Unlike Meng Jinhuai who had a slightly complicated mood, Duan Hengye who had just spent a large sum of money was extremely happy. Ever since he transmigrated, Duan Hengye’s food and clothing were all taken care of by Southern Star, and he didn’t care about the money at all. So until just now when LDK-300 asked him to pay for his expenses, Duan Hengye realized that he was also a rich man ……

Although in his last life, Duan Hengye lived a pretty good life, as the youngest in the family who chose to start his own business, he didn’t get much of the family’s favor. The research industry sounded like a good one, but Duan Hengye’s research topics were a bit unpopular back then, and his overall income was only moderately high.

Suddenly finding out that he had so much money, Professor Duan was even a little less sleepy. He simply turned on his light-computer while he was still energetic, and then continued to search for information on drug cloning.

It was already late at night, but in order to ensure the work tomorrow morning, many researchers who had come to An Luo for the meeting were rushing to leave the planet at night.

As the head of Ye Tian Empire’s Armor Research Institute, Duan Hengye could have given himself a holiday. However, thinking that a while ago, due to his health, he hadn’t visited the academy for a long time, Duan Hengye finally decided to leave tonight as well.

Anyway, there was a large standard time difference between An Luo and the planet where the institute was located, so he still had time to rest after he returned.

After looking at the light-computer for a while, Duan Hengye finally received the alert that the starship had arrived at the designated location, then he left here at night together with the security personnel sent by the military department.


Duan Hengye felt that it wasn’t long before he heard a beep from above the light-computer – the robot had successfully delivered the medicine to the LDK-300 lab.

Duan Hengye clicked on the information and prepared to confirm, but before he found the confirmation page, a prompt popped up from the research institute – not to mention, it was really quite quick.

“LDK-300 system prompt.

Your sample has been sent to the lab, please click here to confirm it.”

After seeing the prompt, Duan Hengye followed the system’s instructions and did the sample arrival confirmation, however before he could exit this interface, another message popped up over there.

“LDK-300 system prompt.

Sample confirmed, please select return shipping location. If it is the same as the sending location, this message can be ignored.”

Duan Hengye hadn’t purchased any items or services from StarNet before, so this time he was just following the system prompt step by step. But …… Although he didn’t know how it was on the others’ side, Duan Hengye felt that the AI was talking to him seemed a bit too intelligent.

This intelligence was mainly manifested in – talking a lot.

Because the drug was very special, Duan Hengye not only disguised the IP, but was also very cautious when replying to messages. After discovering that this AI was extraordinarily talkative, Duan Hengye immediately became nervous, but he soon discovered that although the other party had a little more words, the questions were all useless information.

Overall, although that AI’s tone was still as cold as before, Duan Hengye actually somehow had the feeling that the other party was chatting with him.

While looking at the previous records, Duan Hengye carefully recalled the AI’s before and after state. Eventually, Professor Duan finally found out what the problem was – it seemed that the other party’s words had started to increase since he paid for the drug cloning.

Could it be that even the AI had started to adjust its service attitude according to the payment now?

Ever since he had transmigrated into the world of Dumping Interstellar, in order not to fall apart, Duan Hengye wouldn’t even open his mouth easily without thinking. Thankfully, he wasn’t a person who talked too much in the first place, but if he were to put it on someone who talked slightly too much, he would definitely suffocate after a long time.

Although it wasn’t certain if the LDK-300 AI had adjusted the speech pattern according to the different payment, after arriving at the institute, Duan Hengye found that he felt much more relaxed after the chat – even though the AI’s tone was still cold and the content of what he said was not entertaining.


Returning back to the Institute, Duan Hengye didn’t bury himself in work alone this time like he used to. With the cushion of the conference, the people around him had gotten used to his transformation.

Over a period of time, the staff of the institute began to get used to working on problems with their director, and even Duan Hengye began to appear in the discussion meetings of various groups.

With the work of the institute on track, Duan Hengye would also take a day and a half each week to return to An Luo to teach. For Duan Hengye, this period of time had finally entered the most peaceful period of time after tranmigrating into this book.

Although work was still busy and a few things hadn’t been clarified yet, the headlines about work and future life were slowly becoming clearer.

The last time he paid LDK-300 for the cloning drug, it was the first time Duan Hengye saw his account balance. Due to the fact that he didn’t know much about the prices and consumption level of the world, Duan Hengye could only judge that he was really rich just by the digits of the currency. But how much purchasing power this money had, he really didn’t know at that time.

Now after a period of observation, Duan Hengye finally discovered what kind of huge sum of money he had paid to LDK-300! And how rich he really was ……

Armor was the symbol of technological strength in the current era, making an armor not only required careful calculations by the designer but also required the use of various precious resources. As the main designer of the new generation of armor, Duan Hengye’s income was closely related to every armor on the interstellar.

To put it bluntly, due to the patent, the world not only had to pay Duan Hongyi for every new armor created but also if someone based on his theories, he would have to pay for it. Even as long as someone developed a new armor based on his theory, Duan Hengye would also receive a large amount of money.

Although he was regarded as “white moonlight” by many people on the interstellar, Duan Hengye still considered himself to be a commoner …… After carefully counting the digits of his account, Duan Hengye silently opened the interstellar rich list and then calculated his appropriate position.

Then he was silent.

…… Although the original owner was an undercover agent who had no bottom line in obeying the royal family, from certain angles, he did manage to put his money aside. According to memory, the original owner had never opened his account and counted his balance at all.

But Duan Hengye was different, and after a few days of calmness, he immediately decided to spend the money. Of course, Duan Hengye wasn’t addicted to spending money but wanted to make this huge and frightening number really work as it should.

In the end, Duan Hengye contacted An Luo University, and he intended to allocate a portion of the money to the Joint Research Institute to set up a fund together. The project not only included armor research but even added the field of pharmacy – of course, this was Duan Hengye’s selfishness.

Although there were cloned drugs in place, 80% of his own future still depended on Lan Jingchi. Pharmacy research and study required a lot of funds, and compared to calling the other party directly, going through An Luo was clearly a better method.

Although Duan Hengye himself thought that this fund was nothing, after receiving his news, even An Luo’s side was shocked and repeatedly confirmed that Duan Hengye hadn’t said the number wrong.

That day An Luo’s representative hesitated for a long time and finally sent a confirmation message to Duan Hengye.

He didn’t expect that after a while, what An Luo waited for was not a reply from Duan Hengye, but …… money.

Professor Duan didn’t say half a sentence unnecessarily, he directly sent over the number he had just spoken about.


Even though it was the number one university in the interstellar rankings, An Luo had never encountered anything like this before. The school wanted to invite Duan Hengye to come over for a fund establishment ceremony as per the usual practice, but the other party refused their invitation.

Down to the last, Duan Hengye had merely added half a day to the time he routinely went to An Luo that week.

Although Professor Duan maintained his usual low profile, the day he had made the payment to An Luo, the relevant news had spread throughout the stars. Not only An Luo, but even the ordinary viewers on the interstellar also sighed unanimously – An Luo University had really gotten a good leg up.

Although as a visiting professor, Duan Hengye was paid, a few calculations would reveal that those remunerations were not even enough to cover his travel expenses every time he came to class by starship. What was more, as the leader of the starship armor innovation, Duan Hengye went to a university to give classes, the academic significance of which was unimaginably high.

A week later, Duan Hengye came to An Luo at the original time. Because the class schedule of the armor department had stabilized recently, there had been several weeks in a row of people figuring out the time to wait for Duan Hengye on the docking tarmac. This time he arrived half a day early, and the place was finally quiet in a rare way.

An Luo had held the Foundation’s inauguration ceremony two days ago, but Duan Hengye hadn’t attended, and today he had arrived early just to re-sign the agreement.

After the starship landed, the representatives from the school waiting here hurriedly welcomed him, then went directly to the conference room according to Duan Hengye’s request.

The planet where An Luo was located was known for its beautiful environment, recently Duan Hengye would come here every week, and had already gotten used to the scenery and climate here. But today, as soon as he stepped off the starship, he realized that today was even a rare cloudy day.

Just now, when the starship landed, he didn’t look outside the window carefully, but now Duan Hengye realized that the sky above his head had turned a dirty reddish-brown color. The clouds were extremely thick, and after looking at it for a long time, one would have the illusion that it was about to fall.

Seeing this sky, Duan Hengye’s heart couldn’t help but sink. Although he wasn’t a superstitious person, according to his experience of reading novels for so many years, whenever a book wrote a certain – the sky was not good or the sky was different, then something big was definitely about to happen.

Very unfortunately, he was now in a book ……

Despite the weariness in his heart, on the surface, Duan Hengye tried his best to put on his usual calmness. In fact, it wasn’t just Duan Hengye, the military who arrived with him, the people, and even that assistant couldn’t help but cast their eyes to the sky. But after seeing Duan Hengye’s calm appearance, everyone didn’t revealing their nervousness anymore.

The agreement of the fund had already been checked and the signing process was very simple. Although it arrived half a day early, the event was actually completely over in two hours. Now more than three hours away from the original class time, looking at the gloomy weather outside the window, Duan Hengye finally gave up on the plan to return to the residence to rest temporarily but went directly to the lounge.

The silver ring-shaped classroom was reserved for the armor department, and now there were still several hours before classes began, and the lounge was also incredibly empty. For the first time, Duan Hengye was not in the mood to work, and he didn’t move for half a day after turning on his light-computer, his mind constantly recalling the plot of the novel.

Duan Hengye’s memory was always good, and after he had transmigrated, he even kept recalling and consolidating the plot in his mind. Now after more than half an hour of combing through, Duan Hengye finally confirmed that there was nothing big happening on the stars at this point in time in the original book.

So today’s weird appearance outside the window …… was either overthinking, or it would prove once again – things had already developed out of the plot.

Time passed by, and because it hadn’t moved for a long time, the light computer went into hibernation mode. Duan Hengye had just turned off the lights in the lounge as soon as he entered, and now when the light computer dimmed, the entire house was plunged into darkness.

He didn’t know how long it had been, but Duan Hengye’s eyes had become accustomed to the darkness. Right at this time, the light-computer that had been dormant for a long time suddenly lit up again.

Although not many people knew about Duan Hengye’s account, it was associated with the Institute and An Luo’s work. Every day he would receive a lot of messages, suspecting that the prompts would disturb his normal life, Duan Hengye had already set different reminders according to the priority of things.

Usually, the light-computer would only silently receive the message in the background, if it was from the royal family or Southern star, the light brain would flash.

Ever since Duan Hengye finished setting the reminder mode, it had never suddenly lit up like it did today.

What exactly was going on?

In the past, Duan Hengye was able to remain calm in the face of danger, not only with his own natural calm personality but also with his knowledge of the plot. But everything that happened today clearly told him that the future events were out of control.

Duan Hengye hesitated for a moment, then finally reached out his hand to tap on the message.

“The Lai Sheng Alliance launched an attack on the Ye Tian Empire five minutes ago, and Imperial Marshal Meng Jinhuai has now gone there.”

The Lai Sheng Alliance was formed jointly by several planets that had taken the opportunity to split off when the Empire was in chaos back then, and after years of development, it had now become a force that posed the greatest threat to the Empire.

Duan Hengye hadn’t read through the part of the “Dumping Interstellar” serial, but according to memory, at least in what he had read, the Lai Sheng Alliance hadn’t attacked Ye Tian.

This message was only a short sentence, but it immediately gripped Duan Hengye’s heart.

Duan Hengye turned off his light-computer and slowly stood up from his position. He couldn’t even tell for a moment whether his nervousness at this time was from the unknown plot or something else …… Outside the window was still covered with dark clouds, and his mood was also gloomy along with the weather.

The news received by Duan Hengye’s light-computer just now came from the military department, and it took a few more minutes before this urgent news was officially announced by the interstellar media.

Although the Ye Tian Empire had been in a state of war, the Lai Sheng Alliance had never moved before. The planets that made up the alliance back then were all located in the upper and middle reaches of the empire in terms of economy, technology, and resources, and had even achieved a lot of success over the years with boredom. This sudden attack had undoubtedly thrown many people into a state of tension.

Unlike the people who were still unaware of the battle situation, Duan Hengye saw from the military intranet that Meng Jinhuai had already arrived at the edge of the conflict zone.

Although he still wanted to watch for a while longer, the prompt set in advance on his light-brain lit up again, and it turned out that it was already time for class without realizing it.


At this time, the information about the Lai Sheng Alliance had already spread throughout the stars. Before Duan Hengye even entered the classroom, he noticed that today’s classroom was noisier than any of the previous ones. This circular classroom was already large, and when everyone started talking, the sound waves even started to constantly collide with each other, causing people to get dizzy.

Duan Hengye could understand the burning feeling in everyone’s heart at this time, despite being a group of people who were seen as the future pride of the empire, their average age was not high. When faced with this kind of issue that was related to the survival of the empire, of course, they couldn’t help but feel nervous.

After all, with his special status, the classroom was quiet for a moment after Duan Hengye officially stood on the podium.

The man on the podium looked down for a week, the first time he was observing his students so seriously. Duan Hengye saw that the young people in the classroom were all looking at him with an extremely bright look in their eyes. There was both expectation and trust.

After a while, Duan Hengye gently bowed to the students, then turned around and began to lecture as usual.

An Luo University also had students from the rest of the countries, but most of them were Ye Tian citizens, and quite a few of them even lived in the area right next to the Lai Sheng Alliance.

After seeing the news today, everyone was naturally nervous and scared. But now that they saw Professor Duan’s relaxed appearance, the hearts of a small number of people were always a little more stable. Although Duan Hengye didn’t have any special indication, this calm appearance alone was enough to call for people to relax slightly.

Unfortunately, the calmness in the classroom didn’t last long, as Duan Hengye was lecturing when he suddenly heard a commotion coming from under the podium. His hand that was moving the model could not help but pause, then he slowly turned around.

Even though he was a high student of Ye Tian’s and was usually never distracted in class, a few students who lived near the war zone couldn’t help but turn on their light-computers during class, secretly paying attention to the recent progress.

Just a minute ago, the latest information came in from Starnet – the first war had started.

Although he had been lecturing without seeing the news, Duan Hengye had guessed a thing or two from the students’ reactions. He secretly sighed in his heart, then directly turned off the huge armor model in the center of the classroom.

This armor model was projected by a light screen, and after turning it off, the central area of the classroom was instantly darkened. Because of Duan Hengye’s sudden movements, only a few people noticed his actions, while the rest only felt the sudden dimmed light.

A few suppressed screams came from the corner, then the entire classroom immediately quieted down.

Duan Hengye stood on the podium without speaking, although no unnecessary emotions could be seen on his face, in the students’ minds, this was indeed a sign that Professor Duan was angry.

–Although he hadn’t said it, everyone knew that Duan Hengye valued the class. This time, not only did someone peek at the light-computer in class and even screamed, but one could imagine how angry Professor Duan would actually be.

The students’ minds instantly fizzled out …… Would Duan Hengye be angry? Would he never teach them again?

Now, the atmosphere inside the classroom was completely serious.

Sensing the model being turned off, the light in the center of the classroom automatically turned on, and Duan Hengye was once again wrapped up in it. Right under everyone’s tense gaze, Duan Hengye walked to the side of the long-neglected lectern for the first time, then sighed softly.

…… Sigh?

Perhaps it was because Duan Hengye was too professional in class, and the students even overlooked the fact that he could have his own emotions. Duan Hengye’s soft sigh shocked many people, but at the same time, they also realized that the professor wasn’t angry.

On the podium, Duan Hengye asked, “How many students in the classroom are from Ye Tian.”

After his words fell, the light screen embedded on the podium instantly lit up with eighty percent, a number that was similar to Duan Hengye’s expectation.

After reading the light screen, Duan Hengye slowly walked down from the podium. For the first time, he stood in the middle of the students.

“I’ve always thought that armor-related majors are very special.” Duan Hengye paused for a moment and continued, “Not just because it’s related to mental strength, but because it’s related to the future of the Empire.”

The classroom was very quiet, no one looked at the light screen anymore, everyone was waiting for Duan Hengye’s next words.

“You should know that every knowledge you learn today is not only related to your personal future, but also to the life of a certain warrior who will be operating the armor …… or even to the history of the Empire and the entire interstellar world.” Duan Hengye’s tone was still calm, but the students could hear a bit of bloodlust from it.

“If there is someone here who only knows knowledge but has no love for Ye Tian and the interstellar, then I dare to assert that such a person cannot become a great armor designer.” Hearing this, the students couldn’t help but hold their breath.

Duan Hengye continued to walk deeper into the classroom as he said, “Today, I’m very pleased to see the passionate blood that an armor designer should have from your bodies.” After speaking here, Duan Hengye just happened to reach the highest part of the classroom, he took a glance at the surrounding students who were staring at him intently and then said, “I hope that you can always remember the feelings you had at this time, and then put it into your future research. Without ardent blood, you won’t become an excellent armor designer, but if you have empty blood, you also won’t be able to achieve anything.”

After speaking, Duan Hengye suddenly realized that it seemed like he had never spoken such a paragraph in class in one breath. Maybe it was because he’d been in this world for a long time, but he actually started to slowly leave the “God’s perspective” and really integrate into this society, and really started to worry about the future of the empire. ……

Suppressing the complicated feelings in his heart, Duan Hengye walked over to a student who couldn’t help but start sobbing not far away. His eyesight was good, in fact, he could see that this student was secretly looking at his light-computer from the start of class. If Duan Hengye’s guess was correct, his home was probably in the war zone.

It wasn’t until Duan Hengye approached that the student realized that he was already standing in front of him. Seeing that Duan Hengye was gazing at him, he couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Without expecting it, Duan Hengye didn’t seem to mind his performance. The professor didn’t say anything for the time being, instead waited very patiently for the other party’s emotions to stabilize first.

After another moment, Duan Hengye finally continued what he hadn’t finished just now: “The battle between the Empire and the Lai Sheng Alliance, I don’t actually understand.”

Hearing Duan Hengye say this, the student became nervous once again, and he couldn’t help but look up at the other party.

Duan Hengye gently shook his head, and then the entire classroom of students saw that the professor who had always rejected people suddenly placed his hand gently on that student’s shoulder.

Then Duan Hengye lowered his tone but was incomparably firm as the he said, “However, I believe in Meng Jinhuai. He will do his best to protect this empire.”


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