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The original owner’s powerful store of knowledge, coupled with Duan Hengye’s own combing and researching of it. Lecturing a basic open class was simply unbelievably simple for him.

There was a popular saying in the world which said that people were very charming when they worked hard, this was indeed true, and it was always applicable.

A few minutes after the course started, the news of Duan Hengye temporarily replacing Su Mingge spread throughout the interstellar. Although the number of viewers for the armor class was high, it still wasn’t worth mentioning when put in the context of the total population of Interstellar. After all, not everyone was interested in armor-related content, and in their eyes, research always seemed to be associated with the words “boring” and “tedious”.

But after hearing that the speaker was Duan Hengye, many people who weren’t interested in it came. It couldn’t be denied that Duan Hengye had already had a great influence on the stars, and the people who came now mainly just wanted to see him.

In just a few minutes, the number of people watching this open class continued to grow exponentially.

Duan Hengye noticed the change in the number of people, but he didn’t get nervous because of the increase in the number of people watching.

Armor design was definitely not a simple subject, which could be felt from the failure rate of An Luo University. Although the conference held public lectures every year, their purpose was not to teach the theory of armor design, but more a kind of science and hidden enlightenment.

Few people knew that the first initiator of the open class activity was Duan Hengye’s father. As the last director of the academy, he always expected that a professor could plant a seed in the hearts of the audience, and then help the development of the whole industry years later.

In this regard, Duan Hengye was very qualified.

Although his understanding was superb, Duan Hengye knew absolutely nothing about the armor industry before he transmigrated into this world. The process of digesting the knowledge in his brain was very similar to learning from scratch.

Before Duan Hengye, many people had tried their best to make the narrative popular, but the result was not good. Those who had watched the previous public lectures didn’t expect anything from Duan Hengye – after all, people who knew a little bit about the subject knew how devilish his teaching materials were.

But miraculously, Duan Hengye’s narration was indeed unexpectedly common. And as he narrated, people who originally just wanted to have a look at the fun actually slowly calmed down.

As an imperial marshal with SSS level spirit power, Meng Jinhuai’s understanding of armor was much higher than that of an ordinary designer. But even he, while watching this event today, had vaguely found a few new ideas that he had never found before.

At this time, although Meng Jinhuai was still on his way out of Tize Star, the work was not over. A moment later, Admiral Dongfang, who was also on the starship, walked in. He originally wanted to discuss the newly received documents with Meng Jinhuai, but he didn’t expect to see the marshal, who was rarely working, watching the images on the light screen seriously.

Although it was a little strange, unlike Yu Xinran, Admiral Dongfang didn’t say much, and even his curiosity was a little lower than the average person. Seeing that Meng Jinhuai wasn’t working now, he turned around and wanted to leave.

The marshal, who had always valued his work, didn’t even ask about the documents first but chose to stop him and watch the open class with him.


In the circular classroom of An Luo, in addition to the students, there were also a number of researchers who had come to attend the conference. For example, Su Mingge, who was scheduled to be the lecturer, walked into the classroom from the side door at some unknown time and proceeded to sit on the empty seat in the last row.

Today, he was dressed in a very low-key outfit, with curry-colored loose trousers and curly hair, and from afar, he indeed performed the beauty of androgyny to the extreme.

As the vice president of the research institute, Su Mingge certainly didn’t come here for what Duan Hengye was going to talk about. After sitting down, he gently raised one of his legs, then while observing the expressions of the people around him, he stretched out his fingers to tap on his knee from time to time, looking very leisurely.

Duan Hengye was a smart person, Su Mingge had always acknowledged. It was just that in his eyes, the other party’s cleverness before was basically only shown in research. But now after seeing the man standing in the center of the circular classroom, Su Mingge was sure that Duan Hengye’s “cleverness” was finally slowly showing up in other aspects.

The content of this public lecture was very basic, the academic impact would not be great, but the social impact would definitely not be small.

Su Mingge’s mind was very delicate, and although he didn’t quite acknowledge this superior before, he had paid attention to the other party’s related topics.

In terms of their identities, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, one of them was the director of the institute and the other was a marshal, so they seemed to be very well matched. But in reality, Meng Jinhuai’s influence in the Star before was much greater than Duan Hengye’s. So much so that after being with him, Duan Hengye’s originally quite radiant aura was slightly dimmed.

It naturally wouldn’t matter if it was placed on an ordinary husband and wife, but the identities of these two were very special. If Duan Hengye had been regarded as a simple vassal, “Marshal’s Spouse”, his achievements would have continued to be underestimated.

Now after the recent events, Su Mingge finally realized that Duan Hengye’s relationship with Meng Jinhuai was gradually moving towards balance.

After sitting here thinking blindly for a while, Su Mingge’s thoughts couldn’t help but start to diverge in another strange direction.

Shortly after Professor Su arrived, the surrounding students also spotted him. Despite being very excited, everyone still held back their surging hearts and stole glances with their afterglow instead. They found that Su Mingge was currently holding his chin with his hand, looking at Duan Hongyue in deep thought.

Could it be that Professor Su had gained a few new ideas from Duan Hengye’s speech? Truly worthy of being a master …… Looking on, the surrounding students couldn’t help but reveal an adoring expression.

The surrounding students would never think that Su Mingge was actually studying in his heart the live news from the last Tize Star School and the fact that he met Duan Hengye at the banquet who used his light chip to inquire about the fertility institution …….

-and the magical brain circuit of Su Mingge also linked that matter with the recent “awakening” of Duan Hengye.


In the remaining days of the conference, Duan Hengye no longer made as much of a splash as the opening ceremony as well as the open class, though. But just like the original suggestion to the weapons group, Professor Duan was still so much more than a post.

The three-day meeting was short, but in addition to participating in the conference discussions, Duan Hengye also found time to give a few lessons to the Armor Department.

If some researchers were able to treat Duan Hengye as a general idol before seeing him with their own eyes, then after the conference was over, they were simply going to worship Professor Duan as if he were a god. This kind of energy to work continuously was really rare.

In fact, Duan Hengye was perhaps even busier than people thought.


The night after the meeting ended, Duan Hengye pushed the door into the study room on the second floor of the residence. An Luo’s nights were always so quiet, and the quiet was a little weird. Knowing that he was the only one here, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but slow down his pace.

This study was small in size, and the warm lights gave the interior a beautiful golden tone. After entering the room, the wooden door behind him automatically closed, and Duan Hengye took a backward glance, then quickly walked to the desk and sat down.

Right at this moment, the light screen in front of the desk suddenly lit up, and cold light suddenly hit Duan Hengye’s face. At this time, half of his body was exactly wrapped in warm light, and half was reflected by cold blue light, looking like he was torn between the contradictions of fire and ice.

Duan Hengye was wearing a black trench coat, and after sitting down, he reached out and took out a small box from his pocket. If Meng Jinhuai was here now, he would have recognized that what Duan Hengye took out was the “anniversary gift” given to them by the royal family.

He took a glance at the box, then put it on the table.

Although he had been in good condition recently, the feeling of the last poisonous attack always reminded Duan Hengye what kind of poison he had strapped to his body.

From the moment he left Tize Star, Duan Hengye began to search for the top drug testing facilities on the Star Network. Due to his unfamiliarity with other aspects other than his field of specialization, it was only now that Duan Hengye finally targeted it.

As the largest empire in the interstellar world, Ye Tian was not only in armor design, but the rest of the industries were also ranked at the top of the interstellar pyramid. Reasonably speaking, Duan Hengye directly sending the drug to the Imperial Academy of Sciences was the simplest option. But despite being able to send it anonymously, he still didn’t feel very confident.

Since the drug was from the Imperial Family, could it be that the person who was researching the drug was also in Ye Tian’s Academy of Sciences?

Duan Hengye hadn’t yet researched the people behind the control of the Empire’s major organizations, so he was definitely not willing to take the risk.

In the end, the organization that Duan Hengye found wasn’t a well-known interstellar organization and didn’t even have an official name. “LDK-300” was the number of the planet where the organization was located, as well as its external name.

Duan Hengye’s hand gently hung over the keyboard projected on the desktop’s virtual projection, and after determining that he wanted this agency to do a composition analysis, he proceeded to write a program to mask his identity and where he was. After several days of detailed knowledge and confirmation, the agency’s transport facility, now based on the planet where An Luo was located, had finally sent the droid over.

After repeatedly confirming that his information had been successfully masked, Duan Hengye entered commands on his light computer, then picked up the box again and quickly walked down the stairs.

On the other side of the planet, the robot responsible for the interstellar transport then set off from the warehouse, and the light computer system automatically planned a path for it to come towards the campus of An Luo.

At the same time, another light computer on the southern star also received this signal at the same time.


In the office Meng Jinhuai was concentrating on studying the starfield map. Right at this time, a young military man suddenly walked in quickly and said, “Report, there’s an anomaly on Professor Duan’s side!” He spoke quickly and felt a bit anxious.

After hearing the other party’s words, Meng Jinhuai turned off the starfield map and asked, “What’s going on?”

The man steadied himself a bit and said, “After the attack, as you instructed, we increased security around Professor Duan. In addition to the personnel arrangements around us, we also did dangerous goods supervision.”

Meng Jinhuai nodded slowly. The “dangerous goods monitoring” that this military man was talking about was mainly for a specific location. This system could monitor whether or not people or robots were planning a path to a certain place through the star network, so as to give advance warning.

It wasn’t that no one had visited Duan Hengye in the past few days, and Meng Jinhuai realized after seeing the serious expression of the person opposite him that today’s visitor was definitely very special.

As expected, the man hesitated and continued, “…… The one planning the path is a robot responsible for interstellar transportation.”

Before hearing these words, Meng Jinhuai had wondered if it was someone from the royal family who had gone to find Duan Hengye. After discovering that the answer was different from what he thought, he couldn’t help but repeat the words “Interstellar transport?”

The man looked at Meng Jinhuai and nodded and said, “Yes, and after tracking down …… the droid was found to be from LDK-300 Star, our research institute.”


Even though Duan Hengye had managed to avoid the royal family and chose a research institution with an extremely high level of technology, he hadn’t researched well enough. But this institution, which was apparently privately owned, actually belonged to the – Southern Star Marshal’s Mansion.

After hearing these words, Meng Jinhuai, who had seen all sorts of big scenes, couldn’t help but be stunned,.LDK-300 belonged to the Ministry of Military Affairs, and if Duan Hengye sent out orders or requests there, he would definitely be the first to catch it.

Thinking of it this way, he had definitely made an identity disguise. If it wasn’t for the Dangerous Goods Supervision System capturing the robot’s offline activities, the Military Ministry wouldn’t even have discovered that Duan Hengye had actually had contact with one of the organizations under his subordinates.

Seeing that Meng Jinhuai hadn’t spoken, the military man standing there couldn’t help but get nervous. Although he didn’t know Duan Hengye’s undercover identity, he who was in charge of the StarNet system aspect could realize where the danger was.

Since the marshal had asked people to monitor Duan Hengye’s actions, it meant that the relationship between the two of them was not as close as everyone thought, and it could even be said that Meng Jinhuai was actually on the lookout for his spouse. The military department hadn’t discovered until today that Duan Hengye really did have secret contacts with other organizations, undoubtedly slapping the face of the person in charge of monitoring.

But Meng Jinhuai’s focus didn’t seem to be here, “Lock down Duan Hengye’s identity information.” He said.

After hearing the marshal’s order, the man standing on the opposite side let out a sigh of relief, then he quickly brought out his light computer and called all of the technical team over.

Duan Hengye’s disguise system was indeed well done, but unfortunately, because of that robot, the techs quickly locked onto his forged identity, and incidentally, they also pulled up all the Starnet communication records.

Looking at the text on the light screen, Meng Jinhuai slowly squinted his eyes.

Duan Hengye was looking for LDK-300 to do a drug analysis? And according to him, the drug analyzed was “a short-lived antidote”.

…… antidote?

A few minutes later, the robot located in An Luo managed to remove half of the drug from Duan Hengye’s hand. At the same time, Duan Hengye’s light computer also received a new message.

“LDK-300 system prompt.

The test sample has been successfully removed and is expected to arrive in four hours. Please confirm that you are proceeding with the next cloning operation.”

Cloning operation?

After seeing the prompt, Duan Hengye, who didn’t know he had bumped into Meng Jinhuai, clicked on the words “clone operation” with some confusion. Then the system sent a message again.

“System prompt.

Advanced drug cloning is a special project for our organization. Since the drug test will destroy the sample composition, you can choose to carry out pre-experimental cloning under the premise that the sample is single and valuable.”

Seeing this sentence, Duan Hengye immediately became excited.

Although the real antidote might have to rely on Lan Jingchi, if he could clone a temporary antidote, it would mean that he was one step closer to “regaining his freedom”.

This cloning project was very special, requiring extremely high technology, and not many people even knew about it. It was only after much effort that he learned that there were only two institutions that could do drug cloning, and Ye Tian Academy was one of them.

But it wasn’t until he received the news about LDK-300 that Duan Hengye realized that he had mistakenly encountered another one!

“Confirmed.” He quickly entered the command.

On Southern Star, the official account of “LDK-300” had arrived in Meng Jinhuai’s hands. After seeing Duan Hengye’s reply, the Marshal smiled then sent out the message he had already written a moment ago.

“LDK-300 system prompt.

Receiving a confirmation request, please make the payment within ten minutes.”

After seeing the payment amount casually entered by Meng Jinhuai, all the surrounding staff who were originally nervous were stunned by him.

In fact, LDK-300 wasn’t a completely open for-profit organization at all, and most of the people who usually worked with them were old acquaintances or had been sent by someone. The staff hadn’t been able to figure out until now, how on earth did Duan Hengye find his way here by himself?

Because the partners had always been special, this organization had never expected to make money. Moreover, although the drug cloning technology was complicated, the cost was not high at all. Lord Marshal’s sudden lion’s share this time had really scared everyone.

If they were not mistaken, the amount Meng Jinhuai had just entered …… to buy a medium-sized residential planet was more than enough.

After the message was sent, Meng Jinhuai leaned back on the back of his chair. Spotting the puzzled gazes of the people around him, he even explained with rare kindness, “Increase the authenticity.”

As expected, after receiving this news, although Duan Hengye was startled by the huge amount of money, he was somehow relieved.

But in half a minute’s time, Duan Hengye sent the money over …… or even as much as five times the original amount.

F*ck, this amount of money was enough to buy the small star system!

Normally, to be able to work in the military department and see Meng Jinhua in person, none of the people standing here could be described as poor. But it was not exaggerated to say that they had never seen so much money in their lives.

Was Professor Duan actually so generous? ……

Actually, not only the staff, even Meng Jinhuai was taken aback when he saw the string of numbers that was so long that it was a line under the light screen.

Right after that, Duan Hengye sent another message.

“Cloning five copies for now, there might be cooperation afterward. There will be more money after a successful analysis.”


He had to say that after living for so many years, this was the first time he had been hit with money like this.


Tis now a hidden cooperation.

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