Ye Tianyi looked at Su Tianyun’s frightened appearance with cold eyes, his heart was calm.

He did hate Su Tianyun when he just regained his memory, but now Su Tianyun was just a mole cricket to him, it was really not qualified to cause him too much emotional turmoil.

The young master Xiao saw that only Ye Tianyi came in, no trace of a glance behind him, and then smiled at Ye Tianyi: “You came to find Tianyun? You two are old acquaintances?”

He was not a fool, but he was able to keep his body clean in a city full of zombies, which was not to be underestimated, and he wouldn’t be foolish enough to offend him. And he also thought that this person and Su Tianyun were old acquaintances, maybe he could rely on this relationship to recruit an expert.

Ye Tianyi’s lips curved in a cold and stern manner, “Of course, we’re not just old acquaintances.”

Su Tianyun’s hand couldn’t help but tremble, the hand he grabbed Young Master Xiao’s hand grew stronger and stronger, Young Master Xiao also sensed something from Ye Tianyi’s unkind tone and Su Tianyun’s different appearance.

He looked at Su Tianyun and asked in a deep voice, “What’s going on?”

Su Tianyun panicked, “He’s my half-brother, but we don’t have a good relationship.” After all, he didn’t dare to say anything about his grudge against Ye Tianyi in front of Young Master Xiao, so he only had to vaguely mention the relationship between the two of them and let Young Master Xiao make up his own brain to go.

Ye Tianyi didn’t care about how Su Tianyun was going to cunningly argue in front of Young Master Xiao, he just unleashed the pressure of his third-rank abilities and looked at the stiff body of Young Master Xiao, “Just give Su Tianyun to me and I won’t do anything to you.”

The pressure of high ranked ability zombies was not only useful for low ranked zombies, but also for low ranked ability users, and if the difference in rank was too great, there would be a situation where the body would be stiff and unable to move, making them lose the will to fight.

Young Master Xiao and the other ability users were now caught in this kind of suppression, they were lucky not to feel the feeling of being suppressed by the level before when they faced that third-ranked zombie, but now they felt it in front of Ye Tianyi.

Young Master Xiao almost only hesitated for a moment before he immediately pushed Su Tianyun, who was also stiffened by Ye Tianyi’s suppression, out.

Although Su Tianyun had obtained the Jade’s Space, he was therefore not very attentive to the cultivation of abilities, he was only at the second rank primary level, and compared to the second rank advanced who still had some mobility, Young Master Xiao, he was suppressed by Ye Tianyi to the point where he couldn’t move at all.

Young Master Xiao easily pushed Su Tianyun towards Ye Tianyi, he had cold sweat on his forehead and gasped for breath, avoiding Su Tianyun’s incredulous gaze and said to Ye Tianyi, “The person has been handed over to you, please let us go.”

Young Master Xiao was a very sensible person, after he decided that Ye Tianyi’s strength was completely capable of killing them easily, he immediately decided to sacrifice a Su Tianyun in exchange for his peace of mind.

Although he was reluctant to let go of Su Tianyun who had special abilities and had yet to figure out where Su Tianyun had gotten so many fresh fruits and vegetables, at this time, it was his own little life that was more important.

Ye Tianyi grabbed Su Tianyun’s arm, clamped him down, and looked at Young Master Xiao with satisfaction.

However, the change happened the moment he made contact with Su Tianyun.

The voice of that man’s illusory recitation of the mantra appeared in Ye Tianyi’s mind once again: [Mókǒng yà lā xī lǐsī tiān jié nà yī zì xīn qiú……]

He felt a stream of fresh air from Su Tianyun’s body down his arm into his body, shocking him to immediately shake off Su Tianyun’s hand.

Ye Tianyi stared closely at Su Tianyun who seemed to not understand what was happening and looked terrified, snorted coldly then quickly jumped out of the window and left the place.

For the time being, let this guy go for once, he had to solve the change that happened to him at this time ……



Just after jumping to the window and running out of the view of Young Master Xiao and the others, Ye Tianyi couldn’t move and fell to the ground, his body couldn’t help but twitch, Little Leaf got bigger, and used his tail to roll Ye Tianyi onto his back, carrying him towards a small convenience store next to him.

This small convenience store with ‘tobacco and alcohol recycling’ hanging outside was a storefront and residence connected together, and the inner door into the narrow store was the residence of the owner.

Little Leaf couldn’t care less about the bad environment and carried the already unconscious Ye Tianyi on his back and gently curled him on the bed with his tail, his sapphire blue eyes worriedly watched him, silently crouching at the bedside to keep watch.

A powerful spiritual energy erupted from Ye Tianyi, little leaf was forced by this spiritual pressure to retreat to the door of the room, although it still needed to endure the powerful pressure at the door of the room, it refused to retreat any longer and let Ye Tianyi out of its sight.

After the psychic outburst, an electric current appeared on Ye Tianyi’s body, and the deep purple electric snakes swimming around his body looked especially dazzling.

Little Leaf didn’t dare to approach, and even more so after the electric current appeared, it involuntarily took a step backward. The mental pressure from earlier coupled with the current lightning caused it to tremble in fear from instinct, if not for the fact that its concern for Ye Tianyi had prevailed, it would have been unable to resist fleeing at this moment.

This phenomenon continued for several minutes, and suddenly Ye Tianyi who was lying on the bed disappeared as if he was invisible.

The mental energy and lightning pressure had disappeared, replaced by another kind of pressure that made the air in the room almost condense into substance.

“Meow-” the little leaf sharply wailed, its hairs exploding all over, it saw its master suddenly disappear from the bed and rushed towards that bed like a madman despite the fear in its heart.

The closer it got to the bed the more the invisible pressure condensed, and Little Leaf could only move towards the bed one step at a time, in the end, its snow-white fur oozed out threads of red blood.

Little Leaf’s claws weakly gripped the edge of the bedsheet, climbing onto the bed and then spreading out on the edge of the bed to breathe heavily.

Under this intense pressure, the fact that it was able to crawl over while overcoming its psychological fears was already considered its strong will.

The position on the bed where Ye Tianyi was lying before was the center of the source of the mighty pressure, and also the position where the mighty pressure was the strongest.

The little leaf only took a few breaths beside the bed, and more beads of blood appeared on its body.

It was barely able to support its short limbs as it swayed to stand up, wanting to walk over to the spot where its master had just been lying and touch for itself whether or not its master had really disappeared. It thought in its small brain capacity that its master was invisible.

The little leaf wobbled and took two steps, and its body couldn’t hold up and fell down.

But this time it fell down, it was caught by a pair of familiar hands, holding it in that familiar embrace, and as for the pressure that made it suffer so much, it had long since disappeared.


Ye Tianyi’s heart was gripped with pain as he hugged little leaf that was covered in blood.

He directly carried the absent-minded looking dying little leaf into his space.

This space was big but barren, just a normal space with no mountains, trees, land, or anything. But just today, a clear spring appeared out of nowhere in this space of his.

The clear spring kept gurgling out the turquoise water, but as soon as the water left the half meter around the spring’s eye, it disappeared into thin air, as if the spring had retrieved the outflowing water.

Ye Tianyi came to the eye of the spring, placed little leaf within half a meter of the eye, and let the turquoise water flow over little leaf’s small, blood-stained body.

Miraculously, the spring water flowed through the little leaf’s body as if it was absorbed.

And little leaf that was washed by the spring water, the bloodstains on its body was gone, its fur also became smoother, the originally unconscious little leaf snored happily and slept soundly.

Ye Tianyi also uneasily fed the slumbering little leaf a few mouthfuls of spring water before stopping, he picked up the little cat and carried it out of the space.

This clear spring came at a strange time.

When he first caught Su Tianyun he was going to take that guy away to torture him.

Who knew that he had just grabbed Su Tianyun’s arm when he felt a clear stream run from Su Tianyun to him, he couldn’t even use his powers at that time, and his body wanted to tremble and twitch.

Ye Tianyi didn’t even have the time to kill Su Tianyun in passing after shaking him off at that time, he quickly left that unsafe place and didn’t feel at ease to show his discomfort until he was out of sight of Young Master Xiao and the others.

He knew that his little leaf was smart enough to take him to a safe place and settle him down.

Then not long after that, he even broke through to the fourth rank in one fell swoop, not only the zombie rank breakthrough but also his three abilities.

The pressure that Little Leaf felt was the pressure that Ye Tianyi’s breakthrough to the fourth rank failed to control from leaking out.

Especially the spatial abilities, surprisingly, broke through to the fourth advanced stage in one fell swoop, not far from the fifth stage, and the space evolved to the point where it could allow life forms to enter space, though they couldn’t stay too long.

And a clear spring inexplicably appeared in the space, the unconscious Ye Tianyi was automatically brought in by the space and landed within the spring, the turquoise water flowed through him, the feeling was like the feeling when he touched Su Tianyun before.

Ye Tianyi knew that the clear spring in this space of his must have been taken from Su Tianyun’s body ……

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