head.



He was the famous ‘Mr. J’, yet he lost a competition.



The assistant quickly went to check Shi Fei’s previous paintings as he had requested, and tried to check them all.



After the first two incidents, Wu Ziqiang was a little more careful this time.



There was still a competition going on and they had two hours of painting time, everyone needed to filter through their minds first, what they were going to paint.



The first person to start was Carol, followed by Ma Juntao, Li Bowen, they all started to move, even Yu Jin also moved.



As a result, the masked Ye Qingcheng also began to squeeze the paint, only Shi Fei remained frozen in place.



One hand ringed, the other hand propped up his chin, eyes looking at the paper on the table in thought, and from time to time his brush moved in the air.



Li Bowen busily painted, then he looked up at Shi Fei, seeing that he hadn’t even started, he couldn’t help but sigh.



Master really chose the wrong person, Shi Fei was good at painting Western painting but wasn’t at painting Chinese painting, this game seemed mainly dependant on him and big brother to try to score more points.



With time passing, Shi Fei still didn’t start, the commebts frantically filled up.



“Shi Fei hasn’t moved, is he going to give up this game?”



“Even if he’s not good at Chinese painting, he still has to try, right? Retreating without a fight is the act of a coward.”


“I don’t know why so many people like Shi Fei, I just think he looks average.”



“A little white face, compared to the growth of Jiang Yu and the originality of Shen Qingran, what is there to like?”


“I can’t see his handsome point at all, people who like him are probably blind.”


“He became popular on the talent show. As a result, what did he do after? Such a person isn’t good at first sight.”


“Are you dumb, upstairs? That kind of cannibalism program was washed white by you. You’re really drunk.”



“Brother Fei’s appearance can still be hated? I’m really impressed. You think he’s ugly. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?”



“Stay away from our brother Fei, he is just a newcomer, he can’t be compared with Shen Qingran or Jiang Yu, please don’t compare them.”



The people were right and wrong, as Shi Fei became popular, he attracted a lot of fans, of course, it was also accompanied by the growth of anti-fans.



The entertainment industry was so big, the resources were so many, a popular person would inevitably be targeted, even if not Wu Ziqiang, there would be others.



The members of the Idle Dreams Literary Society at the bottom looked anxious, and even Xia Haiyan, the head of the Qin Academy, asked in a low voice: “Old Tang, Shi Fei hasn’t moved, there’s no problem, right?”



Tang Xiangyang was confident, “There is no hurry, this child has a measure in his heart.”



Xia Haiyan’s understanding of Shi Fei only exists in the mouth of others, seeing thatTang Xiangyang and Wang Pingyang both looked like they weren’t worried, he was slightly relieved.



Seeing Shi Fei remain motionless, the drunken river literary society students were happy, some of them were ‘Mr. J’ fans, but this was about the honor of the literary society.


Everyone thought that Shi Fei was unable to draw the Chinese painting, many people felt that he was unable to draw, only Xue Wei, the president had been observing Tang Xiangyang’s expression from time to time and found that he wasn’t worried at all, she was suddenly very alert to this.



At this point, Shi Fei moved, he picked up the brush, quickly dipped it in ink and began the outline on the paper, they could only see that Shi Fei’s brush was now moving, but couldn’t see what he drew.



From time to time, he would also change the brush and continue to draw.



“No matter how good he looks, he’s obviously pretending to be very serious, give full marks.”



“This look is quite like that of a master, good posture.”



“Our slogan is, no matter how well you draw, you should be less pretentious.”



“Will Mr. J draw a picture of a chicken eating rice?”



“You all should speak better if you have the ability, go draw.”



So many anti-fans flocked to the live room and began to distort the truth, and even some people just followed the trend and wanted to curse, they didn’t care about the truth. Shi Fei’s fans people were busy controlling the comments and brushing off those hateful comments.



Shi Fei was very fast, as if the drawing had passed through his mind N times earlier, without a break in the middle.


One after another, someone finished painting. Only Shi Fei was still painting, and the specified time next to him was reduced by one second, which made the on-site students and the audience in the live broadcast room nervous.



For confidentiality, they wouldn’t show the artist’s work advance, the anchor live broadcast wasn’t allowed to show the painting, the reporter also wasn’t allowed to photograph the painting, they had to wait for the judges’ review.



Standing in the middle, Li Bowen finally finished the painting, he was very satisfied with his painting, due to time constraints, although this ‘painting’ wasn’t the most outstanding among all his works, it was the most meaningful.



As a result, when he looked up in Shi Fei’s direction, he thought he was still in a daze, but he didn’t expect to see that and his expression froze, unable to believe what his eyes were seeing.




The time decreased by one second, others also gradually finished and put away the brush, only three minutes left to complete the time, Ye Qingcheng and Shi Fei were the only ones that hadn’t stopped.



Ye Qingcheng held the paint tray in one hand and the brush in the other without stopping, his exposed eyes were shining.


“There is still one minute left.” John reminded the contestants loudly.



At this time Ye Qingcheng also finally exhaled a breath and put the pen aside, indicating that he had finished painting.


Shi Fei was still moving quickly. During this period, he used double brushes from time to time, racing against the clock. When he was anxious, he bit the end of the brush.


John raised his hand and looked at his watch, counting the seconds, “Okay, time’s up, stop painting.”



Shi Fei also put away the brush at this time, he took the other brush off his mouth, and said, “Just finished drawing.”



Shi Fei looked up and faced an anchor’s camera, at this time the corner of his mouth was still stained with some ink, he was probably relaxed after painting, the corners of his mouth raised, with an eyebrow arched.



At once the anchor’s comment section went crazy.



“Ahhhhhhhhhhh brother don’t laugh, I can’t I can’t….”


“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah brother Fei, you just finished painting, how can you look so immodest.”



“Going crazy, crazy for this smile, this old aunt can’t stand this ah.”



“His face is still stained with ink, how cute, my OCD actually accepts it, I think this is the latest makeup style.”




“He paints and, he has a sed-uctive face and his smile can hook people, who will save me ah?”



“Brother Fei, ah ah ah ah ah ah I, fu-ck, nosebleed ……”



“Sisters hold on ah, I can still transfuse blood while watching.”



Originally they were discussing who lost and who won, but with Shi Fei’s smile, the comments tok a sharp dive.



Just now, the fans who were angry enough to explode because of the hateful comments, after seeing Shi Fei’s smile, they felt like they had been revived.



The judges took the book that recorded the results and started to come over one by one to check their works, nodding from time to time, sometimes interlacing and discussing the works.



The netizens couldn’t see over the painting, they were as anxious as ants on a hot pot, very anxious to know the results quickly.



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