C50—- Day 50

Was this ……?

        Shen Tong was at a loss.

        He was always teased by his roommates for being a “scum” because of his gentle personality, in fact, Shen Tong was very slow in this regard, he simply couldn’t communicate with people, let alone sense the thoughts of others to him, as long as they didn’t say it, or didn’t show, Shen Tong would have no way to know.

        Just like now.

      Shen Tong’s heart had a vague assumption.

-the King, did he like him?

        Shen Tong hesitantly lifted his head.

        “You ……”

        “I’m not the only one who has the pendant.”

        His words were once again interrupted.

        Caesar was taller than Shen Tong, he lowered his head, staring at Shen Tong condescendingly, with a sense of oppression, “You said it was made specially for me, and I am the only one who has it.”

        Shen Tong: “……”

        Shen Tong: “It was indeed specially made for you.”

        He recalled that the day he was coming to see this Majesty, he deliberately made a catnip pendant and delivered it, Shen Tong thought about it and then answered him.

        “You were the only one who had it at that time.” Shen Tong added.

        Caesar was still dissatisfied, “You want to make one for everyone?”

        Shen Tong explained, “Because everyone took care of me.”

        This answer wasn’t what Caesar wanted, he slowly spat out two words: “Not allowed.”

        Shen Tong frowned, “…… but I already promised them.”

        Caesar firmly repeated: “Not allowed.”

        Shen Tong glanced at him.

        They still maintained the previous posture, Shen Tong was pressed against the wall, the two were extremely close, and he stared at him, with deep eyes, he looked heavily possessive.

        Why didn’t he notice it before?

        He even thought that he hated him.

       Shen Tong was chagrined.

        What could he do now?

It wasn’t that he hadn’t received confessions, but there had never been anyone like Caesar, who didn’t show anything in words, but brutally declared everything with his actions.

        His impression of this sire changed from the initial arrogance and harshness to a cute but twisted feline.

        Shen Tong said uncomfortably, “Your Majesty, you can-”

        Caesar said flatly, “A long time ago, I corrected you, call me Caesar.”

        “…… Can you let go of me first?”

        “What did you call me?”

        Shen Tong had no choice, “Caesar.”

Caesar looked away, perhaps because he was too unhappy. He rarely ignored the wishes of the youth, this time he replied bitterly, “No.”

        Shen Tong: “?”

       He pursed his lips, this posture made Shen Tong uncomfortable because it was too ambiguous, “You said that felines are very possessive, Kitty will be very unhappy when he finds your smell on me after he returns.”

        Caesar ignored it and focused on correcting him, “The pendant.”

        Shen Tong helplessly changed his tone, “Kitty will be unhappy if I smell of you.”

        “Then let it be unhappy.” Caesar said carelessly, “I’m also unhappy.”

        Shen Tong: “……”

        He didn’t know how to respond to this situation.

        Should he pat his hair?

        But Shen Tong felt that that wasn’t right.

He compromised: “I won’t give out the pendants, okay?”

        Caesar raised his eyebrows, “Only that?”

        He clearly had other reasons to feel dissatisfied besides the pendant.

        Shen Tong: “?”

        He looked at him questioningly, Caesar said carelessly, “In the future …… be good and stay in my palace, you’re no longer allowed to have the idea of moving out.”

     Shen Tong was stunned.

        Caesar tsked and looked at him sideways.

        Shen Tong came back to his senses and shook his head, “This seems …… not very good?”

        He previously felt that the reason he lived here was thanks to his identity as catnip, but at that time he was just a potted plant, now after his transformation into a human, Shen Tong had hands and feet, there was no reason to stay here again, not to mention that he had a big cat to feed.

        Caesar asked unhappily: “What’s wrong?”

        Shen Tong tangled and said, “Isn’t that inappropriate?”

        “There is nothing inappropriate.” Caesar lowered his eyes to stare at him and said word by word: “You are the future queen, you should live here, and can only live here.”

        This time Shen Tong was more than bewildered, he was also stunned.


        What queen?

His eyelashes fluttered and he looked back at Caesar, barely able to speak.

        Caesar was pleased with his reaction and opened up diffidently, “The day we returned to the palace, I gave you a crown, which can only be possessed by the queen.”

        “You received it.”

      His tone was flat, as if he wasn’t talking about a queen, but rather that it was a beautiful day.

       This also caused Shen Tong to slow down for a while before realizing what it meant.

        He had received a crown.

        And this crown, historically, could only be owned by the queen.

        Shen Tong received this crown in full view of everyone.

        Shen Tong: “?”

        He took a long time to digest the information contained in it, and couldn’t find his voice for a long time.

        Caesar looked in askance at him, “It’s not that easy to be my queen.”

        In fact, about the crown, Caesar originally didn’t intend to reveal it so early, but the youth had become too arrogant, he dared to lie, and even tried to leave the Perth Palace, he had to tell him in advance.

        The bad side was obvious.

        Caesar lifted his eyes, his gaze swept past the face of the youth who was still stunned.

       As for the benefits –

        His eyes deepened, “You are my queen and mine alone.”

        “No more petting other cats, let alone hugging them.” After a pause, Caesar reluctantly said, “The snow lion that can’t change into human form, you can.”

        Shen Tong: “……”

        How did things get to this point?

        He wrinkled his brows in confusion.

        Shen Tong hesitantly said, ” I can return the crown to you, I really-”

        “You already took it, took it in front of everyone.” Caesar said, “Returning it or not, it’s the same.”

        “You will be my queen.”


        Seeing that he was still in shock, Caesar finally let Shen Tong go.

        He glanced at Shen Tong, faintly dropping a “you better remember my words” after, he lifted his feet and walked away.

        It seemed to be just a reminder.

      But not long after, the majestic snow lion appeared at the door again.

        It seemed to be in a good mood.

        It was a stark contrast to the distressed Shen Tong.

        “Kitty.” Shen Tong reluctantly came back to his senses and let the snow lion come into the room.

        He saw the tail flicking behind the snow lion and asked softly, “Are you in a good mood today?”

        The snow lion looked askance at him and lazily lay on the carpet.

        Shen Tong went with him and sat down next to him.

He thought about things, and mindlessly played with the mane of the snow lion, the snow lion looked up, with rare forgiveness for his soul-less look, and also let his play with its mane.

        Unknowingly, Shen Tong braided a few pigtails.

        The snow lion also noticed, and it responded by raising its tail and wrapping it around the youth’s wrist.

        Only then did Shen Tong realize what he had done.

        “Sorry, I got lost in thought.”

        The snow lion had little reaction to this, but its eyes remained curved.

        Shen Tong saw the curved eyes and smiled a little, “It seems that you’re really in a good mood today.”

        Surprisingly, it never lost its temper.

        The snow lion meaningfully glanced at him.

        The room fell into silence again.

        Shen Tong’s heart was in turmoil. He hadn’t yet recovered from the actions of the King, and learned that the crown was the symbol of the Queen, for him, this day was like a roller coaster, nerve wrecking and thrilling.

        Shen Tong sighed softly.

        He asked the snow lion, “Kitty, do you like the Capital Star?”

        As if it had known he was going to ask this, the snow lion nodded proudly.

        “Then ……” Shen Tong hesitated to ask it, but the words simply couldn’t be said, “Forget it.”

        He said bitterly, “Kitty, what should I do?”

        “There is a person, I always thought he hated me, I didn’t expect that he actually didn’t hate me.” Shen Tong laid on the snow lion, its snow white fluffy fur was really soft and also very comfortable, he gently rubbed a few times, “You felines, how can you be so twisted?”

        “If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have been like this.”

        Shen Tong murmured.

        The snow lion turned its head sideways, fixedly stared at the youth buried on his back for a few seconds, and sprayed his breath at him.

        Shen Tong looked over and smiled as if on a whim, “Kitty, let’s leave.”

      Shen Tong clearly knew that this was very unrealistic, after all, the palace had so many people who cared about him, if he just left, everyone would worry about him, he would be causing trouble for everyone, and besides the big cat following him would definitely suffer with him.

        Shen Tong sighed.

        He still had no way to feed himself.

        Thinking of this, Shen Tong opened the terminal.

        The interface was still on his Starnet account, and the snow lion glanced at it inadvertently and froze.

        What was this avatar?

        The youth actually set this extremely stupid photo as an avatar?

        His pleasant mood just now was gone.

The snow lion shook a few times, shaking the youth lying on him down, and pawed the terminal screen a few times, signaling him to give him an explanation.

        He didn’t know where it inadvertently pressed, but the terminal interface jumped to the latest Perth official update, and the most liked comment jumped to the bottom of my eyes.

        [want want want!!! But I know it’s impossible to get a catnip handmade pendant, Perth dad, consider mass production? I will buy it all!!!]

        Caesar: “?”

        Dad? Even calling him grandfather  wouldn’t change anything.


        Shen Tong also saw it.

        He could imagine that after seeing this comment, that His Majesty might not be too happy again.

        In case he came over again ……

        Shen Tong lightly patted the snow lion’s head a few times before opening his mouth, “Kitty ……”

The Snow Lion looked poorly at the screen on the screen, raised his paws, and scrolled down a little. At first glance, it was full of people who coveted the youth. He squinted dangerously and turned to the youth sitting on the carpet. Shen Tong came into contact with his eyes, slightly tilted his head, and smiled lightly.

This wasn’t enough to dispel the displeasure in the heart of the snow lion, it pounced towards Shen Tong, full of momentum.

        But it only looked imposing.

        It was obviously a big lion, but it liked to rub against him like a kitten.

        And its fluffy tail, also wrapped around Shen Tong’s waist.

        Tightly wrapped up.

       He belonged to him.

        Shen Tong didn’t know what was wrong with this big cat, but he let it into his arms, he smoothened the snow lion’s fur while making up his mind, he felt he couldn’t cope with that King.

        Shen Tong said to the snow lion, “Kitty, let’s move out from here in a few days.”

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