Zhuang Xinran’s hand gripped the microphone tightly, suppressing the tension brought on by the previous time Shi Fei was singing, constantly hypnotizing himself to concentrate, this was his only chance.

Probably the hypnosis really worked, Zhuang Xinran’s nervousness slowly disappeared, people began to enjoy the music.

The first tune of “Don’t Want to” was very good, the song represented a man’s ambition to serve his country and his family in a distant land, the first half of the lyrics were majestic and magnificent, mobilizing people’s blood, as if they could see 100,000 horses running in front of them.

In the second half of the song, the tone slowly dropped, the man became old, but his end was miserable, no children and no wife, lonely life, he gained fame but no family, the song showed the end of a person’s life.

The lyrics were also very well written, which surprised many people, after all, Zhuang Xinran was on the beauty track, everyone thought that his strength wasn’t good and he mainly relied on his fac.

That demon wasn’t enough, but now there was an original composer Zhuang Xinran?

“I really underestimated Zhuang Xinran before, I didn’t think he had such a strong original talent, this song is really too good.”

“He’s a god, Zhuang Xinran, you should choose the original track, that’s where you can shine.”

“I’m getting a little hot under the collar, come on, who wants to fight with me?”

“The lyrics are so damn good, so good that I want to cry.”

“I decided to turn off the pop-up screen to enjoy this song by Zhuang Xinran.”

Shi Fei sat on the stage, legs elegantly folded, as he listened to Zhuang Xinran singing, the corners of his mouth curved in a smile filled with unknown meaning.

Teng Haining felt that this day’s live wasn’t smooth, his high blood pressure rose drastically.

But looking at the high ratings, he felt pain but was happy.

Seeing the performance of Zhuang Xinran, he finally revealed a smile, he picked up the red date tea and slowly drank, then said: “This Zhuang Xinran really performed out of my expectations, his singing ability in this group of people is not very outstanding, but I didn’t expect that he could write such good songs.”

Liang Wei also nodded and said, “Yes, the gold content of this song ‘Don’t Want to’ is very high, I think if it is uploaded to the Penguin Music Chart, it is possible to break into the top ten or even the top five.”

Teng Haining asked, “By the way, he has signed with Star Media, right?”

Liang Wei: “Signed.”

Teng Haining continued: “Go back to ask Director Wu, to see whether we should focus on cultivating this Zhuang Xinran, I think as long as he can still have such good works in the future, even if not as high quality as “don’t want to”, a little worse is okay. It is also possible to put him on the championship, but of course this should be discussed with Director Wu.”

After all, the person was signed to Star Media.

“Director Teng, I am now worried about the star presenter side, in case He Lulu doesn’t vote as agreed, what should we do?” Liang Wei complained.

“Hmph, later inform He Lulu, that if she still wants to mix in this industry, she should play less tricks, otherwise she can try the taste of being pushed out.”

After Zhuang Xinran finished singing, a huge applause followed, the audience cried out excitedly, Zhuang Xinran breathed a sigh of relief, fortunately he wasn’t affected by Shi Fei and sang quite well, better than his usual performances.

Lu Peng went on stage holding a microphone and said: “This stage really gave me too many surprises, today Zhuang Xinran’s performance is also greatly out of my expectation. If I were the star judges, I would be torn to death at this point.”

Chu Yuefei stood up, his face filled with excitement, he was an original composer, of course he preferred an original work.

Zhuang Xinran’s song was really perfect, it was hard to imagine that at such a young age, he could have such a talent to write such lyrics.

“I said last time that Zhuang Xinran was a very talented player, I thought the last game was a surprise, but I didn’t expect the real surprise to be in this one. Your song ‘Don’t Want to’ is so well done that I even think it could be the lead single for a platinum album.”

The crowd erupted, an album needed to sell a million copies to be considered platinum. Now the record market was in a slump, there were many talent shows every year, those who could sing or not sing were coming out with songs, as long as they looked good, the market was so big, so many people divided it up, wanting an album sales to reach 1 million, was very difficult.

Even a veteran singer with a fan base didn’t dare to boast, let alone Zhuang Xinran, a singer who had not yet made his official debut.

One could imagine how high Chu Yuefei’s praise for Zhuang Xinran was.

“So this vote is for Zhuang Xinran.” Chu Yuefei was excited and voted directly for Zhuang Xinran, without even commenting on Shi Fei, not sure if he forgot in his excitement or what.

Zhuang Xinran’s face showed excitement and he bowed down to thank him.

Then it was He Lulu’s turn to comment, her earbuds kept resounding with Teng Haining’s threatening voice, making her almost want to take off her earbuds again.

He Lulu looked at the two people on the stage, then simply said: “Shi Fei, your song is really infectious, listening to your singing I was completely brought in. If Zhuang Xinran hadn’t come out of nowhere with an original song of such high quality, I think you would have won this one. So this time I vote for Zhuang Xinran to win, but Zhuang Xinran, you have to work harder on your singing skills to improve.”

He Lulu was really judging by how good the music was.

“Okay, I will work hard to improve my singing skills in the future, thank you for your vote, Ms. He Lulu.” Zhuang Xinran couldn’t help but snicker in his heart, two of the three Star Judges voted for him to win, so this one was a sure win for him.

Finally he could beat Shi Fei on stage openly, before he had been rubbed on the ground consistently and almost became a shadow.

When Teng Haining saw that He Lulu had finally chosen Zhuang Xinran, he was relieved to see that she still knew the big picture.

When it was finally time for Jiang Yu to vote, he took the microphone and asked, “I have a question for Zhuang Xinran, is this lyric really your original?”

There was a flash of panic in Zhuang Xinran’s eyes, but he quickly hid it and answered affirmatively, “It’s mine.”

Jiang Yu continued, “Then I don’t have a problem with it, my vote goes to Shi Fei. They both voted for you anyway, my vote is not decisive.”

This was said with a bit of fire, and the others didn’t know why.

Hearing Jiang Yu’s words, could it be that there was something wrong with Zhuang Xinran’s original song?

Lu Peng hurriedly rounded up and said, “Then congratulations to Zhuang Xinran for winning this game and locking up the Top 7 label in advance. Zhuang Xinran, do you have anything to say?”

Zhuang Xinran took the microphone, the joy of victory overwhelmed the nervousness of his plagiarized work, with a smile on his face and dimples emerging at the corners of his mouth, he said, “Thank you very much for your comments, I will continue to improve and try not to let you down.”

Lu Peng asked Shi Fei again, “Shi Fei, you have always led the popularity king before, and the previous few matches were also directly advanced with proud results, but this time you unexpectedly lost to Zhuang Xinran, do you have anything to say?”

With an elegant smile, Shi Fei said, “The song is indeed a good good song, if this song is really his original, I have nothing to say about the loss. But I remember that the name of this song is not called “Don’t Want to”, it’s called “Thinking”, and I didn’t think someone would have the guts to be so bold ……”

The next words had not finished, when Shi Fei’s mic was cut off.

Backstage Teng Haining had been paying attention to Shi Fei, he was an absolute troublemaker, this first live couldn’t be ruined in his hands.

“I knew this little b*stard wouldn’t settle down, fortunately I had my eyes on him all the time.” Teng Haining picked up the red date tea next to him and took another sip, fortunately he did not let his guard down against Shi Fei.

But he saw that Shi Fei very blandly fished out a one-finger-long mini microphone from his pocket and said, “For a person who plagiarized his work, you don’t still want me to bless him, right?”

Shi Fei’s words surprised the whole audience, and the whole audience was in an uproar.


The serious significance of these two words was the same in all walks of life, and once stamped with such a stain, it was a lifetime of shame.

Does Shi Fei mean that this original song “Don’t Want to” by Zhuang Xinran was plagiarized?

“I was touched by Zhuang Xinran’s creative ability before, but it turns out that this song was copied by him.”

“It’s a little too early to say plagiarism ah.”

“Maybe it’s a lie that Shi Fei made because of jealousy?”

“Upstairs is not stupid, slandering Zhuang Xinran on a live show, isn’t it very easy to end his career? Shi Fei said so he must have some evidence in hand.”

“I think this is suspicious, before I’d never heard Zhuang Xinran sing an original, suddenly this came out and the quality is also so high.”

“You are not capable of writing songs yourself, so you think others are the same as you ah.”

“Move a small bench, eat melon eat melon, anyway, there is a liar among the two, Weibo is going to be lively.”

The result was that these people were trying to get comfortable when the live broadcast suddenly inserted ads again.

The crowd of netizens: “Insert what ads, are they sick ah?”

“Hurry up and give me live.”

“Rubbish program, there must be insider, we have the right to know.”

No matter how powerful the netizens screamed, Teng Haining directly instructed Liang Wei to use the previous rehearsal recording to force the end of this live broadcast.


Backstage, in a lounge.

In the room sat Teng Haining, Liang Wei, the three star judges, and Shi Fei and Zhuang Xinran.

Six people sitting in the room, the atmosphere was a bit weird, Teng Haining was annoyed and wanted to smoke, but thinking of the people present, he held back.

Teng Haining, with a dark and sullen face, said to Shi Fei, “Shi Fei, you can’t not do anything for a day, can you?”

Jiang Yu slapped the table, “What are you so aggressive about? How can you justify Zhuang Xinran’s plagiarism? If word gets out about this, will you still be able to run this show? He’s helping your show, and even if you don’t thank him, you’re still being mean.” He shook off his hand, it hurt a little because he had slapped it too hard.

Teng Haining was still a bit jealous of Jiang Yu, Jiang Yu was the top of the stream, his nature was care-free. More importantly, he was Ling Xia’s lover, the woman had been in the entertainment industry for many years, and even many men were ashamed of her biting methods.

If possible, he didn’t want to offend him, so his voice was calm as he said, “Teacher Jiang Yu, that’s not what I said. Shi Fei is obviously dissatisfied with the voting results. Do you really believe it? ”

Zhuang Xinran’s hands were unconsciously trembling and he looked aggrieved: “Shi Fei, I know you’re not happy about losing the competition, but you can’t just accuse me like this, right? Do you know what plagiarism means to a singer?” He didn’t dare to directly refute Jiang Yu’s words, so he could only aim the spear at Shi Fei.

When he wanted to get a lollipop, he found that it wasn’t in his pocket, so he picked the corner of his eye and said in a careless manner, “Do you know what plagiarism means to a singer? Have you ever thought about the consequences when you did this thing? I’ll give you another chance, this song “Don’t want to” is really your original composition?”

“Of course.” Zhuang Xinran replied loudly. Now, he had no choice but to admit that so he wouldn’t be covered with a plagiarism hat, otherwise his whole life would be ruined.

“You’re still argueing.” Shi Fei said indifferently: “The original name of this song is ‘Thinking’, a work I created three months ago, you plagiarized my work. When I came here to compete, I originally had a manuscript with me, but then it disappeared. I didn’t find it, so I just thought I left it at home and didn’t bring it here. It seems that you picked up that manuscript, right?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I did have a manuscript when I wrote this piece, and we can check the handwriting. But now the manuscript is sitting in my dormitory, so it will take some time to go back and get it, but I have a quick way to prove myself.” Zhuang Xinran took out his cell phone and opened the webpage to log into the backend of the music copyright website, then put the phone on the table and said, “This is the music copyright I registered half a month ago.”

Teng Haining took the phone over and looked at it, and indeed the background was clearly displayed, and then passed the phone to someone else to look at.

After Chu Yuefei looked at the backstage, he said, “Indeed it is.”

After reading it, He Lulu did not say anything, but her eyes were looking at Shi Fei to see if he could come up with any evidence to prove himself.

Jiang Yu said seriously, “Ma …… Shi Fei, I believe you.”

Anyway, he must believe what Master said. When he said that Zhuang Xinran plagiarized, he must have plagiarized.

Everyone did not express any opinion about Jiang Yu’s words, only thinking he was still dissatisfied with Zhuang Xinran’s last fixed advancement, which was why he brainlessly helped Shi Fei.

Teng Haining said, “Shi Fei, do you have anything to say now? Do you know that framing a contemporaneous contestant is against the program’s rules, and we can fire you based on that.”

Jiang Yu’s wanted to go berserk and curse, when Shi Fei shot a look at him.

This was when Zhuang Xinran spoke up: “I think Shi Fei also just had a momentary confusion, but he said it during the live broadcast, I am afraid that will cause a lot of netizens to misunderstand, as long as he publicly apologize on Weibo, I think I can forget about it. Director Teng, what do you think?”

Seeing that the situation has fallen to his side, Zhuang Xinran’s previous tension had been suppressed a lot, fortunately he tried to register the copyright of this song at first, he never thought that such a good song hadn’t been registered.

Convenient for him, this was also the reason why he dared to sing this song on the live show with great courage.

“Huh!!!” Shi Fei couldn’t help but laugh out loud, and the others looked at him inexplicably, wondering if he was scared silly.

Shi Fei touched his nose with his finger and said, “I almost forgot about the copyright registration if you didn’t mention it. What a coincidence, I also registered the copyright.”

Zhuang Xinran’s eyes flickered intensely and immediately denied it, “Impossible, when I registered in the Cool Song Network, the system did not pop up a duplicate prompt.”

Cool song network music copyright registration site, each singer uploaded music after registration, the system background was self-checking.

It wasn’t easy to find out if it was the same tune, but this kind of identical lyrics would definitely be found out.

“Who said I registered the copyright in the country, the song ‘Thinking’ I registered it in the foreign Music music website.” Shi Fei dropped a shocking bomb.

After thinking about it, Shi Fei added another sentence and said, “The registration time is three months ago.”

Zhuang Xinran’s eyes flickered strongly twice again, and his face turned white.

“How can you prove what you said?” Chu Yuefei asked and then felt that his words were a bit redundant, since Shi Fei had said so, nine out of ten, it must be true.

“If you borrow my computer to log in, you’ll know.” Shi Fei blandly.

“I have downloaded the Music.com app on my phone, you can log in.” Jiang Yu hurriedly touched the mobile phone and handed it over happily. His eyes also looked at Zhuang Xinran faintly. Boy, see how you’ll die in a moment.

Shi Fei quickly logged into the background, the copyright registration of the song was found out for the crowd to see.

Music network was also a music copyright registration site, but not the country of China, but the M country.

Generally speaking, Chinese people chose to register music copyright on their own domestic app online when they published their own music. It wouldn’t be registered abroad, unless the song was intended to be released overseas.

However, Chinese music had a very narrow audience abroad, and music that was popular at home may be tagged as garbage when it was put abroad.

So no one expected that Shi Fei would register the song abroad.

Zhuang Xinran’s face was white, and his hands on the table were trembling uncontrollably.

How could this happen, how could this happen?

Teng Haining did not expect things to be like this, he curiously asked: “Why did you put the song to register the copyright overseas?”

Shi Fei didn’t hide and said, “Because I wrote this song for Frank B. Gardner. Gardner will sing it.”

Teng Haining shouted and almost lost his voice, “What? Who did you write it for?”

“Frank Gardner. Gardner.” Shi Fei repeated again.

Everyone in the room was surprised, except Jiang Yu, in his opinion, it was normal, he wrote songs that won several Grammy Awards, what was so strange about writing a song for this Frank.

“How is this possible, what kind of person is Frank? How could he possibly ask you for a song?” The actual fact was too unbelievable.

Frank Gardner, the singer had won ten trophies at the Grammy Festival, and was a truly internationally acclaimed singer.

His music style had a variety of styles, and he liked to constantly challenge himself, he didn’t have resistance to other countries and liked to constantly learn new musical ideas.

If he met a singer who was good at writing songs, he would also ask them for a song, and he once asked a songwriter from H country for a song.

Although Frank didn’t have that much of a racial mindset, it was still unbelievable to ask a teenager who was only 18 years old for a song.

Even if he offered songs, he should be looking for Chu Yuefei or “Never leaving” the gold medal songwriter to ask for songs.

“How come you didn’t state this on your resume when you signed up for the competition?” Generally when people signed up, they would come up with their excellent side, such an important thing, Shi Fei actually did not mention a word before.

“What is there to say, does it have anything to do with the competition?” Shi Fei asked rhetorically.

“Is this a question of whether there is a relationship? Of course you have to mention such an important matter.” Teng Haining was so angry that he wanted to beat up Shi Fei, if he had said it in advance. When the show’s publicity used this as a gimmick, how many netizens would be attracted.

A genius music creator who could write songs for Frank at the age of 18, in the whole of China, he was the only one ah.

“This song has not been released by Frank. If I said it in advance. Don’t you think it is wrong?” Shi Fei asked, then said: “But I remember Frank said that he would sing this song in advance and then release the album at the concert. If I remember correctly, his concert is also today.”

When it came to the final date of the concert of Frank, Shi Fei used an unsure tone. It couldn’t be helped, that guy talked a lot, every time he found an opportunity to croak a bunch of words, so Shi Fei often filtered out his words.

At this moment, even Chu Yuefei had a feeling of jealousy towards Shi Fei. Gardner, if the songs he wrote could enter his album, it would help him open up the international market, and his popularity in the country would be greatly enhanced.

Since the emergence of a ‘Not away’ a few years ago, he, a ghostwriter in the music industry, had often been compared with him, and the key was that each time he couldn’t reach him

After all, he had several songs that had won Grammy Awards, and was the only Chinese who got the ‘Best Instrumental Composition’ and ‘Best Lyricist’ at the Grammy Festival.

Everyone said that he and Shen Qingran were the pride and hope of Chinese music, and whenever he heard such a statement, Chu Yuefei’s heart felt a pang of displeasure.

For Teng Haining and Chu Yuefei’s excitement, Shi Fei was unmoved and asked rhetorically, “Is it considered clear now? Whose song is this?”

Hearing this question, Zhuang Xinran’s face suddenly turned pale, and he directly begged for forgiveness: “Shi Fei, I didn’t mean to do it, can you forgive me? I just wanted to stay on stage too much and got carried away.”

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