The staff who spoke just now seemed to have been scared by Su Mingge’s reaction, and couldn’t even listen to their boss’s words on stage.

But Su Mingge was different. After praising Duan Hengye, he sat up straight as if nothing had happened, and lifted the wine glass on the table again. He then slowly tasted the dark red wine in the glass while listening to the speech of the man on the stage.

All in all, Duan Hengye’s speech could definitely be described as “amazing” in the armor research community. Even though what he said was true, if it was anyone other than him, it would be regarded as unqualified.

After this speech, not only the guests but also the journalists could smell the difference. The nature of this conference was an industrial seminar, but anyone with a little common sense knew what the armor represented to an empire.

It was the symbol of the empire’s hard power, the wind vane of the future interstellar direction,

In addition, Duan Hengye’s identity was also very sensitive. He was the “scientist orphan raised by the royal family”, and even more so, he was the Marshal’s spouse. It was not an exaggeration to say that Duan Hengye’s words could be seen as a signal by many industries.

Although the event was not broadcasted live, the media still didn’t dare to leave out any details. Shortly after Duan Hengye’s speech, the highest-rated news program on the planet started to broadcast live. Unlike the news program that was scheduled to broadcast the opening ceremony, this time the news program deliberately set aside a large amount of time to broadcast Duan Hengye’s speech.

The situation on Tize gradually stabilized, but since the royal family was still here, the important members of the military were still here.

When the news aired, it was exactly one o’clock in the noon standard time on Tize. Meng Jinhuai, who had already had a meeting for a whole morning, saw the time alert, and finally opened his mouth to “release” the staff. Just as everyone was leaving, Meng Jinhuai turned on the light screen and started to watch the interstellar news.

A droid slowly walked over and placed the coffee that had already been brewed on Meng Jinhuai’s table. The Marshal bowed his head and brought the cup up, stirring the drink inside as he listened intently to the news broadcast on the light screen.

Meng Jinhuai was very busy with his work, and being double-minded was a skill he had to master. After so many years, he had already developed the habit of watching the news during his lunch break.

Sitting to Meng Jinhuai’s left was the admiral Yu Xinlan, who had just arrived from the Southern Provinces, after all, he was the marshal of the Empire, Meng Jinhuai couldn’t stay in Tize Star. After he left, Yu Xinlan would be in charge of this side of affairs. This event was slightly complicated, and there were many areas that needed to be handed over.

Because of the reason why she came over just now, Yu Xinlan didn’t directly leave after the meeting like the others but continued to sort out the newly received information on her light-computer.

Recently, the Empire had been relatively peaceful, but the work of the military department was still heavy. Yu Xinlan hadn’t rested for half a minute after arriving at Tize Star, and now that she was sleepy, she couldn’t help but start to wander off while organizing the meeting materials.

Just when Yu Xinlan was about to finish the work at hand and was about to pack up and leave the place, she suddenly heard a familiar name appear on the news.

“…… At the Mecha Research Conference held at An Luo University, the opening speech was given by the President of Ye Tian Empire Mecha Research Institute, Duan Hengye.” The host on the light screen said so. Although it was still the traditional broadcast tone, Yu Xinlan was stunned to hear a moment or two of unconcealed excitement from the other party’s words – not to mention the host, even the sleepiness in her body was instantly much less.

Unlike Yu Xinlan who reacted more strongly, after hearing Duan Hengye’s name, Meng Jinhuai didn’t show anything special. As he stirred the coffee in his cup, he lowered his head and continued to study the report on the other light screen, as if he was completely treating the news as ordinary background noise.

In fact, Meng Jinhuai had already received the news during the meeting just now. He already knew that Duan Hengye had been called to the stage by Wen Mujia for an unplanned speech.

The host quickly introduced the main flow of the meeting, and then Duan Hengye appeared on the light screen. At this time, Yu Xinlan had already sorted out the documents and stood up from her chair, when she saw the familiar silhouette on the light screen, her movement couldn’t help but take a pause, then she temporarily stopped walking out.

Although the relationship wasn’t good, it couldn’t be denied that Yu Xinlan did know Duan Hengye for some time, and was barely familiar with him. Now that she was watching Duan Hengye about to start speaking, Yu Xinlan suddenly reacted to one thing-…

As the President of the Mecha Research Institute, Duan Hengye’s intelligence was absolutely unquestionable. But despite this, she herself subconsciously often portrayed Duan Hengye as a vase with nothing in his heart. This was just too strange ……

If it had been put in the past, Yu Xinlan would have absolutely no interest in studying Duan Hengye as a person. But after the assault incident, she slowly began to change her opinion of the other party.

When Yu Xinlan saw that Duan Hengye’s aura on the light screen was powerful, he swept a glance below and then spoke, “For a long time before that, the interstellar armor research was at a standstill.”

Like everyone at the scene, Yu Xinlan immediately realized that something was wrong after hearing this. She gently put down what she was holding and stood on her spot and began to listen carefully. And beside Yu Xinlan, Meng Jinhuai also finally took his eyes off the other light screen.

For the first time, the marshal began to watch the afternoon news seriously, instead of using it as background music.

It was as if time had frozen in the afternoon of Tize Star.

This impromptu speech by Duan Hengye wasn’t long, but the amount of information in it and the introduction of his personal thoughts were frighteningly large.

It wasn’t until the news camera moved away from the An Luo auditorium and started to broadcast something else that Yu Xinlan, who had been standing on the same spot, turned to Meng Jinhuai as if awakening from a dream.

“Duan …… Duan Hengye, him?” Although Yu Xinlan hated Duan Hengye, she had never communicated so frankly with her boss about the other’s problems. But today, after reading this news, Yu Xinlan finally couldn’t help it.

She didn’t ask the following words, but Meng Jinhuai understood the meaning of the second half of Yu Xinlan’s sentence. Only Meng Jinhuai nodded his head and said, “There’s a big change in Duan Hengye.”

Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Yu Xinlan took one more look at the light screen, then sat back down at the conference table.

She came from the same military family as Meng Jinhuai, and was a few years older than the other. It wasn’t exaggerated to say that they both grew up on the battlefield at the same time.

Yu Xinlan was Meng Jinhuai’s confidant, and was also one of the rare people who knew Duan Hengye’s identity. Therefore, after hearing Lord Marshal’s words, she very naturally stopped and began to wait for the other party’s analysis and explanation of this matter.

But what Yu Xinlan didn’t expect was that Meng Jinhuai didn’t do what she thought he would. Instead of carefully and seriously analyzing the dynamics of this undercover agent, he spoke an extremely subjective paragraph.

“If the previous Duan Hengye was a puppet of the royal family, now I’ve finally seen his original appearance bit by bit ……” Meng Jinhuai re-lifted the coffee from the table, and he continued after taking a sip. “The attack on the Tize Star, with Duan Hengye’s skills, he could have actually hidden himself and wait until the end to sit back and reap the benefits. Even he’s perfectly capable of killing me while there’s chaos.” The Marshal’s words were somewhat unforgiving – that was, to the military department, but also to himself.

As a member of the Empire’s military department, Yu Xinlan was of course just like every military person in the Empire. People worshipped Meng Jinhuai just as much as they did, and just as much as they regarded the other as a god. So after hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words just now, Yu Xinlan couldn’t help but open her mouth and wanted to refute. However, seeing the other party’s leisurely and relaxed appearance, she swallowed her words back.

Although she didn’t want to believe it, what Meng Jinhuai said was indeed correct. Duan Hengye really had the ability and opportunity to kill him, but the other party had given up that opportunity again.

Seeing Yu Xinxuan standing there in silence, Meng Jinhuai turned off the light screen and continued, “Since he intends to get rid of his puppet identity, we might as well patiently wait for the moment when he breaks out of his cage.”


As the one who knew about these matters, Yu Xinlan had actually always understood: although Duan Hengye had once done something to kill the marshal. With just this one incident, after Duan Hengye’s undercover identity was revealed one day, according to the Empire’s special decree against scientists, he could also completely avoid the death penalty.

At that time, there was a high probability that the Military Ministry would secretly control Duan Hengye and ask the other party to conduct armor research for them. Yu Xinlan also understood that although the Military Ministry had a way to control the other party, the progress made by involuntary research wouldn’t be as great as free research after all.

If Duan Hengye was really controlled by the royal family because of some unspeakable reason, waiting for him to break free from this shackle on his own seemed like a good option.

But …… could Duan Hengye really?

Yu Xinlan couldn’t help but cast a suspicious look at Meng Jinhuai. Seeing this, Meng Jinhuai smiled and said, “I’ll help him when necessary.”

Help him break free from the shackles on his body.


After the opening ceremony as well as the dinner was over, it was already late at night at An Luo University.

Although the time to be pulled up to speak was not long, in this event, Duan Hengye felt the adoring eyes from all directions. The reason was because of the rumors about the original owner being “cold”, no one except a few familiar colleagues came to talk to him today.

It was only when he returned to his residence that Duan Hengye was able to breathe a sigh of relief. He casually threw his suit to the side, then sat down on the sofa and started to think about life.

There were a total of three days on the agenda of this seminar, and according to the schedule, tomorrow morning should be an open class activity, and only in the afternoon would the topic be officially launched.

Although he was often said to be a workaholic, Duan Hengye was not a robot after all. After a glance at the schedule, he made a decisive decision – he would skip the open class tomorrow morning and wait until the afternoon to attend the meeting.

Being a titan of the industry was such an advantage, as long as Duan Hengye himself was unwilling, no one could force him to attend.

During this recent period of time, from Southern Star to Tize Star, the big and small incidents hadn’t stopped for a day. The physical exhaustion was fine, but just talking about the psychological pressure, if it was placed on a normal person, it would have already called for him to collapse.

It was hard to get back inside the house, but Duan Hengye sat on the sofa and didn’t want to get up for half a day. Seeing that he hadn’t moved for a long time, the robot in the house was very considerate and brought the blanket over.

Duan Hengye covered himself, a burst of sleepiness came to him, and after feeling the comfortable sofa underneath him, Duan Hengye thought he might as well sleep here tonight.

The man half lying on the couch stretched out his hand to rub his eyes, and it was at this time that he saw the light computer he had put aside suddenly flicker.

Too many things had happened recently, so much so that Duan Hengye would reflexively become nervous when he saw his halo brain flicker at night. But after a few minutes, he still got up and picked up the halo brain.

It was a message from Su Mingge.

Seeing the sender, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but be surprised. Even though he knew that unlike his former rival, Wen Mujia, Su Mingge shouldn’t be able to trap him yet. But before opening the message, Duan Hongyu still had a vague foreboding in his heart – anyway, Su Mingge sending him a message in the middle of the night definitely wouldn’t be a good thing.

As expected, as soon as Duan Hengye clicked the message open, the first thing he saw wasn’t Su Mingge’s message, but the official invitation letter of the conference that the other party forwarded over.

The flow of every research conference was basically fixed, and on the morning of the first day, they would invite important guests to participate in the open class activities. And it wasn’t until he clicked on this message Duan Hengye that he realized that the person who received the invitation this year was Su Mingge.

But the other party sent this to him, of course, it wasn’t as simple as a notice …… Su Mingge wrote in the message that he thought today’s speech by Duan Hengye was very meaningful, just like what he said, the armor research industry needed the flow of information, and even more so, the spread of basic knowledge. Compared to Duan Hengye, Su Mingge felt that he wasn’t a good candidate to give a public lecture.

The tone of the …… message was very sincere and even made Duan Hongye have  an illusion that the person sending the message was not Su Mingge.

In fact, before sending this message to Duan Hengye, Su Mingge had already explained this to the conference officials in advance.

The relevant person in charge of the General Assembly was already very excited about being able to successfully invite Su Mingge to participate in the open class activity this year. And after hearing Su Mingge say that he was planning to invite Duan Hengye to replace him, the official even more immediately wrote an enthusiastic thousand-word long letter to Duan Hengye.

Although it was a short notice event, after reading the long letter, Duan Hengye became somewhat interested. Su Mingge was right, this open class was indeed a good opportunity. Not only was it a good opportunity to popularize armor knowledge, but it was also a good opportunity to gain safe leverage for his future self.

Duan Hengye wasn’t a person who liked to hesitate, not to mention that a basic open class was unbelievably simple for him. So after reading the long letter, Duan Hengye directly confirmed the invitation on the Star Network, then took a long breath and stood up from the sofa.

His vacation plan was once again ruined.


The previous few days were very busy, and Duan Hengye didn’t have the event to get a closer look at the open class event. So what he didn’t know was that the official website of the conference had actually already put up the notice that Su Mingge was in charge of this event. Because of the temporary substitution only late at night, the official website’s interface wasn’t updated with the main speaker.

This public lecture was held inside a large classroom in An Luo, after all, he was considered to have some teaching experience, and Duan Hengye wasn’t afraid of this lecture thing at all. But what he had carelessly overlooked was how nervous the others would be when they saw Professor Duan appearing here early in the morning ……

The teachers in charge of this open class were all from the armor department, and although they had more or less had contact with Duan Hengye before, in their hearts, the sanctity of the name “Professor Duan” didn’t even get a discount.

Still in a black suit, Duan Hengye arrived at the lounge just like every class by himself in a hovercraft. Unlike the usual quiet scene, he saw that there were people everywhere when he stood at the entrance. In addition to An Luo’s teacher, the Starnet staff who would be in charge of the live broadcast of the open class was also busy in the lounge.

Seeing this tense state, Duan Hengye didn’t want to disturb everyone’s work. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone around them was working, Duan Hengye walked along the silver wall of the lounge and directly to the small room at the entrance of the classroom, waiting for the event to start.

Duan Hengye was a visiting professor of An Luo, and his identity information had already been uploaded to the school’s star network. Su Mingge, on the other hand, was different; he was only a guest at this meeting and didn’t have too high of an event privilege. If he entered the lounge, the system would automatically notify the staff inside.

Time passed by, and there was only less than ten minutes left before the event started. After the last onsite confirmation, the busy lounge finally quieted down. In the midst of this silence, the staff members suddenly discovered a very frightening thing – why hadn’t Su Mingge come yet?

Although he didn’t have any experience in open classes, Duan Hengye’s common sense still told him that he should communicate with the staff before going on stage. Therefore, when the lounge was once again chaotic, Duan Hengye, who had calculated the time, walked back once again.

In front of him stood a staff member dressed in blue, and that person was anxiously searching for something with a light computer. And just at this time, the staff suddenly someone gently tap his shoulder.

“What for?” The man whose back was facing Duan Hengye “tsked” for a moment, then somewhat impatiently threw off the hand on his shoulder and turned around.


“Hello ……”

“Professor Duan …… Duan?” After seeing Duan Hengye, the staff couldn’t help but throw away the light computer in his hand. Although the light computer had a levitation function, the staff was obviously scared by Duan Hengye just now, and the computer fell heavily to the ground before it could be set to levitate.

The sound of the light brain made of metal falling was extremely ear-splitting, and the attention of the entire lounge was drawn to it.   

Then everyone spotted Duan Hengye who appeared out of nowhere.


Two minutes later the live broadcast started on time, and in the corners of the universe, hundreds of millions of light screens lit up at the same time. Immediately afterward, people discovered that the main speaker of today’s open class wasn’t Su Mingge, who had been notified on the official website, but Duan Hengye!

The people who watched the public lecture were not only the general public but also Meng Jinhuai, who received the notification a few hours ago, turned on the light screen on time, while on the starship leaving Tize.

Unlike the audience who came to watch the open class, Meng Jinhuai came to see Duan Hengye.

Duan Hengye on the light screen bowed to the camera gently, then turned around and started his work today. In his peripheral vision, he saw that a corner of the light screen was showing the number of real-time viewers. As soon as he turned around, the number of people had already broken the ten billion mark – far more than the total population of Earth in the previous generation.

This was destined to be a far-reaching event.

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