In the world of Chinese Paintings, Tang Xiangyang had a very high reputation, but he never used Weibo, this time for Shi Fei, he finally opened an account.


The number of followers of the newly opened account didn’t reach 100, and no Verified tag was added, so many netizens suspected it was a fake.


“Now a random Weibo user can claim to be Teacher Tang Xiangyang, how can someone be so manipulative?”


“Teacher Tang Xiangyang is a respected senior in the Chinese painting industry, so it’s not good to use him like this.”


“Shi Fei, please have a bottom line, okay?”


“Upstairs, can you calm down? Nothing has been found out. As soon as you came, you quickly made a judgement. Why don’t you move bricks if you are so capable? ”


Many netizens felt that Teacher Tang Xiangyang was already so old, he wasn’t the kind of person who would use Weibo, they thought Shi Fei was trying to hard to establish a ‘talented persona’, to the point of pulling Teacher Tang Xiangyang’s name out.


As for Li Hong’s Weibo, people in the industry were sensitive to the fact that they couldn’t act out, so it was likely that Shi Fei was really Mr. J.


Part of the netizens didn’t think so, they thought that since Shi Fei was part of the cast in the program, the director probably made them post something, after all, the entertainment industry was really messy.


Soon ‘Tang Xiangyang’ had more than 100 followers on his Weibo account, and many people followed him one after another.


First of all, Jiang Yu, Yu Wenwen, Li Hong and other guests of the Sims, under their attention, many fans climbed the wall to follow ‘Tang Xiangyang’. The number of followers soon broke 100.


Then many netizens wanted to see the follow-up news, so they also climbed over to follow him.


Yu Jin was Tang Xiangyang’s big disciple, he was famous in the world of Chinese paintings, he usually made posts about his paintings on Weibo, his fans had also reached tens of thousands. He followed Tang Xiangyang, and @ed him: [Master, you’re too old to start using Weibo, don’t get addicted.]


After that, many famous teachers in the Chinese painting industry started to follow Tang Xiangyang one by one.

All the connected Chinese painting experts paid attention to Tang Xiangyang, which proved his identity, and Tang Xiangyang’s identity also indirectly proved Shi Fei’s identity.

Afterwards, Shi Fei released another post: [I heard that Teacher Tang Xiangyang joined Weibo. It seems that I have to go live.】


Originally, Tang Xiangyang tried to proved the identity of Shi Fei, but he, who was the centre of attention, hadn’t made a move to prove himself, if he didn’t come out, he would be labelled a coward. After a long time, netizens would be suspicious, which would affect his reputation and the reputation of Tang Xiangyang.


Everyone had long known that Shi Fei’s douyin account was gary, the account already had more than ten million followers, after this incident many more people flocked over, it quickly passed twenty million in a short time.


When Jiang Yu heard that Shi Fei was going to be live at 2pm, he immediately thought that the live room would be very lively, so he immediately signed into his fan account ‘Fire in the corn’ and started to summon troops in the group chat: “At 2pm, Brother Fei is going to be live in the Douyin live room, and there will certainly be many anti-fans taking the opportunity to make trouble. When we meet those troublemakers, they must be reported. ”


“We have to watch closely on Weibo. Maybe someone will record the broadcast frame by frame to find something, and also be careful of anti-fans trending the wrong topics.”


Some people in the group began to doubt: “Sister Fire, is Feifei is really Mr. J? It still feels a little unreal.”


As soon as he saw that, Jiang Yu immediately dumped multiple private pictures of Shi Fei and said, “Look at this picture again and ask yourself, does Feifei look like the kind of person who would create rumors about himself? You have to believe in him, believe in your idol, believe in the choice you made.”

As soon as the group saw the private pictures of Shi Fei, immediately they all transformed into screaming fans, they all admired the pictures and were energised.


Ling Xia watched as Jiang Yu methodically directed the fans to do things, she finally decided to move back his afternoon schedule.



She picked up her cell phone and called, “Brother Chen, I’m sorry to say that our Jiang Yu isn’t feeling well, so I’m afraid he won’t be able to make it to the shoot this afternoon. It’s our fault, don’t worry, all the lost expenses will be handled by us, in addition I booked lunch for everyone at Fuyuan Xiang ……”


Ling Xia had been in the entertainment industry for many years and was very good at handling things properly.


Then she looked back at Jiang Yu, he was opening a dozen windows to comment more, she shook her head speechlessly.


A good top star turned into a brain-damaged fan.


When it was half an hour before two o’clock, there were already many people rushing over to wait.


As soon as the time arrived, Shi Fei opened the broadcast room, and hurriedly said hello, “Hello everyone, I am Shi Fei. People say they want to see me paint, so I opened the live broadcast, I’ll put the phone stand in this position, you should be able to see the painting behind me….”



“Shi Fei, I would like to ask how exactly is the “Sunset” double-sided painting done? Although I have a template, I still can’t draw it well every time.”


“Yes, yes, yes, I can’t draw it well either. I’ve practiced against the template many times, but as long as there’s a tiny bit not right, the whole painting is ruined.”


“To be able to be famous overseas, to the point that foreigners are still surprised by the painting, it really isn’t so easy.”

“You really dared to go live, be careful. Garbage Shi Fei. ”


“Get out of the entertainment industry, shamelessly trying to be Mr. J, death to your whole family.”


With Tang Xiangyang and other people on Weibo backing him up everyone was more willing to believe Shi Fei.


Of course, there were also some anti-fans, Shi Fei didn’t hesitate to report the comments, he even banned a number of people, the live room finally became quiet.


Shi Fei spoke while adjusting the pigment: “I know many people want to see me paint “sunset”, I heard that many people are imitating my painting, but, I won’t paint it today. I don’t really want to paint it, I want to paint a person for you.”


After quickly mixing the paints, Shi Fei chose two brushes and began to draw randomly on the drawing board without any rules.


“This isn’t Mr. J’s painting skills, there’s no mistake, it feels like a kindergarten child painting.”

“What does the person upstairs know? I heard from my faculty teacher that when Mr. J drew “Sunset”, he started with a scribble and people thought he didn’t know how to draw, but it turned out to be a great work.”


“A two brush painting at the same time, he needs to use the left and right brain at the same time, just by this, I am willing to worship him.”


Shi Fei took the time to look at the screen, just in time to see someone ask ‘who is the person you want to draw?’


Shi Fei shrugged and said, “You know, two days ago I was chased by two old men with a broomstick, so I decided to draw them today, so you can see what they look like, two bad old men.”


Shi Fei drew very fast, he used a simple drawing method, it was only about twenty minutes or so, an initial humanoid came out, many people from the art department saw the person’s appearance and shouted in amazement.


“This is Mr. Tang Xiangyang, the master of Chinese painting, Mr. Tang Xiangyang, the person Shi Fei drew is actually him.”


“As soon as I heard that it was Mr. Tang Xiangyang who beat Shi Fei, I’m sorry, I laughed, hahahahahahaha.”


“As a fan, I originally pulled out a big kn!fe, when I saw that it was Mr. Tang Xiangyang, I silently put the kn!fe back.”


“Son, mom couldn’t hold back her laughter hahahahahahahahahaha.”


“How do I feel that the image Mr. Tang Xiangyang chased and hit Shi Fei is so clear in my mind, please where can I see the video? I’ll give two VIP memberships.”


“I’ll give three.”




If it was someone else that hit Shi Fei, inevitably, some fans would have ran to scold them, but once they heard that it was Mr. Tang Xiangyang, they almost died from laughter.


After all, since he was Mr. J, they all knew that he and Mr. Tang Xiangyang had a good relationship, Mr. Tang Xiangyang met Mr. J in that exhibition, not to mention that this time, Mr. Tang Xiangyang opened a Weibo account, just to stand up for Shi Fei.


When Shi Fei said he was chased, most people understood, to the point that the image of a grandfather chasing his grandson was extremely clear in their minds.


“Time is limited, I have to read later in the evening, so I won’t draw a very complicated painting, it’ll just be clear enough for everyone to see.” It took just over half an hour or so, Shi Fei said to the camera, “Okay, the painting is finished.”


Everyone looked at the painting, the painting was good, but the results alone obviously couldn’t make everyone satisfied.


At this time, Shi Fei turned that painting upside down, and mischievously said to the camera: “I forgot to mention that there’s a final step.”


When it was correctly placed, they could vaguely see Teacher Tang Xiangyang, then when he turned it upside down, everyone could only see a pile of black and white color paint.


Then Shi Fei grabbed a handful of white powder next to him, then he sprinkled it on the drawing board, when the white powder stuck, everyone was surprised to find that the original upside down messy looking painting, suddenly made sense.


“So the other person who chased Shi Fei is actually Teacher Wang Pingyang.”


“Ah ah ah ah husband, why are you so showy ah.”


“When can I be as good as you?”


“I almost thought Shi Fei made a mistake, I didn’t expect to experience such a high moment.”


“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah.”


“He can sing, he can play the guitar well, and now he can draw. The key is that he is full of skills. I am a boy who is about to fall in love with him.”


“Please does Teacher Shi Fei take disciples? You’ll get a house, a car, a deposit, your three meals per day will be taken care of by me.”


Wang Pingyang had led students in chess tournaments many times to win for the country, many people were able to figure out who he was by searching his name online.


The small group of netizens that were still suspicious of Mr. J’s identity were now completely silent.

Many people in the comments section asked him if he wanted to take disciples or if he would start a painting class, Shi Fei patiently answered them one by one, and after ending it, he collapsed on the sofa to rest.


Live broadcast was really a tiring thing.


On Weibo, Shi Fei’s live painting was made into a motion picture, especially the last moment when he sprinkled white powder on the painting.


Weibo hot search list had been bloodied again, a variety of posts about Shi Fei quickly became popular.


Shi Fei was sitting on the sofa to rest a while before he started studying, he suddenly received a call from Tang Xiangyang, he originally thought he called to scold him, after all, during the afternoon live, he openly teased him.

He didn’t expect him to ask for help.


The reason was that the Drunken River Literary Society had issued a challenge to the Idle Dream Literary Society three days ago.


The challenge letter was sent over the same night they finished recording the program.


Shi Fei asked in confusion: “Then you guys just decide internally whether you want to challenge or not, why do you need me?”


He was very busy, his new book hadn’t been uploaded, his editor was about to tear him to pieces, he also needed to go back to school tomorrow for his final exams, he was really busy.


“Kid, you dare refuse?” The voice of Wang Pingyang roared from the side.


“Mr. Wang, I’m a student, involving an outsider wouldn’t be good for your two communities.” Shi Fei said with difficulty, “Besides, I’m going back to school tomorrow for my final exams, I need to prepare well.”


“Bullsh*t, you can still review. If you really wanted to review, two days ago, when you were recording the program, you should have reviewed, anyway, you have to agree, even if you don’t want to agree, you have to.” Teacher Wang Pingyang had always taken the role of a domineering old man, he hardly negotiated.

Next to him, Tang Xiangyang took the phone out of Wang Pingyang’s hand and scolded him, “You can’t say that to him, this kid has a temper, he answers to soft methods, not hard ones. You have to discuss with him.”


Wang Pingyang: “Do it yourself, talk to him.”


On the other end of the line, Shi Fei was speechless: They were trying to trap him, couldn’t they be quieter? He could hear them clearly.


Tang Xiangyang picked up the phone, and said in a benevolent voice: “Shi Fei, you can’t say that this matter has nothing to do with you.”


Shi Fei: “But it has nothing to do with me. I don’t even know what this Drunken River Literary Society does.”


Tang Xiangyang finally explained the situation of the Drunken River Literary Society.


The Idle Dream Literature Club promoted Chinese literature, and taught folk music, chess, calligraphy, Chinese painting, and so on. The Drunken River Literary Society was the opposite of them, and their literary society taught Western musical instruments, backgammon, and Western painting.


Originally, this wasn’t a cause for conflict, although there were many people learning Western musical instruments and Western painting in China, the number of people who could make a name for themselves in China was small, let alone internationally.


The president of the Drunken River Literary Society was an ambitious person who was determined to be the number one literary society in China, but with the Idle Dream Literary Society on top, it was a little difficult for them to be number one.


Even if they had more students than the Idle Dream Literary Society, even if their fame among parents was greater than the Idle Dream Literary Society, but in the circle, in the international arena, they still weren’t as good as the Idle Dream Literary Society.


Tang Xiangyang asked, “Do you still remember the name of the person you beat in painting two years ago?”


Shi Fei replied dryly, “No.”


Tang Xiangyang said, “That person’s name is Herman Carroll. Carroll, is a well-known painter in M country, Galen Neiham’s disciple. Originally, they wanted to squeeze us out of the global exhibition of Chinese paintings, but they didn’t expect to meet you, so their plan was a failure, and it stimulated Herman Carroll, I heard that in the past two years his painting skills has been declining, and he hasn’t had good inspiration for painting.”


Shi Fei hadn’t known these things, even if he knew, he wouldn’t sympathize with him, if people didn’t offend him, he wouldn’t offend them, at that time, in that situation, if the M people won, China would have been laughed at for a long time, even after, the Chinese painters in the international arena wouldn’t be able to raise their heads.


Tang Xiangyang continued: “Herman Carroll has a brother named Galen Cyril, he is a pianist, he’s only 28 years old, but he is ranked 6th in the world’s pianists, since childhood, he’s been known as a genius pianist, he joined the Drunken River Literary Society some time ago as the leader of the piano club.”


Shi Fei wanted to laugh: “He is planning to take revenge for his brother?”


Tang Xiangyang said, “Almost, so does it still have nothing to do with you? The matter was caused by you, you can’t just let us old men answer the battle.”


Shi Fei felt the situation was a bit strange: “Since he wants revenge, shouldn’t he be looking for the painting institute ah, as a pianist, what can he do?”


Tang Xiangyang explained, “This time, it’s the Drunken River Literary Society against the Idle Dream Literary Society challenge, they picked the piano, chess and painting, three games two wins.”


Shi Fei: “This is intended to be a clash of Chinese and Western cultures.”

Tang Xiangyang began to sell misery: “Drunken River Literary Society has been growing in the past few years, they have always wanted to be the first literary society in China, with the intention of squeezing us out, they also secretly used some means, such as poaching our teachers or students, but it didn’t hurt the foundation. Although they aren’t as famous as we are in the circle, they are very famous outside the circle, with more students and more money than we have. It’s difficult for idle dream literary society to maintain the daily expenses, or we wouldn’t have accepted the “Sims” director’s filming requirements, we needed to earn a little money to maintain the normal operation of the literary society well.”


Tang Xiangyang sounded more and more heartbroken, and Shi Fei even faintly heard the sound of choking, Shi Fei couldn’t help smiling, he didn’t believe that Teacher Tang Xiangyang would really cry, he was 80% sure he was pretending.


But what he said about the situation of the literature club was nine times out of ten true.


Whether it was Chinese painting or calligraphy or guqin, it was a niche interest, far less widespread than piano, watercolor painting, etc.


Even if it looked like Li Bowen sold well at the exhibition, the money from the sale of the paintings belonged to him, not to the club.


If a literary club wanted to recruit students, it needed teachers. It wasn’t enough to rely on those leaders alone. A large number of teachers needed to be paid, and the salaries of these teachers weren’t low.


After all, the teachers who could be selected by the Idle Dreams Literary Society, their level had to be strong.


The only income the Idle Dreams Literary Society could get was the tuition fees for students and sponsorship fees.


But businessmen were all about returns, sponsoring variety shows and reality shows could also advertise their products when they were broadcast.


What was the benefit of sponsoring this literary club, and did they need to put an advertisement next to an exhibition?


So these years, idle dream literary society was quite difficult to maintain.


Tang Xiangyang continued to sell tragedy: “Originally this would have been fine, we, the few leaders managed to save a little, from time to time, we sell a little art to make up for it. But this time the other side is prepared, once our literary society loses, then our fame in the circle would also fall, our students would be even less, then our literary society would really be closed, ah, it’s really difficult. My hair is white from worrying.”


Shi Fei: Is it so miserable? Besides, Mr. Tang, your hair was already white.


Shi Fei still wanted to struggle a little: “Even if the other is a genius pianist, even if they win that section, as long as you and Mr. Wang, compete in the chess and painting art and win, three games two wins.”


Tang Xiangyang replied, “Since they dare to place a war invitation, they must also be prepared, we have only heard that they would send Galen Cyril to the piano competition. The other two sides aren’t yet clear. We want you to come over because we want you to be the trump card, so that when the time comes, you can catch them off guard.”


Shi Fei and Wang Pingyang were originally friends that played chess, Tang Xiangyang had watched the battle from the side, and they were the few people who knew that Shi Fei could play chess, and his chess playing level was very high.


As for Chinese painting, he was later introduced to Tang Xiangyang through Wang Pingyang, the two painted together, when Tang Xiangyang was free, he took him to the Global Art Exhibition to let him open up his vision.


He never expected something like that to happen in the global art exhibition.


So now the outside world only knew that Shi Fei was Mr J, but they didn’t know he could paint Western and Chinese paintings, or that his chess playing level was able to beat Wang Pingyang.


Since they had spoken to this point, Shi Fei could only agree.


Even if he didn’t show up, the Idle Dreams Literary Club wouldn’t necessarily lose, but in case they did lose, Shi Fei would definitely blame himself.


Tang Xiangyang told him the competition was in a week’s time, then he invited him to Idle Dream Literary Society for discussion in advance.


After hanging up the phone, Shi Fei looked at the contents of his notebook, his third new book “King of All Destruction”, he finally checked for typos.


Just at this time, his editor Chang Sheng sent a message: [Bird, you promised in half a month’s time, where is my manuscript? Where is my new book? (angry.jpg).”]



The flightless bird: [Just about to send it, don’t worry, you’ll see it soon.]


Editor Eternal: [I’ll just believe you once more, ten minutes later if I don’t see the new book, I will come to your home (dog head warning.jpg).]


Shi Fei opened the page and uploaded the first three chapters of his third book “King of All Destruction”.

His editor came to him before to ask for the title and copywriting to promote in advance, and his new book already had 200,000 pre-orders.


The comments at the bottom grew at a rate visible to the naked eye, the reward flowers wouldn’t stop, the rank of the book surpassed a hundred books, before it rushed to the 24-hour sales list.


#The flightless bird releases a new book


Ten minutes later, this hot search killed the crowded tags of ‘Mr. J live painting’, ‘Shi Fei is Mr. J’, ‘Tang Xiangyang beat up Shi Fei’ on the hot search list.


This showed the strength of the reader appeal of flightless bird.



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