C65— Day 65


Caesar’s eyes moved, it seemed like he glanced at him.



The foreign minister, who had just been slandering him, craned his neck and immediately became honest.



The foreign minister’s neck bent forward and he immediately gave in to power.



Slowly reaching the door, Caesar, who was still in the form of a snow lion, paused slightly and looked at Shen Tong.

What they wanted to say, there was no need to avoid Shen Tong, Shen Tong could stay aside, it may be boring, but Caesar didn’t feel comfortable letting him play alone.


In the end, the foreign minister was Caesar’s confidant, he understood what he was thinking, out of selfishness, the foreign minister hastened to propose: “Should I accompany Me Shen to walk around?”



“For the rest, it is enough to have President Shen around.”



It was rare for Caesar to allow Shen Tong to stay out of his sight.



He nodded slightly.



Shen Jue opened the door and waited for Snow Lion to walk in before he followed closely behind.



The door closed behind him.



Shen Tong didn’t get to go in, his eyes widened in confusion.



The foreign minister stood behind him, rubbing his hands nervously.



This happiness came too suddenly.



This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get close to catnip, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity to take a few sniffs!



He took a deep breath.



The scent of catnip was faint when Shen Tong was in human form, perhaps because he was temporarily a child, the scent was even fainter, but in no way did it prevent the Foreign Minister from getting addicted.



Feline noses were good anyway!



In no time, the Minister of Foreign Affairs was happy enough to float.



Shen Tong wasn’t too happy.


The big cat didn’t play with him, but went to play with others.



It also shut him out.



He took another look at the closed door and put his ear up to hear what was being said inside.



But the door was soundproof, Shen Tong couldn’t hear anything, not a moment later, he puffed his face in discouragement.



The minister of foreign affairs was addicted to catnip, but he didn’t dare to forget his duty to keep an eye on Shen Tong for his majesty, and when he saw Shen Tong looking so lost, the minister’s heart melted, he hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong?”



Shen Tong said in a low voice: “I can’t hear the voices inside.”



How could this be heard?


The Foreign Minister’s gaze towards Shen Tong was suddenly filled with compassion.



Catnip wanted to hear? Then let him hear it!



The foreign minister opened the door for him without thinking, “Your Majesty, President Shen, Mr. Shen said he couldn’t hear you inside, so should the door be left open?”



Caesar: “……”


Shen Jue: “……”


On the contrary, Shen Tong nodded like a chicken pecking at rice, “Yes!”



He wanted to listen to the voices inside, just to know if the big cat had a good time with others, but Shen Tong looked inside, there was Shen Jue, but not his big cat, but instead there was an extra man.



Sitting on a chair, hair color was very light, platinum blonde and his pupils were smoky gray.



Shen Tong had seen him.



That day he hid under the bed, this man’s attitude was very fierce, causing him to cry several times.



But Shen Tong wasn’t so afraid now, because his focus was all on the missing big cat.



“Where is the big cat?” Shen Tong wrinkled his eyebrows.



His unintentional behavior interrupted the continuation of the conversation. Their conversation, in fact, involved a lot and was also very tense, but both Caesar and Shen Jue tacitly stopped, neither showed a trace of displeasure or impatience.



Shen Jue spoke gently as he glanced at Caesar: “He is tired of playing with snow and is resting.”



Shen Tong hummed.



The big cat was just tired of playing with snow, not with him, Shen Tong’s mood immediately improved.



He said softly: “Then I’ll go sleep with the big cat.”



Caesar’s gaze dropped then he lazily spoke: “It has good hearing, you will wake it up if you go over now.”



When Shen Tong heard that, he had to give up the idea of sleeping with the big cat.



Caesar asked him again, “Still going out to play?”


Shen Tong hurriedly stretched out a white finger, softly “shhh”, then he quietly reminded him: “Keep your voice down, don’t wake up the big cat.”



Caesar raised his eyebrows slightly, then cooperated and lowered his voice, “Still going out to play?”




In fact, Shen Tong still wanted to play, even if it was just watching the snow, he could watch the whole day, but now he had more important things.



The big cat was sleeping, he had to supervise these people so they wouldn’t talk too loud.



Shen Tong shook his head, “No more games.”



Caesar then raised his chin at the foreign minister, “That room, his toys are there, pick a few to play with him.”



The foreign minister went.


Caesar didn’t avoid Shen Tong and continued their conversation.



“You said that the Zerg race uses Zerg eggs to control the Blue Star people?”



“Yes, but it’s more than that.” Shen Jue said, “The Zerg race, intends to go to war again.”



In these years, the Zerg race had always been foolish and gradually moved more and more, and Caesar wasn’t surprised by their comeback.



This was also the reason why the empire’s twelve legions were sent out to various star systems.


Only –


“Why start with Blue Star?” Caesar asked with a smirk.



In the interstellar world, Blue Star was a planet with little presence, in other words, it was dispensable.



The location wasn’t good and there were no resources, so it wasn’t worth the trouble. Instead of controlling the people of Blue Star and attacking it, the Zergs should target the transportation hub of Atlantis or Raphael, which were rich in rare minerals.



Unless ……



The planet Blue Star was hiding a secret.



Shen Jue faintly smiled, “Your Majesty, only the Zerg race know.”



Caesar’s tone was flat: “I thought you should know.”



Shen Jue said regretfully, “Your Majesty, I do ……”



Between the two men’s conversation, it was quite a dark tide, Shen Tong couldn’t understand what they were saying, nor could he hear the tit-for-tat between them, but one thing he knew, Shen Tong whispered again, “You guys, don’t be so loud, you’ll wake up the big cat, it has to sleep.”



He had very serious supervision of these two people.



Shen Jue paused, then he continued softly: “…… really don’t know.”



Caesar glanced sideways at Shen Tong, he had little expression on his face, but when he opened his mouth, his voice was lowered, “Don’t know?”



His fierce aura was a lot less.



The two looked like they were on good terms and were talking in whispers.



The foreign minister finished taking the toys out, and almost burst out laughing when he saw the situation.



He glanced at Shen Tong again, his gaze full of admiration.



One was His Majesty the Emperor, one was the ruler of the Blue Star, no matter what they were like outside, when they saw catnip, they still had to keep their voices down.



The foreign minister quietly commented, and came over with toys in his arms, full of smiles, “Mr. Shen, which one do you want to play first? I’ll accompany you.”



Caesar and Shen Jue didn’t talk for long.



The conversation soon came to an end.



What followed would be a military meeting.



Caesar couldn’t care for Shen Tong for the time being, while this opportunity, Shen Jue had waited for a long time, so he didn’t let go and smiled slightly, “Your Majesty, if you are not at ease, Mr. Black and I will help you watch over Mr. Shen Tong together.”



Caesar didn’t refuse, his gaze fell on Shen Tong.


He was playing Lego.



Hearing his name, Shen Tong raised his head and was caught off guard by Caesar’s smoky gray eyes.



Shen Tong remembered that the big cat’s eyes were also this color.

It was little cold, when the light fell, it gave off a cold sense of luster, and backlighting, it looked very deep, as if the bottom wasn’t visible.


Like a low-key but gorgeous jewel.



Thinking of this, Shen Tong inclined his head and looked out the window.



It was the side facing the terrace where he just played with snow.


Two snowmen were standing in the wind and snow.



The snowman symbolizing him had a pair of ebony eyes, but the snowman symbolizing the big cat was empty and had nothing.



At this point, Caesar asked him, “Want to go out and play?”



Shen Tong shook his head, “No, I want to wait for the big cat to wake up and play with it.”



Caesar nodded his head, “Hmm.”


He raised his eyes and swept his eyes at the foreign minister, who quickly assured him, “I will keep an eye on Mr. Shen, Your Majesty, don’t worry.”



Only then did Caesar take some people with him and lift his feet to leave.



And once he left, only Shen Tong, Shen Jue and the Foreign Minister were left.



Shen Tong was still thinking about the snowman without eyes, and he softly asked the foreign minister, “Uncle, do you have any gray stones?”



The foreign minister was stunned, “No, no.”



Shen Tong turned to Shen Jue, “Do you have any?”



Shen Jue thought for a while, “Yes.”



Shen Tong’s eyes instantly shone, “Can I have it?”



Shen Jue didn’t even ask him what he wanted to do and asked indulgently, “How many do you want?”



Shen Tong answered without thinking: “Two.”





He used the terminal to contact his secretary.



For Shen Jue, on the one hand, he had to get close to Shen Tong to determine the doubts in his mind, and on the other hand, he hadn’t taken care of many cubs, especially such a good and soft little one. Most of Shen family’s cubs were jumpy, he was more accustomed to force and suppression, simple and brutal, but Shen Tong was different, a soft little one, so Shen Jue was quite a bit helpless.



Shen Tong wanted the gray stone, but it was a relief for Shen Jue.



This also led Shen Jue being bent on satisfying Shen Tong, and immediately had his secretary fetch two energy stones.



They were smoky gray.



The secretary arrived ten minutes later, “Lord President, the energy stones you asked for.”



Shen Jue asked Shen Tong, “These two, are they okay?”



As long as they were smoky gray, Shen Tong nodded and smiled, revealing two little tiger teeth, “Yes!”



He jumped up and down and ran to the terrace.



Oblivious to the fact that once he saw the two energy stones, the Foreign Minister’s whole body froze.



He also had a head full of questions –


Energy stones?


Was it the energy stone he knew?



Although these two energy stones were nothing more than nail caps, they contained enough energy to be used by a whole planet for a hundred years. They were the most rare and precious things among the stars, which were difficult to mine, rare in number, and unimaginable to find.



But this blue star president didn’t even blink, he directly sent two out.



Two energy stones!



The Foreign Minister was shocked.



Even in the capital star, there were only eight energy stones in stock, let alone taking them out to coax a cub.



–Of course, the foreign minister believed that if Shen Tong asked, their majesty would definitely give it.



But this was the Blue Planet!



Wasn’t Bluestar notorious for its scarce mineral resources and insufficient energy to support the planet’s development? How could they just give away two energy stones so casually?



The Foreign Minister didn’t know whether to be puzzled or jealous.



Just this stone, one could be auctioned for several trillion!



It could be spent for a lifetime!



This wasn’t the end, the next second, the foreign minister was completely unable to speak.



At the terrace, Shen Tong stood on his tiptoe and pressed these two extremely rare and valuable energy stones into the head of the snow animal, acting as its eyes.



Obviously, Shen Tong didn’t know the value of these two energy stones.


He looked at the snowman symbolizing himself, and then looked at the snowman symbolizing the big cat, bent his eyes and smiled happily.



After a little thought, Shen Tong took off his scarf and put it on the snowman symbolizing him, and then Shen Tong took the other end of the scarf to the snow lion side, and gave it a few turns.



So it wouldn’t be cold!



Shen Tong was very satisfied.




Shen Jue and his secretary followed him.



Shen Jue looked at the energy stones embedded in the snowman’s head, he was more concerned about whether Shen Tong would be cold without the scarf than this, he remembered that cubs at this age were prone to illness, so Shen Jue took off his jacket and put it on Shen Tong.



Shen Tong looked back and blinked his eyes.



Shen Jue smiled at him, “Don’t catch a cold.”



Shen Jue had always been known as a smiling tiger, but the smile he gave Shen Tong, desperately releasing goodwill, wasn’t the kind of smile he used to have.



As if he had accepted him under his wings, so he was willing to present his most real side.



And Shen Jue took the opportunity to yank a few strands of his hair.


Excluding all impossibilities, the most incredible one was the truth.



In fact, Shen Jue had basically determined Shen Tong’s identity.



After all, how could a person, from appearance, speech and behavior to demeanor, be exactly the same?



But the process had to be done.



His hand slightly clenched.



Inside the room, the foreign minister, who was still in a state of pain over Shen Tong’s wasteful behavior, immediately switched states.



His alarm bells were ringing wildly.



This guy – wasn’t trying to pry their Majesty’s corner, right?



The foreign minister hastened to go to the terrace as well.



But when he took a few steps, he bumped into the medical staff responsible for examining Shen Tong these days.



The medical staff smiled kindly, “Hello, we are here to give Mr. Shen a routine checkup, is it convenient now?”




The foreign minister quickly responded, “Wait a moment.”



He hurriedly went over and called out to someone.



The foreign minister didn’t see that there were a few white worm eggs under the medical staff’s collar.



They were very small, almost invisible.




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