#Shi Fei claims he’s Mr. J

       Today’s Weibo was extremely lively, the hot search changed fast, one minute you saw this, the next second when it refreshed, there was another change.

       The programmer was sitting in the computer room in trepidation, fearing that if he wasn’t careful, Weibo would be down again.

    When Shi Fei saw the fake chat record, he laughed.

Jiang Yu was staring at the network, and with the appeal of his support club, he was commanding Shi Fei’s fans for anti-fans control and evaluation.

Unfortunately, the enemy’s fire was fierce, and they were outnumbered and seemed to be unable to survive. Jiang Yu was hesitating whether to call on his fans to help his Master.

        When he saw the hot search, he first looked at it once and almost thought he had read it wrong and looked at it a second time, then rolled on the couch with his laptop and laughed: “Where did this idiot come from? Are you sure there is no pit in your brain?”

        Ling Xia sat by the side and saw this scene, but frowned: “This isn’t good, Mr. J is popular overseas, and he fought for China’s glory once, the other party is obviously trying to make things bigger, obviously want to take advantage of this matter to destroy Shi Fei’s career.”

        Jiang Yu covered his belly which was hurting from laughing: “It’s okay …… it’s okay.” The tears in the corners of his eyes were about to fly out.

        Ling Xia strangely looked at the person next to her laughing on all fours, “How can you still laugh, your master is facing the whole network.”  People in their industry would know the chat record was false, but netizens couldn’t tell. Some people would believe it.

         Jiang Yu rubbed his stiff face and wiped the tears out of his eyes, and said, “I just feel that some things have really been known for a long time.”

        Ling Xia thought Jiang Yu had gone mad, and took out her phone to contact her PR team, “I’ll have the PR team comment on it for Shi Fei.”

      Shi Fei was Jiang Yu’s mentor, Ling Xia had to help.

Jiang Yu stopped Ling Xia’s hand and said, “Sister Ling, it’s not necessary, just wait and see how these people who framed him will make their own cocoon.”

        Ling Xia was confused: “What do you mean?”

     Jiang Yu gritted his teeth and said, “Anyway, since it’s like this, I’ll simply tell you, Master is Mr. J.”

        Ling Xia rolled her eyes: “It’s obvious that someone on the internet is using this incident to frame Shi Fei, can’t you see that? I told you to stop using your brain as an ornament and think more, but you didn’t listen.”

       Jiang Yu: “I know someone is framing him, but he is really Mr. J. He painted the billion dollar sunset. This time we recorded the first episode of The Sims and went to the Idle Dreams Literary Club, you know that right?”

        “Yes.” Ling Xia didn’t know beforehand, she found out after the recording.

       “At that time the Idle Dream Literary society’s painting school and chess school door masters were chasing after master, they had known each other for a long time. Mr. Tang Xiangyang himself said the master is Mr. J. Master also admitted this identity to us in the car, he originally wanted us to keep it a secret, who knew that a pilot episode would expose so many things.” Jiang Yu simply made things clear at once.

        Ling Xia’s mouth opened wide, she was filled with disbelief, after a while she put away her astonished expression, regained her white-collar beauty look and sat gracefully on the sofa.

After five seconds and she turned to ask: “Your master is not a demon, right? Did he ever tell you how high his IQ?”  If he could sing and compose music, it was okay. But he sang very well and the quality of his songs were very high. Then, he was also a genius when it came to playing the guitar. Forget it. Now he could  paint now, and the key was that he could paint very well. He was an internationally recognized painter.

        “I don’t know how much IQ he has, but he is my master anyway, and those who can make me willingly worship them as master definitely won’t be ordinary.” Jiang Yu said smugly, complimenting Shi Fei eagerly.

         Ling Xia didn’t want to talk. She took out her mobile phone and prepared to place an order for a lipstick. It was estimated that there will be a bloody affair online soon. Only spending money could calm her mood.

When Zhang Wu saw the news on the hot search, he immediately informed Gu Yueze. Originally, he thought that Gu Zong would definitely withdraw the hot search, and then make a counterattack against Star Media.

      Instead, he heard the news, but didn’t do anything.

Zhang Wu carefully reminded: “Mr. Gu, how should we deal with them?”

        Gu Yueze looked at the computer and said, “Wait for the reply from Shi Fei.”

        Zhang Wu: “Okay, got it.” As a qualified special assistant, even though he felt that just now Mr. Gu’s reaction was a bit unexpected, he still carried out his work very seriously.

        “Wait a minute.” Gu Yueze called out to Zhang Wu who was planning to leave and asked, “Your daughter is about to take her final exams, right?”

        Zhang Wu looked confused, but still answered: “…… Yes, there are still four days before the final exams.”

        Gu Yueze said with a serious expression, “After the test, bring her to the company to play a game.”

        Zhang Wu almost thought his ears heard wrong, “Mr. Gu, you are serious?” Wasn’t it true that he hated people in the company who had nothing to do with work?

        Gu Yueze gave him a look, and Zhang Wu immediately nodded: “Yes.”

        The more he thought about it after he went out, the more he felt that something was wrong. He heard that rich people had a lot of strange tastes nowadays, and at once many episodes from TV dramas popped up in his mind.

        Zhang Wu was shocked, no way, his daughter was only 13 years old ah.

        There were several other people who had the same idea as Jiang Yu and Gu Yueze.

When Yu Wenwen, Wei Weidong and the others saw this hot search, they were speechless. They all knew it was forged.

The netizens were outraged, each one crusaded against Shi Fei’s ‘shameless’ behavior.

       Shi Fei’s fans tried controlling the public’s opinion. They thought it was impossible to say that Shi Fei said such a thing just by two screenshots. He so didn’t go on Weibo to express his position.

        Some patriotic youths and keyboard warriors flocked to the bottom of Shi Fei’s latest Weibo post and cursed angrily.

     “What’s wrong with being an artist? Must you be a talented painter too?”

        “You’re a singer who can play guitar and be original, that’s not very strange. But you say you are Mr. J, this is too much, the border is a little too big.”

        “Your face is really big, if you have the ability to go live and paint “sunset”, as long as it’s 70% similar, I’ll recognize you.”

“Those who have worked hard at painting since childhood, do you know how big Mr J’s shadow is in their hearts, or else anyone could say they’re Mr. J.”

“Little brother, don’t get involved in others’ professional fields.”

“Do you know what ‘dry painting’ and ‘wet painting’ are? Do you know how many types of brushes there are in watercolor painting? If you don’t have that ability, don’t pretend.”

       While the whole network was attacking, Shi Fei released a new Weibo post: [Since it’s been exposed, I will be generous and admit it, I am indeed Mr. J.].

        His statement didn’t have any proof, it looked more like a challenge to the netizens.

        The netizens were already hacking him, after this post was released, they completely went out of their minds.

        A minute later there were more than 40,000 messages, all cursing him.

        “For people like you, I have nothing to say.”

        “Did you want fame to the point of going crazy, what you have isn’t enough? Come on, come on, I’ll give you some popularity and send you to the hot search list.”

        “Damn, he is out of his mind, right, before I thought that someone slandered him, yet he came out and confirmed it.”

        “Shi Fei’s fans said this matter couldn’t be concluded with screenshots, and now he posted it, their faces are in pain, right?”

        “Little brother isn’t young, yet his ambition is quite big, will he take the next step to say he’s a doctor?”

        “It’s probably because he wants to work in the literary industry and win awards, and so on.”

         “This programming dog is shivering, he won’t also say he’s a programmer? Shi Fei, can I call you brother? Let go of my hair. ”

“Shi Fei, , I believe you only need to be a little thicker. It isn’t a dream to become the most shameless person.”

        “You all pull back, let us art dogs scold him first & *) %$#@#$%.”

        “Design dogs silently support.”

        “Electrical engineering dogs also want to help (dog head.jpg).”

        “The environmental art dogs came to support.”

        “Business dogs rushed to help.”


        When Wu Ziqiang heard that Shi Fei made a post admitting that he was Mr. J, he was drinking water and almost choked himself to death with one gulp.

        “What did you say? Shi Fei admitted it?” Wu Ziqiang took the phone handed over by his assistant to look.

        After seeing the post, Wu Ziqiang face turned red, “Is Shi Fei crazy or did his brain turn into water? Is he giving up on himself to take the villain route?”

        He shouldn’t be that desperate yet.

        The assistant was also confused, “Who knows?”

Wu Ziqiang feel a little uneasy, “How do I feel this set up a little familiar ah?”

        Thinking of the previous gary incident, Wu Ziqiang’s grip on the phone became a little unstable, slightly alarmed, he looked at the assistant next to him: “He can’t really be Mr. J, right?”

        The assistant obviously also thought the same, he hesitantly replied: “Can’t be, if he is really Mr. J, why would he hide it.”

        Wu Ziqiang: “But he also hid his gary identity before?”

        Assistant: “Those are related to music, he had to learn music from elementary school, it is not surprising that he can create musical instruments. But painting has nothing to do with music, not to mention I’ve seen the painting “Sunset” before, it’s really top level, and many painters are imitating it now. A person’s energy is limited, even if he learnt a variety skills from a young age, he can be good at them but he won’t be refined.”

        Wu Ziqiang was annoyed: “Then why do you think he sent such a post out, was he hacked?”

        The assistant whispered, “Maybe it’s really like that, after all, he angered the majority of netizens this time, some of them are hackers.”

        It sounded like a reasonable analysis, but the assistant sounded unsure.

        Wu Ziqiang still felt a bit wrong: “Keep an eye on the direction of the Internet, as soon as there is something wrong, immediately report it to me.”

        As expected, the assistant came back to report, “Director Wu, it isn’t good, Jiang Yu, Yu Wenwen, Li Hong and director Wei  they all tweeted in support of Shi Fei.”

        “What’s wrong with them? They also got involved in kind of thing.” The people in the entertainment industry were very shrewd, seeing this kind of thing, even if it was a good friend, they generally wouldn’t dare to take the risk, if not, the hate might reach them.

Then Wu Ziqiang thought, “Forget Wei Weidong. He is a director, and his reputation has little effect on him.”

But Yu Wenwen and Jiang Yu were two people who had been in the industry for many years, this kind of thing even if they agreed, their team wouldn’t allow it.

        What’s more, there was the first-tier acting queen, Li Hong, she didn’t have the full assurance to publicly support Shi Fei.

        “This isn’t right, there must be a problem.” Wu Ziqiang looked a little panicked: “Let’s keep the marketers, and delete the screenshots, also withdraw the water army.”

Before the assistant had time to make a move, a new situation was found, “Director Wu, the master of Chinese painting Tang Xiangyang made a post in support of Shi Fei.”

        Wu Ziqiang’s face suddenly turned white, his body felt numb.

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